The Following Recap – Ding Dong, the Dude is Dead: Season 3 Episode 10 “Evermore”

The Following Recap - Ding Dong, the Dude is Dead: Season 3 Episode 10 "Evermore"

Tonight on FOX their hit psychological thriller, The Following returns with an all new Monday, April 27 season 3 episode 10 called “Evermore,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a hostage situation develops on the day of Joe Carroll’s [James Purefoy] execution and Ryan [Kevin Bacon] is forced to enter the facility alone.

On the last episode the latest unsettling discovery resulted in Ryan being stalked by the new killer, which lead to a game of cat-and-mouse that involved Joe Carroll. Meanwhile, Max and Mike searched for the clue that was stolen, while Mark made a decision that shocked all. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the FOX synopsis, “with Joe Carroll’s execution day upon them, the team remains on edge, expecting that he won’t go easily. Their fears are realized when a hostage situation at the prison forces Ryan to go in alone, as the whole world watches.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of THE FOLLOWING! We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the third season of the show!

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#TheFollowing begins on Joe’s execution day. The media is assembling outside and so are a bunch of pro kill Joe supporters complete with signs. Joe toys with the sunglasses piece he took off Ryan. His last meal is delivered and a guard tells him – welcome to the last day of your life. Joe sits up and looks around. Ryan watches the news covering Joe’s execution and how he’s credited. His phone ring and he unplugs it. He tells Gwen every reporter is calling and he hopes Theo’s cyber attack shuts down the phone.

The news mention that Ryan declined to attend the execution. Gwen clicks the TV off and says he should skip work and go to the movies with her. He says he would climb the walls and needs to focus on work. He leaves. Joe sits in his cell when he hears someone come down the hall. It’s his lawyer and some armed guards. She says she’s there to make sure his rights are protected during the execution. He asks if she’s ever witnessed an execution. She says yes.

Joe says she might be turned on by it. They strap Joe into a chair and wheel him down the hall. He greets the other death row inmates as he goes by. He calls one a plebian with mommy issues. Mike asks Max what the pool is up to and she says $1500. Ryan asks what the pool is and Sloane says how long it will take Joe to die. They wonder why Theo reached out to Joe. Ryan says Theo is coming after him and wants help to do it.

Theo is in Newark and goes into a crack house. He looks around at the sleeping junkies and creeps down a hall. He sees Penny asleep on a bed and picks her up and walks out with her. The junkie she was with gets up and pulls a knife and asks what he’s doing. Theo tells him to think hard and says he’s got two roads, one ends in 10 seconds and another in possibilities. He doesn’t back down and Theo kills him efficiently then takes Penny and leaves.

Joe is wheeled in and sees the Governor’s Chief of Staff is there with the physician. Joe says he can endorse the governor with his final words but the man asks him not to. They release Joe from the chair but tell him not to try anything or they’ll tase him. Joe takes out the guards, takes the taser and takes control of the room. He uses a taser on one until he dies and his eyeball smokes. Joe asks them if they thought killing him would be easy. The three survivors are terrified.

The FBI is looped in on video and Ryan is told by the warden that Joe has three hostages. They’re ready to storm with the riot squad but Ryan says he’ll kill the hostages. Ryan has the hostages strung up ready to hang them and he gives a list of conditions that must be met to save them. He says to deliver Ryan within two hours or they all die. Penny wakes to the sounds of traffic and looks around. She finds Theo waiting for her and is stunned to see he has someone chained up.

She says he scared her and then shuts the door on the hostage. She asks if he gave Roheema the day off and he says the week. He offers her a can of food and she digs in then asks where Josh, her junkie friend is. She asks if he killed him. Theo says no and she says she liked him and he can’t keep doing this. She says she can take care of herself but he reminds her that he’s her big brother and will protect her. She asks who the tied up Asian is and he says it’s Frank Sakamoto, a top academic cryptologist.

She asks why he brought work home with him and he asks if she really doesn’t know. He shows her a tablet with the news that Strauss is dead. She asks if he killed him and he hangs his hand. She says now Ryan Hardy is after him. She says this is the end and says if they get to him, they get to her. She asks what they’ll do and he tells Penny he has a plan and they can disappear if it works. His phone chirps and he’s annoyed. He turns on the news in shock to see about Joe’s hostake-taking.

