American Gothic Finale Recap 9/7/16: Season 1 Episode 12 and 13 “Madame X – Whistler’s Mother”

American Gothic Finale Recap 9/7/16: Season 1 Episode 12 and 13 "Madame X - Whistler's Mother"

Tonight on CBS their murder mystery American Gothic airs with an all-new Wednesday, September 7, 2016, episode and we have your American Gothic recap below! On tonight’s double-episode season finale of American Gothic, a killer taunts the Hawthornes and they look to the police for help.

Did you miss last week’s episode where lies were exposed and the Hawthornes revisited the infamous night from 2002?  If you missed it we have a full & detailed American Gothic recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s double-episode American Gothic season finale as per the CBS synopsis, “With a killer taunting them, the Hawthornes look to the police for assistance, but Brady (Elliot Knight) needs Garrett’s (Antony Starr) help to solve the case. Alison (Juliet Rylance) prepares for the election and is rocked by a shocking discovery about her family and the unexpected return of an old friend.”

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Who was SBK’s accomplice? The Hawthornes desperately wanted to find the answer to that questions because someone was threatening their family however Brady eventually made the police get involved. Brady had apparently made an agreement with Garrett where Garret and his mother finally tell the police everything. So Brady had assured Garrett as part of this agreement that no matter what he would try and see that Garrett didn’t spend the rest of his life in jail. But there was one thing wrong with that plan and that was his wife Tess didn’t agree with it.

Tess had just found out that her brother had been trying to protect her when he had been forced to kill someone in self-defense. So Tess didn’t want her brother going to jail because of that and she was even willing to behind her husband’s back to protect Garrett. However, her plan which was to buy Garrett enough time to runaway wasn’t foolproof though thankfully Garrett had known better than that. Garrett had known that he couldn’t keep running away from what he did for the rest of his life and so he decided to let his one chance of actually getting away with it go. And had told his sister Tess that he should have to face up to what he did.

Though Tess hadn’t liked that either. Tess had wanted to protect everyone from what’s happening and so she tried to be strong through everything. Even as her own mother and brother had been taken down to the police station for questioning. Tess’s sister Alison on the other hand, had tried to be a little more productive. Alison had gotten into contact with a security firm and she was finally going to get the house wired up so that someone couldn’t just sneak in whenever they wanted. Much less leave the family a threatening message with a doll house.

Alison however, had found something as she was cleaning around the house. Alison had actually found the box that her mother had claimed belonged to her late father and that had been the box of bells. Yet, Alison’s mother Madeline had sworn that she had gotten rid of that box. So Alison had been a tad surprise to see that Madeline had held onto it and then her part of began to question why her mother would have held onto such a box. Alison had thought about that last one for quite some time and eventually she realized there could only be one explanation for why Madeline had that box.

Madeline must have held onto the box because she needed it. So Alison laid in wait for when her mother came home and then she asked her point blank. Alison asked her mother if she held onto the bells so that she could keep on killing and also she asked if it had been her that killed Jennifer Windham. But Madeline used the same old excuse that she always does. She said that she did what she did to protect her family and even went as far to say that she had to kill Jennifer to get Garrett out of prison. And so Alison did get her mother’s darkside in the end though she didn’t know what she should do next.

Alison wanted to turn her mother in and didn’t know if that was the right decision. However, her plan to ask her siblings if that was the right choice didn’t work out because Tess and Cam didn’t stick around long enough to hear what she had to say. Cam had been with his son Jack when his ex-made a sudden reappearance and locked him in the bathroom while she kidnapped their son. So Tess and Cam were busy looking for his missing son and they hadn’t wanted to involve the police in their latest dispute to just speed things long yet their absence meant Alison had to go to someone else for advice.

Alison end up going to her ex Naomi. Naomi had been the only person that Alison thought she could talk to and who genuinely cared about her. Yet, Naomi had thought that Alison was talking about the election and whether she should put everything on the line. So Naomi had told her that she should. Naomi had said that Alison wasn’t like other participants. She said that Alison actually had vision and that Alison would do more for people than anyone else could ever do or would. And so Alison let that inflate her ego to the point where she later chucked her mother’s box of bells into the water so that no one could connect her mother to anyone’s murder.

