Zoo Recap 7/14/15: Season 1 Episode 3 “The Silence of the Cicadas”

Zoo Recap 7/14/15: Season 1 Episode 3 "The Silence of the Cicadas"

Tonight on CBS Zoo continues with an all new Tuesday July 14, season 1 episode 3 called, “The Silence of the Cicadas,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, Jackson [James Wolk] flies to Japan with Abraham [Nonso Anozie] to recover the rest of his father’s research involving animals.

On the last episode, After Jackson Oz rescued his best friend, Abraham Kenyatta, from a lion attack in Botswana, Abraham’s firsthand account of the attack revealed that the lions were no longer afraid of humans and might be killing for sport. Also, Jamie and Mitch ran tests on a lion cub in the Los Angeles Zoo and uncovered a link to a chemical made by a biotechnology company, and Chloe Tousignant returned to Paris where she had to overcome her own trauma and focus on her work as a government intelligence analyst. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Jackson Oz and Abraham Kenyatta fly to Japan to recover the rest of Oz’s father’s research involving animals. Also, Jamie convinces Mitch to accompany her on a trip to her hometown in Louisiana to show a senator their findings on the abnormal behavior of the zoo lions. In Paris, Chloe is the first to be recruited by a shadowy intelligence agent, Gaspard Alves (Henri Lubatti), who is looking for the cause of the strange animal behavior, and a death row inmate escapes from a Mississippi prison after a vicious wolf invasion sets the prison ablaze.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the season 1 of Zoo.

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#ZooCBS begins in Slovenia with Gaspard and Chloe. He bribes the medical examiner to let them check out some bodies. He shows her Nicholas Bradshaw, the guy who came to adopt Andraz and was massacred by dogs. Chloe scoffs. He then shows her five other bodies. She thinks about the lion attacks and starts to freak out. Gaspard says something strange is going on in the animal kingdom and he wants her help figuring it out. She says her expertise is with human attacks, not animal. Gaspard reassures her that with her knowledge and what she witness in Africa, she’s the right person.

In Tokyo, Jackson and Abraham go looking for his dad’s notes. Abraham complains about the cramped airplane and crowded city streets. He says he hasn’t been out of Africa for a decade and gripes. They go to an address looking for Robert’s former residence. The woman that answers recognizes Jackson for some reason. In LA, Jamie meets Mitch at a coffee joint. He asks why she’s stalking him and asks if he should be flattered. She says they have evidence against Reiden but he says they don’t. He says the lions hive communicating is a theory, not evidence. He says it’s crazy really.

She says Senator Vaughan will listen to their theories and may launch an investigation. Mitch says he has classes and things to do. Jamie says it seems like this would be a priority and threatens to take it to another professor and says he could miss out on tenure. She says to come with her to Louisiana. In Tokyo, Minako explains she was his father’s second wife. She says they met at Harvard six years ago. Jackson had no idea. She says she was fascinated with his work on animal evolution. She says he was deeply depressed after he was fired. She says she supported him while he continued his research.

She says she was with him during his breakdown and says love is difficult. She says that’s when the people you love need you the most. Minako asks what Jackson needs. He says a pride of male lions demonstrated behavior that was disturbing and wants to look at his father’s research. Minako says the awakening has begun. She says it’s cognitive acuity. She says the rest of Robert’s work isn’t there. She says it’s where he conducted his final experiments. She says he became paranoid and started hiding everything from everyone, even her.

She flies Abraham and Jackson to a secret site and says it’s near Fukishima where he was experimenting. She hands them rad meters to wear. She says the island worked for his father and says he was making progress and told her that he understood why the animal behavior was changing. She says he didn’t want to tell her over the phone then he was dead before she could get to him. Their plane is overrun by a flock of bats flying during the day and aggressively. The plane is in distress within a short time.