Ryan, Max and Mike arrive via helicopter to the prison. The warden says Joe has made no other contact. Ryan says he has to go in but Max doesn’t want him to go unarmed. He says he can’t take a weapon in or Joe will just take it. He calls Gwen and she says what if Joe plans to kill him. He says Joe doesn’t want him dead but Gwen is terrified. She tells him to wait and says she has to tell him something but he says to tell him after and ends the call before she can tell him about the baby.

The news shows Ryan going into the prison. Gwen watches and cries. Theo watches and thinks. Max and Mike escort Ryan to the infirmary where Joe is. Mike tells Ryan to put Joe down if he gets the chance. He tells them to take care of each other if something happens to him and hands over his badge before he goes inside. He tells the guard to open the door and he goes down the hall alone. The door glides shut behind him with finality.

He goes through the death row area where the inmates slam against the doors in anger when they see the man who caught Joe. He’s outside the door. Joe sees him and calls him old friend. He tells Ryan to take off his jacket and shirt or a hostage loses an appendage. Ryan complies. He lifts his undershirt to show there’s no wire or weapons on him. Joe tells Ryan to handcuff himself but Ryan says not until he releases the hostage.

Joe says he has no leverage and Ryan says good luck with the riot squad and goes to leave. Joe agrees to release one of them. He lets out the doctor and Ryan tells the man where to go to get out. Joe then points to the handcuffs and Ryan snaps them on his wrists behind his back. He looks inside the door and enters. Joe tases him and says none of this would have been necessary if he had RSVPd yes to his execution. He tases him again. Ryan cries out in pain.

Theo shows Penny that he has Strauss’ journal and says it’s in cypher form. He says the key is a long phrase. She asks what’s in it and he says a name with the power to give him his anonymity back after he takes out Ryan. She says he needs to leave Ryan alone but he says he can’t. Penny says that’s his problem but Theo reminds him that he’s kept them alive all this time. She says Ryan caught Strauss and Joe. She says he always have to win but he says he does what he takes.

He says that gets them what they never had as kids – control. He says he’ll make Ryan suffer but she says she thinks Joe is taking care of that for him. Ryan comes to and finds Joe tied a wire around his neck as well. Ryan asks why he’s there and Joe pulls him up by the wire. Joe tells him that he can see that Ryan is a man in crisis and says he’s suffering and he knows why. Ryan says he is because of Joe. He says Ryan doesn’t want to fight the reality that he’s denying – that Joe is his soul mate.

Joe asks if it’s not true why didn’t he kill him when he had the chance and says Ryan needs him. He says he’s going to use the time he has left to prove this. Joe tells Ryan he’s staging an intervention to expose all that Ryan has hidden and says at the end, Ryan will admit Joe is the most important person in his life. He says if Ryan doesn’t admit it, they’ll all die. Mike asks Max if she’s okay and says Ryan will be okay then tells her he’ll always be there for her, like it or not.

The leader of the riot squad says the governor called the warden and told them to go in. Ryan asks Joe to let the other hostages go but Joe says they’re part of the intervention. He lets them both down then tells the Chief of Staff of staff to strap the lawyer to the examination table. Ryan says he thought this was about him but Joe says he gets to have some fun too. Joe tells Ryan that when he stopped him he became him but Ryan says he doesn’t like to kill like Joe does.

Joe says he has a body count that says otherwise. Joe tells Dana the lawyer he’s going to take out her eyes. He has a scalpel. She screams. Ryan tells Joe that he asked if he was in his dreams and says he is. Joe asks in what capacity. Ryan says in his dreams, they’re friends and drink together and he’s teaching him to kill. Ryan is chagrined to admit it but Joe leaves the lawyer alone. He tells Ryan he’s proud of him and takes the wire off his neck.

Joe asks what his dreams are telling him and Ryan says Joe screwed up his heads but Joe says they’re the best of friends and says they see each other as they truly are but Ryan insists he doesn’t know him. Joe says he’s the only one that knows the real Ryan then asks what he’s so afraid of. Ryan says he’s afraid Joe is right. Joe says of course he’s right and says he knows he enjoyed killing the man who killed his father and Deborah Parker’s killer.

Joe asks what he got out of pulling the trigger. Ryan says satisfaction. He’s near tears then adds power and says that what felt good. Joe thanks him and says that’s all he was looking for. Joe is also near tears and says he just wanted a little bit of honesty. He unlocks Ryan’s handcuffs and hands them to him. He says he can accept his fate because Ryan finally admitted he’s right. Ryan punches Joe in the gut. He grunts and holds out his hands for Ryan to cuff them. Ryan tells Joe he won and cuffs him.

