The Last Ship Recap 8/23/15: Season 2 Episode 11 “Valkyrie”

The Last Ship Recap 8/23/15: Season 2 Episode 11 "Valkyrie"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode an all new Sunday August 23, season 2 episode 11 called “Valkyrie”. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Ramsey broadcasts a message implicating the Navy in a disaster, as Chandler [Eric Dane] works to regain the trust of the American people.

On the last episode a suspicious death on the ship lead Chandler to launch a murder investigation, jeopardizing order and discipline on the vessel. Meanwhile, Rachel worked on a more efficient cure, Alisha decoded an Immune message, and the ship headed to New Orleans. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis  “Ramsey broadcasts a message implicating the Navy in a disaster, as Chandler works to regain the trust of the American people. Meanwhile, the ship locates the source of the Immunes’ signal, leading to a vicious battle with Ramsey’s civilian allies.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#LastShip begins with rescue efforts in New Orleans. There are women and kids in the water and on the shore in a panic. People are on the radio saying the Navy did this. Their sonar is down because of the torpedo and they drop buoys as an early warning system. Michener is upset and Tom says the land team can help with the survivors as they can. Danny says the survivors don’t know who hit them and there’s no sign of Ramsey.

They found evidence of bombs attached to the flotilla. Sean Ramsey runs a broadcast saying he knows the truth about the Navy and says the military released the virus and is covering it up. He says the Navy attacked New Orleans harbor under the American flag. He says the ship is part of a conspiracy to take over the US and set up a new world order. He says soon there will be more evidence in the Navy’s role in creating the virus.

He says they set up the mobile network to get out the truth. Alisha says she doesn’t know how they’re broadcasting this far. Sean says the Nathan James kidnapped the US President and says they’re coming for him and there will be justice and no safe harbor. Michener looks scared. Ramsey is pleased with himself. Rachel checks on Kara and her pregnancy and says it’s all good. Kara says she wants to be as useful as she can as long as she can and Rachel says she understands.

Kara thanks her for everything. Tom heads to see Rachel and asks Kara if he’s interrupting. She heads back to duty. Tom asks how ready the new version of the cure is and she says as soon as they land in a highly populated area, anyone with the new contagious cure can spread it easily by contact. She says they will pass it on and start a chain reaction that Ramsey can’t start. She says people who were vaccinated need boosters.

She says it would be best to wait until they are close to land and he agrees then leaves. Mike shows Tom and Michener that Ramsey stole documents about the outbreak and redacted it heavily to make the government look suspect. Their mission, Bluenose, has been redacted to make it look like they were weaponizing the virus. Michener points out the Valkyrie logo on the docs. Michener wants to take over the network and get their message out.

Michener says he can tell the American public the truth and turn American against them. FLea comes at Tex who says if he keeps eyeballing his gun he’s going to put his eyes out. The guys on the beach are worried that new people could come. Tex tracks the signal and shows it spiking out in the water. Nothing is there – is it the sub or the Nathan James? Kara and her team are looking for the sub, but did Michener hack their network and is using their system to broadcast somehow?

Michener hangs around the bridge and they get the coordinates of the source of the signal. Tom says to pull back Cobra team and they send the UAV to the coordinates. Kara radios Danny to give orders. Flea watches the Navy guys giving aid. The drone flies to the coordinates. They spot an oil rig at the coordinates that’s the source.Michener films a message saying he’s the President and ended up there not by choice. He says they need to unite survivors and restore the country.

He talks about the sailors and says they found the cure. He says the US government is not behind the virus and he’s not a prisoner. He says he was a prisoner of Sean Ramsey who is filling the airwaves with lies about the ship, him and the country. Michener says to join them and push Sean Ramsey back to the sea so they can restore this nation together. Mike says it was the speech of a lifetime and Michener says he hopes it gets to where it needs to be. Tom says he will get it there or die trying.

Tom and the Cobra team head to the oil rig to try and get the message out. Andrea says they will secure it and then try and get it out. The drone had to come back and refuel so they can’t see what’s going on right now. Mike says they need to be ready because the rig will be a target as soon as the message goes live. The teams gets to the rig and heads up into it to look around, weapons drawn. They close off the oil valves so they don’t cause an oil spill incidentally.

Alisha finds the communications center and Tom spots a dish high up on a tower. She gets to work. Ravit and Burke are with Wolf heading higher up into the rig. Alisha says she doesn’t see anything other than regular telecom gear. Tom says to keep it running. They see a woman and she pulls a gun on them. Tom say she’s outnumbered and tells her not to be stupid. She says they can’t hold her and says her people will come for her. She has the Valkyrie symbol on her jacket. She says congratulations, you found me.

Tom asks her name and Wolf says it’s Valerie Raymond and she has a Tulane University ID card. Alisha says he can’t get access to the antenna. Tom says she’s not what he expected. He asks if she’s like Ramsey – an immune. She says she got as far away from the sickness as possible. She says Ramsey showed her all about the secret mission to spread the virus. She says she saw the Egyptian Flu jump to phase six over night and the government did nothing.

