The Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Two Star Athletes Fired – Geraldo vs Ian in Epic Battle: Season 14 Episode 3

The Celebrity Apprentice Recap - Two Star Athletes Fired - Geraldo vs Ian in Epic Battle: Season 14 Episode 3

Tonight my favorite reality show The Celebrity Apprentice returns with a whole new Monday January 12, season 14 episode 3 called, “A Family Affair” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s show the stars create a fitness advertorial for a magazine. Later, they sell wedding dresses for charity.  If you are curious and want to know who the final four are going to be this season, we have already spoiled it right here!

On the last episode, the celebrities were assigned to write, produce and direct a commercial. Later, they presided over a presentation and a tasting menu featuring frozen-food products. Appearing: George Ross; Ivanka Trump; and Eric Trump. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the celebrity teams create a fitness advertorial for Cosmo Body Magazine. Two members of the men’s team solidify their rivalry, while the women fight over who should be the fitness model for their photo shoot. Boardroom Advisors: Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. In the second hour, the project managers fight hard to make the most money for their charities by selling wedding dresses. One celebrity has a panic attack and disappears from the team, while another tries to redeem herself from a past fundraising blunder. In a dramatic boardroom, Mr. Trump sends another celebrity home. Boardroom Advisors: Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.”

The show airs tonight at 8PM and you do not want to miss all the drama, cat fights and bitching. You also do not want to miss seeing who is fired and who will eventually be crowned the winner. So don’t forget to come back to this spot for our live recap of the Celebrity Apprentice Season 14. While you wait for our recap let us know how you are enjoying this season of The Apprentice.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Shawn complains to Vivica about mentioning her period in the board room and says she wouldn’t tell anyone if Vivica was in menopause (ha!). Geraldo and TO show back up and are greeted warmly. Well, TO is greeted warmly by all but only the women seem happy to see Geraldo. Lorenzo says he’s worried about the two losses and says the men need to pull together. Trump, Ivanka and Don Jr greet the remaining celebs.

He says health and fitness is a huge and growing industry. He introduces Liz Plosser, Senior Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. She says they have to develop a four page fitness editorial for the magazine and on their lifestyle fitness app. Adam Rosante and Liz will be judging them. Johnny Damon takes this on for the men and Jamie Anderson for the women. Trump says the winning PM gets $20k for their charity. They head out to Trump Tower.

Jamie is really excited to be project manager. She says she wants a focus on natural beauty. Brandi is worried she’s being too granola. Shawn says since they have two Olympians, they are ahead of the man already. Kenya says Cosmo’s main focus is sex and says they should do a spread with a woman that says “touch me.” Jamie isn’t sure about it but decides to try it out to keep the peace. Someone says they could think about how you get the Kenya Moore booty and Brandi says – just buy it. Kenya glares.

Ian and the guys look at the risque content in Cosmo and Geraldo talks about selfies. He says they could hang any kind of tips on selfies. Johnny thinks it’s a great idea. He mentions Geraldo’s selfie that went viral last year. TO says “love your selfie naked” as a tag line. The others like it. Johnny says he can bring his wife in to model since she’s been a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Ian offers to pose with her and do sexy things with her.

Geraldo poses with Johnny to demonstrate how they would take a naked selfie together if he was his wife. Johnny looks very uncomfortable and Ian says they think he should have bought him dinner first. Geraldo is doing all sorts of creepy stuff with him and it’s HI-larious. Jamie asks Kenya to write and she says she can edit too. Brandi breaks in and says there is a whole team and they all need to be utilized. Kenya asks to be in the photo.

Brandi says they need to bring in a male model and use Jamie. Kate is worried that Brandi is going to create drama with Kenya. Jamie then asks Brandi to play a sexy housewife and Leeza says she likes the Brandi idea. Kenya is annoyed that they want Brandi who is a stick figure. She walks out saying about Brandi – that bitch is dumb as a box of rocks. The guys head into the studio to shoot their layout. Lorenzo says they should do Johnny and his wife and then TO and the fitness model.

Johnny’s wife shows up and he says she’s an SI model and he’d rather rub up against her than anyone else. Lorenzo directs the shoot. Lorenzo says Johnny is not a team manager but a baseball hero. Geraldo thinks including Johnny’s wife was brilliant. Geraldo says if they lose, he’ll be called into the boardroom because the selfie thing is his. The women decide that Brandi will do the fitness moves while Jamie, Shawn and the guy will be wrapped in the flag naked.

