Under the Dome Recap 6/25/15: Season 3 Episode 1 & 2 Premiere “Move On; But I’m Not”

Under the Dome Recap 6/25/15: Season 3 Episode 1 & 2 Premiere "Move On; But I'm Not"

Tonight on CBS Under the Dome, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, returns with an all new Thursday June 25, season 3 premiere called, “Move On; But I’m Not,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode season 3 begins with residents of Chester’s Mill appearing both inside and outside the Dome following their evacuation into the tunnels beneath the town. Meanwhile, the Dome begins to reveal its ultimate agenda; and surprising alliances form as new residents emerge.

On the last episode, in the season 2 finale, a potential exit from the Dome was revealed just as the walls began closing in on those trapped in Chester’s Mill. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis “the residents of Chester’s Mill appear both inside and outside the Dome f

ollowing their mysterious encounter in the tunnels beneath the town. As the Dome begins to reveal its ultimate agenda, the townspeople are forced to question what and whom they can trust as fresh threats appear, new residents emerge and surprising alliances form.”

This is definitely one series premiere that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the every episode of season 3 Under the Dome.



#UnderTheDome begins with Melanie saying – follow me, we’re going home. She says it’s time to move on. She turns and walks into white light and fog. Barbie calls out to her and Joe says they can’t leave Julia. He says Julia told them to lead everyone out and says he’s coming back for her. He says it’s like Julia said, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. The cave starts to crack and Barbie says to stick together and move out. They all step out into the white.

Barbie looks around and doesn’t see anyone near him. He calls out to Joe and Norrie but he’s alone. He feels some sticky goo on his fingers. He hears Melanie’s words repeating about moving on and then they are all together and are in a field. He asks Joe where Melanie is but he doesn’t see her. They hear a high pitched tone and then see cracks along the dome. Norrie says they’re outside it. Joe points as lights come up and over the dome. Someone says it’s changing.

There’s an explosion of some sort of purple light then the dome seems to shatter. Joe says it’s gone. Barbie immediately runs back inside for Julia. He sees Big Jim impaled on a stick in the woods. Junior is nearby in the hole where the little dome was and then he spots legs and uncover Julia. He pulls her up and holds her to him crying. He tells her he’s there just like he promised. He says he came back for her. Looks like she’s dead though.

In Yemen, in the future, a military trick pulls up and Barbie gets out. He gets an all clear from a drone monitor then tells his crew to move with him. He tells them to watch for insurgents. They move through an area and Barbie points out a door where someone is being held. They blow it and head inside but no one is inside. He says the target is a ghost. The drone guy says hostiles are headed their way and a firefight ensues. Barbie tries to save his men.

He sneaks up behind one of the hostiles and guns him down then moves on, taking them out. He’s down to just one who says he surrenders. He drags that guy into the room and tells him he has six rounds left and says five are dummies. He asks where the hostages are. The guy says he doesn’t know and he fires and it clicks. He asks again then fires again – another dummy round. The guy says he’ll tell him and says in the textile factory and says there are six guards there. He clicks another round.

The guy gasps then laughs and says he plays games. Barbie puts a bullet in his head and they roll out. He saved the hostages and Hunter says he’s hard to kill then asks Barbie to have a drink later. He says he’s too beat. Eva thanks him and then notices a cut on his face. He says it’s an occupational hazard and he has to go get cleaned up. He’s in the shower when Eva steps inside with him. He kisses her and she asks if he wants to talk about it.

She says whatever he did to save her people, it was worth it. She says he doesn’t have to hide who he is from her, good and bad. He gets a text from Joe McAllister again and she asks shouldn’t he text him back. He says they should get some sleep. In the past, we see him cradling Julia and saying he’s there and came back for her. Now, he wakes in Yemen from the nightmare. Eva says he was saying her name again.

He apologizes then Eva says he’s been having this dream for a year and says maybe he should go back for the one year memorial to move past it. We see Julia shouting for Barbie and Junior saying he’s not coming back for them. She says they need to get across and find the others. She says they were just in front of them. Junior agrees and asks who. He pulls her up out of the hole and she says they can go to the school and get a ladder and flashlights. Junior says it’s his father but she says they need to go.

