The Vampire Diaries Recap 11/12/15: Season 7 Episode 6 “Best Served Cold”

The Vampire Diaries Recap 11/12/15: Season 7 Episode 6 "Best Served Cold"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Thursday November 12, season 7 episode 6 called “Best Served Cold,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, after being reunited with her former love Julian (guest star Todd Lasance), Lily (guest star Annie Wersching) hosts a dinner party to introduce him to Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) and to declare peace between her family of Heretics and the residents of Mystic Falls.

On the last episode, Damon tried to get out of his downward spiral and do right by Elena; Lily prepared for the arrival of a special figure from her past; Stefan came face-to-face with Valerie and learnt some upsetting details about her past; Bonnie confronted Alaric when she learned some disturbing information involving the Phoenix stone. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “after being reunited with her former love Julian (guest star Todd Lasance), Lily (guest star Annie Wersching) hosts a dinner party to introduce him to Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) and to declare peace between her family of Heretics and the residents of Mystic Falls. Damon and Stefan find themselves at an impasse when they realize they have differing views on how to handle Julian’s arrival. At the party, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Matt (Zach Roerig) uncover a strange mystery involving some unsuspecting residents, while a devastating revelation causes Alaric (Matt Davis) to reach his breaking point.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 7 episode 6 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries begins three years from now with Damon at Ric’s house. He checks out his kids’ fridge pics then asks when he last talked to his fiancée. He says she texted him earlier. Damon says she’s not answering her phone and he says call Caroline to make sure she’s not being used as bait. They turn on the news and see Caroline with her head bleeding. She says she has an urgent message for Stefan. How the heck did Caroline end up with Ric?

Back in the way past, Stefan gives a shooting lesson to a young boy with a musket. It’s his son! He calls Stefan dad and they go find a deer to shoot the gun at. Stefan raises the gun and says never take your eye off the target. He looks back but Jacob, his son, is gone. Stefan panics and then he wakes now from the nightmare. Caroline is there and asks who Jacob is and says he was yelling his name. She asks why he’s down there. Valerie comes down in a towel and says he’s out of shampoo.

Caroline is stunned and Valerie says she’ll go put clothes on. Stefan explains about Julian – his mom’s BF – and Caroline asks how that’s their problem. Stefan says Julian will come after Valerie but Caroline is not sympathetic. Stefan says to trust him and she says Val needs to disappear and needs a new identity far away. Stefan says no but Caroline volunteers to drive her to the airport. She kisses him and he says he likes this manipulation. Valerie interrupts and says the Phoenix Stone drives souls mad.

She says Julian was in it for a long time, so they need to make a move now. At the Salvatore place, Bo and Julian sword fight and Lily asks why they’re not playing outside. Lily remarks on Julian’s cheer and asks shouldn’t he be resting. He kisses her passionately. She says she’s tempted then says they have enemies and he asks if she means Valerie. She says don’t say that name then says it’s her sons. Julian is surprised. Bo takes an invitation to Stefan and he hands it to Damon. It’s a dinner invitation.

Damon says they must have raised her man crush from the dead. Bonnie calls Alaric and she says faux-Jo is at the bar and doesn’t need to be unintended. He says watch her but Bonnie says she has to go to Lily’s possibly murderous shindig and tells him to get there. Damon tells Stefan he’s not going to meet his mom’s douche boy toy. Stefan says that douche is living in their house and bathing in their tub. Damon says he wants Lily to be happy with him and says he’ll wait six months then murder him.

Stefan says he plans on killing him tonight and Damon’s jaw drops. Caroline and Valerie talk and Caroline suggests Seattle for her new place. Valerie says rain. Caroline suggests Indonesia. Valerie says she knows what Caroline is doing trying to get her far away. Then she says let’s talk name and suggests Valerie go for Matilda Pettigrew. Valerie tells her she’s not a victim and says once Stefan kills Julian, she’ll be in the clear. Caroline doesn’t know her big secret.

Valerie says he promised not to tell anyone but she didn’t know that included her. Caroline asks for the skinny but Valerie won’t blab. She agrees to try Matilda. Nora shows Julian how to play Candy Crush. He tells her this era seems to suit her but Nora says Lily keeps them so close to him she doesn’t know. Julian says Lily doesn’t want her to turn into Valerie. He offers to talk to Lily about loosening the reins. Mary Louise comes down and Nora insults her dress but Julian smooths it over.

