Wayward Pine Recap 5/14/15: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere “Where Paradise Is Home”

Wayward Pine Recap 5/14/15: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere "Where Paradise Is Home"

Tonight on FOX, Wayward Pine premieres with an all new Thursday, May 14 season 1 premiere called “Where Paradise Is Home,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a Secret Service agent ends up questioning his own sanity as he searches for two missing colleagues in a strange town that he seemingly can’t escape in the series premiere of this thriller based on the novel “Pines” by Blake Crouch.

For those of you who don’t know, the show Based on Blake Crouch’s international best-selling series of books and brought to life by suspenseful storyteller M. Night Shyamalan.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “Matt Dillon (“Crash”) as a Secret Service agent on a mission to find two missing federal agents, whose investigation only turns up more questions. But each question leads him to the most important question of all: What’s wrong with Wayward Pines? The 10-episode, intense psychological thriller also features Academy Award and Emmy Award winner Melissa Leo (“The Fighter,” “Treme”), Emmy Award nominee Toby Jones (“The Girl,” the “Harry Potter” franchise), Academy Award and Emmy Award nominee Juliette Lewis (“Hysterical Blindness,” “Cape Fear”) and Academy Award nominee Terrence Howard (EMPIRE, “Crash,” “Hustle & Flow”), among others. The highly anticipated event series will debut simultaneously in more than 125 countries across Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and Latin America.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of WAYWARD PINE We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!

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#WaywardPines begins with Ethan Burke waking on the ground looking battered. He checks his pockets then sits up slowly. Looks like a head wound. He walk through the woods. He thinks back to meeting with Dr Bauer and talking. The doc asks about his partner and wife and Ethan says he can’t talk to his wife about this since it’s classified. He says he’s not to blame for the Easter bombings and was following orders.

He asks if Ethan is still hallucinating and he says no just some nightmares. Ethan staggers into town and people stare at him. He goes into a coffee shop and asks who he is. The woman says Wayward Pines, Idaho. She asks if he needs an ambulance then he collapses. Nurse Pam wakes Ethan at the hospital and asks if he needs something stronger for the pain. She says she will do anything to be more comfortable and says Dr Carol will come see him soon.

She says he had a few cracked ribs and a concussion and says it was a nasty car accident. Ethan is asked if his wife knows he’s searching for Kate and then they crashed into the back of a truck. Ethan asks about Stallings, the other guy in the car and she says he didn’t make it. She asks if they were close and he says he needs to call his wife. She says the Sheriff called his emergency contacts. He asks for his phone and things and she says she doesn’t have it and the sheriff likely does.

She shows him the nurse call button and leaves. At Secret Service HQ in Seattle, Hassler is upset that Ethan is missing to his body was burned up. Theresa, the wife, tries to call Ethan and says she hopes he’s okay. She’s with Ben, their son, who asks if she was talking to dad and she says she was just leaving a message. He says she’s lying and he can tell. She says he doesn’t need to know everything. They snap a pic to send to Ethan then her cell rings.

It’s Hassler and he says there was an accident. Ethan buzzes for the nurse and asks for the doctor. He asks where everyone is and where his things are and his briefcase. He asks for a phone and she says they have no phone jacks in patient rooms. She says it’s not good for rest. She says she’ll be back in an hour with his dinner. He gets out of the bed and goes to the wardrobe and pulls his clothes on. He walks down the hall and sees no one.

Nurse Pam asks where he’s going and he says he’s leaving. She says he’s not thinking clearly and he says to get her foot out of the elevator. She says she’s worried about him but moves it and the door closes. He goes back to downtown and looks around. He heads to the Sheriff’s department but the door is locked. Theresa tells Ben that Hassler called and says his dad may have been in a car accident. They hug and she says he wasn’t at the scene and they’re looking for him.

She says she’s sure he’s okay. Ethan heads into a bar and Beverly asks if he’s okay. He asks for a phone and she hands it over. She asks if he wants food but he says he lost his wallet in the accident and the sheriff’s office is closed. She says she’ll get the burger and he says she’s the first normal person he’s met. She asks what brings him there and he says it’s business and he works for the Secret Service. She introduces herself to him and he dials the phone.

