The Vampire Diaries Recap – Mother Loving Disaster: Season 7 Episode 5 “Live Through This”

The Vampire Diaries Recap - Mother Loving Disaster: Season 7 Episode 5 "Live Through This"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Thursday November 5, season 7 episode 5 called “Live Through This,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) tries to get out of his downward spiral and do right by Elena. (Nina Dobrev)

On the last episode, an unexpected turn of events left Damon scrambling and his actions gained the unwanted attention of Mary Louise and Nora, which forced Stefan and Caroline to spend the night distracting the girls at Whitmore College’s Heaven and Hell ball. Meanwhile, Enzo set off on a mission to find out what Valerie was hiding; and a plan set by Alaric and Bonnie left their worlds turned upside down. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Damon tries to get out of his downward spiral and do right by Elena; Lily prepares for the arrival of a special figure from her past; Stefan comes face-to-face with Valerie and learns some upsetting details about her past; Bonnie confronts Alaric when she learns some disturbing information involving the Phoenix stone.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 7 episode 5 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries begins three years from now with Bonnie in group therapy at a mental hospital. She says she’s been thinking about the past and how one stupid decision can screw up your life. She says she made a mistake and lost someone she loved. She says she wishes she could take a back. She says she just has to live with it. The therapist thanks her. Bonnie finds Enzo waiting in her room and he says she can’t keep hiding there. She runs to him and they kiss passionately after he calls her his love.

Now, Alaric sits watching Jo sleep in their bed. Bonnie shows up and asks how she’s doing. He says she’s been asleep 12 hours. She has a box and he asks if it’s food but it’s term papers. He asks if she wants to be his TA and grade the papers. She says she needs to focus on finding out how she brought Jo back from the dead. Bonnie says she wants to know what kind of magic this is just in case and asks for the Phoenix Stone to study it. Alaric hands it over.

Bonnie heads out. Jo opens her eyes and Alaric comes over and asks how she’s feeling. Jo says she’s starving. Stefan spoons Caroline and he asks if it’s torture. She says she’s happy to lie there and do nothing. He says she’s probably making a mental to-do list for today. Damon bursts in and annoys them. He brought coffee and Caroline storms out. Stefan asks why he’s there. Damon says they should celebrate since he’s with Caroline, Damon has Elena safely stashed and Alaric raised his wife from the dead.

Damon says he’s turning over a new leaf and needs his brother’s help. He wants to go interrogate Valerie but Caroline doesn’t like that. Caroline tells Damon that Valerie and Stefan used to have a thing and Damon is stunned. He says that’s the chick who took Stefan’s V-card and Caroline says Stefan should go catch up with her. She heads out and tells them to have fun. Enzo gives a blood bag to Oscar who’s still starving. Lily thanks Enzo for taking care of him. The maid Lucy brings in some flowers.

Lily says Julian will arrive home today then tells Enzo it’s a good thing. She says he and Julian should get along fine. Mary Louise and Nora come to check on Oscar. Nora asks Oscar if he remembers her and she says Julian is coming back and life will get fun. Oscar stays mute and Lily asks Enzo to babysit Oscar while the three of them go out for an errand. She also wonders where Valerie is. Enzo calls Valerie who is driving to try and find Julian. Enzo says the other three are planning to use a locator spell to find Julian.

The phone cuts off and Valerie almost hits Damon who’s standing in the road. Val stole Matt’s car so he called Damon. He asks why she killed Oscar and framed him. Valerie denies doing that. Damon says maybe another heretic did it then says he’s going to call Lily. She used magic on him and threatens to kill him but then Stefan is there and tells her to stop torturing his brother and tell him what’s going on. She stops. Bonnie finds Caroline studying in their room and asks if Stefan is gone.

Bonnie jokes that at least Caroline has a BF and she says she sent Stefan to hang out with his first love Valerie. Bonnie asks if she’s secure or crazy. Caroline says she wants Stefan to clear away the old drama and move on with his life with a clean slate. Bonnie says she inspired her and she’s going to talk to a heretic she just brought back to life. Then she might go find a guy. Valerie is in the car with Damon and Stefan and Damon is quizzing her on Julian.

She tells them about a massacre Julian committed back in the day on Christmas and Lily still loves him. Damon says Stefan has done the same when he was a ripper. Then Damon asks how Stefan and Val met then talks about how sad Stefan was writing pitiful stuff in his journal. Stefan says Valerie was a spy for Lily and it was all a game. She says they have to stop Julian at all costs. Val is annoyed by both of them. Jo eats breakfast then asks what that is and he says a TV. She has lost all her functional memories.

