The Following Recap 4/20/15: Season 3 Episode 9 “Kill the Messenger”

The Following Recap 4/20/15: Season 3 Episode 9 "Kill the Messenger"

Tonight on FOX their hit psychological thriller, The Following returns with an all new Monday, April 20 season 3 episode 9 called “Kill the Messenger,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, The latest unsettling discovery results in Ryan [Kevin Bacon] being stalked by the new killer, which leads to a game of cat-and-mouse that involves Joe Carroll. [James Purefoy]

On the last episode, the FBI closed in on a suspect they believed responsible for the latest murders, but Ryan wasn’t sure they had the right person, which sent him digging deeper into more dangerous territory. Meanwhile, Joe was evaluated as his execution date neared and a new threat attempted to cover his tracks. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the FOX synopsis, “the latest unsettling discovery results in Ryan being stalked by the new killer, which leads to a game of cat-and-mouse that involves Joe Carroll. Meanwhile, Max and Mike search for the clue that was stolen, while Mark makes a decision that shocks all.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of THE FOLLOWING! We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!

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#TheFollowing starts with Ryan and Gwen asleep in bed when someone sneaks into the apartment. Ryan wakes and looks over and shushes the person. It’s Joe and he has a knife in his hand. He asks Joe how we do this and Joe says he has so much to teach him. He takes the knife from Joe. He wakes with a start on the sofa with the news on – it’s about Joe and Gwen says he shouldn’t be sleeping out here and doesn’t want to fight with him. He agrees and they kiss.

The news is taking about Joe’s shadow students and the countdown to his execution. Ryan flips the TV off. A security guard walks the halls at an office. Theo lurks out of sight. He picks a lock and goes into an office and searches it. He cuts open the sofa cushions and rips apart the couch. He finally spots what he’s looking for – it’s a little notebook. The security guard is there but Theo cuts his throat before the guy can move. He walks out of Juliana Barnes’ office – the paralegal who worked for Strauss.

Ryan tells Gwen the threats are real and they have to have security until he finds Theo. He gets pulled over by a police car and the cops pull guns on them. Ryan steps out and they see his gun and freak out. He tells them he’s FBI and where they can find his shield. They apologize and tell him the computer showed it came up stolen with his description as armed and dangerous. They apologize profusely and let him go. Gwen asks what that was.

In Hoboken, New Jersey, Theo goes to his safe house – he speaks Spanish and is a whole new person there. He asks where Penny is and the maid says she’s been gone for days. He sits at the computer and goes to work. Tom hides the laptop when Mike comes into the dressing room. Sloane tells Mike that there was a missing computer from Mark’s safe house and says there was an open Ethernet connection. Max sees them talking and looks a little jealous.

Ryan tells Nick that Theo Noble was only created in 2007 and says he creates identities to kill. He says Theo Noble was the perfect cover life and he never killed in that identity. Max says they think he uses murder suicides to cover his kills. Sloane found some likely kills. Ryan’s phone keeps ringing and he finally takes the call. He says it’s a fraud alert and says his credit card bought a motor boat in Utah and says that his car came up as stolen. A guy comes and says there was a killing at Juliana Barnes’ office.

Max, Mike and Ryan head over but are struck on the way in a crossing. Ryan’s phone rings and it’s Theo. He says the wreck looked like it hurt. He says he’s in his email, credit cards and traffic lights. Ryan says he’s just one man and he has the whole FBI on his side. Theo says they can’t save him and says he’s going to punish Ryan for what he did to him and is just getting started. At the law office, they head inside and see the body and the crime scenes at work. Ryan thinks it’s Theo.

Max wonders what if Strauss gave Juliana info on the other students. Theo’s computer beeps and he goes to see that his decryption failed. He was working on the data from the notebook. He looks at info on Gary Benson and then heads to a shooting range. Gary is there and they talk about both being prior military. Theo tells him his CO ran him out of basic in week nine. He’s got mutton chops on his face now to look different. He admires Theo’s center body shot and says he has skills.

