The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 2/3/15: Season 5 Episode 12 “Drama Queens”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 2/3/15: Season 5 Episode 12 "Drama Queens"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday February 3, season 5 episode 12 called, “Drama Queens,” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Lisa Vanderpump is surprised when adopted son Max decides he wants to take a DNA test to discover his heritage.

On the last episode, the rumble at Eileen’s poker party continued as Kyle and Brandi argued over Kim. Lisa Vanderpump returned from vacation and her dog Rumpy returned from puppy training camp. Lisa Rinna hosted a jewelry party, where several women called Brandi out for her recent behavior. Kyle received shocking news about Kim. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “Lisa Vanderpump is surprised when adopted son Max decides he wants to take a DNA test to discover his heritage. Brandi and Kyle both visit Kim, who has just been released from the hospital, and a session of she-said-she-said ensues. Later, Brandi shows up uninvited to Kyle’s gay mixer where insults are hurled and things get ugly.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!.”

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Kyle is at her boutique looking at samples with Matthew. They talk about the gay mixer she’s planning for her gay friends and all her friend’s gay friends. Brian and Cal, the party planners, show up. Kyle says she wants to get these gays married and off of Grinder. She says it will be at a martini lounge. They talk about a game where you have a celebrity name on your back and you ask questions to figure out who you are. She says she needs to have a nice range of people.

Matthew says there are a lack of tops. Kyle says if she was gay, she’d be a top. Yolanda gets Blanca to help her plan her packing for a trip to Italy she’s taking with her husband to an awards program for her husband’s charity. She says her husband is the most charitable man she knows and goes beyond just writing checks. She says he travels all over to help out. Yolanda says she’s a professional packer and has it down to a science.

She goes over Anwar’s schedule with Blanca. She thinks leaving your kids on their own for short periods is good for them and says Mohamed is in charge when she travels. She says she’s been separated from him since Anwar was 18 months old. Yolanda gets her packing done and tells Blanca to let them men do the heavy lifting. Then she’s off.

Over at Lisa Vanderpump’s, Ken says Mohamed phoned and they’re meeting him at eight. Lisa says she was offput when Max asked her about his heritage. She says they have a cheek swab they can do to identify your genetic background. Lisa says she would be uncomfortable if he asked to find his birth parents but says she’s had him all these years.

She says he asked her once if there is someone who gave him up and is sad on his birthday. She says she can’t see it as a threat and doesn’t want him to have regrets later if he does really want to find his birth parents. She says it’s her job as his mother not to stand in his way but then she’s crying because it does hurt her feelings.

Brandi comes to see Kim and she says she can’t do much since she got out of the hospital but is feelings good. She was in seven or eight days with a lot of pain. Brandi asks if she remembers her calling right after she had her procedure. Kim says she was on steroids, antibiotics and a lot of other medications. She asks who Kim has talked to since the party and she says Lisa and Yolanda called and she just saw Kyle.

Kyle says Kim scared her at poker night at Eileen’s and says she’s glad she went to the hospital. Kim had a hernia and a fractured rib. Brandi says she doesn’t even know what a hernia is. We see a flashback to Kim telling Kyle she took a pain pill before she left the house and that Monty told her to take it so she could get through the evening. Kyle says it’s scary that Kim took the pill.

Kyle thinks it was a bad choice. Kim tells Brandi that it was a cancer drug and Brandi says she could have been allergic and it turned into a bad night for everyone. We see a flashback to the fight at Eileen’s. Brandi says she was just trying to protect her from Kyle. Kim says when Kyle took her into the bathroom it reminded her of years ago when Kyle took her into the bathroom at another party.

Kim says even if Kyle thinks that something is wrong, she shouldn’t have made more of a spectacle. Brandi says she just wanted to protect her. We see Kim telling Kyle that Brandi is there for her when Kyle is not. Kim says Brandi is genuinely there. Kyle says they have four decades of history Brandi doesn’t know. Brandi tells Kim she doesn’t like that Kyle isn’t there for her.

Kim says it hurts her feelings that Kyle doesn’t have time for her. Kyle says for Brandi to come in and to suggest that she doesn’t have time for her is a slap in her face. We see Kim telling Kyle that Brandi is there for her. Brandi says she feels like she and Kim have been through so much this summer. Brandi says that Kyle doesn’t want the burden of worrying about Kim anymore.

Brandi says that Kim is having to watch Monty die in front of her and that’s hard. Brandi says that Kim needs people around her that she can trust and that will take care of her. Kim tells Kyle that she doesn’t think Brandi can be trusted. Kyle tells Kim about the gay mixer. Kim tells Brandi they can bring Mark and go to Kyle’s gay mixer. Kim tells Kyle they’ve always taken care of each other and no one will come between that.

Over at Lisa V’s, she fixes tea for Ken after a quick kiss. Max shows up and greets them. She asks if he’s driving his old banger. She asks how he likes running at the restaurant. He says he’s making more money with the promotion. Lisa says she won’t promote him until he’s earned it and won’t promote him above anyone else faster. They talk about the swab test and she says maybe he’s a Kennedy.

She has warning bells that this can lead to him wanting to find the family. He asks her what his name was before she got him and she says she doesn’t want to tell him. Ken says the cheek swab place doesn’t need it but then she says she’ll type it in if he doesn’t look. Lisa says in 22 years she’s never uttered the name. She starts to get teared up and says he doesn’t need another identity.

He tells her he just wants to know his heritage. Ken says his father was Japanese and his mother was from Nigeria. Max laughs. She finally puts the name into the computer for him. He tells her he loves her and she asks how much. He says it varies. Kyle is getting ready for her gay mixer when Justin shows up. She worries her dress is too short but he says no one will be looking at her.

