The Millionaire Matchmaker Recap – OMG Perez Hilton: Season 8 Episode 3 “Perez Hilton & Sonja Morgan”

The Millionaire Matchmaker Recap - OMG Perez Hilton: Season 8 Episode 3 "Perez Hilton & Sonja Morgan"

Tonight on Bravo The Millionaire Matchmaker returns with an all new Thursday January 8, season 8 episode 3 called “Perez Hilton & Sonja Morgan” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Perez Hilton must shake his irreverent reputation; Sonja Morgan seeks a lasting relationship.

On the last episode, Patti’s first client was Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, one of the members of the former girl group TLC. Chilli spent most of her time raising her son and touring, so her suitors were usually someone from the industry. Now that her son was 17, she was ready to get serious and find love. Could Chilli put her work aside long enough to find a real, down-to-earth guy? Patti’s second client was retired NFL player Jeff Ogden. This was his second time seeing Patti, and this time he wanted to go deeper and find a girl who was right for him. Expert John Salley helped Jeff navigate the dating waters as a fellow former professional athlete. Did you watch the last episode? We’ve got a detailed recap for you right here.

On tonight’s show as per the Bravo synopsis, “Mario ‘Perez Hilton’ Lavandeira is famous for his outspoken, celebrity blogger personality. Now all grown up, he has a son and has moved to New York to start fresh. He cannot seem to shake his “snarky” reputation in the dating community. Can Patti help Perez show eligible men he’s the man, not the website? Meanwhile, Sonja Morgan, a beautiful mother and divorceé on The Real Housewives of New York City, has no trouble finding a man, but it never lasts. Patti knows Sonja’s picker is off, but can Patti teach Sonja how to pick the right guy? Rocco DiSpirito teams up with Patti to show Sonja that the way a man cooks speaks volumes to how he will be as a lover and a provider.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 8 episode 3 – tonight at 8PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of TMM tonight.

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It’s time for #Matchmaker. Mario Lavandeira is on but he says you know him as Perez Hilton. He says he’s a notorious blogger and that dating is exhausting and it’s hard to be dating gay, as a certain kind of celeb and says he hopes Patti can help him. Patti says she met him years ago when he was heavy and says she’s been begging him to let her help. She wants David to help since he knows the West Hollywood scene. She tells David he’s her gay liaison.

Patti says Perez has grown by leaps and bounds. They head to meet him and she introduces him to David. He says he now lives in New York City and has a son named Mario. He says he wanted to have a child on his own and says it’s forced him to be less selfish and relaxed. He says he was dumped before because of what he did for a living. He says he’s very shallow and likes really good looking guys. Patti says his mom is with him and he moved because of his reputation.

Perez says it’s still a challenge and says he’s the ultimate fan of pop culture and lost himself in the persona he’d created. He talks about making an it gets better PSA and says he caught a lot of criticism for making an anti-bullying video when he’s an online bully. He says there’s a lot of criticism against him in the gay community. Patti says he’s a great guy and nothing like the media has made of him. He says he’s very disciplined.

She asks about his body and he shows off his six pack that he got while he was performing in a cabaret. He says his dream crush is Zach Efron and says he wants abs but abs on a guy that wants to be a dad and in a family. He says he’s on every dating site and she says he needs to get celibate and give up Grindr. She tells him to take it off his phone but he doesn’t want to. She asks why now and he says he has an awesome life and wants to share it. He says he wants to get married and have more kids.

Patti says he needs someone not like Zach Efron that will be better for him. She says it has to be a blind date so they don’t refuse to go out with him. He says meeting with Patti filled him with a lot of confidence and says he’s very excited to try this. She and David head out. Next is Sonja Morgan who had a high profile divorce from the grandson of JP Morgan. She says it’s hard because people want things from you. She says she’s a working single mom.

