The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap – Everybody Hates Brandi: Season 5 Episode 11 “It’s Just a Scratch”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap - Everybody Hates Brandi: Season 5 Episode 11 "It’s Just a Scratch"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday January 27, season 5 episode 11 called, “It’s Just a Scratch.” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, the rumble at Eileen’s poker party continues as Kyle and Brandi argue over Kim. Lisa Vanderpump returns from vacation and her dog Rumpy returns from puppy training camp.

On the last episode, the ladies traveled up the coast to Santa Barbara to enjoy a day at the spa, but what should be a relaxing afternoon turned tense as Kim was put in a position that could have challenged her sobriety. Meanwhile, Yolanda spent one last night with her daughters in NYC. Eileen opened her house to her new friends, inviting Kim, Kyle, Lisa Rinna, and Brandi to her Malibu home for a night of poker. Kim’s erratic behavior put everyone on edge, leading to an explosive confrontation between Brandi and Kyle. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “the rumble at Eileen’s poker party continues as Kyle and Brandi argue over Kim. Lisa Vanderpump returns from vacation and her dog Rumpy returns from puppy training camp. Lisa Rinna hosts a jewelry party, where several women call Brandi out for her recent behavior. Kyle receives shocking news about Kim.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!”

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Kim is trying to leave Eileen’s party and Brandi is running interference for her. Kyle shoves her out of the way and Brandi pushes her out of the way. Kyle starts crying and says she can’t believe Brandi is getting physical again and is getting between she and her sister. Kyle comes out and demands to talk to Kim. Brandi tells Kyle she put hands on her first. Brandi tells Kim she’ll wait on her. Kim tells Kyle she’s out of line. Brandi says sometimes Kim calls her late at night about Monty when she’s stressed out. Brandi says she’s called Kyle who told her that’s just Kim.

Brandi tells Eileen that they just hate each other sometimes. Lisa Rinna says she doesn’t like it when sisters argue. Lisa Rinna asks Brandi to come away. Kim says Brandi is her best friend and Kyle is her sister then Kim lays into Lisa Rinna for saying things about how she was acting in the car. Kyle and Brandi keep arguing. Brandi tells Kyle she hasn’t been there at all for her sister. She says Kim has all this stuff on her plate and Kyle doesn’t help at all.

We see a flashback to her telling Kim she can lean on her. Lisa Rinna says she’ll ride home with Kyle. Kyle says Brandi thrives on this. Brandi says Kyle doesn’t want the job of being Kim’s sister unless people are watching. Eileen tells Brandi to get a grip for whining about her injuries. Eileen thinks Brandi and Kim have a very codependent relationship. Kim asks Eileen if Kyle is okay. She says she has a gash from Brandi.

Lisa Rinna and Kyle drive off and Lisa tells Kyle that Kim didn’t look good and asks if she thinks something is going on with her. She says she doesn’t know. Lisa says both of Harry’s brothers died from alcoholism. Eileen says they’re drama queens and sends them off. Brandi and Kim leave. Lisa says addiction is going on and no one is willing to talk about it. Kim pulls off Kim’s eyelash. Lisa says Brandi needs rehab and is a drunk.

Brandi tells Kim she wasn’t quite making sense and Kim says Lisa said that in the car. Lisa says this would not have happened if people weren’t drinking or on things tonight. Lisa says she thinks Brandi is drinking to hide pain. Brandi tells Kim she’s sorry she fought with Kim. Kim tells Brandi she loves her. After everyone is gone, Eileen tells Vince to fix her a drink. She says it’s the party from hell. He says the whole thing was strange.

She says she can’t believe there was a brawl in her driveway. He asks what’s the deal. She says the dynamic between sisters is both wonderful and horrible. Eileen says she’s had things like that with her sisters but when they were teens not grown-ass women. She says Brandi should not have been in the middle of it and is toxic. She says Brandi is needy and needs someone on her side and keeps the drama going. Vince asks can’t we all just get along.

Yolanda is back from NYC and calls Bella who is sideways. Yolanda says she texts her daughters first thing in the morning and every night. She finally figures out her phone and can see her. She says taking Bella to college was more emotional than with Gigi because of the DUI. She says she’s going to an art thing with Tallulah and Demi. She asks her to text her when she gets home and to stick to her curfew.

Over at Lisa Vanderpump’s, she calls Ken to ask where he is. She sits outside with all her little dogs. Rumpy is with Ken – he’s her only big dog. She says Rumpy is the naughtiest four legged thing on the planet. He runs to Lisa and drags Ken along. Ken tells her that Rumpy fell in love and brings over another fat golden retriever. Lisa V says it’s nice he chose the oldest, fattest girl in the school. Lisa says she can’t have another dog and the trainer says Avery loves Rumpy.

Lisa V asks if she’s healthy and the trainer says she has a thyroid condition. She asks if she can change her name to Pumpy and the trainer agrees. She says this bitch seems easy. Lisa Rinna makes coffee and calls Kyle. She says she’s still shocked from last night. She asks if she talked to Kim. She says Kim texted her but she was out on a hike. Lisa R says last night was ugly and says addiction is hard and Kyle can’t win.

Lisa R says she’s having a jewelry party and Kyle says she’s coming. Kyle says Brandi owes her an apology for grabbing her and getting between her and her sister. At Yolanda’s, her son Anwar comes in and he says he has a game today. She says now that the girls are gone, it’s just she, David and Anwar. She says Anwar was 11 when they moved in with David and before that he was the man of the house. She asks if he’ll have dinner just mommy and him. He agrees.