Tom says she has it all figured out. He says the aliens from planet bat shit crazy helped spread it. She says she got her Masters from MIT at 21. She says Valkyrie has 6 million subscribers and Tom says most of them are dead and Sean is intent on a master race taking over the world. Tom says she must be clever and resilient. He says she just backed the wrong horse and tells her to help them get the message out and says to watch it for herself.

He hands her a flash drive. The drone is still refueling. Alisha says there’s a component missing, a blue tooth control device. Tom says to shut down the rig and Chung goes to do so. He tells Alisha to tear it all out. Flea sits on the beach looking at the survivors. His cellphone beeps. He sees the spliced together video that Ramsey is broadcasting. Then he sees others looking at it. Flea makes a run and asks if they saw the video and points out the team and says they blew it all up and they’re Navy.

Flea runs off. Danny says they didn’t do this and are there to help but the others keep coming. They fire in the air above the survivors and throw down a smoke grenade. They call into the ship and tell them they’re on the move and are under attack from civilians. Tex gets shot in the ass. The small raft heads out in a hurry. They spot a boat headed for the rig – a civilian craft. A guy in the back launches an RPG at them. It hits. They tell Mike they hear an explosion but can’t see.

The guys fire at the ship and they can’t see the boat. It’s circling. Tom sends Cobra and the helo. Valerie comes to and sees Alisha and Tom calling for Burkee and Walker to secure the rig. Chung comes for her and says he’s going to get Alisha out of there. Val grabs her stuff and runs. Tom gives chase. Walker is dead and they need another way off. They head to the heli pad to get off. Alisha is struggling. The boat fires another missile.

They have to close the valves and Ravit is struggling – otherwise there’s a natural gas leak. The guy preps to shoot another missile then the helo is there and takes it out. It comes for the team. The gas is steal leaking. Burke tells the helo not to land because they have a gas leak. Alisha is on the top and Chung is struggling. Ravit and the others search for the leak as Tom pursues Valerie who is knocked down by an explosion. He tells her to come with him.

Another explosion rips through the rig as they run. Ravit finds the main valve is open. The rig is falling apart in explosion after explosion. The helo gets them off and heads to the Nathan James. Rachel runs to help. Milowsky is already there. Chung looks bad. She asks Tex what happened and he says it’s his but and he’ll be fine. Burkee is burned and calling for Ravit. She’s not responsding but Wolf doesn’t know how she was injured.

They scramble to help the gravely injured among them. Chung dies before Milowky can stop the brain bleed. Alisha is crying and screaming. Valerie watches all this in horror. Danny comes in and says they couldn’t get Lynn’s body. He says they were regular Americans and says the RPGs came from an American vessel. They rant against Ramsey. Tom is furious. Tom goes down and Rachel runs to him. He got a shrapnel hit and he’s bleeding internally.

Ned tells Ramsey that Valkyrie was destroyed by some regular Americans – he says a bunch of Joe six packs saw the video and blew it up. Ned rants at his brother. Sean says the message is still out there and his people have heard the siren call. He tells Ned that he’s written his manifesto and they need to get it out. He tells Ned is in there too and says there mum would be proud and she thought they were born to bring good into the world. Sean laughs and says look at us now. Sean goes back to writing.

Rachel has the captain stable and says she won’t know if she got them all until she does an ultrasound. Mike is there for an update with Andrea. Ravit is in bad shape. They roll her and Milowsky changes her dressing. Burke hobbles over to her. They see spikes of metal in her spine. Milowsky shakes his head at Burke to let him know it’s bad. She says she can’t feel her legs and Burke says they have them wrapped tight so she won’t move. Ravit says he’s a terrible liar.

Burke says she’s all good, just a couple of scratches. She asks if everyone else is okay. Wolf says everybody is good. She gasps in pain and then seizes up and her eyes go still. Wolf tells her to breathe and she asks again if everyone is okay. She speaks in Hebrew and says God’s name in a prayer and then she gasps and is gone. Burke and Wolf are traumatized. Burke starts crying and saying her name. Rachel changes Tom’s dressing and says she’s trying to keep him from bleeding to death.

She says she still knows how to use her powers for good. He asks about Ravit and is upset to know he’s lost four sailors and she says he was almost the fifth. She says it was touch and go for a while and he still needs surgery. She says he has shrapnel behind his liver. He says it can wait and he won’t go under. She says he’s stubborn as ever and he says pot calling the kettle with her. Tom thanks her. Jeter talks to the crew and says they’ve taken a lot of hits lately.

He says they’re called and they answer, here I am. He says the world’s survival depends on their actions and they answer at their peril, but still answer. Jeter says they grieve and thank their fallen for their service then press on tomorrow and answer that call. Valerie listens. Michener looks around. Tom is there on his feet by some miracle. Val approaches him and says he could have run away or saved his people and says he ran back for her.

Tom says it wasn’t all out of the goodness of his heart. He says they need her. She says she thought she knew what was going on and says there’s a lot she still doesn’t know. Tom says he wanted her to be there so she could see who they are. They see the crew file by to pay respects to the empty tablet hat honors their lost comrades. He asks if what was in her bag that was so important can help them.