She wants a guy who has a life of his own and says she doesn’t want someone who just wants her life or is looking for publicity. Patti meets Sonja and says she’s an entrepreneur. She runs catering events and says she’s used to a certain lifestyle. She says she wants to be married again and wants a guy who’s interested in just her. She says everyone wants a photo with her and says she needs a rock to her bubble lifestyle. She says she’s been divorced since 2008 and was married 10 years.

She tells Patti that they were in love and then everything fell apart but she doesn’t want to talk about what happened. She says they only communicate about their daughter. Patti says it’s hard for any 50 year old and says she needs a man who is also wealthy and age appropriate. Patti says she needs to find her an entrepreneur. She says she dated a guy for two years before she found out she was gay. She says she hasn’t had sex in a while.

Patti says you can only go 10 years younger or older than you. She asks about her celeb crush. She says she likes all races and types but wants a smart guy. Patti says they’re going to look for a divorced guy with a kid or two. She says she wants someone cultured and international. Patti says after divorce they have to find someone of quality that can make her feel safe. Patti says she’s going to recruit and let her see guys from a distance rather than a mixer type environment.

She says they need to find someone with money who will love her daughter and have heart, mind, body and soul. Patti meets with David and Candace. They talk about a cooking date for Sonja and bringing in 8s rather than 10s for Perez. She says to set up the mixer for Mario’s potential dates. Patti says they need someone mature and non-judgmental for Perez. She talks to Ryan about dating someone who has a bad reputation. He says he’s open and would move to New York.

They talk to Jay who’s a wellness coach and looks younger than his 45. Gregory is from New Jersey and is way, way gay. He opened a skin care studio. Gregory says he reads the gossip sites. Cody is really cute and says he doesn’t know his type. He says he’s open and Patti asks who he masturbates too. They ask if he would date an older guy with a kid. He says he would. Jeff is a bear and he’s about to turn 40. He says he thought he’d be married with kids by now.

Ryan says he crushes on Justin Timberlake. They like one guy but think he’s too young. Patti says she saw some standout candidates for Perez. Next they have Sonja’s crowd to pre-screen. Patti comes in and talks to Thomas, a sports therapy guy who works with pro athletes. Dan is a chiropractor to the stars who’s Jewish. He says his mom lives in New York. Kent furnishes resorts all over the world and he mentions Bacara. He’s divorced with three teens and runs a special needs charity.

Jason hasn’t been married and is mid 40s. He says he was with an older woman and it didn’t work out but he still wants kids. Paul is in software sales, late 40s, divorced with one young child. He says he wants someone with problem resolution skills. Ross is a broke musician and she passes on him. There’s a nurse who said he wasn’t a doctor because math is hard. She passes. There’s a hacker that Patti thinks is sexy.

They choose four for Sonja to meet. They choose Thomas, Kent, Dan and Paul. Patti says she wants to make sure Sonja gets the best. Patti meets with Candace and David to go over the candidates for Perez. She likes Jay and says they want someone that could be a stay at home dad. They bring Sonja in to meet Candace and David and they tell her she’s going to pick one of the four for her date. Patti says Thomas and Kent are her two standouts.

They bring Sonja in and introduce her to the guys. She’s really excited about the guys and says she wants all four of them. Patti tells them to sit and get to know each other. Sonja says she’s nervous about the process and says she really needs to ask the right questions to select her master date. Dan says he’s okay dating a shiksa. Patti says Dan is not a 10 and she took a chance on him. Paul talks about LA and New York. He says he hasn’t tried paddle boarding and says he’s been to Europe twice.

Patti says she thinks it’s down to Thomas and Kent. Kent tells her has a teenage daughter and loves upstate New York and loves to travel. Kent thinks he lines up well to Sonja’s wants and values. Thomas says he grew up in Hawaii and she says her psychic said she’d meet a guy from there. Thomas thinks the other guys are boring as shit and says he’d take her there on their first date. He says she would be his priority. Patti come back in and says she’s not sure Thomas is right. Patti comes back in and tells her to pick just one.