She says it’s Saturday night and he probably has better things to do. Jennifer comes to see Brandi. She says she scared her with her texts. Brandi says she could tell at poker night that Kim was off, but not drunk. She says she wanted to protect her. She says over the summer she would call Kyle who didn’t care. She says Kim is in a crazy emotional state right now. She says Kim’s sobriety makes her more fragile. Jennifer asks if she might call Kyle but Brandi says they need a minute.

She asks if she’s called Kim and she says she needs a minute too. Jennifer says everything crazy happens to Brandi in Malibu. Mauricio comes home and Kyle tells him that Kim is in the hospital. She says she was in pain and Monty took her to the hospital. She says she knows nothing but she may have an ulcer. Kyle says she’s seen her sister go through a lot of difficult times and doesn’t know what’s going on with her. She tells him that Kim was in pain and took something before the poker party.

Kyle says her relationship with Kim is complicated because of her sobriety. Kyle says Kim is under a lot of stress with Monty and she worries it’s too much for her. She heads out. Lisa Rinna is setting up for her jewelry party to benefit breast cancer research. She’s stressing and says if she throws a bad party, she’s a bad person. She says she has huge control issues and starts nit-picking everything. Eileen goes to Lisa V’s and says her swan almost got her. Lisa says she told her to.

Lisa offers her tea and they sit to chat. Eileen says it’s amazing and asks how can you not love a home with swans. Over at Kyle’s, Yolanda shows up and says she can’t believe how many dogs she has and how friendly they all are. She tells Yolanda that Kim is in the hospital. Eileen tells Lisa that Kim was a bit out of sorts from the get-go. Kyle tells Yolanda that Kim is stressing over nursing Monty. Lisa says even when Kim is normal, she seems off to her.

Eileen says she doesn’t know her well enough to know that. Lisa says she’s a bit wack-a-doodle. Kyle tells Yolanda that Brandi blocked her from Kim and then Kyle’s arm got scratched. Yolanda asks if they were drinking and she says Brandi was drinking champagne. Yolanda wonders what adult women with children get into a physical fight. Eileen says that Brandi said her house seemed scary and gothic. Lisa says this doesn’t seem surprising to her.

Eileen says Brandi makes her uncomfortable. Lisa V goes to brush her hair and Eileen follows her to look at her closet. She’s stunned. She says it’s off the hook. She asks if she walks around naked a lot with heels on and Lisa V says someone who finally gets her. They do a fist bump and head out. Lisa comes out and says she’s ready to be accessorized to help sell it. Brandi shows up for the party. Kyle and Yolanda are there next.

Brandi hugs Yolanda who calls her a troublemaker. Kyle knows neither of them have moved on. Yolanda says she rode with Kyle and heard about the big deal. The party is now in full swing. Denise Richards is there too! Lisa V and Eileen show up last. Lisa V asks her about Kim being in the hospital. She says she didn’t get to see her because they kept sending her for more and more tests. Lisa R says she’s glad to hear she’s in the hospital.

Yolanda asks why they got in a fight and Brandi says she was checking on Kim and Kyle shoved her and scratched her arm. Yolanda says she can’t get drunk. Brandi says she can do what the f- she wants. Brandi says she wasn’t drunk. She says Kim wasn’t well and that was the problem. She says Kim needs a professional team because everyone’s leaning on her and she has no one to lean on her. Kyle tells Lisa R that she’s hosting a gay mixer.

Kyle says the invite says to bring your tops and bottoms and I don’t mean your bikinis. Lisa V says that’s rude and Lisa R doesn’t even get it at all. Lisa R asks how many dogs she has and introduces her to Lisa V. Lisa V says her car was stolen along with Charlie Sheen’s and they were both driven off the cliff. They talk about their dogs since they both love animals. Eileen asks about Brandi and Lisa R says she’ll take her over to them.

Eileen sits down and says she wants to say something about Friday. She says it really bothered her what Brandi said about her home being scary and gothic was rude because it’s her family home. She also says her saying fuck was not appropriate since her son was upset. Eileen asks if there’s something about her that makes her want to antagonize her. Brandi thinks Eileen needs to get out more if the word f- offends her. Eileen asks her if she’s a mean girl and she says she’s not but Eileen doesn’t buy it.

Brandi says this just keeps coming at her and says she was at back to school night. Eileen says she should have said something in the moment and not let it fester. Brandi is annoyed at yet another lecture from Eileen. She goes to look over some jewelry then tells Lisa R she has an early morning and has to leave. Kyle says she’s going to treat Brandi like she’s a ghost at the party and snipes with Lisa V and shoots her dirty looks.

Lisa R introduces the organizer of the charity who talks briefly about the breast cancer charity. After the party, Lisa V and Kyle go to Villa Blanca for a glass of wine to gossip about Brandi. Kyle says she thinks Brandi owes her an apology and says because she hasn’t, she must not think so. Lisa says it will all blow over and Kyle says she’s not making an effort with her anymore. Lisa says she and Ken really made an effort with her but they’re done. She says Brandi isn’t happy unless she’s provoking.

She says Brandi can be in their social circle and is lucky to have that but isn’t happy unless she’s the center of attention and thinks she’s more important than she is. Lisa says she thinks Brandi is an angry person and hopes she doesn’t hurt Kim. Kyle says she could forgive Brandi for this but she doesn’t want to forgive her so that’s it.