Theo says they should grab a beer and they shoot for who buys. In Atlantic City, a guy sits at a strip club and watches a waitress in a tight skirt. He orders a drink from her and she asks if that’s all he wants. He asks why she isn’t dancing when she’s prettier than the others. She says she’s shy and he asks her to come see him at his beach house and he slides her some cash. She smiles and says she likes the ocean.

Joe gets a visit from his lawyer and says she’s there to provide him on his prior day prior to the execution. He asks if she knows how it worked out with his prior counsel and she says she knows all about his murders. She says it will start with a physical, final meal and religious counseling if he likes. He sees a newspaper in her bag with a headline about Theo Noble. He thinks back to when he was a professor back in 2002. Theo approached him after class to ask him a question about Poe.

He asks if Poe may have murdered his own brother and Joe says he never heard that and Theo says maybe Poe was smart and stayed under the radar. He asks Theo’s name but the guy leaves and says he has to get to class. Joe asks her to get a message to Ryan that says he has information about the guy he’s looking for. Gwen comes to see Ryan and says she’s under review because her electronic records say she’s been over prescribing meds. He says it’s Theo. She says she could lose her career over this.

Sloane tells Ryan there’s a call from Joe’s prison but he says to give it to Donovan. Gwen says she can’t do this anymore but Ryan says he’ll make it right. The waitress shows up to meet the guy at his beach house and he fixes her wine then kisses her neck. She tells him to be gentler and then shows him how she wants to be kissed. She calls him Kyle and he says his name is Walter. She asks if it minds and says it’s a game and he says to call him what she wants. He gets rough again and she asks him to slow down.

He doesn’t and she pulls a knife and stabs him in the neck then struggles out from under him. She cries and then takes his wallet and watch and throws them aside. She pulls off her wig – it’s Daisy. Mark is there and breaks the window and asks if she thought she’d get away from him. She runs through the house and he chases her. She hides in a cabinet in the kitchen. He limps into the kitchen looking for her. He hears her breathing and limps past the doors.

Then he comes back and grabs her out and says he found her and says it’s time for her to pay. She begs Mark not to kill her but he says Mark drowned and he’s Luke. He drags her outside and says she betrayed Mark but she blames Strauss and says they both lost someone they loved. He calls her a broken winged bird and says he’ll put her out of her misery. She says she knows how to get Mike Weston and he stops.

The tech tells him if Theo uses the same phone again, they’ll have him. Gary tells Theo his disappointment and not getting into the Rangers and says then he lost his wife, apartment and all his dreams. Theo says he can get it all back and Gary asks how. They go to a house where a guy is running on a treadmill. Daisy shows Mark the camera feeds and says the feds must have not found the laptop. She says someone is watching the house and is logging on every day.

She says the cameras are still there. He tells her again to call him Luke. He takes off his jacket and tells her to take off her clothes. She says no and he pulls a nice and asks again. She undresses. He sits and watches. She strips to bra and panties and asks if that’s enough. She walks toward him and asks if he wants more. She straddles him and goes to kiss him and he tells her stop it. She says Mark isn’t dead after all. She grabs her clothes and walks off and he has a little fit.

Gary and Theo are in masks in the guy’s house. Theo pulls Gary’s mask off and tells him to face the man who took his dignity. The guy calls him a crazy bitch and Gary slaps him. He says he took everything from him. The guy spits in Gary’s face and says he won’t get away with it. He strikes his former sergeant and Theo says to do it again. He asks how it felt and Gary says good. Theo says then he’ll love this and puts a bullet in the guy’s head. Gary is shocked.

Gary goes to the sink and throws up and says he thought they were just going to scare him. Theo says he needed to die to free him up for things to come. Theo says he sought him out because he’s special and says he has the potential to change the course of history. Gary asks if it’s like the dude from the Matrix. He says he wants rub Linda’s face in it but Theo says he can’t. He says that man’s death signifies Gary’s rebirth.

