The Last Ship Recap 8/9/15: Season 2 Episode 9 “Uneasy Lies in the Head”

The Last Ship Recap 8/9/15: Season 2 Episode 9 "Uneasy Lies in the Head"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode an all new Sunday August 9, season 2 episode 9 called “Uneasy Lies in the Head”. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Chandler [Eric Dane] and his team set out to find supplies and materials for Dr. Scott’s [Rhona Mitra] lab, only to tangle with bounty hunters and the Immunes.

On the last episode Chandler tried to gain intel and reverse the brainwashing suffered by Michener. Also: Rachel attempted to construct Dr. Hunter’s lost formula while wrestling with the knowledge that her bitter enemy was now on board the Nathan James. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis  “Chandler and his team set out to find supplies and materials for Dr. Scott’s lab, only to tangle with bounty hunters and the Immunes. Meanwhile, Rachel’s effort to find a spreadable cure depends on the scientist who nearly erased mankind.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#TheLastShip begins with Neils waking to see Tom at his bedside. He tells Neils they need to talk. Rachel wonders how he survived and Tom says he grabbed a life raft. He says he moved camp to camp taking what he needed. Tom says he wouldn’t tell him if he led the Ramseys to the labs. He says Neils wants to talk to her. She doesn’t want to talk to him. Tom reminds her the virus killed his wife and he talked to him and says if it can help the research she needs to do it.

He says if Neils can help, she has to speak to him. Michener covers his bandages as Tom comes to check on him. He asks if he’s ready to meet the crew. He asks what’s expected of him and Tom says he’ll be consulted on anything of important to national security. Tom tells Jeter that he’s not ready and he needs to get him there. Alisha and Mike monitor the radio and they hear normal chatter from New Orleans about diapers and other stuff.

Mike wonders how the others are communicating. Neils gets checked out and Rachel comes to talk to him. She asks why he wanted to see her. He congratulates her on the cure. She says the way he fused his DNA to the virus was elegant scientifically speaking. He says he never intended to spread it. Rachel says she has been working on nebulizing the cure and wondered if he wants to look at her research. Tex comes to chat with Wolf and Burke and Ravit about war stories.

Rachel shows Niels her research and he makes suggestions. She says Dr Hunter worked it out and he says he only heard of him by reputation. She says she thought about adding an extra component. Rachel goes to Tom and says mussels have adaptive bacteria that have spores she could use to make the cure hardier. Mike asks if it was Niels idea but Rachel says it was hers. They go off hunting for mussels. They drop a raft in the water.

Jeter brings Michener to the mess and says their chefs can make anything. Bacon introduces himself and Michener asks what he had for lunch. Meija introduces himself and Michener is acting weird and can’t even decide what to have for lunch. He does not give off a presidential air at all. They go above deck to get some air and he says he’s on a ship full of 20 year olds who know what they’re doing and he can’t even figure out what to eat for lunch.

Jeter reminds him that leaders are made, not born and says they believe in him. Rachel asks Neils about a stabilizer to bind it. Neils says that’s the real reason he’s there. He says it was a long time ago and he tried so many then says he can’t remember. Neils asks her about the photo of the guy on her work station. Rachel ignores him but he keeps on with it. The raft crew lands in New Orleans to look around. They spot a runner and follow.

Burke calls to the person to come out and sees the person is in a mask – he says he’s not sick. They surround Burke and he says be easy and says no one needs to die. They tell Burke he’s worth more alive than dead. More of them come in and they get the drop on the kids. Burke tells the kids to put the gun down and their leader, Ray, tells them to lower their weapons. Burke asks what they meant about them being worth more alive than dead.

Tom meets with the kids and is told Ray is in charge. He is introduced to him. He hands him a coin and says it will earn him a free drink in a Navy bar. Tom tells them to cut the kids loose and tells Ray to come talk with him. They go into a houseboat and sit down. Tom looks at a comic he was drawing and says his son is a huge comic book fan and goes to conventions. Ray says not any more. He asks what Ray’s story is and he says the guy has superpowers that woke up in the virus outbreak.

Tom asks about his parents. He says they’re dead. He says he was at summer camp and the counselors bolted and no one ever came for them. Tom asks about the bounty on them. He says dudes on trucks showed up and told them that the navy was injecting people with the virus. He says they were offering food and guns and Ray says he has mouths to feed. Tom says they have the cure and he needs help finding the bounty hunters. He says the cult are naturally immune and want the cure gone.

Tom says they can find them a safer place to settle. Ray talks to the other kids about what to do. Ravit says she doesn’t like putting the kids in the middle of the fight and worries about reprisals. Tom says they have to find out how the immunes are doing this. Ray says it’s a deal – food and shelter for the bounty hunters. Ray says he wants to stay and fight with them. He says in six months he’ll be old enough to enlist anyway. Tom says to give him the lay of the land.

