Zoo Recap – Crazy Finale Cliffhanger: Season 1 Final Episode “That Great Big Hill of Hope”

Zoo Recap - Crazy Finale Cliffhanger: Season 1 Final Episode "That Great Big Hill of Hope"

Tonight on CBS Zoo continues with an all new Tuesday September 15, season 1 finale called, “That Great Big Hill of Hope,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, Jackson (James Wolk) and the team make a final attempt to find a cure to the worldwide animal pandemic.

On the last episode, an injured Jackson underwent emergency surgery at a hospital in Zimbabwe that, unfortunately, was overrun by wild animals. While Mitch and Jamie worked to formulate a cure using the Mother Cell and leopard DNA, a shocking turn of events jeopardized everything. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Jackson and the team make a final attempt to find a cure to the worldwide animal pandemic, but come across a “hairy” obstacle that just may be impenetrable on the Season 1 finale.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the season 1 of Zoo.

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#CBSZoo starts in the Atlantic Ocean somewhere. We hear a woman gasping for breath in the water. The plane she was on is in pieces. A boat pulls near and a man pulls her on board. It’s Jamie. He also pulls a box overboard. A knife is sticking out of her body. She passes out. Later, the man carries her to a house and removes the knife. She screams and then passes out again. Later she wakes in a bed and sees the bandage on her leg. She tries to stand and falls and the man comes in to help.

She asks who he is. He speaks another language. She asks where she is. She says she was on a plane and asks about the leopard cub. She looks out and sees snowy mountains outside. She asks how long she’s been there then asks for a phone. He nods when she mimes a phone. He backs out of the room and closes the door. He locks her in the room. She looks outside and sees a fence with concertina wire atop it. Later, he comes back in the room and brings a tray of food.

She hides in the closet and knees him in the crotch then grabs his keys and runs to unlock the fence. He runs to stop her and she steps out then hears roars and sees bears and other animals outside. Dogs and bears all against the fence trying to get at them. She says – you were protecting me. That changes her perspective. Jackson is on a video dated September 13th of this year. He says the Canadian government called off the dive team and says 47 people and the cure were lost in the crash.

He says they need to find an alternative, something they’ve overlooked. He says he and Chloe have official clearance and some made up titles and a team. The tape fast forwards a month and he says an international team went to Zambia and it’s dire. Now we see December 8th. He says important people arrived today, international crisis managers with scientists. He says they don’t need him anymore. He chuckles and says they don’t want to be associated with failure.

We see it was Jackson watching his own videos. Mitch is with a reporter and she asks about Reiden Global. He asks why he would and orders another drink. She says she heard Reiden cut a deal with the government and he asks about the deal. She says they offered to provide the mother cell to help with the cure in exchange for essentially a pardon for all this chaos. Mitch suggests they call it The Beast Rebellion. She asks if he was forced to sign an NDA for a pardon against crimes he committed.

Mitch says this doesn’t seem like a puff piece. She then asks about Jamie and says Reiden was her obsession. He says that would be tragic since Jamie wanted to expose the truth and died doing it. He says now they’re here and can’t say a thing about it. He says everything Jamie cared about died with her. She asks if he’s been silenced. Mitch says Jamie was a reporter too and she understood both tenacity and compassion and he asks her to leave.

He says maybe an urban transport will take her home to keep her safe from the Beast Rebellion. The reporter asks him if all hope is lost and things will keep getting worse. Mitch just looks at her. We see Abe in a noisy headquarters. Someone gives them an update on the animal activity. Someone comes in and says Georgetown is thick with boars like they’ve never seen. He tells Abe to take the guy to GW Hospital since he was bitten. Abe turns down a gun in favor of tranqs.

Chloe is with Amelia talking fatalities. Chloe says they can’t kill all the animals. A soldier comes and says they have a unit in Zambia tracking the leopard pride and they hope to have one shortly. Chloe and Amelia watch the team via a drone. They spot the leopards. They move forward. Pascal is with them. The leopards disperse and the team fans out. They circle around one and surround it. They tranq it and everyone in the ops center applauds but then Chloe hears birds and says to warn them.

They tell the ground team to take cover and they turn on helmet cam feeds. The soldiers are scrambling to get away from the birds that are swarming and attacking. The men fire on the birds and get into the structure. Pascal says they still have the leopard but it was messy. Jackson shoots another video and says the team found the leopards and Chloe called him. He says they were looking for the pride for three months. He says they can synthesize the cure on a mass scale.

He says they still have to figure out how to distribute it. He says the other scientists want to make it an aerosol but he says that won’t work because it will decay in the atmosphere. He says he’ll come up with a solution. He hears a noise and goes to check. His buddy Goldy who is wheelchair-bound knocked over the bookshelf. Goldy tells him about the activity at the zoo and chastises him for not taking his pills and warns he could get an infection.

He needs a refill and Jackson says he’ll go but Goldy says to wait until daylight but he won’t. He tells Goldy they found the leopards and tells Jackson to pick up some beer to celebrate. Goldy asks if they’ll find a better way to share the planet after they fix this. He talks about the dog that attacked him and took off his leg and says no one ever imagined the worst-case scenario. He says they were stupider than the animals and tells Jackson to put on gear and be careful.