Theo is trying to get a look inside the prison and says Joe knows how to make an exit. Penny spots something and asks what those are. He says it’s controls for the prison and says he could lock the whole place down. He goes to watch the news and Penny looks at the computer. Max sees Ryan walking out with Joe. Penny does something and says she’s protecting Theo from herself. She opened all the death row prisoner doors. Then she shut the system down.

The convicts surround them and one says karma really does exist. Joe and Ryan try to fight them off. One has Joe and says he wants to see his cell. He drags Joe away. Ryan is knocked down by a prisoner and the guy stabs the governor’s man. This gives Ryan a chance to take control. He tells the Chief to press the gut wound and he runs off. Two prisoners drag the lawyer outside and she screams for help.

They have her in the yard but then Ryan is there and stabs one in the neck and beats the other brutally before they can rape her. She’s now terrified of Ryan who’s covered in blood and looks like an animal. He helps her up and they go back inside. The inmate takes Joe to his cell and then Joe attacks him. The other guy is bigger and Joe is handcuffed. It looks like he’s getting the better of Joe then Ryan shows up and watches. He stands there and looks then finally intervenes.

He grapples with the guy who then chokes Ryan but then Joe helps out and they take the guy down. They’re both bleeding. Max, Mike and the riot squad finally get through the door. Ryan offers Joe his hand to help him up. They hear the doors buzzing and the guards move in. They pin Joe and Max runs in and asks Ryan if he’s okay. He says he’s good. Mike and Max share a concerned look. Penny and Theo watch the news update that says that Ryan is okay.

Gwen watches too and is relieved. Penny says it looks like Ryan will survive and Theo says she almost blew this but says she’s looking out for him. She says they should go to the contact and disappear. He says he needs leverage to make the man participate in their escape and says Ryan’s death is the key to their future. Ryan sits in the hall and calls Gwen to tell her he’s okay. She asks if Joe is dead. He says no and he has to stay to see what will happen with the execution. Ryan says he needs closure.

He says he doesn’t expect her to understand and she says he’s giving Joe what he wants. Ryan says she told him she could handle his life and says she needs to handle this. He hangs up on her. Penny says Strauss would have picked a phrase that was important and it wouldn’t be random. She asks if he checked Joe’s books. He says he should have checked others and pulls up a Lovecraft book then looks at quotes about death from the death master writer.

He enters the quote and Theo says it’s working. It gives him coordinates, not a name. A reporter says Joe’s execution will likely be postponed. Joe sits in his cell when Ryan comes to see him. He asks Joe why today had to happen and Joe says Ryan is his real legacy and he needed him to know it. He says now that he’s admitted they are brothers, he can die knowing he’ll live on through Ryan. Ryan says the governor has ordered the execution to proceed and says it will happen shortly.

Joe says he has a parting gift for him. He says Theo was born of violence in the city of brotherly love. Ryan tells him goodbye and leaves. Joe whispers goodbye. Joe stands waiting for what’s next. The guards take Joe to the execution chamber. He is pushed onto the chair and strapped down. He looks around at the doctors placing leads on him and then the guy who puts in the IV line. They step out. The chair is lowered back. He looks around. One assistant and the warden are in the room.

The window shade is raised and Joe sees Ryan is there to witness his death. Joe is asked for final words and he says “quoth the Raven, nevermore.” Of course Joe would go with Poe. The execution begins. The fluids of poison are triggered and the chemicals pass into his arms. Joe gasps and shudders. He turns red in the face and flails around a bit then gags and finally succumbs and goes limp. He breathes his last and goes still. His eyes stare at Ryan even in death.

The machine flatlines signaling that he’s gone. They confirm that he’s dead and announce time of death. Ryan watches as the curtain is lowered taking Joe from their sight. The family members of victims stream out of the room. Ryan goes to a bar and the bartender chick asks if he had a bad day. Ryan orders two shots of whiskey. She slides them over and says she hopes it helps. Ryan’s phone rings and he sees it’s Gwen. He doesn’t take the call.

He slides one whiskey to the side and toasts Joe saying “here’s to you.” He imagines Joe sitting there, taking the whiskey and saying “here’s to us.” Ryan shoots the whiskey and orders another shot.