American Idol Recap Avalon Young and Lee Jean Eliminated: Top 6 Revealed and Perform: Season 15 Episode 18

American Idol Recap Avalon Young and Lee Jean Eliminated: Top 6 Revealed and Perform: Season 15 Episode 18

It’s another exciting night of AMERICAN IDOL on FOX with an all new Thursday March 10, season 15 episode 18 called “Top 6 Perform” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the Top 6 finalists are revealed; the singers perform.

On the last episode, two contestants were sent home; both Olivia Rox and Gianna Isabella were officially eliminated from American Idol.Then, the Top 10 finalists performed for America’s vote. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “as the competition moves forward, IDOL hopefuls have limited time to make a name for themselves. Find out who will move on and who has reached the end of the AMERICAN IDOL road.”

Tonight’s show is going to be an exciting one, which I’m not going to miss and neither should you. Tune in tonight at 8 PM EST! Celeb Dirty Laundry is your go to place for all the up-to-date American Idol News and we’ll be recapping the finale right here for you. Do you have a favorite to win? Hit up the comments and let us know who you really like!

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On tonight’s episode of American Idol, the remaining singers will be performing twice – a solo act and a duet. Ryan Seacrest takes the stage, and introduces the judges: Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr, and Jennifer Lopez.

The first duet of the night will be La’Porsha and Trent – they take the stage and perform a rendition of “When I See You Again” by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa. Then, they wait to hear what the judges had to say.

Keith: “Yeah! First of all, that’s a great way to open the show. For me when you are doing a duet you have to find the right song – and that was the perfect song. It was collaborative, it was great, you both stayed in your lanes and I loved it.” Jennifer: “Yes, what a pair! The whole thing was just magical, what a way to start the show. I loved it, it was great!” Harry: “When I found out you guys were doing the song, I was wondering how you were going to do Wiz’s part. And, I loved the fact that ya’ll sang it. At some points I didn’t know who was singing the harmony and who was singing the medley. What a great way to start the show.”

Avalon Young and Sonika Vaid are up next, for their duet they will be singing “Rise Up” by Andra Day. After their performance, they wait on the American Idol stage for the judges’ comments.

Jennifer: “Your voices are both so angelic and together it was like you were pushing each other to be better in the moment. It’s really really beautiful to watch and so exciting. The only thing I would say is that it is such an inspirational song I would have liked to see it come through your bodies more.” Harry: “If I had to categorize you in one word, I would say that Avalon is more rhythmic and Sonika is so melodic. So, it was kind of more to Avalon’s advantage. But, Sonika your voice is just breathtaking again week after week.” Keith: “It was an interesting collaboration because you are right Harry, because you both have different strengths. Your voice is so clear and angelic, and you are just such a natural singer Avalon.”

The next duet to take the American Idol stage is Dalton Rapattoni and MacKenzie Bourg. Tonight they are singing “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

Harry: “So, I’m not sure who picked that song, it’s a very popular song, but I do not think that it was a good song. Do you have any idea what you were singing about or what the song was you were singing? The lyrics don’t make any sense in this song and it is very hard to sing a song if it doesn’t mean anything. I would have fought if I were you and said “I don’t want to sing that song on American Idol.” Keith: “I completely agree. First of all, when you dismantle a song and make it yours, but what you don’t do well is do a cover like that. I thought that it didn’t really benefit either one of you, so I am looking forward to hearing the solo songs.” Jennifer: “When I saw that you were going to sing that I was like “Ohh what are the going to do with that?” and I thought you guys were going to flip it. It seemed like the right song, but it wasn’t, and once you guys both started singing that – you should have recognized it.”

Tristan McIntosh and Lee Jean are the next duet to hit the American Idol stage – and they are performing the classic Aerosmith song “Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.” Afterwards, they line up to hear the judges’ critiques.

Keith: “Okay, I love that song, and here is the challenge – it is really hard to find a song that will fit both of your keys. I think you did the best you could with that. But, it’s really hard to find a song that will bring out the best in both of you.” Jennifer: “That’s the thing, Tristan your voice really shined. You were able to hit all the notes and show off your strengths. And, Lee you were just kind of hanging in there and trying to give us the emotional side of it. Do I love both of you? Yes, I do I love both of you, and you’re adorable together. I think it could have been a little bit stronger.” Harry: “This is one of those melodies that really allows you to sink in to it. If you had to sing this song, do you ever lay in bed at night and think hey maybe I should sit on a stool and play a guitar. For me, there was nothing special, but it could have been special. It was very boring and very bland – and it didn’t have to be.”

Now, it’s time for the solos. The top 8 singers will perform based on America’s votes last week. The first singer to take the stage – and to move on to the next round – is La’Porsha Renee. La’Porsha performs “Come Together” by The Beatles. Afterwards, she waits for judges’ critiques.

Jennifer: “Diva! You give us full diva every time you get up there. There are certain performers that make you feel cooler when you are watching them. And, that’s that inspiration thing – and you have it, not everyone has it.” Harry: “It’s true. And, if you can make sense out of those lyrics…I actually understood what you were singing about and I have never understood those lyrics.” Keith: “That was a terrific song for you, but at the end of the day I think any song is a perfect song for you.”

Up next is MacKenzie Bourg, for his solo song he will be singing Joe Crocker’s “You Are So Beautiful.” After he is done serenading the audience, the Idol judges let him know what they thought.

