Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Victor Evicted Week 2 – BB18 Blindside Takes Out Another Newbie in Sweeping 9-1 Vote

Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Victor Evicted Week 2 – BB18 Blindside Takes Out Another Newbie in Landslide 14-0 Vote

Big Brother 18 spoilers showed Victor’s eviction in Week 2 was a done deal. Now the BB18 Week 2 vote revealed that Victor was evicted in a sweeping 9-1 vote despite some scuttlebutt that Tiffany might be blindsided because of all her boo-hooing all over the house.

Interestingly, Victor was completely clueless up until the point that Paulie won the Power of Veto comp and used his PoV to pull a very grateful Paul off the block and nominated Victor in a blindside move that nearly everyone in the house was expecting – except Victor.

Paul was on everyone’s radar but thanks to his getting a clue after Jozea’s BB18 Week 1 eviction and scrambling to save his butt, he seems to be firmly off the radar of most everyone now since he’s without allies and utterly defenseless.

The votes were:

Natalie  – Victor

Paul  – Bronte

Bridgette – Victor

Zakiyah – Victor

James – Victor

Da’Vonne – Victor

Frank – Victor

Michelle – Victor

Nicole – Victor

Corey – Victor

What is fun about Victor’s Week 2 eviction is this. No one in the house knows about the Battle Back challenge and with Glenn and Jozea waiting, Victor seems like the strongest contender of the three to come back to the house depending on the challenge.

There will be two more joining them with the Week 3 and Week 4 evicted houseguests all competing to come back into the house. The other item of interest with Battle Back is that since the HGs are unaware of it, some are being pretty ruthless in their eviction video messages.

Any nastiness in the videos can come back to bite them. But, then again, when Nicole came back in BB16, she was quickly evicted again. That seems a likely outcome again, but depending on how alliances are set in the house when the evictee comes back into the BB18 house, you never know.

For now, Victor is out but is relieved to discover that he’ll have a chance to get back in the BB18 house. What do you think Big Brother fans? With Victor evicted in Week 2, looks like the house will move on to Tiffany, Frank or perhaps Bronte. We’ll see.

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