She doesn’t know who he is or anything about the world. She likes the food and he explains what delivery food is. He tells her she doesn’t eat meat and she asks why then tries some. He pops open a bottle of wine and cuts his hand. She stares at the blood then offers to bandage the wound. She goes to get bandages where he tells her they are. He’s very hopeful. Caroline calls Stefan and Damon calls her Care-bear then says he won’t let the former flames fool around. Stefan asks Caroline to dinner.

She asks if he feels guilty and he says no, he just realized he hasn’t taken her on a date. She says she’s sorry for making him go on this weird road trip. He reassures her that things are going okay. Caroline asks if he’s okay and he says he will be and asks what time he can pick her up. She says 8 and she likes daisies in case he wants to bring flowers. He ends the call. Valerie hands Damon a gas can and says she needs it filled up so she can burn his body.

She tells them that Julian has been dead since 1903. Bonnie comes to the Salvatore place and Enzo says get out. She says no then looks around for Oscar. Enzo torments her verbally and tells her that she’s lucky Damon hasn’t killed her to get to Elena and she mocks him for begging for attention from Lily. He goes to kick her out then they hear screams. Oscar is eating the maid and Enzo throws him off her then says don’t eat the help. Enzo gives the maid blood and compels her to take a day off and forget this.

Bonnie asks Oscar if he remembers her. He says she got him out of the dark room in the basement. He says he’s still hungry and Bonnie says get a grip. She asks about the Phoenix Stone and she shows it to him. He says she got him out of the stone. Valerie takes them to where Oscar stashed Julian’s body. Damon tries to break into the door. He tells them to come on and let’s start this campfire. Inside, the storage place, they see loads of caskets. She says Oscar is known for stupid pranks.

Valerie says Lily is determined to reunite Julian’s body with his soul. They deny knowing about the Phoenix Stone and she says it’s stuffed full of old vampire souls. She says all they did was jam a vampire soul into his body – they didn’t raise Oscar from the dead. They’re alarmed. Damon calls Bonnie to ask about Jo and Alaric. Then he says she needs to tell Ric that’s not Jo. He explains it’s not a resurrection stone, it’s a holding cell for vampire souls and one is in Oscar and one is in Jo now.

Damon tells Bonnie to tell Oscar then get out of that house fast. He says he’s trying to be a better person. Enzo tells Bonnie he found more blood for Oscar then asks where she found the stone and says Lily has been looking for one like it. Oscar says he’s not going back and tries to bite Bonnie. Enzo beats him down and Bonnie admits that Oscar is not himself. Oscar goes nuts and says that’s not his name and he realizes he can use magic. Bonnie tells Enzo to run. Enzo grabs the stone and is behind her.

Alaric asks Jo if she wants to take a walk to try and stir memories. She’s holding a gun and asks what happened and is now looking at the bloody wedding dress. She asks again what happened. He says her brother stabbed her and he couldn’t get her to the hospital in time. He says he’ll explain it later and then says it’s crazy and she needs time to process. Jo remembers being stabbed in the heart. He says no it was from behind. She says she was stabbed in the heart and hyperventilates.

Jo holds up the gun and says stay away then runs out. Stefan and Valerie look through all the coffins and he asks why Valerie worked that vervain spell on Caroline. She asks if he wants to hear that she’s evil and likes people to suffer. He says she turned his life upside down back then and has gone after his GF now. Stefan finds a locked coffin and they drag it out. She works a spell to unseal it. She opens it and there he is. Damon comes over and says he doesn’t look dead.

She says his body was preserved with magic. She spits on Julian then dumps gas on him and starts a fire spell. It sparks out and won’t restart. Nora and Mary Louise are there and Damon says now it’s a party – the mean girls are here. They call Lily over and tell her that Valerie is over here trying to kill the love of your life. Valerie stares down at Julian and closes the coffin. She tells Nora and Mary to meet her in the car. She tells Oscar that they used the ring Valerie left to find him.

Valerie says Julian is a monster and bringing him back will destroy them all. She says Lily is blinded by love. Stefan tells Lily he knows she’s angry. Lily says Valerie is lying and Damon asks what they’re missing and asks who this guy is. Lily says this is the love of her life and the one she waited for. She says he makes her better. She asks Damon if he gets that and he says he does. Valerie tells Bo to stop and says Julian will ruin them but they take the coffin out.

