Blindspot Recap 3/28/16 Season 1 Episode 15 “Older Cutthroat Canyon”

Blindspot Recap 3/28/16 Season 1 Episode 15 "Older Cutthroat Canyon"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday March 28, season 1 episode 15 called, “Older Cutthroat Canyon,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a painting is stolen from an art gallery, and its image is featured on one of Jane’s (Jaimie Alexander) tattoos.

On the last episode, Zapata went undercover during a death-row investigation. Meanwhile, Jane was tempted to leave the FBI after almost being caught during the recent mole hunt. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “after a painting featuring one of Jane’s tattoos is heisted from a gallery, the team discovers Jane (Jaimie Alexander) is the real target. In order to protect her team, Jane goes AWOL.”

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#Blindspot starts with Jane meeting Carlos and she’s annoyed. He gives her a GPS tracker and wants her to put it on the team vehicle. She takes it grudgingly and he tells her where to install it. He says he knows she might be upset about last night but she says she never trusted him.

Reed comes to and there’s a gunman who says stop looking into Carter’s disappearance or your loved ones will die. They show him a pic of Sarah and her son then leave. He gets out and looks around. His phone chimes with a text. He’s scared and angry.

At a strange art exhibit, someone in s wolf mask sprays over cameras then takes down a canvas and leaves with it. Bethany meets with Reed who lies and says he has nothing on Carter’s disappearance. He says he’s had it in for Jane since she got there and he wanted it to be true.

Bethany asks if he thinks Jane had anything to do with Carter’s disappearance. He says no and she says don’t bother her with trifling stuff again. She tells him to leave. Patterson tells the team this is big and then shows them footage on the art gallery heist.

She says the ZOMO exhibit had one painting stolen from a guy in a pig mask. Kurt asks what he took and she says it was a last minute new piece and shows it to them. It’s a burning rose and matches Jane’s most prominent tattoo.

Patterson says the other paintings were worth more but the guy took the one that matched her tat. They talked to Kristy, ZOMO’s assistant. They ask her to speak to him and she says no one knows who he is or talks to him.

She says ZOMO sends postcards with no return addresses. The postcard that came with the painting says Kristy hang this. She says they swap stuff with drop points and it’s crazy. Tasha asks Reed what’s up as Jane makes an excuse to go back to the car.

She thinks about what Carlos said about hurting Kurt if she didn’t comply and it looks like she makes the chip swap. Kurt checks out the gallery and Kristy says that’s not the piece she would have taken and Kurt says a statue has been moved but she calls it a sculpture.

Reed wonders why one camera isn’t blacked out – it doesn’t belong. Kurt tells everyone to get out and he runs but is caught in the blast. The sculpture exploded. She sees Kurt is bleeding and calls for an ambulance.

Jane holds his hand as he’s wheeled into the ambulance and says he’s going to be okay. They take him away and Sarah is there at the hospital. She reports to Reed that he lost a lot of blood but no major organs were hit. She says she loves him but he doesn’t say it back.

Reed says he’s still in surgery and Bethany says work the case to help Weller. She says wasting time makes it tougher. They wonder if ZOMO is the prime suspect. Patterson says the new camera was attached to the wireless transmitter so he could trigger it.

Jane says he stole that painting to get them there. Patterson wonders if ZOMO helped architect her tattoos. Jane wonders if the painter is not the bomber. Bethany sums up that they know nothing. Jane says they need to find ZOMO either way.

Reed checks out the self-portrait. Patterson says he rarely uses photos and they wonder if the photo is a view from his studio. Patterson gets a match from Google street and they find an apartment building and a tenant that pays with just cash.

Jane says they should not go in as FBI since he might blow them up. Jane and Reed go in with a bomb sniffing dog dressed as hipsters. Jane says ZOMO is in there and is bleeding. They let the dog go and shoot the lock and kick in the door. Jane is shot by a sniper and Reed reports where the shot came from.

