‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Ian Ward Returns to Destroy Victor – Behind Joe Clark’s Redevelopment Project?

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Ian Ward Returns to Destroy Victor - Behind Joe Clark's Redevelopment Project?

The Young and the Restless spoilers are spreading some real nasty rumors about town Real Estate broker Joe Clark [Scott Elrod]. We all know Joe came to Genoa City a few months ago to pursue a land development deal that would have the Warehouse District of the town demolished and new more modern buildings built in its place. This land includes Crimson Lights coffeehouse owned and operated by Dylan MacAvoy [Steve Burton], the boyfriend of Joe’s ex wife Attorney Avery Bailey Clark [Jessica Collins].

The majority of the GC residents are against losing this historic section of town and do not want a Redevelopment project.  The news that Victor Newman [Eric Braeden] owned that particle of land was surprising enough to his entire family. But now rumors are teasing that town villain Ian Ward [Ray Wise] hired Joe Clark and returned to Genoa City and orchestrated the whole deal to bring Victor Newman and Newman Enterprises down to its knees!

Ian supposedly hired Joe for two reason.  First to make waves with Avery and Dylan’s  engagement and impending marriage.  And secondly, to put financial stress on Newman-Chancellor so Victor may have to sell off parts of his empire just to keep afloat.  This newest YR development that Ian Ward is returning to Genoa City to cause more havoc, will be more devastating news for an already out of control Nikki Newman [Melody Thomas Scott] and the whole Newman clan.

This time around, Ian is certainly plotting his revenge on Genoa City’s finest and most powerful. The Young and the Restless spoilers rumors are also saying that once Dylan becomes aware of Joe’s involvement in bringing back the cult monster to his mother’s life, Dylan will make good on his promise to kill Joe.

Do you think Dylan will be able to go through with his plan to murder Joe?  Or will Avery save Joe and step in front of the bullet herself? February has always been considered a sweeps month for Soap Operas. This coming February promises to be one of the best sweeps months for The Young and the Restless in many years. You’re not going to want to miss a single day.



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  1. […] “The Young and the Restless” spoilers tease that the episode of the CBS soap airing on Monday February 2 will be full of exciting drama that Y&R fans will not want to miss. Rumors have been floating around for months, even before Phyllis returned to Genoa City, that Kelly Andrews (Cady McClain) was mentally unstable and eventually her crazy side would emerge. “The Young and the Restless” spoilers reveal that on Monday Ben Rayburn (Sean Carrigan) drops a major clue that the rumors may actually be true. Apparently he discusses Jack with his sister Kelly, and mentions that he doesn’t want her to hop on the crazy train again – the way she did when her first marriage fell apart. […]

  2. holla_back111 says:

    blaming everything on ian really makes no sense, I would think he would go after Mariah to be honest after that whole “marriage” insanity and hey maybe he was behind the whole sharon DNA switch a roo to, anything seems possible on this show! heck he’s probably sages daughter which would explain all those creepy and scary looks she gives just before turns around fakes up that smile she gives to nick

  3. vince says:

    Sounds so stupid, it’s probably true.

  4. […] “The Young and the Restless” spoilers have been teasing for weeks that Nikki Newman’s drinking was only going to get worse before it got any better. But, at this rate – how much worse could it get? Nikki (Melody Scott Thomas) fell off the wagon in 2014 and began drinking again when Ian Ward came to town – and since he left she has continued to turn to the bottle to cope with all of the stresses in her life, which recently have been her husband Victor Newman’s shady business dealings. […]

  5. […] Young and the Restless spoilers are releasing more shocking new rumors of the upcoming death of a resident of Genoa City. […]

  6. Carol Aldrich says:

    I am with you on that one.

  7. Carol Aldrich says:

    Yes ian should stay in prison. He is such a slime.