Wicked City Recap 11/3/15: Season 1 Episode 2 “Running With the Devil”

Wicked City Recap 11/3/15: Season 1 Episode 2 "Running With the Devil"

Tonight on ABC  Wicked City returns with an all new Tuesday November 3, season 1 episode 2 called “Running With the Devil,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Jack (Jeremy Sisto) and Paco (Gabriel Luna) race against the clock to save who they believe is the killer’s next victim.

On the last episode, two detectives were assigned to track down a serial killer who preyed on young, naive women seeking fame in Los Angeles in the premiere of this true-crime procedural set in the early 1980s. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Jack and Paco race against the clock to save who they believe is the killer’s next victim; and Kent debates whether he should invite Betty to take part in his murderous rampage when it appears she could leave him.”

This show looks like it is going to be great and you don’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s “Wicked City” Season 1 Episode 2 at 10 PM EST!

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#WickedCity starts with Kent walking with Betty and Mallory K out of the club. They get the card from the valet. Mallory smiles as the dedication comes on the radio – it’s Shout at the Devil. Jack looks around the club and tells beat cops that a serial killer took a girl named Karen. Paco comes up and Jack says the dispatcher told him that the killer changed the dedication to Mallory K. Jack calls in an APB on Karen as Kent and the girls cruise by.

Karen is with Diver and says she thinks the guy was the killer and says she was thinking about Emily talking about the hot guy then she was dead. Karen asks Diver if he thinks Emily knew the guy was going to kill her. Diver says to use that and she says she feels jacked up. He says it’s fight or flight then tells her to get it all down on paper and he sits her down at a desk to type. Betty tells Kent she doesn’t feel good about this and didn’t think it through.

He says it’ll be good and she’ll see. He opens the car door for her and asks what she’s feeling right now. She says terrified but he says it’s adrenaline then says soon she’ll feel more alive than she has in a long time. He pulls her out of the car and they go to the trunk. He says there’s no turning back now. He opens the trunk where Mallory K is tied up and squealing around her gag. They grab her out and Betty removes the gag. She says she ruined the moment and it was so hot.

They’re role playing and she says Kent is a producer and asks how she did. Betty says she can stitch her up and it will be fine. She stitches her and Mallory K says she can barely feel it because of the valium. Kent creeps into the room with the butcher knife behind his back. He tells Betty it’s sexy watching her work. He asks how the patient is and she says perfect then puts a Band Aid on her. Mallory touches Betty hand and thanks her. She kisses Betty on the mouth.

Kent says to embrace it so she kisses her back. He touches Betty then kisses her. Then he kisses Mallory. Karen finishes her article and Diver reads it. He says he loves the angle that the Sunset Strip creates killers. She says she wants to leave on a positive note then says she’s thinking about moving back home. She says she can’t risk her life for a story but he says it’s “the” story and says it’s her dream and her chance. Karen says there’s a killer who knows where to find her. He says he’ll protect her.

Someone comes banging on the door and startles them but it’s just Jack and Paco. They tell her it was stupid coming there since the killer knows where she works. Jack says the killer grabbed another girl and they need to find him before he kills her. We see Betty and Kent tying up Mallory to the bed. Mallory says it kind of hurts when Betty ties the bonds tight. Betty says then don’t move. Betty sits down beside her and kisses her cleavage. Malory says Oh My God and Betty says don’t say a word, don’t breathe.

She closes her eyes and unbuttons the girl’s dress. She kisses her way down her body. Kent is loving this. She exposes her belly and then brushes her hand down it. Betty pulls off her top and then continues kissing her lower. Kent watches entranced. The girl moans and he covers her mouth and says quiet. She hushes. She writhes in pleasure and Kent looks like he’s about to explode. She opens her eyes as she climaxes as Betty starts kissing Kent.

Mallory says that was incredible but freaky. Betty looks over at Kent then reaches for the knife on the table. Mallory looks scared when she sees the knife in his hand. He rolls over and Betty moves out of the way. He straddles Mallory who struggles with her bonds. Kent cuts her bonds and Betty loosens her legs. Mallory says the two of them are too much. Betty asks where Kent is going and he says he needs to run Mallory home. Betty says call her a cab but he insists on taking her. She says lie with her for a minute.

He agrees and says only for a minute. Betty spoons him and he strokes her arm. They wake in the morning still in bed together. He wakes and asks – where the hell is Mallory. He goes looking and Betty asks what’s wrong. He says he has to get going and he says he has an early morning thing. Betty asks if it’s something she did and he says no, he just has a big day. He says his keys are gone and she sees a note on the table from Mallory who asks Kent to call her.

Betty wonders if Mallory is more his type. He kisses Betty and says that should answer her question, He says he wanted to drop her off because it was the right thing to do then says he’s sorry to rush out. Betty tosses him the car keys. He goes. She crumples the note that Mallory left. Jack and Paco want Karen to work with a sketch artist and Diver says they just want to use her for bait. Paco hangs back to talk to Diver. He asks what he knows about the coke. He says Fly Brand is the best blow on the strip.

Paco says only the LAPD knows that brand of coke was left on the victim. Paco asks who the dealer is and Diver says the guy’s name is Bucket. Later, Paco and Jack go looking for Bucket. They find him at a club with undercover cop Dianne. Paco arrests her and the guy she was talking to says the drugs aren’t his. Jack asks him about Emily and Mallory K. Jack roughs him up then goes to arrest him. The guy says Angie is queen of the strip and likely knows them. He says she’s an MTV dancer.