Stefan has wine and his mother invites him in. He hands the bottle over and notes all the people. She says they’re from neighboring towns. Stefan says they compelled them but none of them are in danger. Stefan is surprised to see Damon beat him there and is drinking a whiskey. Stefan asks if he’s there to help him. Damon says he can’t let Stefan “redecorate” and needs to fall in love with the place first. Damon asks why he cares and Stefan says the furniture she just bought is psychotic.

Julian comes over and introduces himself. He calls Bo over to get them a drink. Matt shows up and Lily tells him this is a new start. He tells her they should just leave Mystic Falls and then Nora and Mary Louise come over. Matt says he wants them out of town. Mary Louise has changed her dress but Nora still gives her the cold shoulder and chats up Matt. Bonnie and Enzo show up at the same time. He offers Lily flowers and kisses her cheek. Lily says she wants a fresh start.

Bonnie says Lily is the reason she’ll never see her BFF again so no chance. Stefan and Julian play pool and Damon comes in and asks if Julian heard the story about a vampire who tried to kill another while playing pool. Damon makes a shot and tells him that he bet the vampire during a game of pool then says another vampire came out of nowhere and stopped him. Stefan calls him Hemingway and Damon walks out whistling. Julian glares at Stefan for the aborted attempt.

Alaric finds faux-Jo at the bar surfing WebMD about amnesia. One of Jo’s interns Laura from last semester comes over and asks about her honeymoon. They both lie and say it was great. Faux-Jo gets a nosebleed then coughs up some blood into her napkin. She asks Ric what the hell is wrong with her.

Lily arranged retro entertainment they enjoy while sipping drinks. Then Lily takes the stage and introduces her dearest love Julian and says her family is now complete and says she hopes to restore the town to a state of peace. They all toast and Stefan glares at Damon. Julian tells Bo that his time away may have affected his head a bit then says he would get relief from something that Oscar left behind. Enzo eavesdrops and Bo agrees to go find it.

Julian introduces himself to Enzo and makes small talk about the food. He seems to think Enzo is the caterer or is just being petty and insulting. Enzo comes over to Bonnie and tells him he needs some dignity. He says Julian is looking for Oscar’s car and something in it. Bonnie adjusts his tie then says she’s doing him the favor of making Lily a little jealous. He likes that and says he got what he came for then goes to walk out. Faux-Jo is looking bad and Caroline stops by – she offers her blood to heal her.

Jo drinks some then spits it up. Ric wonders what’s up and Valerie says a vampire soul in a human body doesn’t work. Valerie says it can’t contain the essence of a vampire and says Jo is a decomposing mess. Caroline drags her away and says she has no tact. Caroline says that corpse was Ric’s wife who died on their wedding day with two babies inside her. Valerie is horrified and says she had no idea. She walks away chastened.

Julian talks to Mary Louise who rants that Nora is ignoring her. Julian tells a maid to stand still and say nothing. He tells Mary Louise to drink her but she says Lily told them no drinking the guests. Julian tells her she lost her swagger and he remembers her being more devil may care then says no wonder Nora is bored. He bites the maid and licks his lips. He says he won’t tell if she won’t. She bites the maid too and begins to feed. Julian smiles wickedly.

Later, Mary Louise grabs Nora up into a passionate kiss. She smiles and pulls her upstairs. Bonnie puts on her jacket and a cater waiter guy says he needs to find the high school. She asks who he’s been talking to and he says he can’t remember then says he needs to go. Bonnie tells Matt they need to follow him. Stefan and Damon go upstairs and find out that Lily and Julian took over Damon’s room and got rid of his flat screen. Damon tells Stefan to be patient.

Stefan says Julian needs to go and his mom needs to leave town. Damon tells him to explain why he’s acting like this but Stefan says it’s not his secret to tell. Matt comes in and says he found the good stuff. Damon snatches it and drinks it and Damon chokes up blood then Matt uses a syringe to knock Damon out. Stefan tells Matt to take Bonnie and get out. Stefan finds Julian at the table and stabs him. He says his brother told the story wrong. Stefan throws him into the fireplace but Lily runs in.

She pulls him out and puts out the fire. Julian is now back on his feet and Stefan is in trouble and without Damon to protect him. Damon starts to come to on the floor and sits up annoyed. Julian pulls the stake out of his gut and Lily asks why she hates him so much. Stefan says it’s not about her. She asks what she did wrong and then Damon is there. He says Stefan’s plan went well. Lily says to sit down but Damon says let’s go. Julian says – sit down son, or I’ll seat you myself. The brothers sit.

