The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap – Lisa Rinna Throws a Tantrum and Wine – Season 5 Episode 16 “Amsterdamn!”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap - Lisa Rinna Throws a Tantrum and Wine - Season 5 Episode 16 "Amsterdamn!"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday March 3, season 5 episode 16 called, “Amsterdamn!” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in Amsterdam, tensions continue to run high between Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna, culminating in a shocking and explosive dinner that leaves Kyle Richards fleeing the scene.

On the last episode, the ladies came together for Yolanda’s scavenger hunt around Beverly Hills and were forced to put aside their differences and work together as teams. Embarking on a group trip to Amsterdam, several of the ladies attened David Foster’s annual charity gala in Canada where Kim confronts Lisa Rinna over talking behind her back. When the women arrived in Amsterdam, more anger flares between the Richards sisters. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “in Amsterdam, tensions continue to run high between Kim and Lisa Rinna, culminating in a shocking and explosive dinner that leaves Kyle fleeing the scene. Several of the ladies enjoy the local “space cakes,” but the fun sours when Brandi unexpectedly explodes at Kyle.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!”

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On #RHOBH, the ladies are in Amsterdam. Brandi knows a few Dutch words then says some mock-obscenities. Yolanda says she loves the smell and taste of her home country. Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen traveled separately. Looks like they each have one bedroom suites. Lisa Rinna is happy to see them. She tells Eileen she’s been open about talking to Kim about her issues and says Kim gave her the cold shoulder when they went to get on the private jet.

She says Kim was angry and was talking about her behind her back. Lisa R says this is classic addict behavior and warns Eileen she’s going to come at her too. Eileen says she’s not afraid of her. Yolanda comes to say hi to the gang and then Brandi shows up then Kyle. They’re all there except Kim. She finally shows up and Kyle wonders if it’s jet lag or just bad vibes. Yolanda takes them all out for a walk around her home time. They head out to a restaurant.

Eileen asks if they can go to the red light district. Lisa R asks if it’s aspired to and Yolanda says if she was dead broke and had to feed her children, she would do it. Lisa V says you don’t need to put a dick in your mouth to put food in theirs. Yolanda says she wants to share with them some things and says when her daughter got a DUI, it scared her about what could happen. She says they try to hide things from each other and pretend they’re perfect.

Yolanda says in Beverly Hills, no one shows the true core of who they are. Lisa V says as a mother you can’t control who they are. Lisa R tears up and she says she lost her sister when she was 21 to a drug and alcohol overdose. She admits she has strong feelings about this stuff. She says she’s so terrified of her children and anyone going that route and says she may come across strong about this issue. She tells Kim she’s sorry if she ever got into her business.

Kim says she has got into her business. Lisa R says she only meant to help. Kim says she’s been sober for three years and no one has seen her like that. Lisa R says she saw her like that. Kim says she took something for pain that night and she ended up in the hospital for a week. She says if anyone had seen that more than once, her family and friends would have come to them. She tells Lisa R she knows she and Eileen have been going around asking about her issues.

Lisa R says she’s concerned about her. Kim says she’s concerned about Lisa R’s situation at home and says they can talk about her secrets. Eileen tries to interrupt and Kim tells her to shut up and calls her a beast. Eileen says she can’t find one thing to like about Kim. Kyle asks her to calm down. Eileen says her hatred is pure evil and Kyle asks what’s up. Kim says Kyle didn’t speak up to defend her when she knows she’s been sober for years.

Kyle says she defends her and Lisa V speaks up and says she does. She says Kathy would have her back like a real sister. She tells Kyle she’s been doing this for years. Lisa R says it’s not okay for Kim to talk to anyone like this. Kim tells Lisa R to have a piece of bread and shut up. Yolanda tries to make peace and says Lisa R has talked to her about her issues. Then Kim offers to out Lisa R’s secret about her husband and says everyone will know.

