The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap – Teresa Checks In Part 2: Season 6 Special

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap - Teresa Checks In Part 2: Season 6 Special

Tonight on Bravo The Real Housewives of New Jersey starring Teresa Giudice and the rest of the housewives continues with an all new Sunday October 18, season 6 special called, “Teresa Checks In Part 2.” On tonight’s episode the special check in with Teresa continues.

On the last episode Joe was adjusting to raising the girls without their mother. As expected, there were challenges along the way, but with daily phone calls and frequent trips to see Teresa, the family did their best to come together to get through this difficult time. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Bravo synopsis “see how Joe continues adjusting to raising the girls without their mother in the second part of the special.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with more crazy housewife drama that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 6 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey!

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#TeresaChecksIn #RHONJ is on and starts eight months before Joe begins his sentence. Audriana laughs as Joe tries to brush Milania’s hair. He gets it into a ponytail but tangles his fingers in it. Joe says he was always working before and didn’t see the kids enough but now he’s Mr Mom. Antonia is with Melissa and they get Audriana and Milania to go get manicures. Melissa says she’s been writing Teresa but she hasn’t been writing back and also isn’t emailing her.

Joe Gorga goes to hang with Joe and says he wants to be there for him. They are hanging out today. Melissa has Gia and the other girls and then talks about how Antonia and Milania have such a close bond. She wants them to be together as much as they can to make memories. She says it’s a nice salon so they need to be calm on their girls’ day. They head into their dedicated room and start picking out polish for their nails.

Joe G and Joe are working out at the gym and Joe G says he needs him strong before he goes to jail so he can kick ass if he has to. They work out together and Joe G spots him. Gabriella has on headphone and Melissa says no she can talk to her. She says she heard that she’s been cleaning the house a lot and says she likes it neat and clean. Melissa says she loves her god-daughter Gabriella and says she’s running the house while her mother is gone. She says she has a time list for everything and takes care of it all.

Melissa tells her she’s very independent and knows how to do it all. She asks Gia how it is being their with just her dad. Gia says he tries his best but it’s hard without her mom. Joe tells Joe G that Teresa told him he’d better take good care of the girls while she’s inside. Melissa asks if Joe is cool with her dad having a BF and Gia says she has no choice. Melissa says her dad was strict. Gia says she really only goes out in groups and Melissa says she’s there for her if she needs some woman talk.

Melissa says Gia is the most like Teresa and says she smiles and puts on a brave face and is so strong. She also tells Gabriella she can call her any time. Melissa says things like this happen and says the girls are holding up really well and moving on with their lives. Milania is happily drinking a latte. Joe G asks if he and Teresa are having phone sex and Joe says they mostly send dirty emails. He asks if Joe is whacking off a lot and he says a couple times a week. (Ick!!)

Then they talk about Joe’s license. He says his license was taken for two years. His lawyer is there and they talk about his homemade wine. The lawyer says he got Teresa’s diary. He says it’s stuff she doesn’t want to put in email so the girls can see what every day is like. He says she’s breaking up fights and helping out some other girls. He says she’s got a lot of respect in there. Joe says Teresa can hold her own He says if you get into a fight there, you get shipped to a real prison.

The lawyer talks about her doing yoga and meditation so she’s more balanced when she gets out. Joe says he knows it’s tough but says the first few months were even tougher. The lawyer says she talked about how the night before a visit she paid to get her hair done because she knows he likes her hair curly. She wrote that it was worth it because he said she was pretty and kept touching her hair. Joe says the kids don’t even know why she’s there and thinks she’s working.

Joe says kids don’t understand why she’s there except for Gia who is dealing with it. He asks Joe what he’s doing to get ready to go away and says it’s all in his head. He asks if he’s making every day count with the girls. Joe says it’s not easy but he’s taking care of them and putting food on the table. School is out for summer and he tells the girls their cousins are coming over. Gia says they help out and she gets the kids out and he cooks. Gia tells him to use the Gucci plates like her mom wants.

Joe says if a Gucci plate makes Teresa happy that’s fine but he would just use paper plates. The younger girls talking about how Gia is trying to act like their mom. Nonna shows up – their grandmother. Then there’s a call from Teresa. Gia says her mom calls every day as soon as she gets her minutes but then she runs out towards the end of the month. Her parents are there and so are Melissa and Joe. She says she has just seven minutes left.

Melissa says she hasn’t heard Teresa’s voice until now and is trying not to cry. She says she doesn’t want to upset her father in law. She says she just did step class. Teresa tells her brother to help Joe lose his gut so she can see his abs. She says she has to go and Joe says email him. Giacinto asks how she looks and Gia says she looks better and says she’s getting in shape. She says her hair is all curly like when she was younger. Her mom says everyone says she looks younger.

Joe G says he’s been trying to go see his sister but it’s taken six months to get approved. Joey, their cousin, sits and they serve up steaks. Teresa’s dad toasts them and Melissa asks what they’re doing for the 4th then says they can all go to the shore together. Joe talks about his electric bike being a nuisance and says Melissa has been giving the kids rides to help him. Melissa says Joe G got approved to see Teresa but she hasn’t been approved yet. Her dad says he’ll see her when he gets out.

Her dad won’t see her at the prison. Joe tells Joe G he’s going to cry when he sees her. Gia says when they tell them visiting time is done, that’s when he’ll start crying. Gia says June was hard for her mom since she missed so much stuff of them. Little Joey walks by with a banana and shows off his muscles. The attorney, James, is back to see Joe who tells him the girls are swimming with his mom. Joe says they were trying to sell their shore house but it’s at a standstill and another bill to pay.