They head to the school and grab a ladder then supplies. They get flashlights, flares and head out but then Big Jim is there and holds a gun on them. He asks if the cat got stuck up in the tree. Big Jim says Junior should have killed him when he got the chance. Julia says if he was going to kill them, he would have already done it. Jim says they’re the only ones left and he needs them for repopulation. He smiles at her and asks why they need the ladder. They don’t answer and he asks again.

Jim says he has nothing but time and reminds them of the Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Meredith who was all alone after the apocalypse. He says he just wanted to read and broke his glasses. Julia says they need the ladder to get across the rift in the tunnels to find Barbie. Jim laughs and says Julia is dumb as a bag of hair. He says the dome is there to destroy them all and says all the others are dead. She says he’s wrong and Barbie is alive.

Big Jim puts a knife into her face then cuts her bonds so she’s loose and hands her the knife and says to cut Junior loose. He pulls his gun out and says she’ll end up dead as the rest of them. He says the town is his and that’s all the charity they’ll get. He says if he sees either of them again, he won’t be merciful next time. He tells them to go. They grab their bag of gear and the ladder and head out. Jim shoots Junior in the shoulder and says – now we’re even.

We see Barbie back in Chester’s Mill with Eva and Hunter. They head to the diner which is packed. Joe comes over to give him a hug. He says he’s getting taller and Joe reminds him it’s been a year. Barbie apologizes for not staying in touch. Joe says he thinks about Angie all the time but says most people also lost someone too. He says Barbie lost Julia and Melanie. He asks Joe about his college choices. Joe heads out with Ben after they agree to catch up at the memorial.

Barbie thinks he sees Melanie walking past. She’s somewhere else touching a fragment of crystallized stone and staring at Barbie’s face. Ben also saw her and he and Barbie share a look through the window of the diner. Barbie takes flowers to where he found Julia’s body and then spots Ben in the woods. He says he thought they should talk about what went down at the diner. He says he knows Barbie saw Melanie too. Barbie says she’s dead but Ben says that’s not true.

He says Barbie hasn’t been there and says things have been off since the dome went down. He says his asthma is gone, his alcoholic uncle is sober and everyone is all kumbaya. He says he knows Barbie saw her and he asks why just the two of them. Ben says he’s off meds and his head is clear. Barbie asks what he wants and Ben says to admit what he knows – that none of this is real. We see Sam at an AA meeting. He says it’s been a year and it looks like he’s in prison.

He says the 12 steps got him back on the path. He says prison has been good for him. Then he says a lawyer got in touch with him and says there was a screw up in his evidence and he might be able to get a new trial and get out. Sam says he has to make amends for what he’s done. Norrie is at a sorority and her friend tells her to call if the memorial gets rough on her. She gives Norrie a sorority pin and says she’s one of them now.

Carolyn checks it out later and says it’s just what she needs, to be part of a group. She says Norrie seems less angry. Norrie says Joe hasn’t been texting back and Carolyn says it will be good for them to be just friends. Norrie says she wishes Joe would be less “high school” about this. Carolyn says they need to go pay respects to her mother and show Joe there’s a way to move forward away from the grief. Norrie texts asking why he’s ignoring her.

Joe finds his therapist, Christine Price, waiting in his room. She says he’s missed too many therapy sessions then asks why he hasn’t sent his acceptance letter to CalTech after they made him an offer. She sits and asks if he’s reconsidering the plan. He says it’s not the best time to leave Chester’s Mill but she says his parents don’t need him and says staying won’t keep her alive. Christine says it’s important that he speak at the memorial about Angie and his feelings.

Christine says Angie would have wanted him to move on and says she’ll see him at the memorial. We see an injured Junior and Julia putting the ladder across the crevasse in the cave. He throws a flare and says it’s a long way down. He says he’ll go first. He steps on the ladder and starts to crawl his way across. There’s a butterfly that flutters down and bites him. Julia tells him to keep going. He makes it across and then steadies the ladder for her. He sees tons of butterflies on the ceiling of the cave.

