The Vampire Diaries Recap – Mommy Dearest Strikes Again: Season 7 Episode 2 “Never Let Me Go”

The Vampire Diaries Recap - Mommy Dearest Strikes Again: Season 7 Episode 2 "Never Let Me Go"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Thursday October 15, season 7 episode 2 called “Never Let Me Go,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) makes an impulsive decision that threatens to unravel a carefully negotiated deal between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Lily, (Annie Wersching) so Damon tries to make amends with his mother before things spiral further out of control.

On the last episode, season 7 began with Damon being forced to navigate his new reality without Elena. Meanwhile, Stefan waited for Caroline to sort out her emotions and tried to protect the town from Lily and her family of Heretics, who were wreaking havoc in Mystic Falls. Elsewhere, Enzo struggled to find his place in Lily’s new life; and Matt teamed up with Stefan and Caroline to put a stop to the Heretics. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Damon makes an impulsive decision that threatens to unravel a carefully negotiated deal between Stefan and Lily, so Damon tries to make amends with his mother before things spiral further out of control. Meanwhile, Alaric obtains a mysterious artifact; Matt makes a risky life or death decision; and Caroline uncovers a shocking detail about Stefan’s past.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be  recapping the season 7 episode 2 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries begins on the set of a news show. Caroline is producing the show and is told she has a call from her fiancée. The PA says that he wants to know her schedule before the wedding and is planning a trip to Mystic Falls. She says he knows they can’t go back there then says she’s schedule it. Now, we see people rolling handheld video cameras – it’s some people creeping into Mystic Falls to find out what’s going on in the town that’s now been shut down. It’s two filmmakers from a college.

They are doing a Blair witch type thing and then one of their devices pings and he says it’s creepy. They try to get into a crypt and see a coffin. He turns on heat seeking and tells Miranda there are people behind her. She screams and is gone. Then she’s thrown to the ground and her throat is wounded. Then he’s dragged away screaming as well. Mary-Louise and Nora have attacked them but now Matt is there and says let him go. She stabs the guy to finish him off instead.

Matt wakes in the morning battered. Alaric is teaching a class about supernatural lore and mentions Mystic Falls then tells them the most terrifying thing in the town is a trespassing ticket and tells them to just stay out. Bonnie shows up and tells Alaric the evacuation isn’t as seamless as they hoped. Alaric says the heretics have killed 10 lookey loos including two college kids last night. She asks him about trying to contact Jo on the other side then asks why he didn’t come to her.

She says after all they’ve been through it makes sense he’d try it. Alaric asks if she’s heard of the Phoenix Stone. Stefan calls Caroline and asks why she’s been out of touch. He almost runs over one of the heretics – the mute one. Stefan makes a crack at him and Bob uses some magic on him. Then Lily is there and tells Stefan she thought they had a deal. He says they do but she says someone ripped Malcolm’s heart out last night. She says she wanted him to know why they did what they did.

He asks what they did. They have Caroline tied up and Enzo is tormenting her with vervain rope. He tells her someone killed Malcolm and says it’s better that he torture her than one of the other heretics. He gets her bound and tells him it really hurts. He says he hates whiners and loosens them a bit but then she attacks him. She crushes the chair and runs but then Mary-Louise and Nora are there. Enzo says he’s got her but they tell him it doesn’t look like it and they knock her out.

Damon comes into Tyler Lockwood’s house and Stefan is there – he asks if he killed Malcolm. He says Lily came by and said she found him without a heart. Stefan says Lily took Caroline in retaliation. Damon is stunned. Stefan tells him to go see their mother and fix it. He goes to beat on the door of their old house. She asks what he wants. He asks who the hell that is – it’s a maid. Damon says there’s been a mix up then says he was in the town square and accidentally tripped and ripped out Malcolm’s heart.

She says he could ever admit his wrongs. Then he says he did it and tells her to hand over Caroline and he can be the hostage. He can’t come in the house and is annoyed. She says it’s not his house anymore and shows him the deed. She says she has to get ready to go bury her son and shuts the door in his face. Alaric tells Bonnie the Phoenix Stone is supposed to have resuscitative powers. He says he stole it from the NY Maritime Museum. Bonnie checks it out and says she feels no magic coming from it.

