The Vampire Diaries Recap – Liz Laid to Rest: Season 6 episode 15 “Let Her Go”

The Vampire Diaries Recap - Liz Laid to Rest: Season 6 episode 15 "Let Her Go"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Thursday February 19, season 6 episode 15 called “Let Her Go,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Elena [Nina Dobrev[ becomes concerned when she notices a strange change in Caroline’s behavior.

On the last episode, Jeremy reminisced with Elena on his last day in Mystic Falls; Stefan and Caroline grow closer when they prepared Caroline’s family cabin for her mother to live out her final days; Sheriff Forbes turned to Damon to help solve one of her remaining open cases involving Elena’s parents; Enzo lures Matt and Sarah into a dangerous plan. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Elena becomes concerned when she notices a strange change in Caroline’s behavior; Alaric gets wary when Kai turns to Jo for help; Matt and Tyler contemplate a major life change; Damon deals with painful memories involving his mother; Bonnie finds herself in an unfamiliar situation.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 6 episode 15 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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On #VampireDiaries, Liz comforts little Caroline when she crashes her bike and gets a boo boo. Caroline asks if she’s going to do but Liz says no. She asks Liz if she’s going to do but her mom says she won’t for a long, long time. Caroline asks what if her mom dies and she’s not here. Liz says she’ll be grown by then and won’t need her but Caroline says she’ll always need her and hugs her mom. Now, Caroline wakes and sees everyone else crashed in the living room. She looks at Stefan then walks out.

She finds Damon working on her mom’s eulogy in the kitchen. Caroline says today is going to be the worst day of her life and doesn’t want to start it by bonding with Damon. He says no offense and then tells her that today and tomorrow will be a cake walk. He says the worst will be next week when there’s nothing to distract her from her grief. She thanks him for the tip and goes. Caroline makes a checklist of tasks she needs to get done and hands out the list to everyone who volunteered to help.

She says she and Elena are casket shopping and they head out. Bonnie is on day 278 of her prison and is back with the Canadian head stone and says she has her magic back and is headed home as soon as possible. Jo is barfing and tells Alaric this is gross. She says they haven’t been dating long enough for this. She says she’s dying and curses the Thai food. He says they can skip the funeral, but she won’t hear that. Kai is at the door and Damon goes to shut it on him.

Kai says he really needs to see Jo. She asks what he wants. He says he called to tell her he’s sick but she hung up. He says the merge really wasn’t done right and says he’s even a little nice now but was waiting for the other shoe to drop. He’s vomiting too and Ric hands him a container to hurl into. Kai says they don’t have food poisoning, he says he’s defective and that’s why she’s sick. He says he feels like he’s dying and if he dies, the whole coven will die along with him. He asks her to fix him.

Damon dresses for Liz’s funeral and thinks back to his mom’s funeral. He ties a tie on a much younger Stefan who asks if Damon completed his speech. Stefan says their mother’s angel told him that everything will be all right. He says she visited in his sleep and Damon says he must have missed it. He gets Stefan ready and sends him off. Now, Stefan stands behind him reflected in the mirror and asks about the eulogy.

Stefan says he needs advice and asks Damon not to be a dick about it. He says something happened between he and Caroline right before Liz died and he doesn’t know how to handle it. Damon tells him to pull the ripcord. He says Stefan wouldn’t ask if she was the one and both times with someone wearing Elena’s face. He asks if this feels like that. Damon says Caroline wants the real deal and if it’s not real for Stefan, he has to pull the ripcord but tells Stefan not to do it today.

Caroline gets condolences from Ms McGruder and Elena shuffles her off. Elena tells Caroline to work up some prepared responses to different categories of people. Caroline tells her she kissed Stefan but hasn’t talked to him about it. Elena says to let that wait for tomorrow but Caroline says she needs to know today. They head off to the next task on the list. Jo examines a terrible looking Kai. She jokingly asks if he’s pregnant and he asks if Ric needs to be there and calls him baby boo.