Jackson carries his hand recorder and talks about spreading it in prey that the other animals will eat. He hears howling and looks around. He says the animals have stopped feeding on each other and are only eating humans. He spots a lone cat in the street that growls at him. Abe goes to pick up Victor Holman. The man says it’s quiet and there’s no more traffic. He says it’s almost beautiful and Abe says almost until you think about what’s lurking out there.

Victor asks if he’s always cheerful then asks if he’s lost anyone since this began and asks friends or family. Abe says friends that became family. Victor say sorry. He tells Abe which way to go and says there’s a stop before the hospital. Jackson spots some big growling Rottweilers. The cat is there too. He hops a fence and the dogs give chase. He scrambles to get away and hides up high on a fire escape. Then a monkey is there teeth out and he runs up but there are more coming for him.

He busts in a window and then pulls a piece of furniture over to cover it. The monkeys beat at it to get in. Then a German shepherd comes for him and he knocks it away. He makes it to the hall but not before he sees that the dog ate its owner. He’s safe for the moment.

The international team watches a film about collecting animal DNA and how they will replace the animals of the world with no infection. It’s called Project Noah and they promise that in 6-10 years all will be well. This is a presentation by Reiden Global. Amelia tells Chloe the leopard won’t work because they don’t know how to distribute. She says airborne is a fail and says they have to do Noah. Chloe says they can’t play God and kill all the animals. She asks if Chloe has a better idea.

Victor tells Abe that today is the first day of his chemotherapy. Abe asks why they aren’t going to the hospital. Victor says the chemo will diminish his sense of taste and takes him to dinner with him but Abe refuses the food. They are at an underground restaurant that still serves meat. Victor asks about the friends he doesn’t see anymore and Abe says they remind him of their failure. He says they could have stopped all of this from happening.

Victor says it sounds like a story and Abe says he doesn’t want to tell it. Mitch is back at the bar drinking at his usual watering hole. Three guys show up and order drinks to celebrate. They talk about making money from global chaos. They are terrified to see the bartender has a dog there. One of the guys pulls a gun to shoot it and Mitch steps up to interfere. He tells the guy that he agrees that the mangy hound is an eyesore and smells bad but has as much right to be there as they do.

Mitch says the bartender didn’t appreciate the dog until all hell broke loose and says you take things for granted. Mitch takes off his glasses and says love only comes around once and you have to grab it and hold onto it because it could be gone like that and slaps the guy. The guy punches him and then the bartender goes to step in but they hit him too. Mitch says he hasn’t been beaten up by idiot businessmen since Wednesday. They hit him one last time and leave.

A guy at the store talks about all the mosquitoes. Jackson says they feed on the decay and the guy complains about bug bites. That gives Jackson a thought. He goes to see Chloe and says mosquitoes. He says they can infect the mosquitoes with the cure and they will spread it because they feed on every animal and then lay their eggs in water to spread it to places they could never get to. Chloe goes to tell Amelia about the delivery method.

Amelia says it doesn’t matter and says the leopard had migrated onto Reiden land is now contaminated. Chloe is upset and says it’s over, they’re out of options. They are stunned. Victor tells Abe he’s all alone in DC and says he knows his family can’t get to him and are out West. He says then his son called and told him they would try to get to him because of the cancer. He says they got a camper and are driving. He says RTC – reasons to continue – come when you least expect it.

The diners are singing to a guitarist performing – What’s Going On. Abe goes to see Jackson. He asks what Jackson is doing and he says it’s over – the last leopards are contaminated. Abe says he’s sorry. Abe says the goons where he work are eager to sign up to kill all the animals. Jackson rants then says he sounds like his father but Abe says he has more conviction than his dad did. He offers Abe a beer but he says no. Jackson says he fought off baboons for a six pack.

He asks about Chloe and Mitch and Jackson says he hasn’t heard from Mitch in weeks. Abe says Mitch was in love with Jamie. Abe tells him about the secret meat restaurant. Abe says he’s been trying to sort things out but has only learned that it’s not a good time to retreat from those you care about. He says they need to do the opposite. He says there will be failures and suffering but they must continue. He says they need to find the next solution.

He tells Jackson that coming up with solutions is in his blood. He says a dying man reminded him tonight what they are fighting for then asks for a baboon beer. Jamie goes outside and the man hands her a phone. She sees the box the leopard was in and asks about it and tries to make the man understand. He takes her to the fence and she sees it right outside the gate. She’s overjoyed. Mitch sits at the bar next to the dog and Dalton says it’s closing time.

He asks if Mitch can make it home all right and he says yeah. He says the animals can’t do anything to him that the humans haven’t done already. He answers his phone and it’s Jamie. He says it’s not her. He says Jamie is dead. He asks who this is and she says he has to stop being an ass and listen. She says she’s alive and is glad he is too. He starts crying and asks if it’s really her. She says she has the leopard – she has the cure. He is shocked.

Mitch waits on Chloe and Jackson who give him a big hug. Abe pulls up too and they all hop into the Humvee. Chloe says she found a boat to take them to Jamie. Jackson says air travel is out of the question and Mitch agrees. He notices Jackson got a dog bite. Then they see that a whole line of animals is in the street in front of them – lions, tigers and bears, oh my. Plus elephants and giraffes. Looks like the stampede scene from Jumanji.

The animals come charging at them and that’s the end of season one. Helluva finale. Unfortunately, no word yet from CBS on a season 2. If they don’t renew, I’ll have to get the book! Please, CBS, don’t make me read!!