The Following Recap – Who’s Behind the Mask? Season 3 Episode 6 “Reunion”

The Following Recap - Who's Behind the Mask? Season 3 Episode 6 "Reunion"

Tonight on FOX their hit psychological thriller, The Following returns with an all new Monday, March 30 season 3 episode 6 called “Reunion,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a tip leads Ryan [Kevin Bacon] and Mike [Shawn Ashmore] to track their latest target to a small town, where they discover an even more dangerous threat who has been able to stay off the authorities’ radar. Meanwhile, Max [Jessica Stroup] struggles to make a confession.

On the last episode as Mark, Kyle (guest star Hunter Parrish) and Daisy (guest star Ruth Kearney) planned to make a personal attack on Ryan, the FBI received a tip leading them to a secret location, which gave them a leg up in the case. Then, on the day of an important trial, things went awry, causing the FBI to split up to hunt down a missing person. With his team breaking apart, Ryan enlisted the help of a former enemy to defeat a greater one. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “With their latest target on the run, Ryan and Mike follow a tip to a small town to investigate and confirm he isn’t seeking protection. While in town, they both discover an even larger threat who has managed to avoid suspicion up until now. Meanwhile, Max struggles to make a confession.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of THE FOLLOWING! We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the third season of the show!

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On #TheFollowing, Ryan is with Joe Carroll. He sits and Joe says he’s looking well groomed and sober. He says there’s a lightness about Ryan then asks if he’s in love with someone new. Ryan tells him to shut it but Joe says he’ll share eventually then asks why Ryan is there. He says it was a mistake and he can’t help but Joe says to give up the theatrics and show him what’s in the folder. He shows him the file on Strauss and Joe says he’s in so much trouble.

Ryan says Strauss has no money or ID and is on the run. Joe asks why he thinks he would help. Ryan asks what he wants. Joe says when he dies, Ryan will die too. Ryan says not to worry about him and says he’ll be fine once he’s gone. Ryan asks again what he wants and Joe says he wants them back – bantering, shedding tears. He asks Ryan to come visit him every day until he’s put to death. Ryan says for something on Strauss, he’ll come back if it pays off.

Joe says when all hope was lost, he reached out to Strauss. He says maybe Strauss will do the same. Joe says Strauss touched a great many lives and would look to a friend in his hour of need. Joe then asks Ryan if he dreams about him. Ryan doesn’t answer. He just leaves. Joe smiles a little smile. Ryan walks out then has to stop and throw up. He’s visibly shaken. Ryan comes to see Max at the hospital and tells her that the email from Clarke was proven a fake that Strauss got onto the server.

Ryan says they’re still looking into it but says Gina was suspended for it all going down on her watch. Max says that’s unfair then Tom shows up to take her home. He’s sweet to her and she has no clue he knows about Mike. Mike finds Ryan at the office but Ryan is still furious he left Max to get hurt instead of watching her back and tells Mike to focus on the case. Ryan is told Mark likely didn’t survive but Mike says he’s a cockroach and they always live.

They also have no hits on Daisy or Strauss. Ryan tells them to check for former students of Strauss that may be nearby. Gwen comes home from work and says she had a brutal day. She asks how it was seeing Joe and he says he doesn’t want to get into it. She says it already looks like he’s into it, just doesn’t want to get into it with her. She says he told her he would be honest and he admits it was tough. She says he’s holding back. He says Strauss has a hacker genius helping him.

A hacker is checking out files on Strauss and looks at one of his lawyer Nathan. He watches the lawyers get on an elevator then messes with it so Nathan has to get off at a darkened floor. He gets scared and runs through the maintenance level where he had to get off then sees someone coming for him. The guy says he’s a friend of Dr Strauss and Nathan says he got the case thrown out like he was supposed to. The guy has a blowtorch and comes for him.