Ric says deal with it. Jo says there’s nothing medically wrong and Kai says – duh – he’s magically diseased. Then he starts puking blood and Kai grabs her accidentally but says he feels better. He tells Jo he needs her magic. He asks her to put it in a bed pan or teddy bear and let him have it so they can both survive. Kai reminds an angry Ric that if he dies, so does Jo and that if he dies, all the prison worlds collapse. Ric is worried about the plural of world and Kai asks if no one mentioned that.

Bonnie has magic, the ascendant and the eclipse and is ready to go back home when the world she’s in shifts and the eclipse disappears. She stares up in shock as snow showers down on her – this should not be going on in the time prison she’s in. Damon rants to Elena about Liz asking him to write the eulogy. He says he’s not a nice person and suggests this was a last gag by Liz. Elena tells him this is about Caroline, not him and kisses his cheek.

He thinks back to his mom’s funeral and standing with Stefan by her grave. Stefan asks why Damon missed his speech and he tells his little brother he didn’t know what to say. Stefan cries and tells him he could have just said goodbye. Now, the memory inspires Damon to begin writing. Jo tells Ric she doesn’t have a choice but to give Kai her magic. He says martyrs caving to the bad guys never works out in this world. He says if she wants to fight to keep her magic, he’ll stand with her.

He says if she gives it up, he loved her when she wasn’t a witch and will still love her regardless. She smiles at him. The funeral is beginning. Caroline stands looking at her mom in her coffin. Stefan comes in and speaks her name. He asks if she’s all right. She says she’s fine all things considered. She looks at her mom and Stefan asks if she’s sure. She says no then I don’t know. She says just now she was supposed to put him into a category so she knew what to say to him but didn’t know what category he didn’t want to be put in.

She says this is an inappropriate time to get to the bottom of that. She offers to list the categories. Stefan says he wants to talk to her about this but later when they’re alone and this day is done. She apologizes and he pulls her into a hug and tells her to not be sorry. He says they can talk when this is all over. He walks away. Her mom lies at rest in her dress police uniform and Caroline touches her mom’s badge. She starts to cry. Elena is there and says everyone is ready. Caroline says okay.

Caroline tells Liz that she’s going to be all right. She says everything will be fine after today. Bonnie is freaking out and wonders what snowy hell dimension she’s in. She looks around and sees a green light – it looks much like the Northern Lights. She goes to the house under the sky lights and heads inside. She finds an oil lamp and sees handwritten notes about the Northern Lights, a plague and sees the year 1903. Is she in someone else’s prison?

Tyler is late and Matt notices that he’s drunk. Matt says he can’t go in like that and Tyler says to back off, he’s not missing the funeral. Matt shoves him back and says Caroline does not deserve Tyler bringing his crap into her mom’s funeral. Matt walks in without him. The preacher starts the service. Elena holds Caroline’s hand. Officers come down and drape Liz’s coffin with a flag. They then do the last call over the police radio band. Too sad.

Damon comes to the dais. He says Liz was his friend and she asked him to pass a message to Caroline in her last moments. He says he told her to tell Caroline herself but she didn’t get that chance. He tells Caroline that her mom said she was so proud of her and calls Caroline a beautiful, strong woman, a generous friend and a bright light in a sea of darkness. He says Liz said Caroline was extraordinary and says Caroline is and so was Liz. He says Liz was a hero to him.

Damon says goodbye Sheriff, you will be missed. Caroline stands and thanks everyone for coming. She says – this is for my mom – and starts to sing Sam Baker’s Go In Peace. She sings out strong and pure. Caroline thanks well wishers that offer condolences at the Grill where everyone has gathered. Tyler tells Matt he’s sober and asks him to not make him leave. Matt consents and says they’ve all been through so much. Matt says watching the cops honor Liz made him want to join up. He says he got the forms for an officer training program. He says he also got an application for Tyler.

Caroline puts on her coat and Elena asks if she’s leaving. Elena offers to walk her home but Caroline says she needs to be alone tonight. She hugs Elena and thanks her for everything she did today and says she’ll never forget it. She tells Elena she’ll be fine and that she just needs to get through today. Elena looks thoughtful as she leaves. Bonnie is checking out the house and sees a photo of Stefan and Damon – an old Civil War era photo. She says – oh my God.