Julian says he spent 100 years in the Phoenix Stone and says it was hell with emptiness and pain. He says it’s literally endless. He says every day he tried to escape but he killed the person he loved the most instead. He says he drove a stake into his mother over and over and says it could have driven him mad but he recognized it for the trick it was. He says if he snapped, he would be a monster, not a man. He tells Lily her children have no respect for her. He throws a stake at Stefan who catches it.

Julian beats on Stefan and Lily screams at him. He is so enraged he almost stakes Lily and she tells the boys to get out now. She controls Julian with her magic. Faux-Jo tells him about her death at the hands of a woman with a knife that pierced her heart. She says she thinks her name was Florence. Ric says he’s sorry he put her through this. Jo says she wishes she was his wife and says she was a lucky women then says Ric would have been an amazing husband.

Ric cries and says it was nice to hear Jo’s voice again and thanks her for the chance to say goodbye. Faux-Jo says goodbye then she dies. Ric just bawls. He closes her eyes. Caroline watches all this happen and is saddened. Matt and Bonnie are at the high school poking around. They hear a noise and find the cater waiter wheeling an IV. He walks right by like he hasn’t seen them. They follow him. They see a room full of humans all sitting compelled with IVs in their arms.

Matt asks them to stand up and go but Bonnie says someone compelled them to be there. There’s more than 50 people there. Valerie watches the wedding video that Ric was watching and it’s past the murderous point. Valerie says she knows that chant and says the Geminis weren’t trying to send Kai back to prison but were trying to save the next generation – Alaric and Jo’s unborn children. Valerie tells Ric she thinks his children are still alive.

Stefan and Damon go home and Damon says he’s going to kick Stefan and Matt’s ass. Damon says dirty work is his territory then asks why Stefan has such a hard on for Julian then asks if it’s about Valerie. He mocks Stefan and says maybe Valerie is the one but then Caroline was and so was Elena. Stefan tackles him then tells him that he got Valerie pregnant in 1863 and Julian found out and beat her until he killed the baby. Stefan says he could have been a father. Damon asks why he didn’t tell him.

Stefan says he knew Damon would have made a glib crack about it being 150 years ago. Stefan says he’s going to kill Julian and nothing will stop him from doing it ASAP. Valerie explains to Ric about magical transfers that are failsafes to keep Gemini babies alive. Caroline says not to get his hopes up and says it’s insane. Valerie rolls out a map and takes some of Ric’s blood to do a locator spell to tell them where the babies are if they’re alive. She tells Ric to focus then she starts chanting.

The blood on the map starts moving. Damon sits by Stefan and Stefan asks him if Julian reminds him of anyone tonight and Damon says their bastard father. Stefan says Julian hits harder than their dad. Damon says he and Elena talked about having a family even though it wasn’t possible. Stefan asks if he was ever scared they would turn out like their father. Damon reminds him their dad sent their mom away to die then shot them both.

Stefan talks about the rich life he’s led and says his only regret is not having a child. Damon tells him he will help Stefan kill Julian whenever he wants – tonight or tomorrow – then tells him he’s in. Lily rants to Julian and says he was in a blind rage and attacked her sons. He says his son is lucky he has his head after throwing him in the fire. Julian asks why she cares and says the Lily he knew moved on from her children. He asks where is the women he loved and says he doesn’t recognize this version.

She says this version of her doesn’t want her children dead and she has a problem if he can’t live with that. Julian tells her that his mind is not right since he came back. He says he’s frightened that he’s not the Julian she remembers. Lily tells him they’ll fix it together but he must promise he won’t do anything like that again to her sons. Julian nods then says he needs to feel safe and says her sons will strike again and he needs to protect himself. She says they need the entire family to help. He says they love him.
[11/12/15, 9:06:08 PM] Rachel Rowan:
Valerie chants and the blood moves across the map. Ric keeps his eyes closed and focuses while Caroline watches. She says it’s not working but it moves. She says the blood ran off the map then it sets on fire when it touches a cloth that Caroline went to wipe it with. Valerie says the babies are here. Valerie says they’re not on the map, they’re inside of Caroline. Her eyes pop at that suggestion.