The lawyer says they need to talk about other things like possible deportation after his sentence. The lawyer asks if Teresa and the girls would go to Italy with him. He says they talked about it and of course. He says he doesn’t want that to happen because he doesn’t know anything about Italy. He was a year old when he came there. He says the rest of his family are citizens but he never filed for it. He asks about the town his family comes from and Joe says it’s a little village.

He says he has family there but it’s not something they want and are hoping it won’t happen. It’s July 4ht and Gia tells the girls to pack up. Teresa calls and Joe takes the call. The kids talk to her and Joe says they just ate donuts. She says no donuts and then says she saw a plane out her window really low that went around seven times. She says it was a plane trying to take her picture and says she had to change her routine and not go to the gym. She says the drama in here is more than on Housewives.

Joe says she’ll be out soon and he says they’re going to the shore. She says think about her at the shore then says enjoy their summer. They all tell her they love her and end the call. Melissa pulls up and honks and they load the girls in the SUV and the guys in the car. Melissa says they’ve had these shore houses a long time. Joe G asks about the shore house and Joe says he had to pay the lawyers instead of paying for the shore house. Joe G asks if Teresa will miss the house.

He says he’s going to be in the low at Fort Dix, low security for now. He says Teresa went for a year and Joe has to go for a year. Joe G says it breaks his heart for him. Joe calls Gia and says to look over at Fort Dix and says he’s going to be a military expert. Melissa says it’s easier for her dad to make a joke about it. Gia says she told her parents to be honest and says her mom told her sisters she’s working but Gabriella knows the deal. She sys Milania knows too but Audriana has no idea.

Joe tells Joe G he’s not even thinking about it so he doesn’t drive himself out of his mind. He says when the time comes then he’ll deal with it. Joe says there would be flowers out front if Teresa was there. They head inside and Joe G says it’s weird that she’s not around. The kids go clean the boat and tell Joe he has to pay them $400. Joe G asks Gia about her BF and she says it’s just a friend. Teresa calls and Joe says they’re barbecuing and thinking of her.

She asks for Gabriella. She asks her about the world cup and says one day she could be on the team. Then the call ends and Gia says her minutes ran out. Joe says he hates when that happens then he can’t talk to her for days. Melissa says the real punishment is Teresa not being with her kids. She says she and Teresa were home with the kids all day and says they miss it. Melissa tells Joe G she’d miss him but it would be all about the kids.

She says the kids will be there happy and healthy waiting for her. Joe tells the kids that he’ll be working and mom will be there. He says he’ll be back in a couple of years. Joe says it’s tough talking to the girls and telling them he has to go away. They ask if he’ll be father than mommy or the same place. Gia says she knows what’s ahead and says she knows what to expect this time. Joe says they will have fun the last few months then he’ll be around their adventures as much as he can. His daughter tells him don’t go. He says he has something for them. He brings out holiday poppers.

Joe G says that place was Teresa’s getaway and says they might lose theirs but then she and the girls can come to their place. Back from the shore, Milania is pouring herself coffee and Joe says he’s going to kick her butt if she made coffee. Gia takes it away and hands it to her dad. Teresa calls and Gia says Milania gave her a headache. She hands the phone to Audriana. She asks if she’ll be home in December. She gives the phone to Joe and says to go in the other room so the girls can’t hear.

She says she had a tweet sent to say she was doing well and to say thanks for cards and letters. She says she got shaken down because they thought she was hiding a cell phone. Gia sent the tweet for her. Gia hears her name and Teresa says she doesn’t want Gia to think she did anything wrong. She says it was like a bend down and cough search and he asks if guys searched her. She says no. The girls argue and Gia says Milania is so annoying. The call ends.

Joe is on his bike after his brother came and got the kids. His lawyer set him up to meet a guy who was in jail. He has to ride his bike to the train station to go into the city. He says the judge told him if he was caught in a car, he’d never get his license back. He locks up the bike and gets on the train and goes to Little Italy. He meets Rino the owner at Angelo’s and he takes him into the back. He meets Angelo who went to federal prison for gambling.

The guy says you make your wine in prison. Angelo says he served seven years because he wouldn’t plead to Rico. Joe says he walked away from that and says he chose a trade rather than gambling. He says he has to do 42 months. He says he pled guilty and says he wasn’t trying to do anything wrong at the time. Joe says he did a week in county and got put into a little room and says he was going nuts. Angelo says he’ll be considered high profile at first and may not put him in the compound.

He says you go in and buy your toiletries. He says they give you a bar of soap about an inch big. He says he was cave men who didn’t wash, shower and snored. He says you can’t pick your cell mate either. He says you’ve got to worry about when you get out not what you do while you’re inside. He says he came home to nothing with the odds stacked against him. Joe says he’ll work and do what he knows how to do. Angelo says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Joe asks if any guys tried to have sex with him – Angelo says it’s ow you carry yourself. Angelo says he did internet cooking on what you could make in jail. He asks Joe what worries him most and he says the wife and kids. Angelo says you have to do your time and you have no control over what goes on in the outside world. Joe says he’s glad he met the guy and says now he knows more what to expect once he gets in there. Two months after the filming, the shore house was repossessed by the bank for non-payment of the mortgage.