Evan Lee is being groomed at the prison. He changes out of his orange coveralls into denims as he quotes scripture about animals. They tell him it’s time to see the warden. The warden asks him to reconsider speaking to the widow. Evan says no. He tells him that he’s facing the needle tomorrow night and would be decent to give her some closure. Evan says he’s beyond mercy. He sees a wolf outside the warden’s window in the yard. He reconsiders and tells the warden it’s time to make amends. Jackson and Abe rescue Minako from the crash and search for the pilot.

Abe does CPR on Minako. Jackson says the pilot is gone. Abe can’t revive her and Jackson says not to stop and tries to work on her. Abe tells him to give it up and pushes him back. Gaspard and Chloe cross the tape into a crime scene. Gaspard tells her to look with a different eye. She says the bodies were in different states of decomp indicating the attacks took place over time. She wonders if they were targeted because they had few ties to the community such as visitors. She says motive is a factor. She says if it was a human suspect, there would be just one explanation.

She says it would be that they were honing their skills. She says it makes no sense for dogs to learn to be more efficient murderers. Gaspard asks if she will help him do something about this. In New Orleans, Jamie is told her credit card is declined at the car rental place. The woman says she was told to cut it up. Mitch offers his card then asks if the newspaper will reimburse him. Jamie tells him she was fired and spent her last $800 getting them there. He’s annoyed and walks away. She says they have a meeting with the Senator but he says he’s flying home. She says she has time to kill anyway.

She asks him to just spend the time talking to the Senator and laying the groundwork for his Nobel Prize. He laughs and she says maybe some other kind of prize that makes you feel good about yourself. She asks to show him something to help him decide. Abe says the pilot sent an SOS beacon so they can expect a beacon. Jackson asks how bats fly 5,000 feet higher than normal. They decide to go looking for his father’s compound. They figure they can make it there and back before the rescue plane comes. They check out the radiation meters and take off.

Evan reads scripture about the wolf and the lamb. The warden greets Ms Blanchard and tells her death row inmates will sometimes try and clear their conscience. The wolf growls outside the prison fence. Jackson tells Abe he can’t believe Minako is dead and says he wanted to thank her for sticking by his father which is more than what he and his mom did. Jackson says maybe his dad was right and he was on the verge of a breakthrough not a breakdown. Abe says they should keep going. Jamie takes Mitch to her mom’s grave. She says she was 11 when her mom got sick.

She says there were 26 more that got sick after her. Mitch asks if it was a cancer cluster. She says they tried to make a case against Reiden but the corporation was too big and was able to bury the lawsuit. Mitch says he’s sorry. Jamie asks if Mitch has family then says she wanted to show him that she’s not nuts, just very angry. Jackson and Abe find his dad’s work hut and notice the radiation is up to yellow. Abe says they need to get in and out. A horse approaches that has no eyes. Jackson speaks to the horse. Then another horse comes out of the woods. It also has no eyes. They both walk away.

Abe asks Jackson what his father was doing there. Jamie thanks Senator Vaughan for meeting with them. Vaughan says they’ve been fighting the Reiden Global fight for some time. Jamie says Mitch has found the smoking gun they’ve been looking for. Mitch talks about the lion communication over long distances. Jamie says the lion mutation and some cat behavior was after exposure to Reiden Global pesticides. Vaughan says he’s been with her on this for some time then says things change. He shows her a stack of files and says they are just too powerful to fight.

Jamie says knowing when things are over separates the proud from the pathetic. On the way out, Mitch tells him the size of the taxidermy on his wall reflects the inverse of his penis size and says he feels sorry for his wife. Jackson and Abe head into the shack to look around and Abe finds a generator. They find the horse’s eyeballs floating in jars. Jackson says his dad came because of the radiation because the animals were already changing because of it. Jackson says the radiation was already accelerating the changes. Jackson says the island was his petri dish.

