The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 11/15/15: Season 8 Episode 2 “Duking It Out”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap 11/15/15: Season 8 Episode 2 "Duking It Out"

Tonight on Bravo The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues with an all new Sunday November 15, season 8 episode 2 called, “Duking It Out,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode Kenya takes her “Life Twirls On” TV pilot to former actress-turned director Kim Fields seeking her advice. Cynthia Bailey struggles with the embarrassment following the viral video of Peter. Shereè Whitfield throws shade when Kenya questions the state of Chateau Shereè.

On the last episode, Kandi and Todd received exciting news during a visit with Dr. Jackie, while Cynthia discovered a video of Peter that’s gone viral featuring him in a compromising position. Porsha’s new and much younger boyfriend, Duke, came to Atlanta for a romantic visit, and Phaedra adjusted to life as a single mom and contemplated a major decision regarding her marriage. Kenya’s new house proved to be a real piece of work, and despite her personal problems, Cynthia threw a fabulous event to celebrate the launch of her eyewear line. At the party, plenty of “shade” was thrown when the return of Shereè quickly stirred things up among the ladies. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Bravo synopsis “Kenya takes her “Life Twirls On” TV pilot to former actress-turned director Kim Fields seeking her advice. Cynthia struggles with the embarrassment following the viral video of Peter. Shereè throws shade when Kenya questions the state of Chateau Shereè. Porsha introduces her new boyfriend to friends and family. Missing her close friendship with Phaedra, Kandi decides it’s time to confront their issues, once and for all.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with more crazy housewife drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

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After Kenya’s fight with Sheree, Phaedra says she thought Kenya had changed, asking her why she went off like that.
Kenya laughs, saying she didn’t.  In confessional, Kenya looks at herself in her iPhone and says that Phaedra needs to shut up and get locks for her doors.

Meanwhile, Peter talks to Cynthia about the fight he had earlier, and says that he admitted what he did in the video but people’s reaction has been unjustified.  In confessional, Cynthia says that everyone saw the video and Peter needs to get over it. She also says that they have had problems in their marriage, including financial and distance problems, before this video came to light. When Cynthia gets home from her event, Peter has already gone to Charlotte.  She video calls Tiffany and tears up as she tells her her about her fight with Peter. She suggests that she may want to take a break from everything, which Tiffany encourages her to do. Tiffany tells her that if she doesn’t really deal with her issues, they will consume her.

Porsha holds a meeting for her company to make sure its expansion into lingerie is going well. She has added her sister and a new creative director to her team. Her creative director tells her that she needs to be on her game and she doesn’t have time for other things. She brings up the subject of dating since she has a secret paramour, and he says “we don’t have time for a man.” He and the others at the table laugh as they agree that it’s hard to find Porsha when she has a man. Porsha says in confessional that she knows they are just looking out for her but she wants them to meet Duke so they can see that he is a good man for her.

Phaedra has decided to let bygones be bygones with Cynthia, so they have tea together. Phaedra says that there have been multiple times when she felt left out by the group, which Cynthia apologizes for her part in.

Sheree asks Kandi if Kenya is always the way she was at the party, and she says that Kenya is always like that and she just hasn’t let it bother her. Sheree asks Kandi how she and Phaedra are doing. Kandi says she doesn’t know, and Sheree asks her what she means. Kandi says that she didn’t know they were having issues, but Phaedra started talking to NeNe about it. Sheree says that’s the funniest thing of all, and Kandi agrees.

Kim is launching her website,, which will have “all things Kim Fields.” She films several takes of a video for the site, but has to take a break to take care of her son.  She says in confessional that it’s hard to maintain a work/life balance because they do not have a nanny or anyone to help them with the house.

Todd asks Kandi who is on the guest list for their baby shower. He asks if Phaedra is coming, and Kandi says yes. Todd asks if Kandi is going to have his money. Kandi says it isn’t the time, but Todd says that he’s just saying and isn’t going to force her to do anything.

While Porsha gets ready for her going away party for Duke, she sees Lauren crouched down in the bathroom. “I know I work Lauren hard getting ready for this party, but this is a bit dramatic,” she says in confesional. After helping her up, she asks Lauren what’s wrong. Lauren reveals that she is three months pregnant. Porsha says in confessional that she never thought Lauren would get pregnant before her.

When Phaedra arrives at the party, she notices that Porsha is wearing a blinged out jersey t-shirt with Duke’s number, 27, on it. “Porsha hasn’t known Duke for very long, so I’m wondering if this relationship is made in heaven or hell,” Phaedra says in confessional. When Kandi arrives at the party, she and Phaedra act fakely nice to eachother despite having serious issues in their friendship that they need to discuss, which Kandi brings up in confessional. “This is the first time that I have walked into a room with a man other than my ex-husband,” Porsha says, saying it’s a big deal to introduce someone as her man to her friends, and that she is nervous. Despite the fact that she is excited, her friends speculate because Duke is 24 years old, saying guys that young are usually cheaters.  One of them says that Duke likes porn stars, and Phaedra says that what she read was that he was into strippers. Porsha brings up moving in with Duke, which surprises everyone. Porsha tells them that she quickly realized she needed to integrate Duke into her life.