She hears their wings and shines her light on them. She almost falls then the butterflies attack. She tries to swipe them away and loses her balance and is dangling from the ladder. She makes it back up on the ladder and across but then Junior’s not there. Julia calls out to him. Christine waits on Sam – he asks if she talked to Joe and she asks how he is. He says he’s as good as can be expected. Christine says she hasn’t talked to Joe about it and says there’s so much going on with Joe’s emotions.

She advises Sam to be patient and he says he wants a drink. She says it’s good there’s no bar around but he says she’d be surprised at the options. He says he can’t forgive himself if Joe can’t forgive him. She asks why he won’t appeal his case with the lawyer she sent. He says he doesn’t deserve to be out. She says he could help people again if he was released. She tells him the memorial is today and he could have arranged a furlough but he says he wouldn’t be welcome.

She says he can write something to be read there but he says he wants to talk to Joe. Christine says Joe isn’t ready for that. We see Jim boozing it up and looking at family photos. He shoots ones of Junior and his wife. Then he looks at one he shot of him and Junior when Junior was a kid. Barbie looks at the names on the memorial and Eva asks if he’s glad they came. He says he is and says it was a good idea. Christine walks up and introduces herself. She says FEMA sent her as a trauma specialist.

She says she helps communities after stressful events. She says if he ever wants to talk. Eva introduces herself and Hunter asks if she’s there for him too since he was there for the stressful events. Christine asks Barbie if he’ll speak at the memorial about Julia but he says he’s not one for public speaking. He gets a text from Ben says he has proof and to find him at the memorial. Ben leaves his house and looks around. Melanie says she wishes he wouldn’t do that as she watches through the crystal.

He heads off on his skate board. Joe looks at the names on the memorial as Norrie walks up. He says he thought she was looking for distance then tells her they asked him to talk about Angie. He says he doesn’t know what to say and says he wishes he could have looked out for her better. Norrie takes his hand. Big Jim is watching videos of him telling Junior to be a man and jump out of a tree into the water. He tells Junior if he doesn’t watch he can’t come home.

Jim shoots the TV and says there’s nothing good on television. Junior lights a flare to draw the butterflies away from Julia and they all attack him. Christine speaks at the memorial and talks about their loss of friends and family. She says a sense of community helps after a shared tragedy. She says a memorial is about moving forward. She reads a statement from someone who can’t be there that says to make a way in the wilderness and to walk through fire without being burned.

She asks for another speaker and Joe steps up. He says he wasn’t planning on speaking then says most of them knew Angie as a waitress or a clinic volunteer. He says she was so full of life and it’s hard to accept that she’s gone. He says to lose someone you love the most is so hard. He says it’s hard to move on but he’s trying. Barbie steps up beside him and says Joe is one of the first people he met and says he was a stranger to all of them. Melanie watches the memorial then sees Ben coming.

He says people like Joe opened his heart to people like Julia then speaks about Julia being curious and stubborn. He says she was loyal and had your back. He says she rooted for the underdog and never lost her faith. He says those that are gone won’t be forgotten. Ben shows up gasping and then keels over. Barbie rushes to him as Joe calls 911. They look for his inhaler and Barbie says he’s choking on something and starts CPR.

Melanie says it’s time to move on. Barbie can’t revive him. We see Melanie grabs Ben’s body out of some purple goo. She tells him she’s sorry. Julia goes into the cave and sees purple lights and people in things that look like cocoons. She shines her light around then sees Joe in one of them. She gasps and looks around. She spots Sam too. Everyone from Chester’s Mill is now a pod person of some sort. She finally finds Barbie. Her eyes fill with tears.

