The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Caroline Announces Pregnancy to Ridge Without Knowing About Fiance’s Vasectomy?

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Caroline Announces Pregnancy to Ridge Without Knowing About Fiance's Vasectomy?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are catching up on the new rumors whirling around the latest couple to become engaged on B&B. Caroline [Linsey Godfrey] is so excited, Ridge [Thorsten Kaye] had a complete change of heart and wanted Caroline back not even 24 hours after he let her go to fulfill her own dreams. Not only did he totally catch her off guard by telling her he wanted to start a family with her, he also popped the ‘Will you marry me question’ and presented Caroline with a gorgeous engagement ring.

All Caroline thinks is her dreams are finally ready to coming true! But we are learning about more B&B rumors that may just put a complete damper on the couple’s plans. Soon after Ridge’s gallant proposal, Caroline finds out she is pregnant! She is so excited about her big news, she rushes to tell the proud fiance papa he’ll be a father again. But Ridge is anything but thrilled when Caroline annouces her positive result.

Ridge never had his vasectomy reversed! He knows deep down that the baby his wife to be is carrying can not be his. A distraught Ridge confines in his bestie Brooke [Katherine Kelly Lang] about his latest dilemma. Brooke knows Thomas [Pierson Fode], Ridge’s eldest son, has feelings for his dad’s girlfriend. According to more shocking Bold and the Beautiful speculations, Brooke puts the pieces together and realizes Caroline is carrying Thomas’s child!

Brooke then does what she thinks is best for her long time friend Ridge and confronts Caroline about Thomas. After much denial, Brooke tells Caroline that Ridge could not be her baby’s father because of his vasectomy he had done when he was in Paris. A completely shocked Caroline is not sure what she should do next. She knows Thomas must be the father of her unborn child. Brooke threatens to tell Ridge about Caroline and Thomas’s one night stand if Caroline doesn’t first.

Will this be the end of Caroline and Ridge and their plans for the future? Will Ridge be okay raising his own grandchild as his child? Keep checking CDL for the latest news, spoilers and rumors to find out what is down the line for #CaRidge.