The Last Ship Finale Recap – Many Saved, One Important Soul Lost: Season 2 Episode 13 “A More Perfect Union”

The Last Ship Finale Recap - Many Saved, One Important Soul Lost: Season 2 Episode 13 "A More Perfect Union"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode an all new Sunday September 6, season 2 finale episode called “A More Perfect Union”. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, the crew sends out a call to civilians to receive the cure at pre-selected ports, yet Immune factions actively fight the spread of the cure.

On the last episode the ship got trapped between a blockade and a formidable sub. Chandler tried to protect Dr. Scott and the cure by removing them from the ship as an unavoidable showdown with the sub drew near.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “the crew sends out a call to civilians to receive the cure at pre-selected ports, yet Immune factions actively fight the spread of the cure, in the Season 2 finale. Also: The Nathan James tries to regain America’s trust.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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It’s the season two finale of the #LastShip. Michener broadcasts from the Nathan James and says he’s on the Mississippi River on the ship. He says they are survivors who have struggled as they have and still have hope. He says he knows they’ve been living in fear. People all over the country tune in. He says misleading videos have been broadcast and these were lies to deceive them.

He says the men and women on this ship are brave and noble. He says they have worked hard to bring the cure and says they have the cure for the red flu. He says they can see video footage of doctors curing people and says they will land in Vicksburg and will stay in port for six hours. He says they will then dock in Tennessee for six hours. He says they will stop in St Louis.

Michener says it’s time to turn the tide and heal the nation together. He thanks them. He says to run it every 15 minutes for three days. The ship cruises on and Val shows the team how to use the network. Mike says they’re looking for Kevin McDowell who worked closely with the Ramseys. Rachel says she hopes enough people will show up to the port.

She says they will give them all booster shots to make them carriers for the contagious cure so they can pass it along to as man people as possible. Each person gets 5-8 days of ability to spread and says they need to give it to 10,000 people. Danny asks about dropping it from the sky and Rachel says they don’t have enough. Rachel says it’s in your breath and sweat.

She says the best way to maximize transmission is to shake hands and then breathe on them normally while still holding their hand. She encourages eye contact and says to remain as friendly as possibly. She says taking a drink and sharing it will also work. Tex asks if kissing would work and she says that would work if you can get consent.

Rachel says they won’t get another chance because they can only get booster shots once. Jeter gets the word that they don’t have a lot of ammo but he says Michener has worked out a deal for pardons for immunes if they back down. The sailors are worried they’ll come attack them. Kevin McDowell is offered an immunity deal but he refuses. Michener says he can’t win it.

McDowell tells Michener he was his protege and he found him curled up in a ball moaning about his wife and children. McDowell says the immunes are a global organization so he’ll leave the US for now but says he and the President have unfinished business. Michener asks if Tom is sure he doesn’t have a missile left. Jeter gets a video message from his wife’s parents Sonya and Henry Morris.

They tell him they’re in Laurel and found an old cabin. He asks about the cure and Jeter says it’s true. They ask if they should try to get to him. He asks if it’s safe where they are. Jeter says if they can hang in a few more weeks, he can come find them. He says to stay put until he knows what Vicksburg is like. He says it’s safer for now for them to stay put.

McDowell takes everyone’s phones and says to leave them on because the Navy will track them. They have military uniforms they’re going to use for a disguise. He and his men roll out. Tex stands with Rachel on deck and he comments on the snipers and the guard still on Rachel. She says Tom is a man of his word. Tex tells her when they land he’s headed out for Jackson to try and find his daughter.

He asks if he can have a couple of vaccine shots in case he doesn’t find his daughter while his booster is still active. She says she can do it. Val says the phones are headed out and it looks like he’s headed for Ireland or Scotland. It’s the decoy phones. Tom, Mike and Michener see the dock in Vicksburg but don’t see any people. They wonder what happened.