Kate thinks it’s spot on for Cosmo readers. They head to the studio and Kenya asks the male models to take off their shirts so they can see what they’ve got to work with. Jamie sends Vivica and Kate to get just a few props and says to be back within an hour. Shawn shows Kenya how to teach the models how to do the exercises she’s come with. Brandi is annoyed that Kenya is critiquing her. Brandi says her booty won’t pop like Kenya’s because hers is real.

TO comes up with dedication, discipline and diet as the three fitness components. Lorenzo calls TO and the model to the set to get their photos. Ian says when TO took his shirt off, they all felt fat. TO and the model go through the exercises and then the female model sits on TO while he does a pushup. Brandi is on the model’s back posing. Kenya is getting a headache from what she says is Jamie’s disorganization. Kenya critiques the photos and Brandi asks what she wants her to do.

Kenya says she needs to see Brandi’s skin but Brandi says she hasn’t worked out in a couple of months and asks Brandi to take off her top. Kenya wonders what the problem is since Brandi is used to being naked. Brandi says she doesn’t have abs since she’s had two kids but Shawn says they can Photoshop it. Then Brandi pulls off her clothes except for bra and panties and says they can go next level. Jamie likes that and says it looks freaking hot.

Vivica and Kate make it back with props and Jamie was annoyed that they took so long. So Shawn and Jamie strip down and wrap in flags and they pose with the fitness model who shows his buff arms. Leeza says she thinks the team is on two parallel tracks – one about sex and sizzle and one about fitness. She’s worried the four pages won’t be cohesive. Leeza says everyone is frustrated and Jamie can’t seem to make a firm decision.

Geraldo lurks over Ian’s shoulder and critiques his writing. Ian says his wife was taking pole dancing classes so he wrote an essay on it but Geraldo says it can only be two paragraphs. Ian is annoyed that Geraldo won’t even hear him out. Geraldo says he hates it. Geraldo says he doesn’t hate Ian but sees him as a prick. Ian is fully clothed next to a woman on a pole and Geraldo says it’s skanky. Geraldo strips down to his undies and starts lifting dumbbells.

TO sees it and wonders what part of the game this is and why he’s not in his pants. Geraldo wants them to take photos of him and says his controversial selfie last year started the trend – OMG what an asshat. He totally didn’t start it. Lorenzo says Geraldo is in amazing shape for his age but he’s more than twice the age of the oldest demographic of the magazine. It’s time for the men’s presentation. Johnny says cell phones are the new pocket mirror.

Ian says Johnny did a great job presenting. He says the posters look great – the Geraldo one looks bad but they obviously Photoshopped it to make him look more in shape. He’s still in amazing shape for 70, but ew. The women go next and Jamie introduces the concept. Shawn thinks they did a great job. They have a 10 day challenge to make their body touchable and make peace with their body. Kenya helps with the presentation. Kenya thinks the concept is all over the place and says Jamie has no clue how to put together a presentation.

Both teams head into the boardroom to get the results. Trump asks Johnny if he doesn’t win, whose fault it is and Johnny says it depends on what they didn’t like. He says the selfie thing was Geraldo’s idea. Johnny says their concept was – love your selfie naked. Geraldo says his idea lost some subtlety in translation and says he wanted – do it for yourself. He asks Geraldo if he thinks they lost and he says assigning this crew to do a magazine spread for year old women was like sending apes to host a garden party.

Jamie says she thinks they did great and does think they won. He asks Kenya who was the star – she says they had a lot of strong players and she says it was her. Jamie says Kenya really came through and he asks if they lose, should Kenya be fired. She says possibly, but she hopes they won. He asks who she’d bring back and she says she’ll cross that bridge if it came to it. Trump asks Brandi about Kenya and Brandi says she thinks they won.

Brandi admits she’s not a fan of Kenya’s and she says she’s evil but she still thinks they won. Kenya says this is consistent with Brandi’s personality to say that in the boardroom and says she’s been nothing but polite to her. Kenya says the others can attest to Brandi saying negative things about her. Kenya asks the other girls to speak up and Jamie says that Brandi said that Kenya had a bought booty. TO and the guys laugh. Brandi says she said that because Kenya was criticizing her booty.

Jamie says Kenya was trying to be helpful and Kenya says she was just being mean. Ivanka says the executives liked the selfie concept the men came up with and was very relevant. She says they liked the first person writing style. She says they didn’t like the lack of specific takeaways on fitness and diet. She says the reader wouldn’t know how to implement. Don says the executives loved that the women used the buzzwords but didn’t like the disconnect in the touch me theme. He says switching from the athletes to Brandi didn’t feel cohesive.