Meanwhile, Duke and his friend Ken discuss the fact that she is going so far for him with this party. Duke looks uncomfortable, but his friend tells him not to leave.

Then, Porsha drags Duke up in front of everyone and delivers a speech. She then gives him the “MVP award” because he’s MVP to her.

Phaedra visits Kandi for lunch, and they have a strained and superficial discussion before Kandi tells her they haven’t been talking like they used to, and she admits that she was pulling all the way back. She says she didn’t like what was said, and Phaedra asks what was said. (A flashback shows Phaedra telling NeNe that she helped her more than anyone.) Kandi says it pissed her off that she acts like everything is fine between them but then she puts on a different face around others. She tears up as she says that every time they have talked or hung out she initiated it. Phaedra says a stranger came up to her in the grocery store and brought up that Apollo’s stuff (motorbikes) was at Kandi’s house. She says that the government was trying to find out where his stuff was and she didn’t even know. She says she wondered if these people could be so invested in this as to keep his things there to hurt her. Kandi laughs at this.

Kandi says she guesses there has been a lack of communication on both parts. Phaedra says that she felt Kandi commenting on her kids visiting Apollo in prison was inappropriate. Kandi says it isn’t a money issue, and Phaedra says she pays for everything for her kids.  “To be honest, I don’t care,” Kandi says.  Phaedra says it is about money when she is taking food out of her kid’s mouth so they can see him. Kandi says that Todd’s issues have nothing to do with Apollo, but with a business deal between the two of them.

Phaedra says she already paid him $30,000 for the exercise video, and Kandi says she still owes $8,000. Phaedra says it’s $5,000 and that the video never came out.  “That’s on your end,” Kandi says. Phaedra breaks down saying that she has a place in her heart and she wants their friendship to be the way it used to be. She says she was very hurt, and she can’t change what she felt. Kandi says she’s not asking her to change what she felt, but to come to her and tell her.

Don Juan tells Kandi that he understands Phaedra wanting someone to talk to, but she knowingly married a criminal. He also asks her what Phaedra knows about all the things she has been going through or about her pregnancy. He asks her if she is her friend, and Kandi says she thinks they are cool. He tells her that the two of them just sat there crying like the sisters in The Color Purple and she doesn’t even know if they are still friends.  He tells her that Phaedra deserves an Emmy for her performance on the couch.


Kenya and T-Pain are the guests. Tanisha Thomas from Bad Girls Club is at the bar.

Question of the day: Which will be built first, Moore Manor or Chateau Sheree?

Cohen asks Tanisha what her answer to this question is. Tanisha says she thinks Kenya will, but she is rooting for both of them.

A segment called ‘Porshageist’ is shown, where scenes of Porsha’s party for Duke play and her voice has been lowered and slowed down to sound like a character in a horror movie. Cohen asks T-Pain if he came in and saw the hubbub of that party, if he would have been freaked out. T-Pain says that he isn’t as big as Duke so he would have tried to exit through a window in the bathroom or something. He says that if they have known eachother one month, he isn’t trying to meet your mother or anything like that and he would be doing something do that he wouldn’t be participating in that party.

A caller asks Kenya why she went so hard on Sheree. Kenya says she doesn’t think she went hard on Sheree, but was just answering the question she was asked. She says you can’t blame her for delivering the news.

Cohen tells Kenya that last week Vivica says she cost her $600 on a new phone. Kenya asks if she is really still talking about that, and Cohen says he asked her about it. Kenya continues, saying that she is a huge movie star and she would not still be talking about that.

Tanisha asks Kenya about her hair, and she says that it is all her own natural hair, even though she has her own haircare line.

Cohen shows a preview of the next episode, a clip of Cynthia and Peter discussing their marriage. Cynthia says this is not working for them, asking Peter if he is the kind of person who just stays with someone just to stay with them. Peter says he doesn’t even like this topic of conversation and that if a man and a woman make a commitment, they make it work. Cynthia says that sometimes it doesn’t work out, and that’s what divorce is for.

Kenya is asked why she feels the need to come for everyone. Kenya says she doesn’t feel like she does that, and doesn’t come for people unless they come for her.

A callers asks Kenya how she feels about Kim Field’s response, asking her if she received any feedback yet. Kenya says he will see it in the show. She says they had fun in the office, and she doesn’t think Kim was throwing her real shade but she doesn’t know. Cohen brings up the fact that Kenya came for Peter at Cynthia’s party. She says Cynthia was really hurt and called her about it. She says Peter laughing about it was in really poor taste.

Voters answered the question of the day in Sheree’s favor.