They hear a noise and go to look. A film is playing and it’s one of the horse’s with the defiant pupil just like the lions and the horse was acting up. Jamie and Mitch have a drink at a bar. She knows the owner Vick who keeps Christmas stuff up year round. Mitch asks if she’s going to drown her sorrows because of a little setback. She says she has no job, no apartment and her last shot at nailing those bastards just showed them the door. She tells Mitch she was awful to her mother the last year she was sick. Mitch reminds her she was just a kid.

Jamie says she was ashamed of her being sick and her baldness. Mitch says that’s why she’s on this crusade and she says no duh. Mitch offers to work on more solid evidence back in his lab but Jamie says it’s over. She says she’s going to call her uncle to see if she can crash with him for now. Then Gaspard is there and says his name. Mitch asks if he knows him. Gaspard shows him photos of the dog attack bodies. Jamie lies to her uncle and says she’s in town working and asks to come by.

Gaspard says he thought he’d jump at the chance to get some more funding for his department. Gaspard mentions the long distance lion communication. Mitch says the mystery man in the nice suit knows things. Mitch says he’s in so long as he brings along Jamie too. Ms Blanchard tells Evan she’s surprised he agreed to see her. He says it’s god’s will. She tells him she needs the truth and asks if he killed her husband. He says he wasn’t always like this, lusting, craving. He says we play God and pay a horrible price. He says he was out in the woods looking for a cure.

He says he saw her husband and friends hunting and celebrating murder. He says they made it easy to kill. He says her husband was the first because he was slower than the rest. He says he took him down fast and says he didn’t suffer. Evan says before he got caught, he was out there looking for another hunting party. He says it’s his nature. He tells her all the answers are in the Bible. He keeps calling her Ms and she screams at him that it’s Mrs. He says he removed the Mrs when he removed Daniel’s heart. Abe reads Robert’s papers and tells Jackson they’re all in code.

Jackson watches the film. He says the eyes are the windows to the soul. He asks what if the defiant pupil is a signifier that the way the animals see the world is changing. He says a friend is now an enemy and their behavior changes. He says his father thought the way to change them back was to take their eyes. Abe says you can’t blind every animal in the world and Robert says only a crazy person would think that. The film show a horse biting off two of Robert’s assistant’s fingers. Evan is given 10 minutes in the yard before his last meal. He sees the wolf nearby.

Jackson snaps photos of his dad’s papers tacked to the wall. Abe finds a photo of Jackson and his dad. Abe says it’s quiet and then checks the rad meter and sees the battery is dead. He slaps it and then they hear a helicopter. They run outside and wave for help. They run through the woods towards where their plane went down. It’s Gaspard who says they have to get them out of there right now. They hustle them onto the helicopter. Gaspard delivers them to a conference room where Mitch and Jamie wait. The warden asks Ms Blanchard if this brought her closure. She says it didn’t.

The warden sees her off. She drops her keys and hears a growl. The warden sees the wolf as she drives away. He screams as it comes at him. It starts mauling him and the deputy opens the gate to try and help his boss. More wolves come running up and get inside the gates before they can get it closed. Evan hears the alarms sounding. The prison is locked down but wolves are inside and guards are running in fear. The wolves come at prisoners and guards. A fire starts in the kitchen as prisoners panic. The fire causes the cells to open. The wolves attack prisoners as the cell doors open.

Mitch tells the others this is weird. A man named Delavane comes in and says they’re all there because of their suspicions about the lions, dogs and bats. Gaspard shows them rhino attacks in Jacarta. In Germany, bears overran a playground killing seven children and injuring 14 more. Delavane says alone, these are tragic events. Delavane tells Jackson that the pandemic his father predicated has begun. Mitch says Robert Oz was a crackpot and none of this proves the animal apocalypse coming.

Chloe then comes into the room and Jackson is surprised to see her. Delavane says Chloe will be his proxy. He says Chloe will be in charge and says he just wants them all to figure out what’s going on out there before it’s too late. The guards run to try and get behind a door. A wolf outside howls. Evan listens with interest and looks at it. The prison begins to burn behind him.