Beauty and The Beast Recap – Double Arrest Derails Plans: Season 4 Episode 11 “Meet the New Beast”

Tonight on the CW their hit fantasy drama BEAUTY AND THE BEAST airs with an all new Thursday, August 25 season 4 episode 11 called, “Meet the New Beast,” and we have your weekly Beauty and the Beast recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) face the fact that they’ve lost control of their secret and may have to go on the run.”

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Vincent wanted to run away on tonight’s episode of “Beauty and the Beast” however JT told him that he shouldn’t and he didn’t think Cat was going to along with that plan just because Vincent wanted her to.

JT said that it was nearly impossible to remain in hiding nowadays what with drones and constant surveillance. So it was hard enough to get Vincent and Cat brand new identities and passports, but he knew that they wouldn’t be safe for long and that DHS was bound to hunt Vincent to no end the moment they saw Braxton’s tape on Vincent. However, that tape of him beasting out was why Vincent thought he and Cat shouldn’t waste anymore time and just leave. Vincent thought the tape would make him a well-known face around the world in record time and so he wanted to run away with his wife before it came impossible to do so.

But JT reminded Vincent about the other beast. JT was worried about the other beast and the fact that the other beast had killed Braxton had made him think that maybe Vincent should deal with the other threat yet Vincent hadn’t wanted to go down that road. He had hunted beasts before and as long as they were killing men like Braxton he didn’t seem to care what happened. So Vincent was content to put the other beast completely out of his mind when Tess called Cat. Tess had apparently done some digging into Braxton and she found out that Braxton had recently bought out Muirfield. As in Vincent’s Muirfield.

The same one that once conducted experiments on Vincent and was ultimately responsible for what he became. So Cat and Vincent were naturally apprehensive about anything or anyone connected to Muirfield. Yet, Cat thought they should at least talk to someone from Muirfield and so she wanted to reach out to Lars Ecklund. Lars was in Muirfield before Braxton became involved and he likely had information about the latest beast. At least that’s what Cat thought when she and Vincent went to go see Lars and found him already dead.

The other beast had unfortunately got to Lars before they could. So Cat and Vincent had then tried to find information that Lars might have left around. Though the only thing they could find was secret cell phone that Lars had on him and even that didn’t exactly spell out who the other beast could be. The secret cell was used to call only one person and that person had been Albert Garris. Dr. Albert Garris who ran medical technology company that sounded just shady enough to be involved with Muirfield and the Braxton. And so Cat had to ask Tess for one more favor in order to follow up their lead.

Cat had to ask Tess to ignore Lars Ecklund’s death, just for the time being, because she didn’t want it to become common knowledge. Cat and Vincent wanted to set up a meeting with Albert Garris and the only way they could do that was to pretend to be Lars. So Tess had complied on this even though she didn’t want to and she had hidden Lars’s death while Cat and Vincent set a trap. But the trap didn’t work out as plan. Cat had met with Garris and she had tried to warn him about what was out there when he proved that he did know about the threat. Garris knew how dangerous the other beast was because he had helped to create it and apparently that wasn’t the only thing he created.

Garris had also created certain toys he knew he could cripple a beast. So he had used one of those when he was felt like he was being watched and that had brought Vincent to his knees. However, Garris didn’t know that Vincent was technically on his side so he tried to run and had temporarily gotten away from Cat while Vincent was down. Cat’s first instinct unfortunately, was to check on her husband so Garris had used that to his advantage. And he had also been smart enough to have docked his boat not far from the meeting place.

Yet, Cat and Vincent were later able to find Garris again with JT’s help. JT had still been working on creating new identities for his friends when they had come in and had looked weary. So he had gotten the whole story from them about what happened and had helped them with relocating Garris which wasn’t all that hard seeing as Garris was leaving a technological footprint behind him. Garris though hadn’t wanted to come in quietly and so Vincent ended up having to beast out just to get him. And even then Garris still didn’t want to comply with them by answering their questions unless threatened.

Garris however was convinced in the end to tell Vincent and his friends the whole story. Garris said that it had been Braxton’s idea to restart the beast program and that Braxton had known about beasts from when he used to work at the NSA. So when Braxton was allegedly asked by a foreign investor to start the program back up again because of imminent threat, Braxton had then reached out to Lars and Garris for help. Now neither Lars nor Garris knew who this foreign investor was or if there was really was such a man yet they had created the “prototype” for the new beast. The new beast was supposed to be an upgrade on what happened to Vincent so this other beast was faster, stronger, and could even camouflage itself.

So this new beast had been everything that Braxton wanted although for some reason Braxton and his supposed investor had felt the need to terminate the program. They had killed everyone that had been connected to the project and had tried to kill the prototype when he got away. Though Vincent had grown tired by that point of hearing the word prototype being thrown around. He told Garris that he had been messing with someone’s life and that the “prototype” was a person. A person they used and tried to throw away as he was a thing so Vincent had gotten upset about the callous way this other beast was treated and he mentioned to Cat that maybe they should allow the beast to have a go at Garris.

Cat thankfully disagreed! Cat said that the only way they could make good with DHS was to turn this other beast in and tried to get amnesty for what happened with Hill. So Cat had convinced Vincent that everything could return to normal if they could get their hands on the other beast. But no one else was as optimistic as Cat. Heather and Tess had heard that Vincent wanted to run and, while that made them sad because they knew they would lose Cat that way, they were aware that was the only way Cat and Vincent would be able to stay together.

Tess though had heard something else. DHS had found out that she had been sitting on Lars’s death so she had been brought in and questioned by Special Agent Olivia Dylan about her involvement. Dylan thought she had sat on the news because of some misplaced loyalty to Cat and Vincent so she had tried to get Tess to turn on them. Dylan wanted Tess to tell her where Vincent was hiding. However, when Tess tried to explain that if she could figure out who killed Braxton that it would clear Vincent of Hill’s murder, Dylan had been quite clear with her. Dylan said that she didn’t think Vincent had been unprovoked when he killed Hill yet she also said that her boss wanted blood.

The Secretary wanted to make a point out of Vincent because he had killed one of their own. So truly it didn’t matter what Cat hoped would happen because Vincent was never going to be able to just walk away from the charges. Yet, their great plan to capture this other beast fell through anyways. The beast had sussed out a trap so he had lured Garris to his death and had left before Vincent could even make it back to the bank. And so Cat and Vincent didn’t have leverage, but they did have a plan to escape.

Heather had seen some files at the hospital just lying around when she was visiting Kyle. So she took those files that were of two recently dead people in order to get her sister and brother-in-law some new identities. That at least had a chance of holding up under scrutiny. Though once JT had finished making the new identities, everyone had said goodbye to Cat and Vincent believing that would be the last time anyone ever saw and so they had tried to make peace with their lives without their friends. And Heather for instance thought that maybe she could also try making a go of it with Kyle now that she didn’t have to worry about beasts.

But Kyle had betrayed them all. Kyle had noticed when Heather took the files form the hospital so he had reported it to Agent Dylan and Dylan had flagged the information. Which allowed her to know the exact moment when Vincent and Cat tried to board a flight out of the country.

So Kyle’s betrayal had ended with both Vincent and Cat getting arrested.