Max tells Mike she’s taking over for Sloane on tracking Mark’s laptop. She says Sloane is working on something else for Ryan. She tells him she has something to show him. Theo takes Gary to the car and says they’ll dump the mask in a river. He asks where he left it and Gary says in the kitchen. Theo goes back inside and Gary picks up the phone and calls Linda and tells her she’s wrong about him and says he’s the one and she’ll be sorry she let him get away. He hangs up before Theo comes back out.

Theo says let’s go and they head out. Nick tells Ryan he’s right not to go see Joe. Sloane says Theo used the car outside a home in Virginia. She says it belong to an Army guy and says it looks like Theo just killed him. Nick wonders why Theo would use the phone again and says it’s a lucky break. Gary is a prison guard and Theo is talking in an ear piece in Gary’s ear. He tells him to tell the other guard to check the system. He’s cleared and is admitted to the higher security area of the prison.

He tells Theo he’s in. He takes over for another guard standing in front of Joe’s cell. He tells Gary to tell Joe that Theo says hello. That gets Joe’s attention and he gestures to let him know that Theo is watching. Theo says Joe is quite the celebrity and Joe says clearly Strauss kept his best student under wraps. Theo says Joe was always special. Joe asks if his friend is there to break him out. He says if so he looks under-qualified.

Theo says he can’t save him and Joe asks why then the social call and asks if he’s hoping he can save Theo. He says Strauss used a code to protect his secrets and he needs a key phrase to crack the code. He thinks Joe knows the phrase. Joe asks why he should help him and Theo says Joe is going to die but his legacy can continue from all the murders that continue after his death. Max shows Mike she found a receipt for a laptop purchased. She says if someone is using the laptop they can find it.

Tom hears them talking and runs for the locker room in a panic. Max pings the laptop. There are guys in the dressing room. Max says it’s in the building. Tom goes to his lawyer. She says she needs to pinpoint it. Tom opens his locker as the other guys leave. He closes the door for privacy then grabs his backpack. He bashes it to pieces and Max says the signal just disappeared. He scrapes the pieces up and shoves them in his backpack.

Mike goes to tell Ryan they may have a mole and says someone on the team took a laptop from Marks’ place. Sloane says they traced the call and contacted the woman that was called. She says the woman’s ex-husband is a guard at Joe’s prison. Joe wants to know about Ryan’s new lady. Theo says her name is Gwen and she’s a doctor who’s living with him. Joe says Ryan’s new life doesn’t include him. Theo says he’ll punish Ryan for him and Joe says Ryan belongs to him.

Theo says Joe will be dead in 36 hours. There’s a security breach alert and Gary turns in a panic which lets Joe get hold of him. He chokes him to death and Joe says he’s still got a card left to play. The guards rush in and cuff Joe while he smiles at the camera he knows Theo is watching. Joe gets what he wants – Ryan comes to see him at the prison! He has the audio device and says Joe knows Theo. Joe says he tried to tell him.

Ryan wants to know what they talked about. Joe says it sounds like Ryan doesn’t want to be his friend anymore and Ryan says he’s not – he killed all his followers and put him on death row. Joe says Ryan should have a sleepover and then can chat about Gwen. He says he heard she’s a looker and a doctor. Ryan attacks him and they have to drag Ryan off of him. Joe says it’s so much passion and he must really care about him.

Joe says Ryan needs to accept that he’s the most important relationship in his life. Ryan says Joe is a disease and tomorrow night when they kill him, he’ll be cured. Ryan goes home to his apartment and finds it empty. He grabs a bottle of booze and pours a drink. He starts to drink it then stops and drops the glass when he hears the toilet flush. He hurries to clean it up and hide the bottle. He tells her he saw Joe because Theo reached out to him.

She says it’s okay and Ryan says she’s the most important thing to him but he keeps screwing it up. He says he loves her and will do it better. She says she loves him too and will be out in a minute. She looks at the positive pregnancy test she just took and starts crying. Joe lies on his bed sleeping and smiles. He stole Ryan’s sunglasses. He pops out a lens and takes the frame apart and starts manipulating it. He’s making a tool or shiv.