Lisa R freaks and says to never go near her husband. She throws wine on Kim then smashes her glass and runs out of the restaurant. Kyle follows her. Lisa R says she lost her marbles and asks what Kim thinks she knows about Harry. Lisa R cries and Yolanda holds her. Kim tells Kyle to run after her new friend. Kim says Lisa R is lying about her and she just said she was going to tell the truth. Brandi stands by Kim. Kyle says her behavior is indefensible.

Kim asks how Lisa R can be so mean and Brandi says she has glass in her skin from what Lisa R did. Kyle cries on Lisa V and says she’s tired of covering for her sister. Lisa V says they need to go back to the hotel. Kim tells Brandi that Kyle gets her so bad. Yolanda comes back and says that is no way to communicate. She says Kim speaks without thinking but Kim says she has been pushed to the limit with this. Yolanda says she can say the same things better. Kim says she told Lisa R to stop it and she won’t stop it. Kyle cries and tells Lisa R that no one knows what she goes through.

Lisa V says Kyle feels responsible for Kim’s actions. Yolanda says Kim shouldn’t go after Lisa R’s husband and Kim says by Lisa R spreading rumors about her drinking it could ruin her relationship with her kids. Kim says alcohol nearly ruined her life and she can’t have these lies spread. Yolanda says she agrees with what she says but not how she said it. Brandi says she knows why Kim went into a rage. Kyle tells the others they can’t let Kim ruin this trip.

Eileen says it’s hard to watch how Kim treats Kyle and says you can’t pretend not to see it. Eileen says Kim treats Kyle in a demeaning way. Brandi says she still has shards of glass in her hair and ears. Kyle says she gets no appreciation for defending Kim and says she always puts her down in front of everyone. Kyle says she’s tired of the abuse from Kim and wonders if they will ever be okay. Kyle says she’s supposed to be the strong one and it’s hard.

Kyle says maybe it’s the other way around but Lisa V says it’s not. Kim tells Yolanda she needs a break from her. Lisa R says Kim is abusing her and you have to walk away from abusive relationships. Then Eileen says Kim and Brandi are both mean people who cross the line. Yolanda asks how they can continue the week and Brandi says it’s her country and she can tell everyone to be on their best behavior. Yolanda says they can’t come to her mom’s house like this.

Brandi says she’s going to be on her best behavior but it’s not her they have to worry about this time. Kyle says they’re not going to run away from this. Eileen, Lisa R and Lisa V tell Kyle they can hang out separate from them. Lisa R says she will never talk to Kim again.

Next morning, Lisa R says last night was ugly and she’s in post-traumatic mode. She says she’s in survival mode. Kim comes to her door and asks to talk. Lisa R says she can’t process that she’s there. Kim says this has gotten crazy. She tells Lisa R that it’s fine that she has concerns about her and says she should have come to her about it. She says she made it clear on the plane and then she brought it up in front of seven people when they agreed it was over.

Lisa R says she can see how angry she is. Kim says her sobriety is the most important thing in her life and that’s where her children got hurt. She says people said things that affected her kids. Lisa R says she really pissed her off and Kim says for her too. Kim says she knows she was being ugly and that she let Lisa R take her there. Lisa R says she came at it with good intentions. Kim says she thought she meant she was there as a friend not going to people to ask questions about her treatment and if she had a sponsor.

Lisa R says Kim told her clearly to back off and went to a nasty place to get her to back off and says she’s backed off now and says her best friend Brandi can deal with it now. Lisa R says she was coming from a good place. Kim says she wants to put it aside and just remind Lisa that she’s good. Kim says she just wants peace in her life. Lisa R says she thinks they can move forward. Brandi tells Yolanda she’s excited and worries that everyone is good.

Lisa V says she didn’t sleep at all last night. They all meet downstairs and Yolanda says they’re just waiting for Lisa R and Kim. Eileen thinks Kim should apologize to Lisa R, her and Kyle. Lisa R comes down and hugs Eileen and Lisa V. Lisa R says she and Kim came to an understanding and can have a nice day and ride around and enjoy themselves. Yolanda says they’re going to bike, see windmills and then have some cake. Kyle says she can’t forget what happened last night.

