The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 3 Recap: Season 5 Episode 22

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 3 Recap: Season 5 Episode 22

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday April 14, season 5 episode 22 called, “Reunion Part 3,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the reunion concludes with plenty more drama and a little bit of humor. While the women can laugh about who has the dirtiest mouth, things turn sour when Kim Richards reveals threatening texts Lisa Rinna sent her after Adrienne’s party.

On the last episode, the Beverly Hills Housewives continued reliving good times and airing their grievances. Eileen discussed how Brandi went from a high-school fan to a wine-tossing foe. Kim delved into her own issues with the soap stars and goes after Lisa Rinna as they debated the glass-breaking incident in Amsterdam and Kim’s veiled threats revealed something about Lisa’s husband Harry. Leading into a breakdown between sisters, Kim and Kyle vacillate between anger and tears. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “The reunion concludes with plenty more drama and a little bit of humor. While the women can laugh about who has the dirtiest mouth, things turn sour when Kim reveals threatening texts Lisa Rinna sent her after Adrienne’s party. Kyle and Brandi argue about the “space-cakes” in Amsterdam and Kyle’s relationship with Kim unravels further as they bring deep seeded issues to the surface.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!”

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Cohen asks Eileen who she thinks has the dirtiest mouth of the group, and she says Brandi. When asked if she thinks Eileen needs to loosen up a bit, Lisa Rinna says no and that Eileen is classier than she is.

A viewer asks for an update on Lisa Rinna’s pubes, and she says her husband doesn’t get his way and she trims.

Kim says she received text messages from Lisa Rinna telling her to be careful or she will fuck her up, and to be nice to her sister and that she is nasty and needs to be stopped now.

Rinna says she thinks she wasn’t done with everything and she has an issue with people trying to suppress her feelings and shut her up. She starts tearing up, saying her dad shut her out a lot in her life.

Kim is skeptical of the authenticity of Rinna’s tears, laughing and saying that she is crying because what she has done has been exposed.

Brandi tells Lisa there were a couple of times during this reunion she thought she was going to get up. Kim says something is wrong with Lisa mentally.

Eileen says Lisa has been apologizing for her behavior for a while and is appalled by her own behavior.  Lisa apologizes again, crying, and Kim says that something is wrong with her.  Eileen goes over and sits on the couch next to Lisa.
Still crying, Lisa says something in the situation triggered it.

Eileen tells Kim that Lisa said she was sorry, telling her to get over herself. Kim accepts the apology, apologizes herself and goes over and hugs Lisa.

Cohen brings up the “space cake” in Amsterdam, which most of the women were hesitant to eat.  Kyle says she ended up pinching a piece off.

Eileen says the cake had a little bit of an effect on her. She says she was on the fence because she didn’t want to send mixed messages to her kids.

Brandi says she didn’t eat it because she was in a lawsuit with her ex, saying if everything was fine with them she would have had some.

Cohen asks her about the double standard she believes exists, and she says she thought Kyle was acting holier-than-thou. Kyle says Brandi came after her thinking she had said all of these things about her and her children, asking if she saw any instances on the show of her actually saying such things.

Brandi says that people can talk about what she and Kim may or may not be doing regarding substances and alcohol, but she can’t even say that Kyle smokes a little pot. Kyle says it’s not her thing, though it’s not a big deal. She says that doesn’t mean she’s never done it, but that Brandi said it to be mean and hit below the belt. Brandi calls her a liar and a hypocrite, adding it made her crazy that Kyle was sitting there acting like something she is not.

Brandi asks if it would be a big deal and if everyone would be talking about it had Kim eaten some of cake. She says it’s hypocritical for people to have Xanax on the plane and eat space cake in Amsterdam and then worry about other people.

Cohen asks if it wouldn’t be a bad idea considering Kim is struggling with her sobriety. Kim says she isn’t struggling with her sobriety, and that she appreciates the concern if it is real, which she doesn’t believe it is. She says she has been sober for three years, and she doesn’t need anyone.

Lisa tells Kim that she showed up at her house “higher than a kite.” Kim says she already said that and she had admitted to taking a pain pill. Lisa says she can’t show up to someone’s house high as a kite and not expect concern. Kim says she isn’t going to sit and justify her actions anymore.

The issue of Brandi talking to Jennifer about Kim’s sobriety is brought up. Kim says she saw the conversation on TV and that she and Brandi discussed it. Brandi says Jennifer is her best friend and sober, so of course she is going to go to her.

Clips of the battle between Brandi and Kyle over Kim are shown.

Cohen asks Kyle what she saw in Brandi earlier that she doesn’t see now. She says she saw someone who could be fun, and she saw how she was with her boys.

A viewer asks if anyone has seen a change in Kim’s behavior since she has become close with Brandi. Kyle says there has been a definite change since the poker night, and she sees the things Brandi has been putting in her ear.  Brandi says she thinks they have always been issues that she has just pointed out. Vanderpump says Brandi is exacerbating the issues.