Ryan is told that they can’t find a hit on anyone with a Strauss connection but they have nothing yet. Ryan says to pull up missing persons cases since they’re clever killers. They refine the list then find a city called Beacon that may be a hunting ground for one of his students. Ryan says he’s going and Mike insists on going along even though Ryan pushed back. In Beacon, they head to the police station and the local sheriff refuses to cooperate. He calls Ryan a rogue agent.

Mike runs through the missing persons cases they found. They tell him they think Strauss has an associate there. Deputy Hilary Banks says they found a Jane Doe missing fingers and teeth in the swamp. Ryan asks to see where they found the body and the sheriff lets Hilary show him but he’s not happy. Max tells Tom she’s been distracted and is sorry. He says he thinks it’s Mike but she makes it about other things. Tom says he sees unfinished business there but she lies and says no.

There’s a knock at her door and it’s Gwen. Tom leaves to go to work. Tom watches them talk from the laptop while sitting in his car. He never told her about the cameras and is withholding evidence from the case. The cop tells them it was raining buckets and Ryan asks if they have flooding. He says the body may have been dislodged and asks her to trace a path. They head off through the woods and up a hill. There are creepy dolls strung up in the trees some with knives through them.

Ryan says it looks like a talisman and Hilary says she hasn’t seen these before. Then they spot a weirdo in a mask and give chase. They lose them in the woods and Ryan says it looks like he deliberately revealed himself. Ryan and the others look for more bodies. He finds a blue tarp with a body under it then Mike finds one too. They figure out it’s a burial ground. They bring in CSUs and are told there are kills going back 15 years.

Hilary spots a belt buckle from one of the missing persons cases. Ryan says Strauss is there and they can’t let him get away. Theo, the hacker, pulls up at a parking lot and plays with security cameras. He turns them away then puts on gloves, grabs a backpack and gets out of his car. He dusts it down and walks away. He hops into another car as he gets a text. 13 years ago, we see a guy in another guy’s apartment in a hideous mask. He says they’ve been chatting for months.

Theo pops the mask off and tells the guy there’s no such thing as anonymity online. The guy runs but Theo catches him and says he knows what he’s been planning and is ready. He says he’ll make sure he still gets all the credit. Now, the text asks if it’s done and Theo says yes and he’s given an address. HE turns the cameras away and heads out. Now, Hilary has Mike and Ryan with her at a diner she says her uncle Duncan owns and says her parents died when she was young.

Mike says she likely knows the killer since it’s a small town. She says she doesn’t think it’s one of them. Margo the waitress and says they should look at Sheriff Windsor’s no good son Justin. Duncan says Hilary can’t investigate her boss’s son but she takes them to find Justin. He was camping but isn’t seen at the camp site. They get closer and find a shed of some sort. Looks like the stuff to cook meth. They also find the creepy mask they saw the guy int eh woods wearing. They startle him.

Justin says he can blow them up and holds out a lighter. He tries to make a run but Mike is there and tackles him calling him stupid. They ask him where Strauss is and Mike says they saw him in the woods. He says he wears the mask to scare off hikers. The sheriff comes in and finds them with guns drawn. Windsor sets down his gun and Justin complains they were being mean. His dad is disgusted to hear he was cooking meth and Justin swears he knows nothing about Strauss or the bodies.

Windsor tells them his son is troubled and stupid but isn’t lying about this. Ryan says no more questions and Windsor says he needs to take him and process him. He tells Hilary to read Justin his rights. Ryan tells Mike the kid isn’t smart enough to be one of Strauss’. Daisy and Strauss are holed up in a cabin. She worries the guy has turned them in but Strauss says he’s loyal. They hear a noise and Duncan is there. He says Ryan Hardy and the FBI are in town.

13 years ago, Theo drives listening to Maxine Nightingale. He pulls up in front of an insurance company, puts on a mask and goes inside. He guns down several people them drives away singing. The CSU tells Ryan their killer is a tin man because he cut the heart out of all the bodies. She says at least four were on the missing persons list. She says he puts a tube in the chest cavity and extracts the heart. She says she’s never seen anything like it.

