The Voice 2015 Premiere Recap – Each Coach Lands Two: Season 9 Episode 1 ‘Blind Auditions Premiere’

The Voice 2015 Premiere Recap - Each Coach Lands Two: Season 9 Episode 1 'Blind Auditions Premiere'

Tonight on NBC the Emmy award winning music competition The Voice continues with an all new Monday September 21, season 9 premiere called, “The Blind Auditions Premiere,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode season 9 opens with blind auditions. The coaches are Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is about singers that square off for a coveted recording contract in this reality talent contest from the producers of “Big Brother” and “Survivor.” Four vocal coaches mentor the contestants in three distinct competition phases: the blind auditions (during which the coaches can’t see a contestant and thereby judge them solely on their vocal talent); the battle phase (in which the contestants are advised and developed); and, lastly, the live-performance phase.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “in the season premiere, the “blind auditions” are held in front of the celebrity panel of musician coaches, including Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams, who each pick vocalists for their individual teams. The strongest vocalists from across the country compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to win the title of being named “The Voice.”

Tonight’s season 9 premiere is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on season 9 of The Voice so far.

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The #VoicePremiere begins with blind auditions. The judges this season are returning Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine and – back from seasons prior, Gwen Stefani replacing Christina Aguilera. The judges each do a number and end up together. We also get a look at some of the upcoming antics. First up on the voice is aspiring actor and singer who hopes for a shot at Blake Shelton as his coach – Mark Hood. He sings Use Me. Pharrell and Adam turn almost immediately. Gwen turns third then Blake last.

He’s excited that all but Blake are standing for him. Mark introduces himself and Adam says he loves his energy. Gwen says it was incredible and she says she likes his love for life. Pharrell says he likes his runs and then Blake says he’s like an excited little boy and says he’ll do great on the show. Mark says he wants to be John Legend meets Pharrell and Blake puts on a Pharrell hat. Mark then has to choose and selects Pharrell despite what he said earlier.

Kota Wade is next and she’s for her very supportive parents with her. They even moved to LA to help her music career. She’s in a band called Bad Wolf. She sings Bring It on Home to Me. She gets chair turns from everyone but Adam. Gwen loves her look and Kota says Gwen is a fashion inspiration. She tells Gwen she’s in a rock band and Gwen says she can see her in a band with her. Pharrell says she’s so soulful and then she’s so rock when he turned and calls her super-cool.

Blake says she’s like a modern day Cyndi Lauper and says her voice makes him smile. Blake says he knows he’s not the best coach for her on paper and Adam says Blake is a bad coach not just on paper. Kota has to choose and Adam runs to the audience and yells “Gwen” to encourage her. Kota takes Gwen and says she’s idolized the rocker/fashion click since she was five years old.

Next up is Irishman Keith Semple who’s been fronting a band in Chicago but wants a solo career. He sings I’ll Be There for You. He was on American Idol back in 2010 before but went out during Hollywood week due to some sort of immigration issue. Now he has a child and American fiancée so maybe that’s done with. He gets chair turns from Adam and Gwen. Adam says he has a powerful voice and should be on Team Adam. Gwen says he’s very different from what’s on the radio now.

Gwen says they could do fun stuff together. Pharrell says he has two good choices. Blake says you could spend all season with Gwen or Adam and Pharrell says he doesn’t know who he would pick. Blake says Pharrell is throwing Gwen under the bus. Adam says Keith will regret it if he doesn’t pick Adam. Keith goes with Adam who is overjoyed. Adam says he’s bad ass and he loves him and can’t want to work with him.

Next up is aspiring nurse and musician Alyssa Sheridan who is dedicating her song to her step dad who died during military service. She sings I Will Remember You. She doesn’t get any chair turns. Blake checks her out and says she’s really pretty. Gwen says that’s a hard song to sing and says it was a bad song choice. Adam says to keep singing and improving. Pharrell says to work on her voice and come back again and turn all the chairs.
15 year old Siahna Im is next and she’s from Seattle. She says she’s glad it’s a blind audition because when people hear her talk, they think she’s younger. Siahna sings Fever and Gwen turns immediately from just a couple of notes. Blake turns next and Gwen goes to block his chair. Pharrell turned too and Adam is the only hold out. The other three are on their feet for her. Blake asks how old she is and they are stunned by how young she is.

Gwen says she knew she was hers the first moment she heard her voice. Pharrell says there’s no doubt she’s talented and they all want her. He goes to the stage and hugs her. Adam says Blake can’t go hug her because it will look like she’s being attacked by Bigfoot. Blake says Siahna needs to develop a bullcrap meter to fight off guys like Pharrell. Blake says he will make her the star she deserves to be. Siahna chooses Pharrell but Blake says he knew she would pick him.