Madeline though had thought that her daughter had done for that and had been thrown when Alison said that she didn’t get rid of the evidence to protect her. Alison had gotten rid of the evidence to protect her own career. Though later down the line Alison had remembered what her mother said and in time came to believe Madeline when she said that she had only killed the journalist and not that homeless woman. So what made Alison question if her mother was telling the truth about that was Naomi. Naomi had wrangled herself back onto the campaign and her newfound closeness allowed Alison to both see and wonder why Naomi had so many metrocards on her.

Naomi was allegedly back in town only for a wedding, but she had told Alison that her stay was merely temporary and that she had actually been working in Hawaii. So Alison wondered why someone would claim to leave town when they never left. But sadly for Alison, she was so fed up with being lied to that she simply told Naomi to leave her alone rather than question the lie itself. And hadn’t been prepared when Naomi came back to her office after everyone else had already gone home.

Back at the police station, however, Garrett and Brady had used the information he had on the real SBK to find out who he was. The real SBK was John Roy Martin. John had been a hardworking man and he had seemed sane when his wife was alive. Though something changed after she died. John had blamed the big corporations and the money people he said where behind the hospital lack of care for his wife’s death. So the first SBK kill had been two years after his wife died and around that time his daughter Dara had also went off the radar. And so this Dara was the best suspect the police had in the latest killings.

DNA showed that whoever put up the creepy dollhouse to scare the Hawthornes must be a woman and so Dara fit. Dara had been young when her mother died and she most likely had the same hatred if not fixation for the rich that her father shared. What with her father being her only parental figure after her mother died. So the police thought that Dara truly was the best suspect in the murders though it turns out Naomi wasn’t Dara. Naomi was who she said she was and more importantly she had gotten a major union to endorse Alison’s run for Mayor. And that’s what she had told Alison when she went back into Alison’s office.

Naomi had known that she needed to a big gesture to get Alison to forgive her. So she had worked a deal out with a union and had presented it to Alison as an apology for her lie. However, Alison had lost track of time. Alison had gotten so caught up in finishing out the deal that she had forgotten to tell her family where she was and had let them unnecessarily worry about her. Either than that, she was fine and again Naomi wasn’t Dara though Brady later got an idea on how to find out who Dara was. And so he followed that up by going to visit Dara’s mother’s grave.

Brady said that Dara must have cared about her mother and her father to go through with everything. So he decided to check out her mother’s grave to see if she visited as much as he was thinking and the cherry blossoms there had given him the hint he needed about Dara. Dara or Sophie as she now likes to call herself had a giant cherry blossom tattoo on her neck and back so everything began to fall into place once Brady realized that his sister-in-law was the new SBK. Though he hadn’t gotten chance to tell his in-laws that until certain things had been sent in motion like Dara/Sophie’s revenge.

Sophie unfortunately lived on emotions. She was smart, but often her quick decisions and irrationality get in the way of what should be done. So it was no surprise that she wormed her way into the family by marrying Cam. As Cam described it, he had seen Sophie practically everywhere before the two of them eventually got together. But what he hated about her was her addiction and how she wanted everyone around her to be just as sick. And quite honestly that had been why he had wanted to take sole custody of their son.

And that’s what had actually sent off Sophie off again. Her son Jack was one person she truly had left and who she in no way blamed for her father’s death. So she hadn’t killed anyone because of Jack and had started to kill again once her relationship with him was threatened. However, Sophie blamed Madeline for what happened and so she went back to the Hawthorne House. Where she found Madeline alone save one security guard who she promptly took care of.

So Sophie had ended up killing Madeline out of revenge for what happened to her dad and what Madeline had instigated with her son. Though both Cam and Garrett had seen her over their mother’s body right before she escaped. So now they knew and the police knew that Sophie was a serial killer and that she had been SBK’s daughter all along yet Sophie had left behind a message for her son before she could escape. Sophie had used his teddy bear that recorded messages to tell her son that they will see each other again soon. Which unfortunately gave her deeply disturbing son the idea that she and he will be together again.

Yet, there was something that no one but Sophie and Alison knew and that was Alison had apparently figured things out before anyone else. Alison had realized that Sophie was the killer and she had told Sophie that she knew. That is just before she told the other woman to just kill her mother who was really to blame for everything that happened. So Alison had told Sophie to kill her mother to protect her career and distance herself from what her mother did. And in the end she became the Mayor that was able to grant her brother Garrett an easier probationary period for what he did.

So the family thought everything was fine with Garrett and Tess both having children and Came learning to move on however their family was just as poisonous as ever.