The Voice 2015 Recap 2/24/15: Season 8 Episode 2 “The Blind Auditions #2”

The Voice 2015 Recap 2/24/15: Season 8 Episode 2 "The Blind Auditions #2"

Tonight on NBC the Emmy award winning music competition The Voice returns with an all new Monday February 24, season 8 episode 2 called, “The Blind Auditions #2,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the blind auditions continue.

On the last episode in the season eight premiere, the “blind auditions” were held in front of the celebrity panel of musician coaches, including Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams, who each picked vocalists for their individual teams. Did you watch the last season episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Fox synopsis, “The “blind auditions” continue and are held in front of a celebrity panel of musician coaches including, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams. The strongest vocalists from across the country compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to win the title of being named “The Voice.”

Tonight’s Season 8 Episode 2 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on season 8 of The Voice.

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#VoicePremiere is back for night two of the blind auditions. Last night, all the judges but Adam Levine scored team members. He was so frustrated. Pharrell has three artists, Christina Aguilera has two and Blake Shelton has three. Adam is feeling bad for himself and it’s kind of funny to watch. Tonight, one performer will get the fastest four chair turn in The Voice history.

Anthony Riley from Philly is up first. He’s 27 and grew up singing at home, at school and anywhere he could. He’s been a street performer in NY and Philly for the last seven years. Anthony performs James Brown’s I Feel Good. Everybody turns their chair within moments. Then he dances and the crowd goes insane. Blake says he had him at “ha.”

Blake says he may be in over his head but then says he’s not. He says it was perfect, amazing dance moves that remind him of himself. Pharrell says it was electric and he has a big spirit. Anthony says he likes all music, even country but wants to do soul. Pharell says he loves soul too. Adam woos him too and then Blake says he shouldn’t bother with Adam and should choose him.

The judges all try hard to get Anthony but he chooses Pharrell. Anthony tells Carson that Pharrell is a creative genius and that’s why he picked him. Next is Gabriel Wolfchild from Seattle. They are typical Seattle hippy types who let their kids pick their names and run a non-denominational church in Seattle. He went to art school and says he started playing music there. He does indie folk stuff.

Gabriel sings Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice. Adam turns around rapidly after just a few words. Blake turns a minute later. Christina looks over at Blake’s expression then also turns her chair. Pharrell never turned. Adam is on his feet applauding and so is Blake who says he just sang like a real singer. He tells Pharrell to get out and Pharrell says he knew he wouldn’t pick him.

Adam says he’s the coolest dude ever and says he likes the folk thing and says he belongs on his team since they’re both sensitive guys. Adam says he loves you. Blake says Gabriel sings into people’s hearts. Christina says he sold it with the instrument and says he would be a one of a kind for her and she would cater to his sound.

Pharrell asks what his spirit says and Gabriel says he would have gone with him. Pharrell tells him to go with his spirit and Christina tells her section to yell for her. It works and Gabriels chooses her. Adam is shocked that he lost out on him. Christina hugs one of the fans and then cackles with glee. Adam says it’s bonkers that he doesn’t have anyone. Gabriel says he just felt like she was going to work with him.

Adam says he doesn’t know why he’s there. Christina says Gabriel’s name inspired her to name the others. She says Blake would be Inbred Moonshine, Pharrell would be Little Man Child. On the break, Blake goes to the audience to ask them to chant his name if it comes down to him against Adam. They rehearse. Next up is 16 year old Brooke Adee.

She talks about her mom having lupus and how hard it’s been on her and the family and how they moved for her health. Brooke sings Birdy’s Skinny Love. Adam turns immediately and so does Blake. Christina and Pharrell sit this one out. Adam tells Blake he’s dead. Brooke is teared up and Blake says he’s crying too. He’s floored when he hears she’s just 16.

Adam says he’s going to tell you blah blah (he does a deep Southern accent). Blake says he loved the yodel, the break in her voice and says he sees a future star in her. Adam asks if he’s done. Brooke says they remind her of Tom and Jerry. Blake says at least she didn’t say Dumb and Dumber. Adam says she’s emotionally connected and says she can win this.

Pharrell says he was intrigued and listening and then didn’t press his button. Christina says it’s a tough choice. Blake’s people chant and Adam asks where his people are. Adam begs her and holds his hands up in prayer. Brooke chooses Blake and Adam throws his pen while Blake crows in triumph. Adam tells he hates him. Brooke tells Carson it was great to be fought over.