Rachel tells Tex it’s not nearly enough. There’s 127 people waiting. Mike suggests sending some people inland to spread the cure and meet them upriver. They talk security for Michener. Tex tells Tom he can stick around but Tom says to go find his daughter and they agree he’ll meet them back in St Louis. McDowell listens to a radio broadcast about a guy saying the President cured him.

McDowell has a truck full of infected and he says they have to keep them alive awhile longer. They hear on the radio that someone on the ship said that someone on the ship said Vicksburg wasn’t safe. Jeter gets on the radio and says he was the one on the radio and says to meet them there to get the cure and it is safe – he was wrong.

Tex is on a motorcycle speeding down the road. He stops at a barn and the farmer gets his gun and aims at him. He tells Tex to go back where he came from. Tex says he’s looking for his daughter Kathleen and her mother Claire. He meets Court who says Claire and Kat were there. Then Kat heard about the ship with the cure. He says Kat headed for Memphis. He says Claire was killed by looters.

He says Kat ran to his room and got his shotgun out and fired through the door and killed a handful. He says Kat has a hell of a heart. He says he told her not to go. He says how do you know if it’s real or not. Tex says it’s for real. He shakes Court’s hand and says they have to start spreading it. He touches his face and then walks away.

Michener says they’re hoping St Louis may have more people since there may be some infrastructure left there. He says St Louis may be a better place to set up his capitol. Jeter comes in and tells them about his radio call that was overheard. Jeter says now he can’t get hold of his family now and knows that it might have had a negative effect. He says the low turnout was his fault and he regrets it.

Tom thanks him for his honesty. Jeter leaves. Michener is furious but Tom says Jeter lost the rest of his family years ago. Michener says people can’t hear a message like that from their ship and says Jeter knew it was an open line and made a choice. Tom says he’s right and it won’t happen again. Tex pulls up at a gas station and sees dead bodies. He goes on alert and pulls out his gun.

He looks around and finds a guy still alive. He says they’re gone. The guy says it was two immunes and they grabbed him back in Tallahassee and brought him here. He says they have a truck of 8-10 sick people. He says they stopped for gas and made him walk around to try and expose people. He says the people fought back and the immunes shot him. He says the immunes were taking them to Memphis.

Tex calls in to Tom and warns them. Val says she lost track of the phones and Tom figures out the phones were a fake. Tom says they’re trying to infect the crowd. Tom says to send the helo with the aerosol to try and protect the people waiting for them. Rachel says they have one chance and Tom says to load it all up. McDowell and his men are in Navy uniforms and have the sick people.

His men tell him that there are 1,000 people gathered. McDowell says this will show the people once and for all they can’t trust the Navy and instead of spreading a cure, the people will leave and spread the bad news.

Tex makes it to Memphis and calls out for Kathleen. He heads through the crowd and finds a bullhorn then calls for her. He climbs up on a truck and calls out loudly for her. She sees him and calls out – dad. He hugs her tight and she says mom. He says he knows. He touches her face. She says she can’t believe he’s alive and says how much she missed him. He asks her to forgove him for not being there.

She says yes. They hug. Danny and the others are on the ground crew and Wolf is the first over the fence. They are looking for the immunes. They spot them because of the uniforms. They move to intercept. Tex sees McDowell and tells her to keep her head down. Tex calls in and says McDowell shaved his beard and is in a Navy uniform. He says the immunes are all in Navy blues.

Danny radios in and says he sees more immunes also in blues. They move out. One of the immunes says they’re there to get them sick and the people run in panic. The real navy starts gunning down the immunes. McDowell walks away. Another warns him the navy got there early. Then Wolf and the others are on them. Wolf attacks McDowell with a vengeance. They radio that they have him.

Danny says they have to keep the people behind the gate until the cure shows up. Danny fires in the air and warns the ship they have a panicked crowd they’re trying to hold back. The helo is about a mile away. Tex tries to tell them stay and says the cure is coming. His daughter helps. They tell them to just breathe it in. Danny and Burke tell them just to relax. They all breathe it in. He says to breathe it in.