Kim comes down and Yolanda hugs her and they head out. Lisa V asks Kim if they’re okay and Kim says yes. They load into a van and Lisa R says it’s f-ing crazy with all the bikes. Yolanda is taking them to her home town and says she still feels like a little girl. She points out all the old houses and shows them an apartment house where they lived when she was little. They show up at the bike shop and they try out some bikes.

Lisa V can’t touch the ground and is teetering. Kim almost runs into a light pole. She points out her doctor’s office and Eileen says she can only focus on the bike so it’s a nice little brain vacation. They ride out of town to see some windmills. They’re surprised that someone lives there and Kim says it’s a nice quiet life. They meet some locals and the guy says he dated her. She says she doesn’t remember and says she blames it on the brain damage she suffered.

She feels awful that she doesn’t remember. They let them see their windmill. Lisa V says Yolanda was clearly riding more than bikes in Holland. He poses with them and says to take more pictures because his wife won’t believe it. They hit cobblestones and Lisa V says riding on this is serious sexual stimulation. They pull up at Yolanda’s mother’s home – her name is Ans. Her brother Leo is there too. Yolanda says she can’t see them enough and loves being with them.

Yolanda offers them her favorite cake. Lisa V tells Kyle she can’t do her LA diet here and tells her to eat up. Yolanda shows her some photos of Gigi walking for Chanel. Her mom survived breast cancer and now has uterine cancer. Leo asks if they’re going to the cookie shop. Lisa V says in Amsterdam you have to go to the pot cookie shop. Kim asks what if you don’t do that and they tell her not to go in. Kim says it’s not a good idea for her to go.

Her mom says she eats the space cake and doesn’t feel anything. Yolanda says she was happy to see Lisa R out on the bicycles. Eileen says they were both thinking about not going but then changed their minds. Lisa R says she’s glad she didn’t let that moment stop her. They head out and they mention that Kim isn’t going. Kyle says it’s best that Kim isn’t going and says if she did it would lead to a disaster. Leo meets them and they head out.

Yolanda says she couldn’t go a day without talking to her brother and says she doesn’t know how she and Kim do it. Lisa V stops outside and Leo picks her up and carries her inside. They look at the menu and giggle over the choices. Yolanda says she doesn’t want to have a space cake. Eileen says she has kids and can’t do this. Lisa V asks who’s going to do it. She says they’re in Amsterdam and it’s rude not to do it. Brandi says she can’t. She says she doesn’t need to be high around them.

Kyle says she’s getting a contact high. Brandi says it’s exhausting watching them pretend to be someone they’re not and says the last time she smoked pot was with Kyle who then says she won’t do it because of her kids. Kyle says it’s not cool that Brandi just threw that out there. Lisa V takes the space cake and says she’ll eat the whole thing. She keeps eating then tries to feed some to Kyle. Lisa V says she’s seen all the drugs ever living in London and has done a little of things.

Eileen caves in and says she’s succumbing to peer pressure. Yolanda has some too. Lisa R says her kids know she can never pass up on cake. Kyle refuses and says she can’t risk it and will be paranoid. Brandi thinks Kyle is being ridiculous. They leave the pot bakery and Lisa V tells Brandi she can’t say things like that in public. Brandi says it’s annoying that everyone can say what they want about her but she can’t tell the truth about them.

Kyle says she never said Brandi was a bad parent. Brandi says they’re all hypocrites. She screams and says she can’t take that there are different rules for different people. Eileen says they were having a reprieve from the insanity then she started. Brandi tells Yolanda she’s just sick of not having an opinion when others have opinions about her. Kyle says the things they say about Brandi are things she has done but Brandi says things to hurt people. Hmm… I’m pretty sure Brandi clearly said something that Kyle did and that she did with her. And it wasn’t intended to hurt. Kyle is being an a-hole. I’m on #TeamBrandi.