He gets their home voice mail and leaves a message. He says he’s okay and is in Wayward Pines, Idaho. He says he loves her and ends the call. Beverly brings his burger and he digs in. She asks why he’s there and says maybe she can help. He says he’s looking for a couple of missing agents and asks if she’s seen any new faces in town – she says just his. He says Bill Evan and Kate Hewson are missing and she says she hasn’t heard the names.

She says she hopes he finds what he’s looking for and gives him a bill. It’s her address and she says if he needs help to look her up since he doesn’t know anyone and doesn’t have a phone or wallet. On the back she wrote “there are no crickets in Wayward Pines.” He walks down the street then stops when he hears a cricket chirping. He kneels down and pulls a small speaker out of the bush. He’s woken by a knock at his hotel room door. He goes to answer.

It’s the clerk who says checkout is at 11 and Ethan says he overslept. He asks if the phones are working yet and says there was no dial tone last night. The clerk says no one has called for him and says he worked the desk all night. He asks who he was expecting to hear from and Ethan says it’s none of his business. The clerk says he has to leave now unless he can pay. Ethan goes to close the door but the guy won’t let him. He goes to get his clothes and leaves.

He goes out and sees someone cleaning the sign then looks at Beverly’s address. He goes there and sees a rundown house. It looks almost abandoned. He calls out Beverly’s name. There’s a stair missing and one is broken. He opens the door and looks inside. The place is a wreck and no one could possibly be living there. He sees a body tied to a bed that looks burned. Flies buzz around it. He steps closer and puts his hand over his nose. It’s Evans – one of the agents he was looking for.

Ethan goes back to the sheriff’s department and introduces himself and asks to see the sheriff. The receptionist dials her rotary phone and tells Arnie there’s someone there to see him who says he’s a secret agent – she whispers that he looks very disheveled. She tells him he can go back. He introduces himself to the sheriff – Arnold Pope. He tells Pope that the bartender gave him an address and he found a body there and says he was told he had his things.

Pope asks who told him out and he says the nurse. Pope eats his ice cream and says he loves rum raisin. Ethan asks to make some calls but Pope wants to hear more about the body. He says Agent Evans had been tortured and mutilated and had been there for some time. He says now he’s looking for just one more agent – Kate Hewsom. He asks what she looks like and Ethan describes her. Pope says he’ll put the word out then Ethan asks to make some calls.

Pope asks for the address of the dead agent. He says he’ll walk him over there and Pope says it’s not necessary. Hassler goes to check out the wrecked car and is told the GPS module is missing and there’s no evidence that Ethan was ever in the car. Ethan leaves another message for Theresa. He nexts calls the Secret Service and asks to speak to Hassler but he’s told he’s out. He asks for Hassler’s cell number but she says she can’t give it out.

He asks if she’s new and she says it’s her third day. He says he has a dead agent on the phone and tells her to get Hassler on the phone now. Marcy says she can’t continue the conversation with him talking like this to her. She says she’ll pass along the message and he hangs up angrily. Ethan goes back to the bar and asks for Beverly. The guy says Steve and he are the only ones who work there. The guy says maybe he was someplace else. Ethan is dizzy and insists she was there. He asks why he’s doing this.

The guy asks Ethan to leave and Ethan gets crazy then the guy knocks him down and uses a radio and says 10-16-28 is not doing well.

Ethan leads Ben with a blindfold on and they stop in front of his mom who has a cake with candles on it. Theresa says she thinks he’s going to wish for a guitar but he says he just wishes they won’t end up like everyone else’s parents. Ethan gets a call and walks off to take it. He says he’s at his kid’s birthday and he’ll call back. He comes over and says he has to go out of town for a few days. Now, he wakes handcuffed to a hospital bed. Dr Jenkins is there and asks if he knows who he is and where he is.

He asks if Ethan knows he’s in Wayward Pines then asks if he still has a headache. He says he’s a psychiatrist and knows he has a history of mental illness and says they did an MRI and found bleeding in his brain. Jenkins says that hematoma is dangerous and would explain his hallucinations. He says he’s not and the doctor says he wouldn’t know. Ethan rants about the town and Jenkins says they’re taking him into surgery to drain the blood.

Ethan says he doesn’t consent and wants to go to a surgeon in Boise. He demands to speak to a surgeon in Boise and Nurse Pam comes in to medicate him. She tells him to hold still or she’ll jam the needle straight to the bone. She jams it into his leg when he continues to struggle then she wheels him into surgery. He sees scary instruments. She leaves him in the hall and walks off. He struggles with his cuffs and walks off. Beverly is there and wheels him away. She gets him into the elevator.