Bucket says she’s shooting a video downtown. Jack goes to the video set and he and Paco talk about how no one will watch a TV station that plays only music videos. It’s a Def Leppard shoot for Photograph. Jack interrupts the shoot and asks for Angie. The director calls her over and Jack asks about Mallory K. She tells them their full name and says she showed up with stitches so she couldn’t be in the video. Jack asks for an address.

Kent goes knocking on Mallory’s door. A young guy answers. He flashes a badge and the guy says she’s been crashing there lately and he doesn’t know when she’ll be there. The guy says he has an audition for Remington Steele. Ken flirts with him and asks for his number. He hands it over and tells Kent to call him. He goes. Kent is at work at the auto upholstery shop and is on the phone faking a British accent looking for Mallory through her agent.

Bridget shows up looking for her Mercedes and Kent says her car won’t be ready til next week. She says she brought a check and says her number is on it in case he wants to call. The other guys ask how Kent always kills it with the girls. Jack hears about the detective that went to Mallory’s place and Jack says it’s the killer also looking for her. Jack asks Paco if he knows someone at Social Security. Karen is with the sketch artist. She says the sketch kind of looks like him in the eyes.

Jack shows the sketch around at a hospital and says he might have been seen with Mallory. Betty is working at the shift and listens in as Jack says if you’ve seen either, please alert security. Betty takes a flyer and goes in another room where she starts to panic.

Dianne walks down the street when she sees a car lurking and Jack on the stoop. She asks why he’s there. She isn’t happy he had her arrested. She says she’s been grooming Bucket for a year and he could have blown her case and he doesn’t care. Jack says he doesn’t mind burning a drug dealer to catch a serial killer. She says drugs kill more and Jack says at least Bucket’s victims have a choice. She says go home and deal with his real life. She walks away.

Jack listens to an autopsy report and the ME mentions upholstery foam in the cuts then anal contusions. His wife comes in and says nothing goes with pancakes like anal contusions. Allison comes in and he says this won’t be like Hillside. She says she saw it on the news but he says she and Vicky are priorities. His daughter comes in and jokes there’s a strange man in their kitchen. He says – Vicky, I am your father – and starts a Star Wars joke.

His pager goes off and Allison says she’ll finish the pancakes. Jack promises to be home for dinner. Kent calls Mallory’s roommate to ask if he heard from Mallory and he says she’s there but in the shower. Kent asks him if he wants to get drinks later. Paco is there listening in. Kent gets a hinky feeling and then hangs up when the guy tries to keep him talking. Paco tells the roommate that he really helped then Paco calls Jack to update him.

Betty is talking to the little girl that Kent babysits sometimes when he pulls up on his motorcycle. He asks how long Betty has been talking to Mary and says you don’t just show up. Betty says she needs to talk to him. He tells Betty to go home. She’s upset that he won’t invite her in and asks what he’s hiding. She shows him the police sketch and says it’s him. She says the police came to the hospital looking for him and Mallory. She says to let her in and he says he already has in way he never imagined.

Betty says enough about Mallory okay. He asks what the police said about Mallory and she asks what it is about this girl. She says why is he interested in a girl who works at Hamburger Heaven then says he cares more about Mallory than her. She tells him to lose her number. Diver tells Karen that he’s upset that she’s leaving and says he also wants to get it on with her. He says don’t stop writing and says she has something real.

She asks if he means it and he says he knows she does. She asks what he’s waiting for when he leans towards her. He says – you – and she starts kissing him. Paco talks to Jack about the IBM computer he has. He says the computer narrowed down the location to two phone booths based on the train. Jack spots an upholstery shop and says the coroner said there was upholstery foam in the last victim. They also found out that Mallory works at Hamburger Heaven.

Paco tells Jack he should thank him and he calls him needy. Mallory’s boss at the burger joint says she left 30 minutes ago and told him she was going to be a movie star. Mallory is with Kent and he tells her to pop a pill to relax before the audition. Kent asks if she’s ready to be a star. She says she can’t believe she was slinging burgers and is now in a Mercedes with a producer. Jack shows up at the upholstery shop and looks around. The place seems abandoned. Then Jack spots a freezer in the corner.

He goes over to it and opens it – empty. Then he steps on some loose floorboards and pulls one up. He finds a body with a wedding ring on the finger and a note in her hand. The note says Detective Roth, sorry to have missed you – and it’s signed: Your secret admirer and Mallory K. Betty leaves work and goes into the parking deck. She sees the Mercedes in the deck near her car. Kent is waiting there. She asks why he’s there and he says he won’t let go of the thing he needs.

He says he feels like she’s known him forever then asks if she feels it. She nods. He says when one half meets the other half of yourself, there’s an amazement of love and intimacy. He says it’s Plato. She smiles and he says – come with me and let me show you. She asks what and he says all of me and says if she doesn’t like it, he’ll disappear. She’s pleased. He gives her a small smile. Diver and Karen are in bed together and she says this was a good farewell to LA.

She tells him to go get the mail out of the slot. Diver says it’s for her then shows her the envelope. It looks like it was written in child’s writing on the envelope. The letter is typed and asks if she wants to play and prove her worth and says they have a connection. She tells Diver it’s from the killer. Kent takes Betty to a cliff above LA and gets her out of the car. He says he promises there will be no more secrets. She says she’s scared but he says don’t be and his whole life was leading up to them.

He opens the trunk and she sees Mallory tied up and gagged for real. Betty looks afraid. Paco and Jack are at the crime scene that Kent staged. Paco says they’re canvassing the neighborhood and trying to ID the body. He tells Jack it’s not his fault they didn’t find her in time. Kent tells Betty that Mallory has to die for them to live since she’s seen both their face and knows where Betty lives. He pulls Mallory into the car then pulls out the knife. Betty stares as he stabs her. Blood splatters across the window. Kent hacks away and Betty stares panting outside the car.