Trump says that Cosmo chose the men. Johnny says his charity is the Johnny Damon foundation that helps veterans, women, kids and all sorts of people in need. Trump sends the men upstairs to watch the boardroom activity. Trump asks Jamie whose fault the disconnected theme was – she says it was the housewives for wanting to be the main model. She says she didn’t want to fight them and Donald asks as PM shouldn’t she have pushed back.

She says she didn’t want to fight and says they wouldn’t work well if everyone didn’t buy into her vision. She says she stepped back and became a team player. Ivanka asks why they didn’t just eliminate her and Shawn from the front page. She says that would have given it harmony. Trump asks Leeza who to fire and she says she thinks he’s consistent with firing those most directly involved. She says Kenya was very involved in the project layout and she says the PM is ultimately responsible.

Trump says no, maybe – 50%-60% of the time. He asks Brandi and she says Kate is always out shopping. He asks Kate and she says to fire Brandi for her negativity. Trump then asks Vivica and she says it’s difficult. She says Brandi and Kate drive her nuts and says Jamie tried her best with her youth and all the dynamics. TO says it seems like they’re having to manage egos and Geraldo says they’re tigers. Trump asks Kate why she’s lying low.

She says the other roles are snapped up and she takes the other roles. Kenya says to fire Brandi for being toxic and nasty. Leeza says everyone has a perspective and says Brandi worked really hard despite any preexisting relationships. He tells Jamie to pick two people to bring back in and she says she’s not sure and then asks Donald who she should bring. He says it’s up to her. He says if she doesn’t pick two people, he’ll fire her.

She says she’s bringing back Kate and Kenya. Lorenzo asks why she didn’t bring Brandi back. Outside, Kenya rails at Jamie for not bringing Brandi back and says the whole team was toxic. She tells Jamie they’ll take care of this in the boardroom. Uh-oh. Without Brandi to target on in the boardroom, I’m certain Kenya is going to go after Jamie with both barrels for bringing her in. And I don’t get why she brought Kate in. Maybe Jamie and Brandi are friends or she’s scared of Brandi. It’s a head scratcher.

Kenya tells Jamie that Brandi had more votes than anyone and she says she needs to tell Trump. Kenya rants and says Brandi is the evil one. Jamie isn’t happy with her. They sit and Jamie tells Trump that she doesn’t think she made the right choice of who to bring into the boardroom. She says she was thinking about bringing Brandi and should have. She says she doesn’t know why she didn’t freaking pick her. Trump says that’s part of why she’s there and why the team lost – her indecision.

He agrees that it was a mistake not bringing Brandi back in. Trump asks Kate if she made a mistake. Kate says it’s hard for Jamie to be in a boss type position and loves everyone. Kenya says they shouldn’t be bringing up Jamie’s age. She says she won Miss USA at 22 and says people own businesses at that age. Trump says age actually is a factor. Ivanka asks if Jamie brought Kate back because she thought she’s be easier to handle.

Jamie says she thinks Trump might want Brandi and Kenya there for ratings and he says it’s not how he makes things. Jamie says a lot of the project came down to Kenya’s layout ideas. She says it’s not too late to fire Brandi if it’s too late. He says it’s too late and he’s not calling her in. Trump says she’s indecisive and made mistakes and then he fires her. Good choice. She says the mountains are calling and thanks him for the opportunities and she leaves.

Kate follows her out and hugs her and says she’s a good thing. Kenya tells Jamie that Brandi played her. Jamie says she wishes she had told her before. Trump says after that, he had no choice but to fire Jamie. Ivanka tells her dad that he did the right thing. In the car, Jamie says it’s her first time ever in life being fired. She says she was indecisive but it’s all good. Geraldo talks to Brandi and says she’s very real. Brandi says she doesn’t lie or BS. He says she seems the same off and on camera.

Kenya and Kate come back in and Vivica gives Kenya a hug. Kenya says “their” plan was to take her out. Who is their. TO asks if her booty is real and she tells him it is and he can touch it so he grabs a handful. Brandi says people are letting Kenya manipulate them while she’s there to make money for charity. Kenya says she lets other people think they’re in control, but it’s really her in control. Trump greets the celebs at the Central Park boathouse.

He says it’s a great place for weddings and says millions get married each year. He asks Geraldo how many divorces there are and he thinks he was asking about his and says it was four. Trump says they are going to run a boutique selling wedding dresses and they can sell to anyone for any price and says it’s on how much money they can raise. Trump sends Vivica, Shawn and Kate to the men’s team. Then he sends Johnny, Ian and TO to the women’s team. He tells them to pick the PMs. Ian says he’ll do it because he wants to make money for his charity. Geraldo volunteers to be PM again for the other team.

