The Voice 2015 Recap – Adam Does Naughty Things to Blake’s Chair: Season 8 Episode 11 – The Knockouts Premiere, Part 3

The Voice 2015 Recap - Adam Does Naughty Things to Blake's Chair: Season 8 Episode 11 - The Knockouts Premiere, Part 3

Tonight on NBC the Emmy award winning music competition The Voice returns with an all new Monday March 30, season 8 episode 11 called, “The Knockouts Premiere, Part 3” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the knockout round continues.

In the last episode of The Voice, the second part of the “knockout rounds” took place. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “The “knockout rounds” continue with coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Pharrell Williams’ strongest team members remaining from the battle rounds. The artists will be paired against a teammate once more, but this time they will each select their own song to perform individually, while their direct competitor watches and waits. Music phenomenon Nate Ruess [fun.] will serve as a key adviser and be on hand to work with all of the coaches and their teams as they prepare the artists for this challenge. The coaches alone will choose the winner from their team to move on to the live shows and the artist not selected will be available to be stolen by another coach. Carson Daly”

Tonight’s Live season 8 episode 11 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 8 of The Voice.

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On the final night of #VoiceKnockouts, Nate Ruess is back to help coach the artists. First up is Team Adam with Barry Minniefield versus Tonya Boyd-Cannon. Both of these singers have huge voices so this should be epic. Tonya has chosen I Wish by Stevie Wonder. Nate tells her to let loose and bring down the house. Barry decides to sing What You Won’t Do for Love by Bobby Caldwell. One is going for very groovy and the other for a big booming number.

Tonya is up first and her voice is rich and clear. The crowd absolutely loves it and are on their feet cheering as she finishes. Now it’s Barry’s turn and his voice sounds incredible. He’s really pushing the limits of his range. It’s lovely. Blake says they are an act and could tour together. He says he has literally no idea who to pick and says Adam should just quit. Christina say they’re both crazy talented. Pharrell says he loves what they both represent and can’t make a choice.

He says he wishes he had a steal. Adam tells them they’re both having fun and says no one knew Barry could hit those high notes full voice – no falsetto. Adam says he knows Tonya really appreciates this. Blake asks what he’s going to do and Adam says he’s going to be beat Blake’s giant a**. He asks if he can send Blake home instead and then he finally chooses Tonya to move forward. Barry is leaving The Voice and the crowd applauds him out.

Adam comes to talk to Tonya’s parents and then that puts Tonya as the first in the playoffs. Adam goes to Blake’s chair, rubs his butt on the seat rest, kicks his stuff off and steals Blake’s cushion. Blake comes back and Adam tells him to shut up then gives back the cushion. Blake puts it back together then Adam knocks some more stuff off. Next is a Team Blake knockout of Brooke Adee versus Kelsie May. Kelsie decides to sing Taylor Swift’s Tim McGraw.

Blake says Taylor will be happy since she watches the show. Blake says she loves traditional country music and she’s stepping out of her comfort zone with this. Blake says she’s going sharp and has never heard that before. He says there’s not a place for a big note at the end. He tells her to sing it like a story. Nate agrees and says she was sharp the whole time. He tells her not to overthink. Brooke is next and says she’s singing Electric Feel by MGMT. She forgets the lyrics partway through.

They give her some notes and Nate says to use the stage more. Blake tells her she has more potential than he had any clue about. Blake says Brooke blew him away and says this may be tough for Kelsie. It’s Knockout time and Kelsie is up first singing Tim McGraw. It still sounds like her nerves are getting the best of her. Her voice is a bit shaky and sharp. Brooke, on the other hand, kills it. For me, it’s a clear win for Brooke.

Christina says they both have different strengths. She says Brooke has a great chest voice but Kelsie is sweet and pure in her voice. Pharrell says Brooke is a catch and he loves that she did that song on the show. Blake says Brooke’s performance was all in the pocket and was good singing. Then Blake says Kelsie is memorable but made a couple of small mistakes. Adam says he likes seeing Blake squirm. Blake finally chooses Brooke as the winner.

This decision gives Blake his locked in team for the next round. He has Brooke Adee, Corey Kent White, Meghan Linsey, Sarah Potenza and Hannah Kirby. Blake says he thinks he has five people that can win this. Christina is with Nate as she works with India Carney versus Joe Tolo. India is singing Big White Room by Jessie J. Christina works with her on belting her high notes and not letting self doubt get to her.

Joe has decided to sing One of Us by Joan Osborne. He’s up first on the Knockout show. Christina cheers him as he hits his high note. The crowd loves it. Now it’s India’s turn and hers is also very nicely done. Pharrell says they both had breakthrough moments. Adam tells Christina good luck deciding this one. Blake tells Joe he has a powerful voice that fills the room but says he would give it to India for her otherworldly quality. Christina says she’s giving it to India. The crowd goes nuts.

