The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Who Will Be the Group’s Conscience Now That Tyreese is Dead?

The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Who Will Be the Group's Conscience Now That Tyreese is Dead?

The Walking Dead Season 5 spoilers look at who will be the moral leader of the group – their conscience now that Tyreese is dead. The loss of Tyreese was heartbreaking on the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead. We saw it coming, though, didn’t we? Look back throughout the seasons and you will see that the characters who had strong morals and an aversion to all the death and need to kill or be killed tend to be the group’s moral compass or at least the group’s conscience.

We saw that with Dale in season one and two. Dale was the voice of reason when everyone around was losing their grasp on humanity and morality. Dale was the first to speak up and denounce plans to kill another human being, even if he was a bad guy. Dale provided grounding for the group and what happened — he was killed.

Hershel became a sustaining character who, like Dale, provided moral grounding and a certain paternal protection over the group. Hershel gave the group stability, direction, and guidance. His age and sensibility allowed him to impart the wisdom that the younger group members needed to hear.

While Dale’s death was heartbreaking, Hershel’s death was simply devastating. How many fans wondered if they could even continue watching once Hershel was gone?

Enter Tyreese, a man struggling with his own beliefs of right and wrong. After Hershel’s death, Tyreese became the one who shouldered the responsibility of the group’s conscience. While others in the group would not hesitate to kill another human if it brought any benefit, Tyreese still tried to show mercy.

Now, Tyreese is gone, so who is the new successor?

Think about this progression: Dale is the moral guide then Hershel is introduced and the two of them provide that role. Dale is killed, so Hershel stands alone. Tyreese joins the fold and after Hershel dies, Tyreese steps up to show that his humanity is still intact. Enter Father Gabriel. While he may be a coward and has only shown that he is weak, he may be the one poised to step up and take over where Tyreese has left off.

So if Father Gabriel assumes the new role of moral compass and conscience, he will need to start exhibiting a greater strength of character. He started that by admitting to the group his weakness and the horrible thing he had done when the apocalypse started. He was horrified by the massacre in the church, and he made a foolish decision to sneak out of the church to see for himself that the Termites really had been chowing down on Bob.

Perhaps now he is going to develop some backbone and become the person our group of survivors needs to give them wisdom and balance in this crazy, messed up world they are living in now. Regardless, Father Gabriel is probably doomed. Especially if another character with morals is introduced, but for the time being we can only watch and see. Come back to CDL for more Season 5 The Walking Dead spoilers.