She also found an outlier – a woman killed 20 years ago and says her teeth and fingers were removed long after her death. Ryan says to make her the priority since she could be the genesis victim. Strauss compliments Duncan’s cooking and he asks Daisy what her heart would look like in the palm of his hand. She pulls a knife and Strauss tells the children to get along. Duncan says Strauss needs to go and offers him a stack of cash. He tells Strauss the FBI found his bodies.

Strauss says if he followed his rules, they won’t lead to him but Duncan says he killed before Strauss taught him. Duncan is also upset that Strauss called and asked “him” to come there. Daisy asks who that is and Strauss says his best student. We see Theo driving along listening to news about Strauss. 13 years ago, we see that Theo was stabbed during the shooting attack. He took his gun and broke into a facility with medical supplies.

Someone came in and it’s Strauss. He says he’s a doctor and can help him. He tells Theo he can trust him and says he knows he killed those people. He tells Theo he nicked an artery and says fate brought him to him and says he can help. He saves Theo’s life. Strauss says the need to take a life is an addiction that gives you power. He says he has that too. Theo says he’s never met anyone else like that. Strauss offers to hide him. Theo says he needs to finish. Strauss asks what he needs to do.

Now, Theo drives into Beacon. Mike tells Ryan that the ME identified the genesis victim – Duncan’s wife that he never reported missing. They head to the diner. Mike pulls his gun and Duncan holds a knife on Hilary and they tell her that Duncan killed his wife. They tell him the don’t want him they want Strauss. He threatens to cut his niece open and she throws coffee in his face and gets away so they take him down. Hilary asks Duncan how he could kill all those people.

She says everything about him is a lie then asks if he killed her parents. He says her mom was a squealer. He smiles and she punches him. Ryan tells Hilary to be strong and Windsor says he thinks he knows where Strauss may be. He says there’s a cabin you can’t drive to. Theo walks to the cabin and thinks about Strauss way back tying up the scapegoat Theo is using for the killing. Strauss tells him to never apologize for his needs. He stabs the guy in the same place that Theo was stabbed.

He asks if Theo has a way he likes to kill. He says he likes the immediacy of a gun but likes the intimacy of strangulation and the sound of a knife sliding into flesh. Strauss says he doesn’t have to choose and Theo says he wants to master them all. Theo says suicide is the plan for Patrick and Strauss tells him to look right in his eyes while he does it. He coaches Theo and tells him this is a special moment when they know. He shoots Patrick and Strauss says nicely done.

He tells him he can teach him so many things. Theo says he will never forget this and says he’ll find a way to pay him back. Now, Theo knocks on the door of the cabin and Strauss lets him in with thanks. Theo says he’s missed their talks. He introduces Daisy. Theo asks if he doubted he would come and Strauss says of course not. He says he owes Theo his freedom. Theo says Strauss is like a father to him and they hug. Then he throws a garotte around Strauss’ neck and says he exposed him.

He says a father should sacrifice his children but instead was going to sacrifice them all to save himself. He kills him. Theo tells Strauss a shark is supposed to stay beneath the water. Daisy says Strauss did it to her too and says she’ll never tell anyone. She bargains for her life. The Sheriff takes Ryan and Mike into the woods to the cabin. They pull guns and creep up. Inside, they see Strauss dead on the floor. They come back to tell Duncan that Strauss was nearly beheaded.

Duncan freaks and accuses them of killing him. He says it wasn’t them and Duncan asks if it was Daisy. Ryan says she doesn’t have the upper body strength. Duncan says they will never find him because he was Strauss’ best student. Theo comes home to his wife and kids and they rush to hug him. He says he’s sorry work has kept him on the road. He seems to be a loving father and wife. Daisy is hitchhiking. She gets picked up right away.

Mike comes to see Max and she doesn’t seem happy. She asks if he’s more sorry that Mark got away or she got beat half to death. She says she doesn’t want to cover up another of Mike’s executions. She opens the door and tells him good night. Tom watches on the cameras then replays the audio and hears her mention the execution thing. As promised, Ryan comes back to see Joe Carroll. He asks who Strauss’ best student was.