Valerie tells Damon and Stefan that Lily gave Kai the idea to put Elena in that sleeping beauty spell. Damon grabs his mother by the throat but then Bo comes at him to defend her. Bonnie and Enzo hide in a room and she magically seals the door. Bonnie says to give her the stone back and Enzo asks why she wants it. She explains what it is and he says Julian’s soul is there and Bonnie says he doesn’t want Lily to have it so she doesn’t bring back her vampire BF.

Bonnie says Oscar is coming and he busts into the door and chokes her. She tells him Enzo has it and runs out while Oscar is focused on Enzo. Stefan calls out to Valerie in the wake of the destruction. Stefan tells Damon to calm down but he wants to rip out their mother’s heart for what she did to Elena. Damon says screw his new leaf, he won’t let his mother walk away after what she did. Stefan says to chill out while he finds Valerie. Damon says he’s good and tells Stefan to go on. Damon walks away.

Oscar beats on Enzo and demands the stone. Enzo throws scissors into his throat then he throws the stone so Oscar goes for it which gives Enzo a chance to put a stake through him. He keeps coming but then dies and Enzo reclaims the stone saying finders, keepers. Stefan finds Valerie and pulls wooden fragments out of her body. She says he hates her and he says he just wanted to know the truth. She says he still doesn’t know. She says she was coming back for him. He asks what happened.

She says Julian caught her trying to leave and says she was pregnant. She says she wanted to tell him in person and says they had spent so little time together so she wasn’t sure he would want the baby. She says Julian made sure there was no baby anymore. He asks what Julian did. She says she kept that secret all these years then tells him she’s sorry. Stefan is stunned to sadness. Oscar lies dead and Enzo says Oscar died at Valerie’s hand two nights ago then Bonnie and Damon brought him back with this.

Lily holds out her hand for the Phoenix Stone. Enzo says he’s not comfortable with her bringing this guy back. He says he’s asking her to choose between them. Lily touches his face and looks sad. She takes the stone and says please understand. Enzo walks away. Bonnie is boozing then calls Ric to tell him that’s not Jo inside her body. Ric says Jo ran off. She explains their mistake and says it doesn’t resurrect the dead, it’s a stone full of souls. Ric can’t believe it but Bonnie insists.

She says she put someone else in Jo’s body and she’s really sorry. She asks him to meet her and Damon but he ends the call. He finds Jo on the street and says he wants to talk. She is staring at herself in the reflection. She hands him the gun and says she has no idea how to use it anyway. She says this world is unfamiliar to her and she doesn’t know him or even her own face. Ric says she’s not his wife. She says she doesn’t think she is then asks who is she.

Ric says he doesn’t know but says she’s not alone and promises to help her and they will figure this out. He takes her hand. They walk back to his place. Caroline calls Stefan to ask if she needs to change their dinner reservation. He says it’s complicated and she says Bonnie filled her in. He says he’ll make up to her missing their date and she asks if there’s anything else she should no. Stefan lies and says no and they agree to see each other tomorrow.

He’s with Valerie still and he says he’s sad about what was taken from him and says he’s going to kill Julian for what she did. He says he’s sorry she went through this alone. She says she wanted to tell him then she died. She says she killed herself and didn’t know she had vampire blood in her system. She says she was a far cry from the girl he met at the fair when she took her own life. She says it’s funny how one event can change her own life – she asks him not to tell anyone. He promises.

Stefan says he would have wanted that child with her. He tells her to choose a guest room and she can stay the night but Valerie says she needs to run far and fast. He says Damon won’t let Lily get her hands on the stone and he promises to kill Julian if Lily brings him back. At that moment, Lily is raising Oscar. Damon tells Bonnie that Lily was the brains behind Kai’s torture spell against Elena. Bonnie is furious too. Lily and the other heretics work the spell on Julian.

Damon says he wants Lily to have Julian back in her arms and let Lily taste true happiness. Julian’s eyes open. Lily says his name and asks if it’s him. He speaks her name and pulls her to him. Damon says he’s going to rip Julian’s head off right in front of her and break her spirit. Bonnie says so much for his new leaf. Bonnie says he’s doing right and Damon says he’s glad she’s on the crazy train with him and they toast with shots.