Spikes come out of the rocks and Julia is stunned. Melanie wakes Junior and tells him it’s all right and says he’s safe. He sits up and he says he thought he’d never see her again when the ground took her. She says she was brought there and says she has to show him something before she explains. Julia hears a noise and hides. The butterflies are swarming at the ceiling and she throws a rock to draw them away. She runs for the bag of gear and grabs it.

Junior says there’s nothing there and Melanie says to trust her and it will be okay. He says he has to get back to Julia. Melanie says she feels his pain and says she can take it away. She kisses him and then he’s in the white with the fog. He looks around and sees no one. He calls out to Melanie and she says he’s not alone and says it’s time to move on like the others. She says she’s right here baby but then goo touches his feet. She says it will all be over once he and his friends become what they need them to be.

She says first they have to fix him and he’s swallowed by a viscous fluid then he’s just frozen. Julia looks around and goes to Barbie’s pod. She gets out the knife and Melanie tells her to stop. She’s shocked to see that she’s alive. She goes to Melanie and hugs her then asks what happened. Melanie says it’s a blur and she’s not sure. Julia says she needs to help her free Barbie and the others but Melanie says she can’t help any of them.

Melanie says if she frees him, he’ll end up like Junior. She says Junior was with her and Melanie says she’ll show her. She says she was pulled underground then Junior cut her free and he was attacked and she couldn’t free him. She tells Julia they need to go but Julia says she can’t give up on them. Melanie says – your leg is injured, let me help. Julia says these things are connecting all the cocoons and they all come from up there.

Julia says one cocoon is different and larger and she can’t see who’s inside. Julia says the egg, dome and these cocoons must be connected. Melanie says maybe the egg is the key to unlock them all and tells Julia they need the egg. She says she saw what was happened when it was taken. Melanie says she doesn’t know how but knows they need it. She says they need to get a message to her father. Julia says there’s one problem.

Jim walks the streets of Chester’s Mill alone. He sees a dog and tells it to go on. It runs off. Jim says it’s all his and he better run. Barbie knocks on Hunter’s door and he blocks him and won’t let him in. He’s got a girl in the room and Barbie says she needs to go now. Hunter tells the girl she has to go but he’ll call her. She says hi to Barbie then leaves. Barbie asks him to unlock the phone and hands him Ben’s phone. Hunter does it ASAP then says Ben took a video right before he died.

We see Ben showing them videos but shows that many people are all the same, a cop, a delivery guy and a landscaper. He says this is proof that whatever is going on in Chester’s Mill is not real. He gives the phone to Hunter and says to play it on the laptop screen. The file won’t play and Hunter says it’s corrupted. Barbie says to do whatever it takes to retrieve the file and says to meet him in an hour. Joe tells Norrie he can’t believe Ben is dead and she says Chester’s Mill strikes again.

She lights a cigarette but he takes it away. He says he’s not sure he’s going to college and she says it’s like he’s still trapped under the dome and says Angie wouldn’t want this for him. She says leaving was the best thing for her. She says she healed, met new people and feels like a different person. He mocks her changes and says she’s too busy belonging to come back and see him. He walks away disgusted. Christine watches and curses. She has a ring on her finger made from the same purple stone.

It’s the same as the crystal Melanie uses and that is connecting the cocoons. Barbie asks Eva if they can stay another day. She says he was having nightmares again then he says he’s fine. She asks him to join her in the shower. He says he can’t and has a thing to do. He kisses her goodbye and she says she loves him but he’s gone already. Sam is doing pull ups in the yard when a fight breaks out. Sam goes to break it up and then the guards step in.

Hunter tells Barbie that he can’t retrieve the video and says it’s like it was never there. Hunter begs him not to fire him then they talk about what they saw. Barbie says to ship the phone out while he calls in some favors. Barbie runs right into Junior who smiles and greets him. Barbie says he’s dead. Hunter runs to hug him and Barbie asks why he’s there. He says he didn’t mean to miss the memorial. Barbie says they haven’t seen him since Marrakesh.

