The Following Recap 5/4/15: Season 3 Episode 11 “Demons”

The Following Recap 5/4/15: Season 3 Episode 11 "Demons"

Tonight on FOX their hit psychological thriller, The Following returns with an all new Monday, May 4 season 3 episode 11 called “Demons,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the investigation leads to a serial killer linked to Theo who, with Penny, [Megalyn Echikunwoke]  seeks an unknown source to help them get away. Meanwhile, recent events send Ryan [Kevin Bacon] on a downward spiral, as a search to find the FBI agent accessing Daisy’s [Ruth Kearney] laptop intensifies.

On the last episode with Joe Carroll’s execution day upon them, the team remained on edge, expecting that he won’t go easily. Their fears were realized when a hostage situation at the prison forced Ryan to go in alone, as the whole world watched. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “the investigation leads the team to a dangerous serial killer linked to Theo, while Theo and Penny (guest star Megalyn Echikunwoke, “CSI: Miami,” “The 4400″) seek refuge from an unknown source with the means of helping them disappear. Meanwhile, Ryan struggles with recent events, sending him into a downward spiral, and the search continues into which agent has been accessing Daisy’s laptop from inside the FBI.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of THE FOLLOWING! We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!

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#TheFollowing begins with Ryan waking bleary eyed thinking about how much he drank the night before. He pulls on his clothes and thinks about some random woman he went home from the bar with who’s still sleeping. She wakes and asks if he’s sneaking out. Ryan says he has to get home and she says she never does this but he seemed so sad that she didn’t want him to be alone. He says she’s right.

Ryan says he shouldn’t have been there and goes. He heads home and tries to slip inside quietly. Gwen rushes out and says she was worried and tried all night to call him. She sniffs and says he’s been drinking then asks what happened. She asks where he was last night and he says he screwed up. She asks how he can do this. He tries to explain but she says he can’t blame Joe and says he ruined them.

She says Joe is dead and Ryan can’t let him go. She says she’s tired of trying and says she’s given him several chances but she’s done. She walks out. He hangs his head. Imaginary Joe is there and tells Ryan that he still has him and not to worry. Mark and Daisy wait outside of Mike’s. He rants that he’s not Mark but she says he is and says if he takes a run at Mike right now, he’ll die.

She says she wants to kill Ryan for what he did to Kyle. She says there has to be more than revenge and he asks – like what. She says she doesn’t know but knows that Kyle and Luke would want more for them than this. Mark gets out of the car as they see Mike come out of his place. Mike stops to send a text and Mark creeps up with a gun. Then Daisy grabs him and points out that Mike has security on him.

She says Mike would have won and Mark would be dead. Mike comes to work and sees Max kissing Tom who then walks away. He asks if she heard from Ryan and she says she’ll call him after she talks to Sloane and says she eliminated her from the possible mole list. Gwen calls Max and says Ryan is drinking again and she can’t be there for him. Max says she’ll head over there and asks if she’s okay.

Gwen says she’s not and ends the call. The doorbell rings and Ryan calls out for Gwen then hides the bottle he was nursing. Max lets herself in and he asks why she’s there. She says Gwen called upset and worried about him. She asks why he’s drinking and what he’s doing. She says they should call his sponsor and go to a meeting. He says he’s fine. Max says he’s free of Joe and should be happy.

Ryan says he doesn’t need a babysitter and tells her to go. She tells him they have a lead and he says it’s great. She says she ran the crime reports from Theo’s childhood and found an entire family murdered except the oldest son Terrance Jackson. She says that’s Theo and shows him a photo. She says the BF was the likely suspect but had an alibi and the BF’s body was found floating in the water years later.

Max says she thinks that was Theo’s first kill and says after 16, he disappeared off the grid, no school records or anything. Ryan says he needs a shower and asks her to make some coffee. She agrees. Theo is on the computer when Penny comes in and he says he found GPS coordinates to a fancy house in Annapolis. He says its ownership is hidden behind shell corporations and that means money.

Theo says that money could help them disappear. They set out to see what’s up. Daisy tells Mark the guy they’re meeting got the cameras for Max’s place. She says he was a friend of Juliana’s and says he can tell them who’s watching the feeds. Mark says Luke needs to be here for this and she protests then caves and says whatever he needs. They head into a bike shop to see Silas. He tells them to go.

Daisy says she needs a little help and says some freak burned off Juliana’s face. Mark says he’s the freak and that death was a thing of beauty. They drag him into the back and slam him down at a desk. Mark (as Luke) says he never got the whole hipster thing. He sets part of Silas’ beard on fire and he says he’ll do what they want. Mark says he’ll roast marshmallows off his face if he doesn’t cooperate.

