The Millionaire Matchmaker Recap – Prince in a Speedo: Season 8 Episode 3 “Ally Shapiro, Jill Zarin and Prince Ferdinand”

The Millionaire Matchmaker Recap - Prince in a Speedo: Season 8 Episode 3 "Ally Shapiro, Jill Zarin and Prince Ferdinand"

Tonight on Bravo The Millionaire Matchmaker returns with an new Thursday January 1, season 8 episode 3 called “Ally Shapiro, Jill Zarin and Prince Ferdinand” and we have your weekly recap below for you. On tonight’s episode, Jill Zarin (“The Real Housewives of New York City”) enlists Patti to guide her daughter, Ally, on the right path to love. Patti’s second client is a German prince.

On the last episode, Patti’s first client was Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, one of the members of the former girl group TLC. Chilli spent most of her time raising her son and touring, so her suitors were usually someone from the industry. Now that her son was 17, she was ready to get serious and find love. Could Chilli put her work aside long enough to find a real, down-to-earth guy? Patti’s second client was retired NFL player Jeff Ogden. This was his second time seeing Patti, and this time he wanted to go deeper and find a girl who’s right for him. Expert John Salley helped Jeff navigate the dating waters as a fellow former professional athlete. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed, right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the Bravo synopsis, “Jill Zarin wants Patti to find a suitor for her daughter; Patti advises Prince Ferdinand Von Anhalt.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 8 episode 3 – tonight at 8PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of TMM tonight.

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On #Matchmaker, we see Ally Shapiro, RHONY’s Jill Zarin’s daughter. She’s 22 and is from New York. She’s never had a long-term relationship and says she’s from a unique background and says she grew up on a reality show. Her mom is being very pushy. Jill won’t shut up and Jill says she needs to marry someone she wouldn’t mind being divorced from (what?). Patti says she’s like an aunt to Ally and can’t mess this up.

Patti has known Jill for seven years and has even vacationed with her in the Hamptons. Ally is a blogger and says she’s confident Patti can find her someone good. Patti meets with them. Ally says Patti is like a second mom. She wants Patti’s advice to find a guy she can trust and eventually settle down with. Ally says she’s working now and is in the city. Patti asks what she thinks her mom wants for her and tells Jill to zip it.

Ally says her mom will want the guy to be Jewish. Patti tells her not all Jewish guys are great and says there is only one Bobby Zarin. Ally says she has to cut the cord with her mom. Patti says her mom is in her ear like a pest and says she has she’s thinking with her cooch while her mom is thinking about the resume. Patti says neither of these is the right choice. She says it should be the middle and doesn’t want Jill to push her into the wrong thing.

Ally says someone who is smart, traveled and ambitious. They send Jill away so they can talk. Ally says she’s run from past relationships. Ally says she’s very insecure about her body. Patti asks what she means and Ally says it could be better. Patti says you have to love yourself first. She says she has a surprise for Ally tomorrow and they leave to go find Jill and spend some of her money.

Next is Prince Ferdinand from Germany. He’s 30 and says it’s hard to find a nice girl. He says people know he’s got a royal background and that makes it hard so that’s why he’s come to Patti. He brings her flowers and she asks if he really talks this way. She asks if he’s really a prince and what he does. He says he does business stuff and drinks champagne every day. He lives in California. He shops, he goes to parties and seems a wastrel of sorts.

He says his dad was royal but was adopted. His dad is married to Zsa Zsa Gabor. He’s also an attorney. He says he hasn’t been in a relationship for three years. He says he likes tits and says his celeb crush is Coco Austin. Patti says he’s like a cartoon character and seems gay. He says his last GF cheated on him. He says he likes older women with experience. He says he doesn’t need a sugar mommy. He says girls Google him and go crazy. He says he needs a girl that likes him and not the title.

Patti tells him to quit wearing the prince medals and pink pants. She says he has to lose his royalty for a week and says they’re going to make him an American man. She says he’s going to call himself Max and says he has to dump all the royal shit. She says American girls want something more manly. She asks him to say “how you doing” and he totally can’t. He has a terribly thick accent. He says he knows she can find him someone and she says he’s a real project. She calls herself the queen and he bows to her.

At the Millionaire’s Club, Patti says Ally is a bit timid and says they should let her watch the guys from a distance while she and Jill talk to the guys. David asks about taking Jill out of the equation but Patti says she would never stand for that. Then they talk about Zsa Zsa’s stepson and how they need to butch Ferdinand up a lot. Patti takes Jill and Ally to meet Kristin Cavallari. She tells Ally how she met her hubby Jay Cutler and how she dumped him and that made him take her more seriously.

She says Kristin is a great coach to build her confidence. Kristin says she needs to be in a relationship with a guy who wants to pursue her and not the other way. She tells Ally to wait for the right guy and to find a guy who will make her the priority. Ally says her mom’s top priority is that the guy is Jewish. Kristin says chemistry is important and tells her to love her mom, but do what’s right for her and listen to her gut. She tells her to own the room at her event.

Kristin says she’s sure she can find someone great. They try on some sexy shoes at Chinese Laundry that she can wear to the event. It’s time for her meet and greet. Patti tells Jill repeatedly to shut up so she can focus on Ally. She tells Ally that it’s not about them liking her but her liking them. She says if she doesn’t like them, move on and if they don’t like her, f- them. She says Jill and Patti are going to pre-interview them but this makes Ally nervous.