Perez is on his blind date and is very nervous. He is meeting Greg and says it’s a small gay world. He met him three years ago in Mexico and says he doesn’t know him well. Perez says they’re going to ride a segway in Venice. Gregory says Perez looks great and says they’ve never hung out before. They tool around on their segways and check out Venice. Sonja chose Thomas for her master date and Patti says she was bummed but had something up her sleeve to protect her.

Patti brings in Rocco Dispirito for their cooking date. Patti is cooking with Rocco and Thomas and Sonja are cooking together. Thomas and Sonja are very, very flirty and Patti isn’t sure about this. She asks why Thomas isn’t cooking and Patti asks if he’s a pillow prince in bed and says she wants to see the man show and makes him cook. She says Thomas is very sexual and says she doesn’t think Sonja picked right. Patti pulls Thomas away from the date. Sonja says he’s fun.

Patti coaches Candace about sex. Candace says she’s saving anal for marriage and says he doesn’t do BJs without a ring. Patti says nothing is off limits in their office. Perez and Gregory wave to the tourists and Perez says it was nice hanging out and letting him get to know the real him. Greg says being in the public eye isn’t fair because you don’t know who they really are. Greg says Perez is Mario’s Sasha Fierce. He says people freaked out when people found out he had a kid.

He says he loves being a hands-on dad. Greg asks if it’s mellowed him out and Perez says it’s made him more patient and in the moment. Greg says Perez is one person and Mario is a completely different person. They go out to eat. Patti comes back into the kitchen with Kent. She sent Thomas off and says if Thomas had never been there, it would have been Kent from the get-go.

Sonja is happy to swap partners because she was torn between them. Patti says she likes Trent taking control and says he has masculine energy. Patti pulls Sonja aside and she asks if she feels safer with Kent and she says yes but Thomas is more sexual. She says it’s hard to decide. Rocco says he thinks Trent and Sonja have good chemistry. She and Trent take a little turn around the kitchen. Patti thinks they have spark and chemistry and says clients choose wrong and that’s why they hire her.

Patti brings Sonja and the two guys in and tells Sonja to choose between them. She chooses Kent and says she wants slow, smoldering, peaceful Kent. Patti sends Sonja and Kent up to the roof for another date. Greg and Perez are having champagne on the roof. Perez says he likes that Greg is his age, successful and shares common interests. Perez says Patti is going to ask if there’s a connection. He says he sees why Patti would put them together and they agree it was nice to hang out.

Sonja and Trent are in the hot tub on the roof having champagne and Sonja says she feels much safer with Kent and likes him. They’re making out in the hot tub moving faster than they probably should. Patti meets with David and they call Greg to see how the date went. Greg says he met him a few years ago and says he’s a great guy. Patti asks if they kissed and he says no. They agree that it was more a friendship thing than a sexual thing.

Perez comes in and says he had a fun time on the date. He says it was someone he knows. Patti says that Greg saw the changes in him. Perez says he learned it’s good to do things outside your comfort zone. Patti says he needs to be out there dating and showing off the new Perez. She says he needs to try and kiss the person to see if there’s chemistry. She says he loves life and he’s a good soul and will someone come along and see that he’s a good catch.

Patti says it’s amazing that he did this. She says Greg wasn’t the one but she thinks Perez is now open to true love. Kent calls in and says they were soaking in the hot tub. Patti asks if he kissed her and used tongue. He won’t answer and Candace says he’s a gentleman. He says he and Sonja have been talking and trying to make another date. Then they video chat with Sonja. Sonja says they had instant connection and says he knows her like he’s known her forever.

Sonja says Thomas was hot and she was glad that Patti yanked him out. Patti says Thomas was mentally younger and Kent was more her mentality. She says Kent is coming to see her in New York. Patti says to send her photos. Perez is back in New York and is dating again. Sonja and Kent are still dating.