Kim says there are things that have happened outside the group with her sister that she doesn’t want to talk about today, which have nothing to do with drugs or drink.

She tells Kyle she has been hurt by some of the things she has done and her choices (Kyle says she feels the same way of her), which have put her in a more distant and cold place with her where she has had to take a break from her. Kyle brings up “what happened on Halloween,” when Kim’s dog bit her daughter. Kim says Kyle decided to Instagram and “make a public display” of it.  Kyle says she never said it was Kim’s dog, and that she had no idea people would know it was her dog. Kim starts crying, saying Kyle had to make a public display of the issue for Instagram followers.

Kyle talks about her daughter almost losing her hand (‘she had a cut on her finger,’ Kim says in response to that claim), saying she had to be hooked up to an IV for days, which Vanderpump corroborates. Kim threatens to tell the real story, saying Kyle won’t like it.  Kyle takes her up on the offer, asking if she wants to go into it right now. Kim says Kyle has been mistreating her for years and she is sick of it, calling her “horrible.”

Kim says Kyle didn’t give her daughter antibiotics for two days.  Kim says she doesn’t want to discuss this anymore because it has hurt her whole family. Kyle asks Kim if she knows that Alexia had an IV for three weeks.

Cohen asks about the dog, whom she says is with a trainer. She then says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Vanderpump says she has to talk about the dog because it’s the catalyst of them not speaking, and she says she doesn’t have to talk about anything because some matters are private. Lisa Rinna jumps in asking why she is on a reality show, and Kim says Lisa has restrictions about talking about her husband and children. Cohen says that Lisa was willing to open up about her husband, though, and Lisa nods.

After the group continues to urge her to reveal the story she has been threatening to reveal, Kim says it’s a private matter not for television. ‘So you’re just going to imply it on camera,’ Cohen says. She says there’s nothing she wants to say on camera, but Kyle keeps pushing her buttons.

In response to a viewer question about her relationship with her sister, Kim says she has a great relationship with her sister Kathy, and she used to do similar things with Kyle, but Kyle is busy. Kyle says it’s not about her being busy (‘look what happens when we’re together’). She says she loves Kim as a sister, but as a person right now she doesn’t like her very much. “I agree,” Kim responds.

A viewer says that perhaps the reason Kim needs a friend to support her is that Kyle’s reaction was to flip her the bird and tell her to f*ck off. Kyle says she didn’t even realize she had done that, saying she was extremely upset in the moment. She says she is an extremely emotional person, and that she should not have done that.

Cohen asks Lisa Rinna about the time she told Kyle that her relationship with Kim is an abusive one that she needs to get out of. She say she thinks it speaks for itself. Eileen agrees, saying watching it in person it went to a place it didn’t need to go, a very dark place. She says seeing it, it looks verbally abusive.

Kim says as much as Kyle has been there for her, she has talked down to her. Kyle says maybe at times she thought she was more fragile and treated her differently, but not recently. Kim says she did call Brandi out for talking to Lisa Rinna about her.

Cohen asks her if she felt betrayed by Brandi after finding out that Lisa Rinna was telling the truth about what she said. Kim says that Brandi actually said everyone needs an intervention. Cohen asks if she owes Kyle an apology and if she feels she is at all vindicated. She says she believes Kyle had nothing but good intentions in coming to her, saying Lisa was in her ear. Lisa reiterates that she had nothing but good intentions as well. Kim says they have already discussed that, she believes there was a big misunderstanding.

Cohen brings up the limo fight in season one, and the accusation that Kyle stole Kim’s house. Kim says she doesn’t want to discuss that.

Kim says they have so many issues that she doesn’t understand how they will ever fix this if they keep throwing things into the fire.

Vanderpump says that even if they need to put a lid on it temporarily, she says Kim has to go to Monty’s wedding or she will regret it.

Brandi says the two of them need to go spend time together and she is washing her hands of this entire thing, calling it “batshit crazy.”

Cohen asks what is next, and Kyle says she really doesn’t know. He says he hopes the two of them can find some peace.Cohen asks Kyle where she leaves today with everything that’s gone on. “Sad,” she says. “Hopeful at all?” Cohen asks. Kyle starts crying, saying she is grateful to have gotten to know the other women on the show. He then asks Kim the same question, and she also says she doesn’t know.

Brandi says she doesn’t want to break up their family. “Family is forever, and I want you guys together, no matter what you think,” she says.

Eileen says it’s going to take her a while to process all of the stuff that’s happened.

Lisa Rinna says she is glad to have opened herself up to this experience. She says she’s never done anything like it, has learned a lot and only wishes the best for everyone.

Vanderpump wishes Yolanda well. She says that she thinks the group will get past everything regardless of whether they are best friends, adding that they do not have as much at stake as Kim and Kyle, who need to work out their issues or they will regret it.