Jane was hit in the vest but is okay. She tells Reed to go take care of it. The team heads up into the building where the shooter was and Reed runs into the guy but he’s dressed as FBI and fools him. Tasha has the sniper’s nest but no shooter.

Jane runs up on the guy and sees him from her memories with Carlos. He comes at her shooting. She hides behind a car. He shoots up the car while she cowers. Tasha and Reed run out to help. Jane returns fire. The guy has to run and Reed takes some shots. Tasha calls it in and says the target is Jane.

Reed finds Jane’s coms and tells Tasha that Jane is gone. Bethany goes to see Kurt at the hospital as he’s coming to after surgery. Sarah is there too. He says it was a trap and Bethany says the shrapnel nicked his jugular and he has to stay calm and avoid strenuous activity.

Bethany says ZOMO was dead in his studio and Jane is the target. Bethany says they didn’t get him and Jane is missing. He worries he got her but Bethany says she ditched her coms and ran off. Kurt says Jane ran to protect the team and says she’s not selfish and is drawing him away.

Kurt says now she’s out there alone. Kurt tries to get out of bed and Bethany says he just had surgery. Jane stops at a pay phone and calls Joey’s Pizza. She say she needs to cancel her order. The old man who answered asks if she’s sure. She says she is.

Patterson tells the team about ZOMO’s past. Reed says they won’t find Jane if she doesn’t want to be found. Kurt says they find the shooter, they find her. They are trying to analyze the evidence. Bethany says Kristy, the assistant, was trying to board a plane to a country with no extradition.

Carlos meets Jane at the rendezvous point and she puts a gun on him and asks if they’re trying to kill her. She says the man who tried to kill her is from their group. He says it has to be Cade, one of the founding members.

He says they ignored the warning signs and says she insisted on keeping him. He says Cade went on rants after she went under and said they were just as bad as the bad guys. He says Cade tried to kill her and then killed the guy they sent to try and help her get away.

Oscar took Cade out but then he got away. He says Cade went underground and they’ve been looking for him and keeping a protective detail on her. Jane says she needs to tell her team and he says that won’t help. Jane says they need to stop him.

Oscar says they have to kill Cade to stop him and says they need to gear up to take him down. The FBI team has Kristy in interrogation. She says her boss just got killed and she was just leaving because she was scared. Tasha says whoever did this will face charges and reads off a litany of crimes.

Kurt shows her the photo of ZOMO dead and says talk. She says ZOMO got an anonymous message a few days ago threatening to expose his identity if they didn’t meet him. She says the guy handed him a sketch and told him to paint it for the show.

Kristy says ZOMO’s whole life was based on mystery and being blackmailed over art was like a treat to him. Kurt says you’re ZOMO. He asks if that guy Eric Buchman who fronts as her went to the park. She says she was ZOMO and now isn’t.

She says Eric was her boyfriend and they started ZOMO as an experiment at Columbia. She says they wanted to see how far they could push it and now they found out. She says she couldn’t think when they told her Eric died at her studio – she says she just wanted it all to go away.

Kristy says she was at the gallery dealing with insurance for the paintings. Kurt says they’re keeping her in protective custody for now. Kurt says the killer had access to Jane’s FBI file or to Jane. He’s bleeding and Bethany says go back to the hospital.

Kurt says he’ll go back after they stop the guy. Jane and Oscar go to a shady shop and see another of the team that she vaguely recalls. He goes to hug her and she backs away. He says sorry and Oscar says she’s not happy with them. The guy says she told them that might happen.

He gives them a car and go bag plus a truck full of weapons. There are burner phones and says toss after one call. They open the garage door to leave and someone starts shooting – it’s Cade. Their guy goes down and Jane shoots out the windows but Cade gets away.

The guy says he’s sorry he messed up as he’s bleeding out. He says Cade must have followed him there. The guy tells Jane he owed her one and now they’re even and then he dies. Oscar is crying. Jane says she’s sorry. She says they have to go as they hear sirens.