Vivica says she’s excited to have new energy. She says they have a lot to do. Geraldo calls the other part of the team – Shawn, Vivica and Sig. Geraldo says he knows Ian is after his head. Geraldo says he can bring $130k and Kate says she can bring $50k. He tells everybody to make sure they get it their in time. Kate’s amount surprises Sig and Vivica says Kate didn’t deliver as promised last time. Ian tells the team they need to raise big money. He says he won’t be intimidated by Geraldo.

He tells the team his charity is for a kid’s genetic disease that’s underfunded. He says it’s like big burns on kids. He says he loves kids. Ian says to let that be their why. He says if they can’t raise money, be a person of value. Brandi says all his talk is exhausting. Kenya says it’s the Ian Show and Kenya is kissing his ass. Ian says he can bring in $185k and maybe $200k. Kenya says she’s waiting on calls back but can bring in $10k.

Leeza tells Ian they can take this. Ian and his team are on the phone calling to raise money. Leeza is telling her contact they’re up against Geraldo. Ian says they’ll win Geraldo’s post of gold too and the person he’s calling makes a crack about Al Capone’s vault. Brandi makes money calls too. Ian says Brandi is off on her own making calls and is concerned and asks her to hang by the group more. She says she needs to focus and really wants him to win.

She’s trying to avoid drama with Kenya. Brandi says she’s letting the game get to her. She says Ian needs to be more concerned about Terrell since he’s not making any money. Kenya tells TO to call some athletes and he says he has calls in and is waiting for calls back. Geraldo has the team on the phone and Lorenzo says he’s sourcing all his contacts. Geraldo says he’s very happy with his new team Vortex.

Geraldo says he got another $10k then talks about his charity that builds homes for mentally disabled people. He says he told everyone there is no tomorrow. Sig says he’s trying to get a guy in there and Kate says she’s worried that her money won’t show up. She calls in Ted and Jason from a celebrity salon and says maybe they can do wedding day hair consultations. She wants to do a pop-up hair salon to draw people in. She asks to dress up as a bride and groom with Geraldo. He says he likes it.

The truck pulls up with a ton of wedding dresses – about 200. Ian says he came with deep resources and knows he may have to decorate and create and had people he could call to help. He has all sorts of décor coming in to make the shop fantastic. He looks around for Brandi then goes to check on her. He can’t find her anywhere and then she calls him. She says she was having a little panic attack and says she’s going to do emails all night long.

Kenya asks why Brandi is at the hotel when the team is working. Kenya says Brandi is all kinds of crazy and a loser for being intimidated by her. TO says Kenya and Brandi have some history and says Brandi is a quitter for checking out. Ian tells them to stay focused. Kenya says she’s a crazy bitch. Vivica says Geraldo vs Ian is a huge pissing contest over the money. She says boys will be boys. Geraldo says he’s worried about one donation.

He has a lot of money lined up but wonders if it will be enough. He says he’s going to have a sleepless night thinking of other donors. Next morning, they are putting the last minute touches on their bridal shops. Shawn is up high doing high acrobatic work to hang signs. Brandi is back and is helping. She says she really had a panic attack and knew they were going to be critical of her over it but says she’s there and ready to work. The shop opens.

Ian tells Brandi she got $2k already then another $1k. Brandi is vindicated that her money is rolling in then another $20k of hers comes in. Geraldo and Kate are outside and Geraldo says to come see Kate plus eight. She tells him to stop saying she has eight kids or no one will want to marry her. She says Geraldo plus eight ex wives. Geraldo yells out his $100k donation that came in early. He says he’s a freight train that will be hard to stop.

Ian brings in some of his Chippendale’s buddies to pose for photos with the ladies. He has them on the streets bringing in traffic too. Kenya is showing girls dresses and helping to sell gowns. She gets a $25k check. Ian gets a guy to buy a dress and donate it to a poor chick. Kate says Sig is wrestling women in to buy dresses like he wrestles fish out of the sea. Kate says he comes across creepy but he says it’s his personality. She says he’s abducting women into the store.

Ian gets a $165k check and is thrilled. He calls her his angel investor. He says this is going to put them over the top. Eric Trump shows up with his fiancee and shows him the $165k check. Then he goes to see Geraldo’s team and he wonders if Kate’s money will make it there. She says her guy is at 18th and 6th. Geraldo says she’s been on the phone every three minutes. There are five minutes left in the challenge and Ian says to make last minute calls.

Ian asks TO if he’s followed up with his people – he’s not happy that his donors have fallen through. He says there’s no shame to keep trying since it’s for charity. Kate says her guy is on 20th and then he pulls up. Her guy hands over a check for $30k and she’s thrilled. Ian is happy and says he feels good about what they’ve done. He says he can’t imagine that they came that close to what they could do. Ian is really hoping that Geraldo bites the dust. The challenge is over and now it’s down to just counting up the money.

