Under the Dome Recap – Happy Birthday Baby: Season 3 Episode 11 “Love is a Battlefield”

Under the Dome Recap - Happy Birthday Baby: Season 3 Episode 11 "Love is a Battlefield"

Tonight on CBS Under the Dome, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, returns with an all new Thursday August 27, season 3 episode 11 called, “Love is a Battlefield.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the Resistance try to free loved ones from Christine’s (Marg Helgenberger) influence before she finishes her plan.

On the last episode a surprising alliance forms in hoped of attacking the Dome, but Big Jim and Julia remain wary. Elsewhere, Hunter receives encrypted files detailing the possible final effect the Dome hde on the infected townspeople. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis “the Resistance try to free loved ones from Christine’s influence before she finishes her plan. Barbie risks it all to free Eva and Hektor enlists Big Jim and Julia to a test cure for infected citizens. Also: Joe works with Christine after she shares shocking news about the being that created the Dome.”

This is definitely one episode that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the premiere episode of season 3 Under the Dome.

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#UnderTheDome starts with Julia and Norrie in the woods heading back to the safe house. Jim asks Norrie why she snuck off and she sasses him. Julia says that Norrie saved her life. She says their baby will be their soon and they saw her and Eva looks full term and 12 girls died to make it happen. Jim says they have to put her down before that thing comes out. Julia asks why killing is his go to solution.

Jim says it will kill the human race. Julia asks Hector about the cure and she admits it may be needed. He says Dr Bloom has made it and they need Christine’s DNA. They also need a test subject with the full blown syndrome. Norrie wonders what happens if the dome comes down and they get out. Jim says he’ll get Christine’s DNA. Julia says she’s at the barn and she and Jim head out.

Barbie brings Eva to lie down. She asks if he’s ready for the new queen and he says of course he is. He tells her to rest and kisses her. He looks stressed out. Eva rubs her swollen belly which undulates creepily. Sam comes to see Christine and asks if she’s all right – she doesn’t look good. She asks how Joe is going and Sam says he came around and has made some break throughs.

Christine says they need to get out before the dome dies and says no violence. She asks about Junior and she says Joe needs the last amethyst to finish the work. She tells Sam he’s come a long way and says she’s pleased. Barbie shows up and says Eva is resting. She says the baby will be there within the day. Barbie says he’d like to go after the rest of the resistance.

Christine says there is no need. She says they need to focus on the new queen and the device. Christine says inside Eva is the queen who will lead the kinship out of the dome. She tells him he needs to be by Eva’s side while she gives birth. Hunter shows Norrie the video of Lily’s dad and says she doesn’t know he’s an alien – he says Lily thinks he’s dead. Hunter says Hector must know about it.

Norrie wants to tell Lily but Hunter says Hector may have a reason. Hunter asks if Norrie is okay and asks what happened with Julia. Barbie finds Joe working on the device. He says the amethyst responds to whistling and he whistles to it. He shows Barbie that it doesn’t respond to a recorded whistle. Barbie asks how soon until the device is working and tells Joe to stall.

He says they need to give the resistance a chance to develop the cure so they don’t release the aliens into the world. Joe warns him to be careful so he doesn’t get caught. Julia and Jim find some of Christine’s hair at the barn. Julia says Barbie is only with Eva because of the baby.

She says the dome is calcifying and they will suffocate. Jim asks if Hector knows and she doesn’t think so. She thinks maybe they could get out the way Hector and them came in. Junior and some others come in and Hector’s soldiers surround the kinship and they shoot a couple. Jim tells them not to shoot Junior then says he can be their test subject.

Dr Bloom is working on extracting the DNA from Christine’s hair. They tie Junior up as he threatens them. Jim says they’re going to fix him but he says he was fixed in the cocoons. Jim says they made him something he doesn’t know. Junior calls him short-sighted and says he is what the kinship and world need him to be. Jim says it sounds Helter Skelter.

Junior says they don’t know what’s coming and they will need the kinship to survive once the dome comes down. Norrie pulls Julia away to show her the alien video. Christine finds Joe singing and she asks if he’s having fun. She says he should be working on the project. He says he took a break to think and says he’s not one of her drones and needs to stop thinking to think.