She gets into the car and makes it look like a robbery by stealing some cash from the register. They leave. Jane says they have to ditch the car and steal another. Oscar is shell shocked. Jane says she’s sorry about Danny and asks who else can Cade find?

Oscar gets a 911 page and looks worried. Patterson gets a lead on shrapnel from the explosive and says it’s from a decommissioned power plant. Oscar says another of theirs was tortured and killed a few hours ago. He says they can’t beat Cade like this because he knows so much about them.

Oscar says they have to pull her out of the FBI. He says if she dies, the mission is over. Jane says she can’t disappear but Oscar says they can’t lose her – he says he can’t lose her. He says if Cade is alive, her FBI team is in danger. Jane says they need a new car.

Tasha, Reed and Kurt are at the old power plant and he tells them lights off. There’s a ship posted close by. Cade is digging a bullet out of his shoulder. They creep into the place. An alarm goes off and Cade slaps on a bandage and grabs his gun.

He takes shots at them and Kurt ducks out of the way then takes shots. Cade runs and the team pursues. They head inside and Cade hides behind a door. He lurks near one and then triggers a button that locks them into a room. Kurt glares at the guy through the glass.

Jane calls the hospital to check on Kurt and learns he checked himself. She’s worried. Oscar gets another 911 page and she says check in but he wants to get her secured first. She tells him to check in now. The team is trapped between the two doors on the boat.

They tell Kurt to calm down because he’s bleeding. Oscar checks in with the old guy who says the team is trapped at the ship. Oscar says they can’t go there because that’s what Cade wants. She refuses to give up on her friends even though Oscar says they’re not her friends.

Kurt realizes the door is hollow and shoots to cause a ricochet. He makes a small hole then they start filling the hole with gas. They put a tube in and then Jane is there. Kurt says hit the button. She goes but it doesn’t work. Cade puts a gun to her head.

She holds up her hands. Cade asks where’s Oscar? Jane says please don’t kill me in front of my team. She says Oscar is not there. Jane fights with Cade who takes shots at her but she gets away. The team goes back to Kurt’s plan. They fill the door with gas.

They take cover and Kurt shoots and blows the door out. They’re free. Cade pursues Jane in the ship. She lies in wait and attacks him. He sure is fighting hard for someone who was just shot. He knocks her down and pulls a knife but then Oscar is there and shoots him in the stomach.

Oscar runs at Cade and takes him overboard with him even though Jane screams no. Kurt runs up and she says she shot him in the stomach and he went over the side. Kurt yells at Jane for disappearing and says it was reckless.

Bethany asks who she tracked the team to the ship. She says she didn’t, she tracked the assassin. She says when they didn’t come out, she went in after them. Bethany threatens her position with the team and walks out. Jane tells Kurt sorry then asks if he’s okay.

Kurt says he lost her once before and spent today thinking he lost her again. Jane asks what he would have done in her position and he says exactly the same thing. Reed tells Bethany the Coast Guard didn’t find the body. Bethany asks again about Carter and Jane and he says he doesn’t think they’re linked.

At home, Sarah bandages Kurt and asks who does that – who walks out the day after surgery. Reed is at the door and Kurt answers but he says he’s not there to see him. Kurt says he’s going to bed. Sarah hugs Reed and says it was a crazy day.

Reed says he’s been thinking about what she said earlier and it made him realize he doesn’t feel the same way about her. He says he can’t do this anymore. She asks if it’s about Kurt and he says no. Reed says he has issues. She insists he loves her and he says he doesn’t.

He walks out. Jane meets Oscar and runs to him. He says you seem almost happy to see me. She asks what happened and says Cade’s grudge felt personal and says he wanted him to watch her die for what he did to Marcos.

Oscar says Cade held him responsible for Marcos and she asks if he was. Oscar says yes. Jane asks what else is he holding back. He says nothing and they’re back on track. He says go home and I’ll see you tomorrow. Cade is alive! He steals a car and drives away into the rainy night.