The people do as they are told. Wolf tells McDowell to breathe it in and they tell him – now we’re all immune asshole. On the ship, McDowell mocks Michener and he says his immune movement will dissolve the more people they cure and says they can make him a martyr but no one will care. He says to work with them and get his men to stand down and he may walk free one day.

McDowell says he doesn’t know if he can sell that but Michener says he knows he can be persuasive. McDowell asks if he’s still offering him a pardon. The Nathan James heads upriver. They are very low on fuel and hope they can make it to St Louis. Michener thanks Tom and Rachel for everything they’ve done no matter how it plays out. They can see the St Louis Arch in the distance.

Rachel looks and they see people cheering by the thousands on the shore. The crew is thrilled and cheers back. Tom tells Michener he’s right, this is the place. They get their boosters and head out into the crowd to meet, greet, shake hands and breathe on everyone. Tom kneels to shake hands with some young boys who salute him. Michener acts the consummate politician.

One woman kisses Miller right on the lips and smiles. Val smiles to see it. Rachel touches as many people as she can. They are all hugging the people who came out to greet them. They drink from their water bottles and pass them back to try and spread it faster. Kara greets some kids. Tom sees Rachel helping people. He gives her a nod.

Tex shows up with Kat and introduces her to Rachel. She says it’s a pleasure to meet her and gives her a big hug and tells her she’s so pretty. Tex says she takes after her mom. Jeter’s in-laws are there and tell him they got to Memphis too late so they kept driving. He says he thought something happened to them. They cry and hug each other. They apologize for not reaching out to him and leaving him alone.

Michener has his swearing in ceremony there in St Louis by a local judge. Later, they celebrate the good day they’ve had. It’s Michener’s inauguration ball and Tom says people need to celebrate and reassures him it was appropriate. Michener says he wants Tom as chief of naval operations. Michener reminds him he was #12 in line for President. He tells him to fly his family out.

He says he’s heard that there’s more trouble out west with warlords and there’s more work to be done. He tells Tom it’s an order. Michener says tomorrow the fight for America and the rest of the world begins. Danny tells a story about Somalia. Kara, Wilowski and others listen. He says it was Christmas and his family sent presents. He says Frankie wanted the Hungarians to have a Christmas.

He says Frankie dressed as Santa and flew over to the other ship to deliver presents. They all drink to Benzo, Chung and others they lost. They mention their fallen comrades – Lynn, Berchem, Barker, Cossetti, Cody, Bivas, and others. They all lift a toast. Rachel finds Tom and says she’s headed to Lincoln, Nebrasks to fight a new outbreak then on west from there.

She says the president gave her a pardon and ordered her to go fight the disease. She says no more guards then says she was looking forward to seeing him squirm on the witness stand. He says he would have given her a sterling character reference but she would have gotten a ship full of them. He says it’s a great dress and she says the judge’s daughter loaned it to her and said she couldn’t go to a ball in jeans.

He says she could have pulled it off. She steps closer and puts the letter in his hands. She says she’ll see him when she sees him and turns to walk away. He tells her to be safe. He says when she gets back, find him. She gives a little smile then walks away. Tex and the others sing a sea shanty. Burke takes up the tune. Danny flashes a ring to Kara and asks if it’s the right time.

He says he got the ring from her mom in Norfolk and got her blessing. She kisses him. The dog barks as they sing. Rachel heads down the hall and a man approaches her. He asks if she’s the lady who made the cure. She says yes and he asks if he can get it. She asks wasn’t he in the park earlier. He says he missed it. He says he’d like to get it from her. It’s one of McDowell’s guys.

He asks how close he has to be and she says it’s close enough. He says he thinks so. He pulls out a gun and shoots her then runs off down the hall. She goes down.