He says that’s more honest than anyone else has been with him about it. She checks it and says sometimes witches hide magic deeper. She concentrates and the fire in the fire place flares. She gets gruesome images of a bloody man screaming. She says she saw people dying and says the stone is evil and something is wrong with it. Bonnie says it must be destroyed. Damon comes back and Stefan is mad. Damon says Lily wouldn’t make the swap.

Stefan is looking at tunnel maps to sneak in but Damon says they can’t get in and need to find out who the new official owner is. He says he called the town clerk to find out. Stefan asks if he’s enjoying this and Damon says he’s got 60 years to kill and a villain can distract him. Stefan says it’s funny he called Lily the villain when he’s the one who killed one of hers. Caroline comes to and is shackled up and has been shot up with vervain. Mary Louise torments her then asks for a fashion tip for Nora for the funeral.

Nora says she feels silly and Mary Louise says she wore it to Queen Victoria’s funeral. Caroline smirks and Nora is embarrassed and storms out. Mary Louise says she asked for advice not mockery. Caroline says her best friend used to live there and she had good taste and her clothes should be there. Mary Louse holds out an eye pencil and asks about the color and Caroline says it will make her eyes pop. Mary Louise holds it to her eye, says she will make her eye pop if she embarrasses Nora again then stabs her.

Enzo says Caroline almost got away from him so Mary Louise and Nora took over for him. Lily says Caroline will survive for a while then says she wants him to stay while the rest of them go to the cemetery for the funeral. He hears Caroline screaming. Valerie tells Enzo that he can get what he wants but has to go around Mary Louise and Nora. He says he can’t condone someone he cares about being tortured and Valerie says to care loose. Damon and Bonnie talk on the phone about Alaric.

He says he needs to break into his house to rescue Caroline. She asks when and says she got Alaric to destroy the stone. Bonnie says it’s all her fault but he says it’s classic Damon. He tells her to go deal with the person who owns his house. Matt is shooting bottles in a neighborhood when Bonnie shows up and says she has bad news. Turns out he owns the Salvatore house. She says the heretics compelled him and now the house is impenetrable. He says if he dies, the seal will break and asks what the plan is.

She asks if she can use magic to stop his heart. Matt isn’t thrilled. She says once he dies, the spell is broken. Matt asks why it’s not fair that he has to die to make right Damon’s mistake. She says Caroline needs them and asks in or out. Valerie comes in and finds Caroline with scissors stuck in her and asks who stabbed her – she says Mary Louise. Valerie says Mary Louise is the nice one and Caroline says she laughed at Nora. Valerie asks if it was the Queen Victoria one.

Valerie yanks out the scissors and says when she made a crack about Nora’s hair once, Mary Louise poisoned her hair. Valerie says a little spell then Mary Louise comes in. Valerie says she was looking for eyeliner. Looks like Valerie put a spell on her so that Mary Louise can’t touch her so she stabs her with another knock out shot instead. Nora comes in wearing one of Elena’s dresses and Caroline tells her it’s cute. Nora says thanks and Caroline passes out.

Bonnie tells Matt his heart can’t be stopped longer than six minutes and he asks her to keep it short. He says to just do it for Caroline. Bonnie puts her hands on his chest and feels his heart beat. She chants. His heart beat slows. Mary Louise tells Nora that Oscar isn’t back from his errand and he’s messing up the funeral plans. Damon tells Stefan that Matt will agree to the death otherwise he knows Damon would really kill him.

Stefan says he won’t make Matt die but then Damon gets a text from Bonnie and says too late, he’s gone. He tells Stefan to hit the tunnels while he goes into the front door. Alaric drops another stone into a vat of acid to check it then he stops short of dropping in the Phoenix Stone. Bonnie chants to revive Matt and then gets the crazy images again she did when she touched the stone. She sees a bloody cross carved on someone then she passes out.

Enzo answers the door and Damon says it’s not cool that Lily kidnapped Caroline and says maybe he can help him get her back. Enzo says he’s the one who kidnapped her and says he chose Damon and his friends many times but they abandoned him. Damon says Lily abandoned her family and Damon reveals that Lily is burying Malcolm in the Salvatore crypt near Elena. Damon says it’s magically sealed and Enzo says they’re all magic siphoners.