Bertrise is disgusted that Rachel is working with Neils. Miller says he hopes Neils does something stupid so he can shoot him. Neils insists to Rachel he doesn’t remember the stability sequence. Jeter comes to see Michener and he asks about dropping by the combat center to watch. Jeter says it’s good then Michener asks about the info on the immunes and any info they found at the White House. Wolf and Danny lay out some explosives and hide them.

Tom is with Ray and he shows them the only road in and a perch they can watch from. He says they have major firepower and guns he didn’t even know existed. They set up and the kids asks Tex if he’s ever killed anyone. He says yeah and one says cool. He says it’s not. Then another kid asks if they can stay and fight like Ray. Tex says not a chance. The kids are annoyed. The ship takes aim and the kids get loaded up on the raft to head out to the ship. Ray stays behind.

Rachel and the other doctor realizes that Neils has been lying to them and the virus has moved into his lungs which is why it’s so contagious. She goes to talk to Neils. She says what he went through and the self-imposed quarantine and then asks if he ever gets lonely. He says yes. She says she knows hers isn’t as difficult but says on this ship no one understands her and this puzzle she’s working on. She says now she’s close to the mind that created it.

She pulls off his glasses and gets close to him. Then she walks away and he tells her it’s the three prime end. He says it’s the stabilizer sequence. He says to go upstream and she’ll find it. She smiles at him. Rachel walks out looking sick with getting so close to him but she got what she needed. Tom checks with the team and they’re all ready and so is the ship. Tom asks Ray how he signals the bounty hunters. He shoots a flare and says he can’t bench him now.

Tom locks him in a trailer and says in case they lose, not to open the door for anyone but him. Then Ray goes to a radio he has in his trailer and turns it on. He hears Tex talking. Then hears the explosions and then gunfire. The kids are brought on board the ship. They wonder where Cody is and Jake says he wanted to stay. Ray starts kicking the door of the trailer and grabs a crossbow as Tom goes to find Cody in the mess. Tom calls for Cody. Kara is ready to open fire.

Michener is in the ops center watching this all go down. Kara unleashes a round. Danny is under heavy fire. Ray goes creeping along. Kara fires again. Tom goes running with the distraction. He calls for Cody in the cannery. The kid is dead on the floor. He hears a gun cock and it’s one of the bounty hunters. He says the bosses want him alive unless he puts up a fight but then he’s shot with an arrow by Ray. He comes in and sees that Cody was killed. Tex says the bounty hunters are neutralized.

They ride back to the ship and Ray looks glum. Tom finds Rachel and asks about Neils. She says she’s on the verge of a breakthrough. Burke tells Rabit she can’t blame the captain for what happened to Cody. She says you can’t blame anyone and that’s the point. She leaves angry then stops and talks about being stationed on the West Bank and Gaza and says she saw so much and then the pandemic. She says she thought with the cure, they could stop killing each other but nothing has changed.

Tom shows Michener phones they captured from immunes. Andrea says they’re using the phones somehow and Mike says their tech people are on it. Michener says it’s good work but they need to plan. He says they need to show their fellow Americans they are not the bad guys. He says they need to make it clear the American government is back and says the survivors are offshore on the boats. He goes over his plans and how they can move forward. Everyone is impressed.

Ray sits looking upset when Tom finds him. He says they found a safe zone for them to resettle. He says they helo is warming up for him to go check it out and asks if Ray wants to come along. Ray looks away and says he knew Cody wanted to join the fight and says he wouldn’t have stayed behind if he didn’t. Tom says being a leader is not about being perfect. He says it’s about weathering a storm and carrying on. Ray says he just wants to go home. Tom says he knows and that they all do.

Rachel checks on Neils and he flirts with her and says they make quite a team. She says they solved the nebulizing problem. He starts to talk about planes and a manufacturing facility. She says he killed 5 billion people by breathing and she just needs to study how he did it. She says she could train healthy lungs to do it. He asks if she needs to take a biopsy and she says that won’t work. She says she has to flush out the poisonous one. She talks about the DNA scissors and says they can remove a gene.

She says she’s going to separate his gene from the virus inside his body. He says it won’t work and she says it will. He says that would kill him and she says the virus would explode out of his lungs and into the rest of his body. She says there’s just so much of it. He says he won’t allow her to do it. His eye is bleeding. She says she already did it and the virus is doing its work. He snatches out the IV and he staggers around. She says everyone on this ship will sleep better tonight.

Neils says he helped her and she says she did. He keels over bleeding from all over. The others outside see this and ask if she’s okay. She says he’s going to help all of them.