Patti says she’ll make the final choice about her date and the guy will plan it. David takes Ally up to the loft while they get started. Patti introduces Jill to the guys. Jill is nervous about the 15 guys. There is one half Jewish guy who is really cute. There is another guy – a Jewish law student. Nathan says it’s weird talking to his potential date’s mom. James is a classical musician from Australian with a great accent who’s half Jewish. She tells James she thinks he’s a great choice.

There’s a personal trainer there, a realtor and in the next group, a couple of more Jewish guys. One is at a tech start up but is from New York. James is a screenwriter who has sold two movies. Ally likes him and she and David agree he’s got nerd scruff. Ally is annoyed that her mom is all over the Jewish thing. Patti thinks James the screenwriter is a good choice. So there’s the screenwriter and the Aussie musician. Ally ponders the two Jewish guys that are very different.

Jill is pushy but Patti tells her to back off and let Ally decide. Patti tells her to close her eyes and think about which one appeals to her. Next up are the girls for the prince. There’s a business manager from California who is really cute and young. She says she wants to travel to Europe and she surfs a lot. Nicole is little with big boobs and has traveled to Europe and says she likes Germans. Patti takes Nicole and Emily both.

There’s a 44 year old she dismisses and another has a bad attitude. Britanny is really cute and says she’s been cheated on before. She’s really pretty but is terrified of Patti. There’s a 35 year old, Angie, from France who looks kinds of like Coco. She has big boobs and is a songwriter. She takes Angie and Brittany both as well. Patti brings over “Max from New Jersey” and says he’s a lawyer. She tells him to talk to the girls and she and Candace leave to give them a moment.

Britanny says he’s a pretty boy and seems European. He checks out each of their bodies with a twirl. Ferdinand couldn’t drop the accent and he tells Patti he lost “Max” on the way there. Patti tells them that she’s going to see which of the girls can make him a man. Ferdinand really likes Angie’s obviously fake boobs. Emily thinks he’s cute as-is and doesn’t need to change. Patti comes over and tells him he’s being creepy when he tries to show her his new macho outlook.

She asks him who he wants on his date. Patti has Candace and David with her as well as Jill, Ally and Ferdinand. They make introductions. Ferdinand actually flirts with her and Patti tells him to lose the pink tie and tells him no more pink at all. Ally is at a wildlife center waiting on her date. She likes animals and is worried about the blind date. It’s James the screenwriter. He has never been on a blind date before and asks how she picked him.

She says she was watching Patti and her mom screen the guys. She tells him she was a film major in school. They head into the wildlife center and she says James seems like a great guy. They start with a big lizard. Next is a giant spider and she puts it on Ally’s hand. Next is a sloth they get to pet and he says he’s glad Ally gets his sarcasm. They head off for a meal together.

Ferdinand walks up out of the water in tiny pink trunks with champagne and two glasses. He’s no James Bond. He tells Emily that Patti hates the color. He pops the champagne. Nicole giggles and he says he doesn’t have a six pack body but does some pushups for him. She asks if he ever does yoga and he asks her to show him some. She’s a little concerned about the Speedo he’s chosen. It’s kind of gross. She demonstrates some yoga and he tries to do it, but is awful. He tells her he has a next destination for them and they leave.

Ally and James go to eat and she says she thinks he’s a gentleman and is great. He tells her he’s worked in Shanghai and really liked China. He says he wants to spend a year or two in New York but also wants to be a nomad and travel. She says he had good things to say and asks what he thinks about her mom. She says he likes her mom and says Ally seems even-keeled. He says she needs some separation from her mom and she says she’s trying to do that.

She says her mom has been pushing her to meet someone. He says he likes that she gets his sense of humor and seems a lot like him. Ally says she’s comfortable with him and it is all going smooth. Later he tells her he’s had a few drinks and may not remember this tomorrow. Ally gets a call from her mom during the interview. She says she’s with James now. Jill says she’s glad they’re still on the date. James says Jill seems a little paranoid about her daughter.

James tells her he had a good time. Ferdinand brings Emily to a little boat for a ride in the harbor with a catered lunch. He tells her he’s looking for a real relationship and says it’s been a few years since he’s been in a relationship. She says she’s commitment oriented and loyal. He wonders what she will say when she hears he’s a prince. He pulls out his sash and puts it in. She wonders if he’s changing into another Speedo. She turns around and he says he’s not Max from New Jersey.

He tells her he’s a German prince. She says she thinks he’s really cool and it’s good for him. She asks if he earned the medals and he has to admit they’re inherited. They take a swim and she tells him she’s having fun but doesn’t kiss on the first date. Patti and David call James to see how their date went. He says it went well and says he feels like he’s known her a while and says they already had a second date but says she wouldn’t let him kiss her. He says he wants to go out with her again.

Next they video conference Ally about James. She asks what happened and Ally says it was a lot of fun and says they’ve been talking every day. Patti asks why she didn’t let him kiss her and says kissing is okay, but no sex. David calls Jill a cock block mother for calling during their date. Patti tells her she loves her and ends the call. Next she checks in with the prince and the results are a little less thrilling than with Ally and James.

Candace and Patti call Emily to check in. She says the date was a lot of fun and says she wasn’t a fan of the Speedo and says he tried to kiss her. Patti asks if she’d go out with him again if he doesn’t wear the pink bikini. Candace brings in Ferdinand and he says it was an amazing date and says he wants to take her surfing next time. Patti asks if he’s circumcised. He says yes. Candace tells him the Speedo was like serving his penis on a platter. Patti says Emily will do a second date if he’ll be more masculine.

Ferdinand says he’s going to try and be less metrosexual. He thanks them and leaves. The Prince chickened out on calling Emily for a second date. Ally and James are talking every day and planning his visit to New York so they can see each other gain.