The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Caroline Returns Pregnant – Ruins Rick and Maya’s Relationship?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Caroline Returns Pregnant - Ruins Rick and Maya's Relationship?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers explore the rumor that Caroline is returning several months pregnant with Rick’s or Ridge’s baby and what the consequences of such a B&B shocker will be. Caroline has been gone for going on 2 months and lots can happen in 2 months. Rick’s estranged wife left for a short trip on business and has not yet returned but before she left she and Ridge were in the middle of hot and heavy body painting sessions with all of the trimmings.

Caroline’s divorce from Rick Forrester had not been finalized on The Bold and the Beautiful and was not to be official for 6 months by law in the state of California. Caroline has been gone lots longer than everyone thought she would be including her lover Ridge. When the hot new couple spoke on the phone Ridge asked her what was keeping her and Caroline said “oh you will see when I get back”- does that mean Caroline will have a baby bump?

Caroline’s baby could easily be Rick’s and if it is then what will that do to Rick and Maya’s relationship? Maya cannot have children for obvious reasons and everyone who knows Rick and B&B knows how much having his own biological children meant to him. Caroline and Rick dreamed of having their own little rug rats… but that will all change now. Rumors say Rick will be accepting of Maya’s transgender history and will wind up as delighted as ever after he learns that the woman he proposed to was born a man.

Of course this means no children that are both Rick’s and Maya’s biologically are possible… oh but wait what if Caroline is pregnant with Rick’s baby? Wouldn’t that be a coup – Maya was all high and mighty when she humiliated Caroline in the boardroom in front of EVERYONE at Forrester. Caroline tried to make it right over and over and she was beat down by an abusive scorned Rick with a vindictive deceitful gold-digger Maya leading the way. What will Rick do? Will he show joy when he hears that his wife, because legally they are still married, is having his baby or will he stay with transgender Maya and act like he doesn’t care about his first and only child?

A further complication develops if Caroline stays with Ridge and Rick with Maya in a scenario where Caroline bears Rick’s child! Can you see Rick suing for custody or partial custody of his baby while married to Maya? Can you see Caroline ever giving up even partial custody of her young child to Rick if he is living with or married to a transgender person? These are potentially very real issues that we wonder if The Bold and the Beautiful will tackle.

If the baby is Ridge’s it’s all less complicated – just wait for the divorce and Caroline and Ridge have a nice new family. Of course this B&B twist would still bother Rick because (everything bothers Rick) first of all he is still married to Caroline and secondly if the writers were true to his character he would be livid that Ridge not only stole his wife from him but that he impregnated her. This on top of the fact that with his newly forthcoming girlfriend Maya can never have children would send the Rick we know into hysterics of jealousy and rage – he would never stay with lying Maya – he would fight to be back with his wife Caroline. I guess you will have to tune in to see which road Bradley Bell will be travelling but you can guess that The Bold and the Beautiful new agenda of selling transgender acceptance will prevail – regardless of how characters forged over years must bend themselves out of shape to accommodate the ‘new way .’ Please come back to CDL for more of The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and updates.

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