Adam says he’s never been in a slump like this. 18 year old Dylan Dunlap is next. His absentee dad is a composer who works for films. He went to Berkley music school but had to drop out because his dad said he wouldn’t pay for his college anymore. He panhandled in LA for tuition and that’s how he was spotted to audition for The Voice. He performs Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo.

The song sounds disjointed and he sounds a little pitchy to me. I think it was a bad song choice. No one turns around. Adam says the enunciation was an issue and there were some control problems. Pharrell says his vibrato sort of fell and says he needs some precision. Christina says he should lose the instrument for the audition so he’s not so jerky with sound.

Tonya Boyd-Cannon is 35 from Mississippi. She sang in the church and has a degree in music education. She works with the New Orleans prison system and their prison choir. She says society wrote them off but she’s inspired by their stories. Tonya says they lost everything in Katrina, including all of her daughter’s birth pictures.

Tonya performs Pharrell’s Happy. Adam turns and is grooving as she sings. Christina and Pharrell turn when she hits a high bridge and blows it out. Only Blake holds out. Adam and Pharrell are on their feet as she ends. Christina says it was so much fun and says she got lost in it. She says she’s ready for her. Pharrell says she took chances and that does it for him. He says that run at the end was beautiful.

Adam says there were 58 seconds between when he pushed his and they pushed theirs. He says it doesn’t matter but it totally does. He says there are more reasons why she should go with Christina because of girl power and Pharrell because she sang his song. He says he knows Blake isn’t on her list at all. He says it makes no sense to go with him which is why she should.

The audience claps and Blake asks what the hell that is. Tonya chooses Adam. Blake puts his hands over his eyes. Adam goes to give her a big hug and he says she’s bad ass and a great performer. He says Blake won’t win this year and Pharrell says he’ll look to steal her later. Tonya says Adam is a risk taker and will let her go where she needs to.

Blake goes outside on a break to stir the pot. He tells Christina they need to get under Pharrell’s skin and mess with him. She says they have to break up his quiet mojo. Then Blake goes to Pharrell and says Christina is coming after him and says he’s screwed. Back from the break, we’ll see if Blake’s evil plotting sows discord and lets him get some other artists.

21 year old Joe Tolo is a Somoan living in California. His mom was a single mother to eight kids after his dad split on them. He says singing was a getaway from their problems. He’s in college and went to The Voice boot camp experience. He brought his dad back for the audition to be there with him and his mom. Joe says he’ll be thrilled with even one coach turning their chair.

Joe is performing To Love Somebody by the Bee Gees. Christina turns right away. He hits a really high note and Blake turns his chair. Then he hits an amazing falsetto. Pharrell and Adam didn’t turn. Blake says wow. Christina asks him to hit the high note again and he does. Adam says he should be on Christina’s team for sure. Pharrell says he didn’t turn because he knew he should be Christina’s.

Adam says both he and Pharrell are endorsing Christina. Christina tells Joe they’re a match made in heaven. He says he wants to do soul and she says they can do great things then asks Blake if he sings soul. Adam says Blake doesn’t even have a soul. Blake tells her to stop kicking him in the throat. He says he won’t break out in harmony with him because it’s not Grease.

He reminds Joe that Christina has never won The Voice. Christina says Blake is tired and he says the ear that’s on her side is tired. Joe chooses Christina. She tells Blake – yeah – and gives him attitude then goes to hug Joe. She says he’s a perfect vocalist. Blake says he’s sad about missing out on him since he has good range. He says he’s tired of the other coaches ganging up on him.

Next is Drew Parker from Conniving, GA. He’s been singing in churches all over the state since he was a kid. He works as an x-ray technician and now an angiographer to help out when the music won’t pay the bills. He says his brother was in the hospital a lot as a child and that inspired him to want to serve people. Drew sings Workin’ Man Blues by Merle Haggard. No one turns their chairs.

Blake says he’s a solid country singer and says when Merle sang the song he sounded tired. He says he should think about the message. Christina says he has solid vocals but she was looking for something unique to get her to push the button. Pharrell says he needs to get in touch with his feelings to make good song selections.

Next up is Mia Z who is 15 and from Pittsburgh. Her whole family are performers and she sings blues with them. She has a band with her family and they perform on the weekends. Her Uncle Jay says she has something like Christina. Mia is doing a BB King song The Thrill Is Gone. Blake turns when she spikes an incredible high note. She hits a note that would break glass and Blake tells Pharrell now when he reaches for his button.