Kentuckian Jordan Smith is next and sings Sia’s Chandelier. He’s amazing and all the judges turn. The judges are stunned. All four are on their feet by the end. Jordan says he’s happy and scared. Gwen says that was so freaky and Pharrell says that makes is super cool. Gwen says he looks nothing like his voice and Pharrell says that’s what makes him better. Adam says he chose a super hard song to sing especially for a guy and calls it amazing.

Pharrell asks him to share his story. Jordan is from Harlan – the place where the TV show Justified was set. He says he sang at church and says she gets called ma’am on the phone. Gwen says she feels connected to him. Blake says his singing voice is unbelievable and he congratulates him on the four chair turn. Adam says he’s the most important person that’s ever been on the show. Pharrell says he loves him for his differences. Jordan chooses Adam.

Next up is a much older guy – he’s retired and then decided to pursue his long-standing dream of music. 66 year old Dr Paul hopes to get a shot at a country music career. He does Mama Tried but doesn’t get any chair turns. Adam compliments his beard and Blake says he went flat a few times but says his voice has a nice tone. Gwen says he has a cool voice. Blake says next time to do some Oak Ridge Boys.

Nadjah Nicole is up next and she talks about performing at the Apollo when she was younger and how her career was derailed by an unexpected pregnancy. She has a two year old named Journey. She sings Tightrope. When she hits a run, Adam turns then Blake at the last minute. Adam is mad and says Blake was too late and can’t have her. Pharrell says he’s upset that he let time run out and didn’t turn around and says the show needs more voices like her.

Adam says he loves that song and says Blake has no idea about who Janelle Monae is then calls Blake out for turning late. Blake says he doesn’t know who the hell Janelle is but turned around for Nadjah and says she looks and sounds like a star and says she will have an impact. Nadjah chooses Blake! Adam is floored and Blake is thrilled. He goes to give her a big hug to celebrate his first artist of the season and says a great voice is a great voice.

Next up is 15 year old Braiden Sunshine. He says it’s his real last name. He comes out with his guitar and plays and sings The Mountains Win Again. When he hits the hook, his voice really picks up and then he hits a high note. Pharrell and Gwen turn at the last minute. She and Pharrell hug it out. Gwen says she’s so happy she turned at the last second and says he’s amazing. Gwen is thrilled that his name is Sunshine. Adam says he can’t wait to watch them fight over him.

Pharrell says he sings in both octaves and plays the guitar and says there won’t be another voice like his and says he can work with him and improve his voice. Gwen says she knows how to help him and says she’s a mom of three boys and was in a band since she was a teenager. She tells him to stop looking at Pharrell. Blake says it’s like a custody battle. Braiden says it’s a tough choice then he goes with Gwen. She’s overjoyed and runs to hug him and give him a Team Gwen t-shirt.

The next artist is Michael Woolery. He’s an offspring of the famous Nelson family and his dad is Chuck Woolery. Michael talks about training for the Olympics in Sochi in skiing then a major injury ended his sports career. He says then he started focusing on music and moved to LA to chase that dream. He sings Say. He sounds a bit pitchy to me. No one turns their chairs. Adam says his confidence seems shaky and that detracted. Gwen says he was oversinging and Pharrell says to try and work in front of crowds more.

The final artist of the night is Barrett Baber from Arkansas. He talks about going to South Africa as a child on missionary trips and says it influenced him heavily. He survived an airline crash with his choir and helped people escape from the flight. He sings Angel Eyes. Blake yells out – Jeff Healey Band. Blake and Adam turn at the same moment then Gwen and Pharrell shortly afterward. Adam is on his feet by the end as Barrett breaks into a really cool falsetto.

Gwen says he’s so cute and Blake says it’s like watching a Garth Brooks concert. Blake has him do a Razorbacks call. He says he’s like to do country with soul and Adam says God Bless You. Adam says he can hear something for all the judges in his voice. He says he’s one of his favorites and asks Barrett to choose him. Gwen says she loves the drama and his personality. Pharrell says he loves his soul. Blake says he can do country anything with him. He says they can blaze a path.

Adam says he can’t let this happen and begs him to choose him and says he will destroy for him. Blake tells him to calm down. Barrett decides to go with Blake who is thrilled. Adam says it’s unbelievable and is not happy with that result.

The night ends with each coach getting two acts.