The teams come into the boardroom. Trump asks Ian if he won and he says he’s confident that he won because he had a motivated team. He asks about Kenya and Ian says she was fantastic. He says Brandi was as good as she could be and says she had some personal issues. Brandi says it was nothing to do with Kenya. She says she had a panic attack and then threw up. Trump says he’s disappointed he didn’t cause it. Geraldo says he likes causing them.

Kenya says Brandi just checked out and Trump says a panic attack isn’t checking out. Ian says she’s fragile and a stressful environment rattles her cage. Brandi says she’s not fragile but had a straight up panic attack. Trump asks if she’s as tough as Kenya. Brandi says she’s very intelligent, manipulative and smart. He asks if Kenya considers is a compliment and she says she doesn’t consider anything that she says. Eric says it shouldn’t matter if she raised money.

Trump asks if Geraldo won and he says he thinks they did. Trump asks Kate what she thinks of Geraldo and she says she’s in awe of him. She says he can be gruff, but is marvelous and says she liked working with him. She says she wants to be his next ex-wife. Trump says it pays well. Vivica says she thinks they won and it was terrific. Shawn says she thinks they won too. Trump compliments her and says she’s grown up a lot since the Olympics.

Trump says before he gives results, he wants to say that they’ve never had anything quite like this. He says together they raised almost $600k together in the two teams. He says that’s a lot of money. He says there was only $2,500 difference between the times. Trump says he’s going to give the two project managers to keep their own money or they can go for broke. He says he’d go for the whole thing personally. He tells Geraldo and Ian to discuss it.

Geraldo says if the money was going to Ian, he’d roll the dice but says it’s irresponsible but a reckless ego play to deny Ian’s charity of the money. Ian agrees. They’re going to each keep what they raised. Geraldo says he knows they won and he says he had the vibe. Trump says he doesn’t know how he can feel that he won. Ian says they had a winning effort. Ian raised $292k. Geraldo raised $294k. He lost by the slimmest of margins. Wow – I think Ian needs to fire TO if he didn’t bring anything in.

Trump sends Geraldo’s team out and says the other team will face a firing. Geraldo says he’s happy that both charities won. Upstairs, they toast their project manager and their win and then sit down to watch. Ian asks Trump to top his charity off to $300k. Trump says no then says yes and tells him it was a great job. He asks Johnny what happened and he says they raised more money. He says Ian raised the most money.

Don asks Ian who let him down and Ian says no one. He says Brandi raised a lot of money. Leeza says Brandi was working her contacts even after she left and raised almost $40k. Trump tells Kenya that solves a lot of panic attack issues. Kenya says she raised $30k and Leeza raised about $20k. Johnny and TO both says they don’t know how much they raised. TO say she thinks he did between $5-$10l and Johnny says $11k.

Ian says when he spoke to the guys, there was a $6k difference. He says TO was lower. Trump asks Ian who did the best job besides him and he says Kenya. Eric reminds him that she raised less than Brandi. Ian says all of the women really performed and admits the men didn’t do as well with the fund raising aspect. Trump tells Ian to bring two people back and he says he’s bringing the guys back. Trump says that was the smart choice and tells them they all did a good job.

Trump tells the other team to turn off the TV. Kate and Geraldo have both been in the boardroom and say they didn’t like it. The guys sit and wait on Trump to call them back in. Ian tells them it’s not personal and then they’re called back in. Trump asks Johnny what happened and he asks who he blames. Johnny says he doesn’t blame Ian and says TO had someone that didn’t come through for at least $5k that would have put them over.

TO says he can’t be upset and Trump asks why not. Trump says someone committed and didn’t come through so they screwed him. He asks if he’s disappointed in that person and he says yes. TO says he understands what happened. Ian says they wouldn’t be sitting there if he had made it. Trump says he really would have won if he had won it and took it all. Trump tells Johnny it’s hard to fire Ian and Johnny and TO agree. Trump says he doesn’t even know how he did it.

He asks Ian who he should fire and he says it’s with a heavy heart he has to say Terrell. Trump asks Terrell and he says he didn’t raise enough money. Trump tells TO he likes him a lot and says he did a good job and then fires him. Ian thanks Trump for the extra donation and Ian tells TO he has amazing potential. They chat and it’s all nice and friendly. TO says he didn’t lose in this, he learned from it. Eric says TO was very honorable. TO says the loss stings since it was such a small difference but says he did what he was asked to do.

Terrell Owens is fired! Jamie Alexander was also fired! That makes two stars fired!