It’s like a memory just occurred to him. Junior asks about Eva and he says she’s there. Junior says he thinks about Julia all the time. He says he’s glad Barbie moved on and says he deserves happiness. Barbie says he has something to do and takes off. He thinks about the memorial wall. Melanie writes on the dome and Julia says armed men watched her when she tried to send a message. Her dad sees her writing the message and says he needs to take the egg back.

Melanie and Barbie’s dad talk about the message “Hurry Daddy” and he wants the egg back but his boss says if he takes the egg into Chester’s Mill it’s a one way ticket. Don mulls it over. Melanie asks if Julia thinks he got the message. Julia asks what it’s like in the cocoon and she says like she was sleeping. They wait by the water to see if Don comes from Zenith. Melanie asks what she would say to her dad and Julia comforts her. Then her leg starts hurting her and she says the world is spinning.

Melanie says she needs to rest and offers to take the first watch. She tells Julia to lie down and says to let her do this for her. She says she’ll wake her at the first sign of her father. Julia caves and lies down to sleep. Don takes the egg and heads to the door on his property. His boss says to send the team but hold off on moving until he gives the word. Melanie touches a sleeping Julia but then Don comes gasping out of the water.

Melanie runs to him and he looks up at her. He says he can’t believe it’s really her. She asks if he brought it and he holds up the bag. He says he’d do anything for her. She touches his face and then says she’s not his daughter. She chokes him and he goes unconscious. She takes the bag and walks away with it. Barbie goes back to the memorial wall to look at names. Eva shows up and he asks how they met. She says at the dive bar in Marrakesh.

She says James was there but they called him Junior. Barbie says Junior’s name was on that wall yesterday and says it’s all cobbled up in his mind. He says Junior died the day the dome came down. She says she thought coming back would be good for him but she was wrong. Barbie says something doesn’t make sense then he confronts a guy who was one of the insurgents from the fire fight. Eva stops him. He says the guy was in Ben’s video.

He says Ben told him someone was watching him and this didn’t feel real. Eva tries to calm him down and says they can leave but Barbie says he has to figure this out and walks off. At Christine’s house, she has a chunk of the purple crystal on her table. She’s doing therapy with Joe. They’re meditating and he says it’s stupid. She asks if he talked to Norrie and she says he can’t be mad that Norrie is happy. Christine says he dreamed of being an engineer and asks why he hasn’t accepted CalTech.

Joe says it doesn’t feel right. Christine says he needs to forgive the person who put him under a dome and says he needs to forgive Sam. He says he has nothing to say to Sam and Christine says he can just listen. She says Joe is the one holding all the keys. She strokes his head. Christine finds Junior working on his motorcycle and introduces herself. She says Hunter told him he was back in town and he asks if she’s the town shrink. She says she’s there to help people heal after natural disasters.

He says the dome was not natural. She says he was gone by the time she was assigned and says they missed him at the memorial. He says he had bike troubles. She says it’s convenient to show up a day late to a tribute. He says he killed his father to protect the town and says it was the best thing he’s ever done. He walks away but she stops him and asks why hasn’t he sold the house. He asks why she cares and she says he belongs there and is part of the community that needs him.

He says he left because everyone thinks he’s like his dad. She says he should show them he’s not and touches his shoulder. Big Jim is in the woods. He has amassed a large pile of stuff – he hears the dog barking. He grabs his gun and walks over. He sees Don Barbara lying on the ground and looks around.

Big Jim wakes a sleeping Julia by poking her with his gun. He takes her to Don’s body and asks who it is. She says it’s Don Barbara and he asks if it’s Barbie’s old man then asks how he got into Chester’s Mill. She thinks he murdered him but he says he didn’t and she asks where Melanie and the egg are. She says Don was bringing it back but Jim says the egg is evil. She says evil is shooting your own son and he says he shot him first.

She tells him everyone is trapped under the tunnels. He says she got played and says Melanie killed the guy and stole the egg. She says Melanie wouldn’t betray him but Jim says no one comes back from the dead. He says she can’t see what’s in front of her. He says the egg, dome and the girl all cost him his wife. He says he’s not the only one with blood on her hands. He says her faith in this dome has made her dumb. She hits him hard and says she’s leaving. She tells him to go to hell and walks away. He says the truth hurts.