Harry: “I hope you feel better about that. Listen, this is a competition, and you have to be smart about song choices. You couldn’t have picked a better song. I think all of are lucky that Billy Preston wrote that song and no matter who you were singing to I felt you were connected to it, and for me – that is all that counts.” Keith: “It speaks volumes to me that you picked that song because you know who you are. And, it also speaks volumes that this song was wrote in the 60’s or 70’s and you made it sound brand new.” Jennifer: “Yeah, you make it sound brand new. You’re kind of croonerish and you are also like indie rock. There is a beautiful mix of old and new with you, and I think it is because of your heart. Hen you sing it really feels like you are singing to us.”

According to America’s votes, the next contestant that is safe and moving on to the next round is Trent Harmon. For his solo round, Trent is singing “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King.

Keith: “We talk a lot about, do we watch people grow on American Idol? You are a perfect example of that, the way you are dressed, the way you are moving, and the way you are performing – you are really coming along.” Jennifer: “I always thought you were bad since the moment you walked in, and bad means good. You’re a bad ass! I love what you do with your voice, honestly I don’t think that the audience is getting how much of a badass you are.” Harry: “It really was great. That melody is really repetitive and you gave yourself a lot of opportunities to have fun with it. The harder you sink in to the rhythm of that, the harder it will be. If you just sink in to that a little bit more, it will be even better.”

The next singer that is safe after America’s votes is Tristan MaCintosh, tonight for her solo song she will be singing “A Broken Wing” by Martina McBride. Afterwards, she waits to hear what the judges thought of her performance.

Jennifer: “Tristan, you have such a perfectly suited country voice and it is really so beautiful. There was one little thing at the end that you went for, but I applaud you for going for it. You did a really good job with that song. That is exactly what you need to do.” Harry: “You are a country singer, and I love when you sing country – Jenny was right about that. But, I have one question for you. What happens to the girl in the story, in the second verse, when she leaves a note and the curtains are blowing? There was a lot of emotion in that, good job.” Keith: “It was beautiful, it was the right song for you, your voice was perfect for it. My dad got me in to country music and he passed away in December so I got a little emotional watching that. Great job!”

According to America’s votes, the last person to be safe tonight and not in danger of being eliminated is Dalton Rapattoni. Tonight Dalton is singing The Beatles song “Eleanor Rigby.” Now, it’s time to hear what the judges thought.

Harry: “I would imagine you feel better about that. It was a great song choice for you. You pushed it as hard as you could. I was dying to hear what you were going to do with that song. It is hard to believe that no one would know that song. You did a great job introducing that song to them.” Keith: “It was cool. You know what I love about you, the theatrical part of you brings out the undercurrents in a song that I have never noticed before. There is a dark undercurrent in that song and you brought it out very well. Like a good waffle iron, you made an impression.” Jennifer: “You know what, I loved it because it was so you. You bring theatrical performances but a lot of good pop stars do. You have been shying away from big endings, and I thought you were going to do it again, but you went for it and you nailed this big note. You really did it and I loved it. You impressed everybody just now.”

Tonight, two singers will be eliminated – Avalon, Lee-Jean, and Sonika are all in danger of being sent home. They each will get one last chance to sing for the judges, and the judges will decide which ONE of the can move on to the next round.

Avalon Young is up first, tonight she is singing “Pretty Young Thing” by Michael Jackson. Afterwards, the judges let Avalon know what they thought of her performance.

Keith: “It’s confusing to me that you always do such a good job connecting with everyone here and you wind up in the bottom three There must be a connection thing missing between you and the people at home. Your voice and your coolness, that box is checked.” Jennifer: “You are a natural performer. You do what you do. The question is, why did you wind up in the bottom three two weeks in a row when it seems like everyone loves you. If you make it through next week, try to step out of your comfort zone, maybe the audience at home wants to see what else you are capable of.” Harry: “That’s good advice. It would be nice to hear you sing something like a ballad, like completely different. Keith said it, you got the cool factor, your voice is incredible, maybe it is because you almost strolled around. That bad is so strong, I just want to see you move more.”

Now, it’s time for Lee Jean to sing for his safety tonight and try to convince the Idol judges not to send him home. Lee sings “Let it Be” on the Idol stage, and then waits to hear what the judges have to say.

Jennifer: “You have so much going for you. You have amazing style, a great personality, and a beautiful voice. Is it going to be enough? I’m not sure. I feel like there needs to be a little bit more composure when it comes to the do or die moments – and I felt like it was just a little bit shaky.” Harry: “You need to do a Dijon mustard commercial. Very emotional, you really commit to the lyrics and that is what I loved about it. The pitch was a big issue this time.” Keith: “When I was 16 I did a show just like this for TV in Australia and I was terrified. Trying to reign the notes in is so hard to do, and I sensed a lot of that going on. Your tone is gorgeous. Don’t worry about a whole lot of stuff, you got plenty of time to work on that.”

Last but not least is Sonika Vaid, to try and convince the judges to save her tonight – Sonika will be singing “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston. After her performance, the judges give her their critiques.

Harry: “That song has been sang six times since American Idol started, and they have all been pretty darn good. That is one of those high risk, high reward, because it is so well known. For me, I loved it!” Keith: “It’s a phenomenal song, your voice is gorgeous. If you are here next week, continue to release and let go – because with that voice…amazing.” Jennifer: “That is probably one of my favorite Whitney Houston songs to sing. It’s such a hard song to sing. I think you did a good job with it. We have a hard decision to make right now.”

Now, the American Idol judges have a tough decision to make. After careful consideration the judges announce that Sonika Vaid is safe – that means that Avalon Young and Lee Jean are official eliminated form American Idol.