Brandi and mark get ready at her place then Kim stops by to pick them up. Brandi tells them not to leave her side so she doesn’t have any Kyle drama. They wonder if Lisa V will be bringing some hot guys from Pump. Brandi says she’s hoping she and Kyle can just let the party scene be bygones since they were all drinking. Kim says Brandi has a good heart but Brandi admits she has a bad temper.

Lisa V hits the mixer and grabs Shaun on her way in. Brian and Cal put their celebrity names on them. They start guessing. Eileen shows up with Glenn and Christopher, her gays. Matthew shows up with Kyle. Lisa Rinna shows up with her gay Lawrence. Lisa V asks Lisa R if her dress is short enough and she says she feels safe in it around the boys. The party is picking up tempo.

Kyle tells Lisa V she didn’t invite Brandi and Yolanda is away so that’s it. Kim and Brandi pull up and Kim says she should hug Kyle if it feels right. Kim says Kyle will appreciate the gesture of her coming. Kyle’s celeb name is Katy Perry and she’s making guesses. Then Lisa R kisses Lisa V and says she liked it to give her a hint. She finally gets it. Lisa R says Lisa V smells like Roses.

Brandi and Kim walk in with Mark. Jaws drop when they come in and Kyle says this is really awkward. Lisa Rinna greets Brandi warmly. Kyle is pulling faces that are obvious. Lisa V tries to help Eileen guess that she’s George Clooney. She tells her she wants to have sex with her right now. She asks if he’s English. She finally gets Clooney. Lisa V says Ken would have to give her a hall pass for Clooney.

Eileen asks Kyle if she invited Brandi and she says no. Eileen says this is going to be terrible and it’s worse because it’s in public. Kyle says she made it clear to Kim just yesterday how she feels about Brandi but then she brought her along. Kim tells her that she wanted to get them back together. Kyle says she’s taken aback by this move. Kyle says she could have texted to give her a heads up.

Kim says both Kyle and Brandi were hesitant so she wanted to make it happen to get them back on the right foot. Kyle gives her a half hug that leaves Kim feeling off. Kyle tells her she’ll be nice but can’t pretend everything is hunky dory. She tells Kyle baby steps and she asks for a moment to gather her thoughts. Kyle says this is a positive event and she doesn’t want Brandi there.

Lisa V says Brandi has balls for showing up. Jana tells Kyle to go say hi and make nice. Lisa V says that’s easier said than done. Kyle goes and gives Brandi a little hug and cheek kiss then runs off to talk to someone else. Brandi says this might be okay. Faye Resnick is there and Kyle tells Eileen and Lisa V that Kim brought her along to try and smooth things over. Kyle is upset she gave her no heads up.

Lisa Rinna asks Kim how long she was in the hospital. She says five days. (Didn’t she say 7 or 8 earlier?) Lisa R says Kim was off her rocker the other night so she’s glad she went. Lisa R then tells Brandi she’d never seen Kim like that. Brandi says there was also a lot of drinking on her and Kyle’s part both. Lisa says Brandi can get mean when she drinks too much.

Justine tells Kyle that she should just act like nothing happened because Brandi won’t ever apologize. Kyle says she just can’t stop thinking about how Brandi told her she was never there for her sister. She says then last year Kyle says Kim was doubting Kim’s sobriety and seems to want them to fail. Then we see another flashback of Brandi asking her if Mauricio was cheating.

Lisa V goes to ask Brandi if she’s there on good behavior. Kyle comes over and apologizes for grabbing her arm but says she shouldn’t get between sisters and doesn’t know their history. Kyle says she and Kim have been friends for six months and can’t know it all. Brandi says you should never touch someone like that. Kyle says Brandi was the one that was being aggressive.

Kyle says she just wanted to talk to her sister and that she shouldn’t get between her. Brandi says Kim calls her late at night when she needs to talk and then Kyle asks what they talk about. Kim doesn’t like that. Kyle tells her she came uninvited but Brandi says she invited her when she was first planning it. Brandi thinks Kyle is a whore and a bad sister.

Brandi says she should just stop there. Kim says Kyle just came over to start something. Kyle glares at Kim who walks off. Kyle asks Kim why she always does this to her and why would she bring her there. Kyle starts crying and says she even apologized to Brandi. Kyle asks why Kim is acting this way. Brandi walks over and Kyle says they just talked yesterday. Kyle calls Brandi a f-ing liar.

She says Brandi threw a drink in Eileen’s face and then acts like an asshole all the time. Kyle says when you meet more than one asshole a day, you’re the asshole. Brandi tells her to back it down right now. Brandi tells her to back up and Kyle calls her disgusting. Kim asks them to stop. Lisa R and Eileen watch it amp up and Eileen wonders if they need to put a hose on them.

Kyle says Brandi’s truths are always wrong. Kim says Kyle is just starting things up. Brandi says they should just go but Kim sits down and starts crying. Kim tells Kyle she’s very disappointed in her. Kyle tells Brandi to go that she’s not wanted. Brandi says she’s the one not wanted and should ask her husband. She steps away and tells Mark they need to go.

Kim says she’s a good sister to Kyle but Kyle just drags her into things. Kyle says she knows that Brandi will turn on Kim like she’s turned on everywhere. Kyle asks Kim what she f-ing did. Kim is crying and Brandi says she thinks they should go. Kyle tells Brandi to stop pretending to be her friend. Kyle can’t believe that Kim is sitting there and letting Brandi talk to her that way. She asks Kim if she’s going to let this person come between them. Kyle stomps off angry.