Melanie has the egg back in the cavern. She holds it out in her hands. We see Christine in her cocoon. She holds the egg toward Norrie’s cocoon and we see Norrie going to see Hunter. She asks if he has his ID. Barbie sit sin his car and watches a delivery van pull up. He gets his gun as he sees it’s the same guy as the insurgent. Eva calls just then but it’s Christine calling on her phone. She says she’s at the hospital and Eva was brought in. He stops what he was doing and speeds over.

Christine tells him a story about Eva meeting her at the diner and says she’s bleeding but the baby will be just fine. Barbie is stunned and says baby? Julia goes back to the ladder into the cavern but takes a nasty spill. Her leg is killing her. Then a butterfly flutters over and lands. She grabs it and crushes it in her hand then throws it aside. The dog sits whining in front of Jim’s house. He tells the dog to git. It doesn’t. He tells it to go and it finally walks away. Jim calls it a stupid mutt.

He looks down to where the dog was sitting and sees Junior’s hand prints in the concrete from when he was a child. Melanie holds the egg and we see Norrie and Hunter boozing up on some hard lemonade. She looks at her sorority pin and asks if Joe was right and she’s become a stuck up college bitch. He says it was better not talking about Joe then asks if that’s what this is about. Norrie says screw him and says she likes not being angry and likes fitting in for once.

Hunter says he feels the same way working for Barbie and says now he has direction and purpose and says he doesn’t want to go back to being that guy he was. He touches the pin and says she can move forward and allow herself to be happy. He leans in and kisses her. Barbie sits by Eva’s bed as she wakes
up. She asks how long he’s been there then he asks why she didn’t mention the baby. She says she wanted to but thought it would be better after the memorial so he wouldn’t feel trapped.

Eva says she jumped into the relationship with both feet but he has one foot in the past with Julia. She puts his hands on her stomach and says the baby is real and what she feels for him is real. She says she knows what she wants then asks if he knows what he wants. Joe goes to see Sam at the prison. Sam says he’s so profoundly sorry for what he did and is trying to be a different and better person. He says he wants to earn Joe’s forgiveness.

Joe says he hasn’t said Angie’s name once and says Sam killed her. He says he came to tell him that his sister will never get to move on and says he won’t forgive him until he suffers the way Angie did. Melanie holds the egg and moves on to Sam’s cocoon. We see another prisoner grabs Sam and stabs him. Joe sees it and is horrified. Junior spreads gasoline all over his house and pulls out his lighter. Melanie touches his cocoon. She goes to set the egg on top of a cocoon but then Julia is there.

She says she couldn’t wait for her then the egg starts screaming and light streams out of it up into the tendrils that attach all the cocoons together. Julia asks what’s happening and who’s in the master cocoon. Melanie tells her to have faith for her. Julia says she wants to believe the dome is good. She says how did Junior free her when she has the knife. Melanie hits her hard. Jim is there and sneaks into the cavern. He sees what Julia described and says – what the hell? He sees Junior in a cocoon.

Junior has the lighter out ready to burn his house down. Sam is bleeding out and tells Joe he’s sorry and reaches his hand out. Eva asks Barbie if he loves her. Melanie chokes Julia and says she can’t let her stop the process and says they can fix her. Then Jim is there and holds out his gun. Melanie says he’ll destroy everything. Julia tells him to do it and he smashes the egg. Everything in Chester’s Mill stops and the lights in the cavern all go out. People start clawing their way out of their cocoons.

Julia stares in shock as Junior claws his way out. Big Jim is in shock. Barbie comes out and Julia helps him remove the shell. Others follow. Jim goes to his son. Junior touches his dad. Barbie collapses to the floor. Julia tells him it’s okay now. Norrie is out too. Julia holds Barbie and says it’s going to be okay. Barbie gasps and coughs. Others are working their way out including Christine. Eva grabs her arm and pulls her out.