At the crypt, Lily tells her family to pull out Elena’s coffin then dump her body into the river so she can spend her next 60 years under water. Bonnie wakes with a gasp and checks on Matt. It’s been almost six minutes. She starts the spell to revive him. He gasps back to life. He checks the phone and says that was way more than 10 seconds. Caroline sees Stefan there and asks what they did to her. She says they injected her with a gallon of vervain. He cuts her loose.

He touches her and gets burned. He says her skin is like vervain and she says it’s Valerie’s spell. Damon shows up to the cemetery and asks if anyone is there burying someone that no one cared about. He sees the crypt is open and Elena’s body is gone. He is furious. Lily says he throws terrible tantrums and always has. He asks where she is and Lily says cloaking spells are fun and says Elena could be right next to him or a million miles away. Damon says to punish him but leave Elena out of it.

She asks if he remembers breaking her grandmother’s vase when he was 10. She says he denied it even when his father beat him bloody over it. Lily says when he woke, she had taken away all his toys and he cried and cried and finally told the truth. Damon says she’s not a toy soldier and Lily says her Malcolm was not a vase. She says he was an important part of their family. Each of Lily’s family tells him what Malcolm did for them. She says he was her eldest son and it’s ironic he took him from her.

Damon says all right then says to tell him what she wants. Caroline tells Stefan she thought the spell would only hurt the heretics. He puts a coat on her and she asks if he feels that. She says it feels like her molecules are being pulled. He’s thrown through the window and outside and she’s dragged downstairs and the Enzo tells the maid to invite her in. She does and Caroline stops. Looks like Enzo changed the title to the house. Bonnie tells Matt she’s sorry she didn’t revive him as fast as she should have.

Matt says this is all Damon’s fault. She says it’s not, it’s her too. She says she helped Damon kill Malcolm and it was her idea to stop his heart. She says she can’t let the heretics do what they want. Matt says he patrols streets where he grew up and people he loved grew up and now he prays he sees no one and says he hates the heretics. She says they should do something about it. Damon has a drink and Stefan says he left. He says he could have gotten Caroline back but he left.

He asks why Damon has no come back. Stefan threatens him and Damon says he won’t be here much longer for him to kick around. He asks why. Damon says Lily has exiled him from Mystic Falls and says he has to go as far as humanly possible. He says their mother has Elena and is making him leave town for good. Damon asks Stefan what he would have done in his position. Stefan rants that Lily has Caroline, Elena, and their house. Damon says she would take their toys when they were kids.

Damon says this is her plan – she’s taking everything they care about so they’re mad at each other. Stefan says they fight and her and her new family live in their house bonding. Stefan says they won’t let them fracture them. Damon says instead, let her think it worked and Stefan can go whine to their mother about what a jerk he is while Damon goes and looks for the missing sixth heretic to make a trade. Bonnie calls Alaric who lies and says he dissolved the stone in acid.

He is in the morgue and goes to open the door where Jo’s body is stashed. He stops and goes instead to a corpse on the table of the morgue. He sets the stone on the guy’s chest. The guy’s arm trembles and he starts to wake. Alaric snatches the stone back off of him and the guy goes limp again. Enzo plays guitar when Lily comes in and listens. He asks how the burial went. She says as nice as it could be. She says she noticed Caroline is in the girls’ room still and asks about moving her to his.

He says Caroline made her bed and she can lie in it. She asks which room he will take and he asks if she considers him part of the family like the others. She says she does and cares for him equally. He says that’s the problem and says he’s not there to be one of her children. She asks why he’s there with them. He says he didn’t choose them, he chose her. He strokes her hair. Then he gets up and says he’s taking a guest room in the East wing and walks out. She touches her hair where he stroked it and smiles.

Nora tells her that she’s spelled in to the room. She tosses her a book and says give it a read. She says she knows she thinks Valerie was being nice but says she’s the worst of them. She says that it’s Stefan’s journal and the first thing Valerie went looking for in 1903. She tells her to read July 15, 1863. Stefan writes that he met a girl named Valerie outside the world’s fair and she was wonderful. Back at the beginning of the show, it’s three years from now and Caroline is on the set.

He says she got another call, not from her fiancé and it was Stefan Salvatore. She says if he calls back, decline the call and says she never wants to hear the name Stefan Salvatore again. Then her assistant is shot in the neck with an arrow then Caroline is shot in the gut too. That’s just like how the last episode ended but last time it was Damon and Stefan being shot. Hmm… What’s up?