Then he says he hit a problem. She says the tones would signal the egg to unlock. Now they don’t have the egg or enough amethysts. He says that’s a big problem. Christine says she knows he finds problems exciting and says they need to split the amethyst into seven pieces. Barbie sits with Eva who says she’s tired and weak. He asks how she feels about the girls in the barn that died.

Eva says they did their duty like she’s doing hers. He kisses her hand and asks if she remembers how badly she wanted a baby before and how sad she was when she found out she wasn’t pregnant. She says that Eva is gone and all that matters is what is best for the group. She says this is not their child – it belongs to the kinship. Hunter and Norrie show Julia the alien video.

Julia comes in and asks what Hector isn’t telling them about Patrick. Julia tells Lily her father is still alive but she insists he’s dead. Hector says he’s not dead, but he’s gone. She asks what that means. Julia tells her to go watch the video. Hector asks what video. Julia asks what happened with Patrick. Hector says he kept it a secret for Lily’s sake. He says he turned into this energy consciousness thing.

Jim asks why wouldn’t the “cure” do the same thing to Junior. Hector says it could but he thinks it will work. He says this is the best shot at treatment they’ve had and have a brief window to get it out of the infected people. He tells Jim he should decide. Jim asks if it could kill him and Hector says there is risk but no reward for not trying. Jim tells him to do it.

Christine takes Joe into the woods and he asks where they’re going. He says he knows the dome is calcifying. Christine tells Joe she needs his cooperation and he says she’s forcing him. Christine says they didn’t want to be on Earth and leave their history behind. She says Earth is not that great. Joe asks why they’re there. She says they had no choice and neither does he.

Christine says “they” are coming and are up in the sky somewhere now. She says “they” destroyed their world and will destroy Earth too. She says their fates are tied. They see the dome calcifying as they watch. She says they have to get out of the dome and that’s in his hands. Hunter shows Lily the video of her dad and she says she failed him. Norrie says it’s not her fault – it’s Hector’s.

Lily says Hector was like her second father, but she can’t trust him now. Hunter says maybe he had good intentions. He says Hector did come in to help them get the dome down and save them. Lily gets a strange look on her face. Jim wipes Junior’s head with a cold cloth – he’s burning up with a 106 degree fever. Hector says it’s a good sign and to give it time.

Jim says he doesn’t know what to do. Hector goes to Lily and says he was trying to protect her from what her dad became so she would have good memories of him. He says he wanted to find a cure to bring him back to her. He says he just didn’t want to give her false hope. He asks how they got the video and she says she sent the files he told her to destroy them.

Hector says if the government finds out what’s under the dome, they’ll kill them all. Lily says what if the cure works and there is a way out. She says the government couldn’t touch him. She says she needs to see her father again and he owes that to her. Hector says if the cure works, he’ll get them out. Barbie asks Eva if she’s okay or in pain.

Eva says it’s all happening fast and worries she’ll let him or the kinship down. He says she can tell him anything. Eva tells him her earliest memory is of blood – a piece of china her mom threw at her dad – and it had a drop of blood on it. She says after that, they spent a summer in a cabin in the mountains, just the three of them. She says it was the happiest time of her life.

She says then they came back to the real world and her parents were divorced within a year. She says she wants them to be together with their baby. Barbie says they could run away together, just them and the baby. Eva says she knew it – she knew he wasn’t one of them any more. She asks if Julia is still alive. Then she gets a pang and asks what Barbie put in her tea.

He says he couldn’t let her hurt the baby and she collapses. Barbie tackles a guard and chokes him out then picks her up and carries her out. Back at city hall, Christine asks Joe if he made up his mind. He says he has no choice. Then he says the trick is doing the math on splitting up the amethyst. Christine looks bad and she says her cycle is ending. He promises to work as fast as he can.

Dr Bloom tells Jim it looks promising. Junior wakes and asks where they are. He says he feels like he’s on fire but awake. Junior says he remembers it all and thanks his dad for not giving up on him. Jim says he’s tougher than he gave him credit for. Jim promises him when the dome comes down, things will be different. Jim says they will start over together and can even work together.