Next up is a Team Pharrell Knockout with Lowell Oakley versus Jacob Rummell. Up first is Jacob who says he wants to be a new type of crooner. He says Pharrell is his life mentor. He says he’s doing My Girl by The Temptations. Pharrell and Nate give him some notes on how to slow down and play the room. Pharrell says he can even dedicate it to his girl if he wants to. Jacob has decided to sing Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes.

Jacob sings first and his voice is so high and clear it’s startling. Next is Lowell with his dedication to his girl back home. Both numbers get a nice amount of audience applause. Adam tells Jacob he has a great voice and skills they haven’t seen yet. Adam says he sees Lowell’s acting overplay his singing. Blake says he thinks the world of Jacob and says he has an incredible voice. Christina says she was down with Jacob’s party and says it was well executed and he was having fun.

Christina says Lowell was a little more calculated but it missed the mark for her today. Pharrell tells Jacob he sang clearly and with great tone and is always looking to see if he will show more colors. He tells Lowell his rehearsal was better than the performance. Pharrell says he knows exactly what he and Lowell could do so this is tough. Pharrell ultimately chooses as the winner Lowell. That’s a surprise. I really like Jacob. Lowell is thrilled and says he knows Pharrell took a big chance on him.

Pharrell now has his five locked down for the next stage. He’s got Sawyer Fredericks, Lowell Oakley, Caitlin Caporale, Mia Z and Koryn Hawthorne. He says his team knows who they are and what they want. Next up is another Team Xtina Knockout with Rob Taylor versus Treeva Gibson. Rob is excited to meet Nate and says he’s chosen Love and Happiness by Al Green. Nate says his falsetto is awesome. Nate says the rehearsal was awesome and Christina says to engage the audience.

Next out is Treeva who has chosen Chasing Pavements by Adele. Christina says she likes to hear her belt. Nate says she’s showing her range and Christina says it’s hard to come back down to rich lower tones. Nate takes the mic and sings the song and dances around and shows her how to do it. He then says he regretted moving that much and says he felt like a car sales blow up thing. Christina tells her to let her guard down and share.

Rob kills it and his final falsetto was brilliant. The crowd was on its feet. I thought Treeva was a little pitchy and shaky. Pharrell tells Rob he made a great song chance and did the false and whistle perfectly. Pharrell says Treeva was shaky at time and would go with Rob. Adam says Rob’s falsetto is so powerful and he loves his animate. Adam tells Treeva that Adele is super hard but says she jumped a relaly high note that makes her someone to watch.

Blake says Rob had him from the first note but says Treeva did a nice job too. Christina says they worked hard to get Treeva out of her shell and she was proud to see her do it. Christina says Rob really made the song his own. Christina says she has to go with Rob.

The last pairing of the Knockouts is Joshua David versus Lexi Davila. Christina has a steal left so that means she can take one of these two (as a matter of fact, I think she has to). Joshua meets Adam and Nate and says he’s singing Amos Lee’s In the Arms of a Woman. He says this one is for his wife. Adam says he loves the song but he can’t let him lull it into it and needs to add something towards the end. Nate says to watch for the growl.

Lexi comes out to work with them next and says she’s singing Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding. Nate says he’s covered it before and says not to overthink it. She does her rehearsal and Adam says she has a beast inside her. Nate says he didn’t know she had that and says people kill for that. He says the end killed and says she needs to do the beginning better. Adam says he’s happy to hear Nate says that and says it’s a major breakthrough and they tell her to sing it for them again.

Joshua sings first and he plays his guitar. His voice is so rich and has lots of layers. It’s amazing. Lexi is up next with her song and starts with an amazing falsetto. Blake tells Lexi that he wasn’t sure she could pull it off but then she did. He tells Joshua he wanted to spoon with him. Adam says to stop harassing his team. Christina says this shocked her because Joshua pulls on your heartstrings but then Lexi shocked her more and says Adam did a great job coaching her. Adam says he loves the flattery.

Christina says she thinks Lexi won this. Pharrell says Joshua’s voice feels familiar and calls it a masterful performance. Pharrell says Lexi was so accurate and overcame the nerves so he has to give it to her. Adam says this was a huge challenge to go up against Joshua who is very consistent. He says Lexi made a big pain in his ass by doing an amazing job. Adam considers and says for him he needs to go with Joshua.

Christina slaps the button to steal Lexi. That completes Christina’s team. She will be going into the finals with Lexi along with Rob Taylor, India Carney, Sonic and Kimberly Nichole. That means Adam will take Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Nathan Hermida, Brian Johnson, Joshua Davis and Deanna Johnson. That’s it for the knockouts. Next week is live rounds!