Pharrell turns anyway. Christina and Adam didn’t turn. Blake asks why Pharrell turned and then Christina tries to hit her button. They are stunned she’s only 15 and Christina is bummed when she hears she’s from Pittsburgh. Blake says she hit a note that bees can’t hit and Adam says every dog on the planet heard it. Blake says her lower register has sizzle and then that whistle tone.

He says he’s never heard a performance like that. Adam says she’s too good to sing with that affectation and sauce but Blake says extra sauce please. Pharrell says her range is insanity and it’s ironic that she picked that song and says the thrill is right there. He says it’s exciting for him as a coach that she’s young.

She says she wants to sing blues and Blake says blues and country music are first cousins then jokes that he loves his first cousins. Pharrell says R&B makes sense to come to him and says she’s in his wheelhouse. Mia Z chooses Pharrell. He says she has a unique tone and does bottle rocket notes. Blake says that was one of the best blind auditions he’s ever seen and she’s the one who got away from him.

Blaze Johnson is 23 and is from the Bahamas originally. He says his dad was a janitor at his school and it just broke his heart. He says he auditioned for the school play but was rejected because he was so different and from someplace else. That turned him off music but his dad encouraged him not to quit. They eventually moved back to the Bahamas after he graduated but then he came back to Ohio.

Blaze says he’s going to surprise them because he doesn’t look like what he sounds like. He’s performing How to Save a Life by The Fray. Adam turns almost immediately. Blake turns after a bit. Blaze hits a big note at the end. Adam says that’s the coolest name he’s heard in his life and says he’s just Adam. Pharrell says he needs to go with Little Blaze once he says that.

Blake says he went for that big note and he could just see his chest swell out with air. He says he can be his own security when he makes it. Adam says it’s a terrible idea to go with Blake. Adam says he and the guy that sings the original is nothing like him and that’s why he wants him – to be outside the box with him. Blaze thanks them and then chooses Adam who is thrilled.

Adam says that he’s happy to beat Blake but also was excited when he saw how different Blaze looked from how he sang and says that’s great. Christina tells Blake he didn’t try hard enough and Blake says he wishes his name was Blaze. He says Blaze is a big old teddy bear and he wants to cuddle him. Bryan Pierce is 39 and from Charlotte, North Carolina. He has a hipster vibe.

He was raised by a poor single mom. He says they lived in a tent for a while and says he’s eaten out of a garbage can. He did construction for more than a decade and promised himself that one day he’d pay his bills by singing. Bryan sings Elton John’s Rocket Man. He has a nice voice but he seems pitchy. No one turned. Blake says he’s sorry and says he was shake in some points and strong in others.

Christina says she’s torn because some of his runs are accurate. Pharrell says he wished he had pressed the button but says with your back turned you hear with a magnifying glass. Pharrell says he wished he had seen him to see just how different he was. Bryan says he can tell he had some trouble spots and says he’s going to go work on the notes.

Last of the night is rodeo singer Deanna Johnson who also tried out on season five. She didn’t have a lot of experience the last time she was there and was really nervous. Blake told her to come back and try again. She says she came home and didn’t want to feel at first. Her dad encouraged her to sing at church and that built her confidence. She says her dad set up a studio in the basement and says he’s helped her a lot.

Deanna is singing Kodaline’s All I Want. Blake turns then Pharrell and Christina. Adam stares at the others faces then he turns too. She got all four. She’s thrilled. Blake says he knows her. Adam asks how many chairs turned the first time she was there and she says none and he says she got four. He says he’s so pleased that she was able to do that and says it’s an amazing job.

Blake says there is no one to compare her to and with her range and says she’s not bad looking. Blake says she’s a star and says she doesn’t want to go with the little people since she’s tall. Christina says not to get sucked in by his accent then she does a southern. Pharrell wants to go see how tall she is in case she doesn’t pick him. Adam says the hat gives him a foot.

He pulls off his hat and holds it to his heart and says “ma’am.” Pharrell says he wasn’t there before and wouldn’t have let her go by. Christina says she came out like a rock star and owned it all. Adam says she needs a little bit of work and he will make her better. He says he’ll put himself on the line saying it because not everyone likes to hear that.

Blake and Christina have the audience chanting but Deanna chooses Adam. Blake is floored. He says Team Adam is making a gorgeous comeback. Deanna says she picked Adam because she wants someone who will be honest with her and work with her. Adam comes back to stand in front of Blake and winds his hand up and says HA and puts it in his face.