Jo tells Kai that he, the coven and the prison world thanks him. Ric asks about the prison world and Kai says it has a bunch of crappy people in it like him. He tells Jo she never liked being a witch anyway. She tells him to shut up and takes his head in her hands and chants. Bonnie runs out of the house when it starts to shake and finds herself back in the woods of her former prison. She runs for the cave to complete the ritual while the eclipse is still in the sky.

Jo chants and Bonnie is experiencing all kinds of crazy. Bonnie says she can get out of there and cuts her hand with the ascendant. She says come on – then starts chanting. A light opens above her. She sees someone else approaching her who asks who she is. Bonnie asks who she is but then Bonnie is pulled away in a flash of bright light. Jo is done and Kai smiles and thanks her. He congratulates her then whispers into her ear. He touches her face, calls her Sissy and tells her to have a good life.

Ric steps closer and asks what he said. Jo says he told her the reason that she’s sick is not food poisoning – she’s says Kai told her she’s pregnant. Jo says she doesn’t know what to do with that. Ric says – marry me and she says no then calls it a pity proposal. She says she doesn’t even know if she wants kids but he has a ring out. He says he bought it the day after her brother died because he knew life is too short. He says he was going to propose that morning but then she started puking.

Ric comes closer and says they can talk about choices but he would love to have this baby with her. He says it’s something he never thought he’d have. He says it’s not a pity proposal. He says he loves her, drops to one knee and opens the box to show her a beautiful ring. He says – marry me. She sits down in shock and says she can’t believe this. She asks if he’s sure and he says at least 92%. She says yes and hugs him.

Damon sits at the bar drinking when Stefan sits and tells him it was a nice speech. He asks what broke the writer’s block and he says he needed to be reminded the goodbye wasn’t about him. Damon tells Stefan he failed him by not giving the eulogy at their mother’s funeral and didn’t want to fail anyone today. Stefan says he thinks Damon is wrong about Caroline. Stefan says he can’t explain what he feels for Caroline but it is something.

Stefan says he thinks this could turn into something even better than any love he’s had before. Damon tells him to stop wasting his time there with him and says Caroline could use a piece of news like that today. Stefan leaves. Caroline comes home carrying the folded flag from her mom’s funeral. She closes the door and looks around the room. She takes off her coat then touches her mom’s sweater. She sniffs it and tries to keep from crying.

She arranges some things then hears a sound. She says – Elena, I said I was fine. Elena tells her she doesn’t believe her. Elena says something has been bugging her all day. She says Caroline was packing this all in like she had somewhere to be with no regard for tomorrow. Elena says she realized Caroline doesn’t want to feel tomorrow because she’s going to turn it all off. Caroline says she thought she could get through the rough patch then pick herself up but says Damon made her realize it’s going to get worse.

Caroline says she didn’t even think their worse and it’s better this way. Elena says nothing is better about flipping your humanity switch. Caroline says it doesn’t have to be that way and says she’s always had much more control over her vampire nature than Elena has. Caroline says Elena couldn’t handle the pain when Jeremy died so she turned it off. She says Damon died and she wiped out her memories. Elena says those were two huge mistakes.

Caroline says when Elena came out the other side, the worst of the pain would be gone. Elena asks if Stefan had said the right thing, would that help. Caroline says it doesn’t matter because he didn’t. Caroline cries and says her mom is dead and it hurts so bad she can’t breathe. She tells Elena she can’t do worse and shouldn’t have to. Elena says it’s not fair and she gets that. She holds Caroline while she cries and Elena begs her not to do this.

Caroline cries then snaps Elena’s neck. She lets her BFF tumble to the floor and says – that’s not your choice to make. Damon tries to call Elena then sees pancakes on the table and Bonnie in the kitchen. He holds out his arms and she runs to him and leaps into his arms. He says – you made it. Stefan comes to Caroline’s and apologizes for barging in. He sees Elena slumped on the floor and checks on her. He calls out for Caroline – no answer.

Bonnie tells Damon about his house and the 1903 prison world. She shows him video footage and the woman that was there before she got out. Bonnie freezes the footage and he says – oh my God, it’s my mother. WOW! Did not see that one coming!