Theo and Penny roll up on the house and he sees a party van and Penny asks if they can crash. Theo says it won’t be that easy. Security spots them and Penny goes to pull a weapon but Theo says they need to finesse this. He says his navigation system is on the fritz and the guard says it’s private property and they need to leave. Theo asks which was is 97 and the guy says to leave now.

Theo says they just got needed information and know they need to find another way in. Mike shows up and Max says it’s not good. In his room, Ryan takes a hit off a bottle of vodka then comes out. Mike shows up and tells Ryan he could have called him to talk. He says Max is catching him up and Ryan says some things don’t line up and shows Theo’s family was posed post-mortem.

He also spots a broken mirror and says it matches the MO of a serial killer in Philly called the Madman who was never caught. He says a Quantico instructor worked the case and tells them that this is how they’ll find Theo. He says Lisa Campbell had the case so they go see her. They show her the file and she says the broken mirror was part of his signature. She asks why they’re there.

Ryan says they think the surviving kid became Theo Noble. Lisa asks how solving the case gets them to Theo. Ryan says 10 year old Terrance thought the BF killed the family but if they can show him the real killer, he’ll come after him. Lisa says they need to pull all her files. Tom gets a call from Sloane and she says she needs to do a follow up on the raid at the Brooklyn safe house.

He tries to blow her off but she presses and asks what floor he cleared. He says first and she asks if he was on the second. He says he was never alone up there and says to let him know if she needs anything else. Lisa and the others look through the case files. They have a description of a guy with a big build and work boots. Ryan sees something and says there is a Philly Department of Water and Power van parked outside one of the crime scenes.

Ryan says it’s the perfect camouflage and says they need to look for other DWP activity. Lisa says she’s going with Ryan and he leaves Max and Mike there to research. Mike wonders if Ryan ditched them on purpose. Max says she hopes not. Penny grabs coffee for she and Theo as he works on his laptop. She cracks a joke and he says to grow up. She says he always has to have everything perfect.

He calls her reckless and immature and they wonder why the house needs so much security. Theo says it’s connected to Strauss. He checks out some limos headed for the party and spots a likely looking guy who could be their ticket into the party. Mark cleans a kid’s bike and he tells Daisy that Luke was his only friend as kids and everyone thought they were weird.

Daisy says she was popular and had a ton of friends but always felt alone. Mark says he doesn’t know who he is without Luke. She says he’s smart, sweet, strong, funny and a hell of a cook. She says he still has a good heart and says she won’t forget that he trusted her. Ryan and Lisa show up to the hotel to check in and Ryan watches the news in the lobby about Joe. Lisa says he shouldn’t be out working now.

She says if they find the Madman, she’s bringing him in without coloring outside the lines like Ryan likes to do. He takes a call from Mike who says they have a name and says they found a DWP employee named Oleg Vukovich who worked in four sectors. He says they’re sending him a photo. But then Ryan sees Joe. Mike says they’re on the way there.

Ryan lies to Lisa and says they haven’t found anything yet. Ryan tells her he left something in the car, takes his room key and peels out of there alone. Theo hops into Daniel’s limo and Theo say she has some questions about the party. Penny is up front with a gun and Theo slits the limo driver’s neck. Daniel says he only knows the name Eliza and says he doesn’t want trouble from them. Theo and Penny tell Daniel and his date to strip out of their clothes.

Ryan ignores a call from Max and heads to Oleg’s last known address. He breaks a window and heads inside, gun drawn. He sees steps down into a cellar and creeps down there. He sees some weird artwork on the walls that looks like splintered fragments of a person and then sees a knife resting on a book. He opens it and sees sketches and crazy rambling and devilish stuff about watching and waiting.

Ryan finds a little hole with a shoebox and inside is a microcassette recorder. The tape is of a man and woman screaming. He hears a noise and goes back upstairs. Oleg is there and pounces on him. Ryan goes tumbling back down the cellar stairs then runs back up and outside. Oleg ran off and because Ryan went without backup, he’s gone!

Lisa rails at Ryan for almost getting himself killed and losing the killer. She tells Max and Mike to talk some sense to Ryan. Mike says he could be suspended for this but Ryan doesn’t care. Max says she hasn’t seen him like this but Mike says he has. Sloane comes to see Tom at his place and says she has more questions about the safehouse and asks for his help to close it out.

Silas says he tracked where the laptop was being used and says it was inside the FBI. He says he can’t even hack into the FBI firewall. Daisy says they need someone who can hack in there and says she knows somewhere. Theo and Penny head into the party – he’s in Daniel’s mask. It looks very S&M. She asks how then can find Eliza and Theo says she should be close to the action.