She asks if he can run but he says the nurse shot him with a sedative and he’ll be out in five minutes. They head to another floor and creep along. They run down a hall and then hit a locked door. He spots water on the floor and then they hear the elevator. He tries doors and pushes her into one unlocked room and then he goes into another unlocked room. He breaks a mirror and grabs a large shard of it using a towel. He uses it peek down the hall. He sees Nurse Pam looking for him.

She calls his name and says he’s her favorite new patient. She says if he’ll come out she’ll give him the present of anesthesia for his surgery. She says any moment now he’ll be unconscious. She says if he doesn’t come out, he’ll wake up on the operating table and she shows him a needle and says he’ll be awake but paralyzed and will feel it all. She says she knows he’s hiding in a corner and she stares at the door where Beverly is.

He attacks from behind and bashes Pam into a fire emergency case and busts her head open from the glass. She goes down bleary and Beverly struggles to haul Ethan out before he passes out completely. Outside, she tells him to come on and says they have to hide him before he passes out. He says he can’t feel his legs and she says one more block as they walk through the rain. She gets him to a ratty place and takes him inside. She says he’ll be safe there and she says they’re trying to break his mind.

He asks what happened to Evans and she says he tried to escape. She tells him she’s been there since 1999 and she was hit by a motorcycle and was told she had a head injury. She thinks it’s the year 2000 but he says it’s 2014. Theresa asks Hassler why no one has found Ethan or he hasn’t gotten in touch. He says there was no DNA of Ethan in the car. She asks if he’s with “her” and tells Hassler to just tell her the truth. He says he doesn’t know where Ethan is.

She asks where he was going but he says he can’t tell her anything about that. He says he’s doing everything he can to find him and she leaves. Ethan wakes at the wrecked house and looks around. He finds clothes there for him and a backpack. He gets dressed and goes into town. He goes to a park and sees a picnic going on. He looks around and spots Kate Hewson laughing. He flashes back to them talking about victims of the bombing.

He says he knows all 621 names and says their deaths are on his fault. She says it will get better every day and says he’ll think of it less and other things more. He hugs her to him. He kissed her beck and she says they’re partners. But he pulls her into a kiss anyway. Now, she looks very different but it’s still her and she calls to Harold and says they’re going to miss their programs. Ethan follows Kate and Harold as they leave the park and go into a house.

He looks at the name on the mailbox – Ballinger. He knocks on the door and Harold answers. He asks for Kate and says he’s a friend of hers. Harold calls Kate over and she treats him like a stranger. He says he came to find her and she says he must be confused. He says that’s not possible and she steps outside with him. She asks him to sit on the steps and they both sit. She whispers that they’re being watched and listened to. We see something on the ceiling fan.

He asks what’s happening and why she looks different. She says everyone gets older and she says she’s been there 12 years but he says he was with her five weeks ago. She says he’s putting her life and Harold’s at risk and has to go. She smiles and says he could be happy there. She says he could have an amazing life here. She smiles and goes to the door. He asks if it’s happening again and he’s having a relapse. She shakes her head no and goes back inside her house.

He looks up at the camera on the fan then runs across the street to a car parked there. He busts the window and hotwires it. The woman inside yells for him but he doesn’t stop. He drives through town then out of it. He keeps going. He sees a sign that says he’s leaving Wayward Pines then down the road sees a sign that says Welcome to Wayward Pines and he’s back in town. He u-turns and goes back the other way. He stops the car and runs into the woods. He climbs up a hill to look around.

Dr Jenkins meets Hassler and says he wants to call it off but Jenkins says it’s done and has all been taken care of. He tells Hassler not to worry. Ethan keeps going through the woods. Theresa finds Ben strumming his guitar. She goes upstairs and checks her phone – no messages. Ethan keeps walking even though it’s dark now. He gets to a giant wall that’s too tall to climb – looks like a maximum security thing.

A sign says Return to Wayward Pines – Beyond This Point You Will Die. We see the wall stretches around the entire town. Theresa checks her answering machine and it says – no messages. Ethan walks back to the road and gets back in the car. Sirens wail and lights flash. It’s Pope. Ethan asks how he gets out of there and Pope says – you don’t.