The Millionaire Matchmaker Recap 1/15/15: Season 8 Episode 4 “Stephanie Pratt, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Kari Whitman”

The Millionaire Matchmaker Recap 1/15/15: Season 8 Episode 4 "Stephanie Pratt, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Kari Whitman"

Tonight on Bravo The Millionaire Matchmaker returns with an all new Thursday January 15, season 8 episode 4 called “Stephanie Pratt, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Kari Whitman” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, as a fan of The Hills, Patti is thrilled to get a call from Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag to set up Spencer’s sister Stephanie. It seems Stephanie only dates “bad boys” who treat her badly. Can Patti help Spencer and Heidi get Stephanie to drop her bad habit? Kari Whitman is a one-time Playmate turned interior designer to the stars.

On the last episode, Mario ‘Perez Hilton’ Lavandeira was famous for his outspoken, celebrity blogger personality. Now all grown up, he has a son and has moved to New York to start fresh. He could not seem to shake his “snarky” reputation in the dating community. Could Patti help Perez show eligible men he was the man, not the website? Meanwhile, Sonja Morgan, a beautiful mother and divorceé on The Real Housewives of New York City, had no trouble finding a man, but it never lasted. Patti knew Sonja’s picker was off, but coulc Patti teach Sonja how to pick the right guy? Rocco DiSpirito teamed up with Patti to show Sonja that the way a man cooks speaks volumes to how he will be as a lover and a provider. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the Bravo synopsis, “as a fan of The Hills, Patti is thrilled to get a call from Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag to set up Spencer’s sister Stephanie. It seems Stephanie only dates “bad boys” who treat her badly. Can Patti help Spencer and Heidi get Stephanie to drop her bad habit? Kari Whitman is a one-time Playmate turned interior designer to the stars. Patti learns that this gorgeous 40-something is still single because she is unable to leave her exes in the past. Can Patti help Kari move on from the past into a love-filled future? Patti teams up with Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson who puts her and Kari through a mind, body and soul workout before helping Patti recruit dates at the gym.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 8 episode 4 – tonight at 8PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of TMM tonight.

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Stephanie Pratt, sister of Spencer Pratt, is on #Matchmaker tonight. Heidi is so excited for she and Spencer to help her find the right guy for her. Stephanie says her parents are happily married and so are Spencer are Heidi so she wants something like what they have. Patti says Steph is gorgeous and riveting. David says Stephanie, Spencer and Heidi are all coming to talk to them.

They all come in and says hi to Patti. Steph says she’s never had a BF for longer than six months because she likes bad boys and has since high school. She said Spencer and Heidi’s relationship is so cute and she loves hanging out with them. Heidi says they stuck together even when the show – The Hills – wanted them to break up for the show.

They want her to find someone great. Heidi tells Patti they’ve been married for six years. Patti asks Steph why she likes bad boys and where she finds them. Spencer says – the sewer. Patti says she thinks she only likes guys who don’t like her and Spencer says she’s a psychic. She says she likes guys that will take care of her and pay for her and take care of her.

Patti says she has to break her of the bad boy habit and she asks if looks or money are better. Heidi tells her to go for money and Patti says money means security and that’s a shift in her thinking. She asks her celeb crush and she says Josh Duhamel. She tells Steph to use her brain, not her heart. Steph says it’s hard when Patti gets under her hood. She asks to talk to Heidi and Spencer alone.

Heidi says Steph lives in a fantasy world and likes loves for the sake of love. Spencer says he doesn’t think she’s had a genuine relationship. Patti says Spencer and Heidi really love Steph and Patti says she wants to use them in the screening process to help block her from bad boys. Next is Kari Whitman, a 45 year old LA lady. She wants honest, easy-going love.

She says dating has been hard and says men are intimidated by her success. She says she wants a partner to make her life better. Patti says love over 40 is hard in this town. They meet at a restaurant. Kari is an interior designer who works with celebrity clients like Jessica Alba and Kristen Bell. Her hobbies are yoga, hiking and fitness. She says she hasn’t found the right person and wasted time on the wrong guys in her 20s.

Kari has never been married but has been engaged four times. She says three times, she was the one that broke it off. She says her relationship lasted 11 years. She says he was a pro hockey player that wanted her to live in another city. She broke up with him a year ago. She dated Don Johnson for almost five years and says all her exes are her friends. She says her celeb crushes are Tom Cruise and Ashton Kutcher.

Patti says she’s a collector and shouldn’t talk to her exes. Patti says that’s quick sand. She tells Kari to write a letter to all her exes telling them they are out of her life as of now. Kari says she’s there to learn and has no ego about this. Patti asks her why now and Kari says she’s really ready for love. She says she wanted to prove she could be successful without love and without a man.

Patti says they need to find someone who can balance her. Patti comes back to the office and tells David and Candace about Kari and what they need to look for to get her. Patti calls Tracy Anderson to help Kari detox from collecting exes. She says she’ll meet later for Kari’s recruiting. She goes to take Kari to meet Tracy, a fitness trainer that works with JLo and Gwyneth Paltrow. Patti says her body and mind need to be connected.