Junior says it sounds good and asks if they have to sell used cars. Jim says whatever he wants as long as it’s the two of them. Jim says he’s going to go find him a soda and walks away. Norrie gives the militia guy back the silencer but he tells her to keep it. She asks what it felt like when he first killed someone. He says it gets easier then ask if she feels guilty. Norrie says she feels nothing at all.

Sam wheels in the giant amethyst while Joe works on the problem. He puts on his headphones. The kinship wonders where Junior is and one tells Sam that he hasn’t seen Junior since last night. He says Junior doesn’t trust Barbie so they went to look for Julia’s body at the cabin. Sam tells Christine they have a problem. Barbie drives Eva out to the woods and calls Julia on the radio.

He says he couldn’t save Eva but he has her and wants to get the baby. Jim doesn’t want Julia to tell him where they are. Julia tells him to meet her at the hotel and Barbie says he thinks Eva is going into labor. Jim says the kinship won’t give up the baby without a fight. Sam tells Christine and he heads out to try and find Junior. Joe gives them directions on cutting the amethyst.

They’re worried but he says his math is spot on. Barbie carries Eva to the hotel and she demands he take her back but he makes her lie on the bed. He props her up and then Julia is there. Eva is furious and calls Barbie a coward for not killing her. Julia says it’s only a matter of time before they find them. She says the kinship won’t stop until they have the queen.

Barbie says that baby is half his and he can’t abandon her. Jim apologizes to Hector who says he can’t imagine what his son is going through. Jim says it worked and Junior is back to himself. Hector says they have to keep monitoring Junior for a while. Norrie asks Hector when the cure will be ready for others and he says when he says it is.

Barbie and Julia wait on the baby. Julia asks Eva if she’s trying to hold off for Christine and Eva calls her bitch and says to get away from her. She tells Eva to push and she says no. Julia starts pushing on her stomach forcefully. Barbie delivers the baby and cuts the cord. The baby cries and he holds it close and coos to it and says he’s daddy.

Joe goes to split the amethyst and it crumbles into seven pieces. It worked. Jim gives Junior some soda and, like a fool, he loosens Junior’s ties and he thanks Jim then says he shouldn’t have done it. Junior is stronger than ever and throws his ad across the room. Junior chokes the militia guy who comes in then snaps his neck. Hector comes in but Junior runs out the back door.

Julia tells Barbie they have to go but Eva asks to hold the baby before he takes her away. She begs and Julia says it’s up to him. He takes the baby over to Eva who takes her in her arms. Julia tells Barie they have company – lights are headed that way. Then they see the baby nursing on Eva and she’s sort of glowing. Barbie tells Eva to hand it over. The nursing turned it alien!

Eva says the baby is not his. She says she’s her queen and throws him through the window of the hotel room. Julia runs to check on him and says they have to go. He says he won’t leave his daughter. Julia says that thing is not his daughter. Julia says they will die if they stay. They head out at a run as the lights grow closer as the kinship nears.

Hector says the thing inside them is mutating too fast. He says given more time, they could adapt it. Jim says they are out of time. Hector says they have to kill them all, even the dormant ones to make sure the life force never gets outside the dome. He asks Jim if he can deal with it. Jim says sure. Lily overhears them talking about killing Norrie, Hunter and Joe too – even the dormant ones.
[8/27/15, 11:02:40 PM] Rachel Rowan:
Hunter asks her what she heard. The kinship comes to the hotel and Christine asks for some privacy. She goes to sit with Eva and the baby. Christine says she’s so proud of her and says she did a good job. In the mirror, we see that Christine is all alien, the baby is glowing purple and Eva is back to human dull. Christine says the baby is taking what she needs then takes the baby from her.

Eva asks what’s happening and she asks if that’s her baby. Eva is back to herself. She asks what she’s doing and Christine says she’s not her baby and Eva is no longer one of them. She puts a pillow on Eva’s face while she sings a lullaby to the baby. Eva goes still. Christine finishes the lullaby and picks up the baby. She rocks it in her arms.