He pulls her into another room after a couple who have to show a scannable bracelet to get into a more secure area. He has Daniel’s and they are allowed inside and head upstairs. They go through some curtains and are faced with an empty hall. They see a man violently choking a woman in one room and then in another a man cranks up a chainsaw while another screams.

Theo unhooks a velvet rope and the security guy says it’s off limits. Theo takes the guy down and Penny grabs his gun. They head off in search of Eliza. They find her in her office and shoot her security guy dead. She asks who he is and Theo pulls off his mask and says Theo is as good a name as any and says they have a friend in common who was found dead recently.

She says she heard he killed that gentleman and he says Strauss betrayed their ways and that was his mistake. She asks what Theo wants and he says he wants to make her an offer once he’s convinced she’s the person to make it to. Eliza wants to know who Penny is but Theo says to focus on him. He says she can’t stay off Ryan’s radar forever and says he can deliver him dead or alive, but alive doesn’t mean whole.

Eliza asks why she would outsource to him and Theo says he’s already exposed and he’s providing her with a firewall and asks what it’s worth to her. She says he probably has a price in mind already. He lays down a card and says it’s a discussion for another day and tells her sorry about the mess. They leave. Back at the hotel, Ryan flips through the Madman’s book and hen goes looking for booze.

He guzzles a little bottle from the mini bar just before Lisa comes knocking. She tells him what happened tonight can’t happen again and he agrees. She says they have BOLOs out all over the city and have tagged his financials. Ryan says he thinks he’s Charon in Hades and has compulsive delusions. He says Oleg thinks mirrors are the gateway to hell and isn’t ready to go back.

Oleg shows up at their hotel and asks what room the FBI people are in. The clerk says he can’t tell him but Oleg has a terrifying cleaver and whacks the guy’s head open then breaks a nearby mirror. He goes onto the computer and looks up the room number. Ryan tries to call Gwen while Lisa listens to the screaming tape. Ryan begs her to call him back, says he can fix it and that he loves her.

Lisa asks if that call has anything to do with how he behaved today and says she’s twice divorced because of the job. She tells him the woman will be better off he’ll walk away. Ryan says he’s going down to get some air but Lisa says she’s going to take the files back to her room. He walks the box of files and her to her room and they exchange goodnights. He walks down the hall.

Oleg comes into Lisa’s room as she’s in the shower. He sets down his blade. Ryan sees the broken mirror and dead lobby guy and goes bolting back upstairs. Oleg pulls the tape recorder of screams out of the box and plays it. Lisa sticks her head out of the shower and calls out hello. She puts on a robe and looks around. Oleg comes at her then Ryan comes in and knocks him down and punches him viciously.

Ryan knocks him out then grabs the blade and is about to hack into the guy when Lisa screams his name and says stop. They take him to jail and book him in – Ryan asks him about Theo’s family’s murder and asks Oleg if he remembers them. He asks why he spared the boy and shows a photo of young Theo. Oleg sits silent and then Ryan grabs his head and points his face to the mirror.

Oleg says Terrance (aka Theo) was his friend. He says Terrance’s mom used to hit him and says he asked Oleg to come kill his family. He says he was a demon and made him promise to kill them all except the little girl – his sister Sophia. She was a foster child taken in for the money and Oleg says he loved her and they had a special bond.

Mike brings coffee to Max as she sits waiting. He asks what’s wrong and she says he wss drunk at the hotel and says if Lisa hasn’t stopped him… Mike says she was and now they can get him through this. Mike takes her hand in comfort. Mark asks Daisy if the hacker guy is the one who killed Strauss. She says he gave her a way to contact him in case she needed him.

Daisy tells Mark that the guy is the scariest guy she’s ever met. Mark says she doesn’t have to stick around but she says they’re in this together. It’s a clown website. Penny asks Theo if Eliza will go for it. He says he doesn’t know then gets a text from the website with Daisy’s contact. He says this is very unexpected.

Tom tells Sloane that Ruiz was alone on the second floor and she says that’s a break in protocol and asks why he was alone there. Tom says heat of the moment. She looks through her papers to see who was paired with Ruiz and sees that it was Tom. She looks at him and then pulls her gun. He begs her to let him explain. Her gun goes off and Sloane is shot! She collapses from a stomach wound.

Tom says – no! He says no, no, no, no – over and over again. Ryan goes home and sets the alarm. He calls out for Gwen but she doesn’t answer. He goes into the bedroom and checks the closet. Her clothes are gone and all her drawers are empty. He grabs his phone and starts to call her then stops. Joe is there and tells him he’s better off without her. He says they should have a drink.