The three of them work out together. Kari says Tracy really opened her up and helped her to get started healing. Tracy tells Kari she needs to get rid of some of the noise in her life. She says Tracy is going to help her recruit some guys. The candidates are at Tracy’s studio. They are looking for a confident, well-traveled man. First is Marty, a sports marketing guy who was divorced after 20 years of marriage because he was working a lot. They take him.

Next is Greg, a finance manager, who likes an older woman. Stephen is a software salesman who says he’s a hopeless romantic. They table Greg for another time. Christopher is a MMA guy who likes younger guy so he’s a no. Domenick, a web developer, blushes and Patti says Tracy should get his number. Kevin is a coach for the LA Galaxy soccer team who’s divorced. She takes him too.

Emilio is a mixologist and he’s basically a bartender. He says he likes older women and he’s Brazilian. She likes him and takes him too. They have four guys for Kari. Next they meet Spencer and Heidi to recruit for Steph. Dutch is an amazing cook who works for a hospital in IT. Michael is a trainer who started his own business. They bring in more. Simon, a German business owner is in the next crop.

He says he’s waiting on ms right. Heidi likes him. Tanner, a photographer, says he’s the guy that pays for the meal and they kick him. John, an Army guy is next. They reject him. Matteo, is working on his masters and he speaks three languages and has rich parents with a Porsche. He says he’s a good boy. Trevor is an entrepreneur who started Flex Watches. He says he wants to change the world.

Heidi wants Trevor and Spencer wants Matteo. They’ve got a couple of Europeans, a buff guy and a boy next door. Steph and Kari are at a bar for the mixer event. Kari says she wrote her letter. Kari reads the letter out loud to them. Patti sets the letter on fire and says they are sending it out into the universe. She asks Kari how she feels about letting them go. She says it sucks but she’s ready for the future.

Kari and Steph sit while Patti gets the guys ready. They get the guys all pumped up and bring in Kari and Stephanie. She breaks the guys into groups then watches them. It’s four on one at each table. Kari is really nervous that she’s not going to have a connection and she’s stammering. She talks about her career and how much she travels and works. She says she needs to find balance.

Patti steps over and tells her no more resume talk. Kevin says it’s hard to find something meaningful in LA. Kari says it was fun to be on a date with four guys. Steph sits and talks to her four guys. She talks about dating guys who can travel with them which means they’re usually unemployed which is a problem. Steph tells the guys that family is really important to her.

Trevor tells Steph about his watch company that fights hunger. Kari asks about relationships with her guys. Kari likes the way Patti set up the mixer. Trevor asks how she ended up single and she says her last BF cheated on her. She asks Dutch who hasn’t dated anyone seriously in five or six years. Patti pulls Steph aside who tells her she did go. Steph likes all five of the guys.

Kari talks and Patti tells her she’s not giving them boners. Patti pulls Kari away and says the girls will decide. Patti knows who she wants for each of them but says they have to decide. Steph says she likes Mike but he’s too young and Simon isn’t for her. She says Matteo is too like her next but Trevor feels like the guy she’s known for a long time.

Kari says she likes Marty and Steven but didn’t feel chemistry. She likes Kevin and Emilio. She says Kevin is handsome and down to earth but Emilio is passionate and worldly and driven. Kari meets up with Emilio for her master date. She says he’s super hot and sees ready for a relationship. He takes her to a clay craft date so they can make art together.

He does the ghost thing and stands behind her to help her with her. He sniffs he and says she smells good. They leave the pottery place and head to eat. Steph chose Trevor for her master date. He brought her one of his watches that his company makes – he actually brought her two. She says her favorite thing he said was about living in the present. She says she just realized that herself.

He says he lost his mom to cancer two years ago and that made it hit home. He says life can throw you shit cards and you have to roll with it. Steph says it’s heart breaking and she just wants to hug him. He takes her to the pier in Santa Monica to do the beach thing. Emilio takes her to a seafood place and Kari is working hard not to mention exes or the past.

Emilio feeds her an oyster and she says he seems smart and she’s feeling chemistry with her. He takes her to make her a cocktail. He makes her a gorgeous drink and she tastes it. He sets an orange on fire and puts it on top. Then he moves in for the kiss. At the pier, Trevor and Steph go play games. He says he’ll win her a teddy bear. They start with whac-a-mole. She beats him and he hugs her.

She wins him a prize. Steph says it’s a perfect date with no pressure. He won her a giant pink teddy bear and she’s happy. She says he’s definitely not a bad boy and says – thank you Patti. They then go for a gondola ride up high and she says it’s the best date she’s been on and he kisses her. Trevor says it was a perfect first date. Steph says he’s sweet and genuine and says she thinks her brother will like him.

Patti calls Emilio who says he liked Kari and wants to go out with him again. They then call Kari who says she wants to spend more time with him. Patti says she knows she was tough on her but says she’s come a long way and tells her to go call Emilio now. She and Candace high five and Patti says she thinks Kari can find love now.

Patti and David call Trevor and he tells them about the pier. He says they had a kiss on the Ferris Wheel. He says he wants to give her space and Patti asks if he’s into her. He says he is and is going to make this happen. Then they chat with Steph who says it was an amazing date and he was a gentleman. She says she finally found a nice guy in LA. Patti says to text with him and not lose him to someone else. Kari is trying to let love into her life and Steph and Trevor are still seeing each other when they can.