Blindspot Recap – Jane’s Not Taylor – Season 1 Episode 22 “If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render”

Blindspot Recap - Jane's Not Taylor - Season 1 Episode 22 "If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday May 16, season 1 episode 22 called, “If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, an abandoned baby is found, and it has a tattoo matching one of Jane’s, (Jaimie Alexander) so the team try to identify the baby and save other infants in the process.

On the last episode, a lockdown was ordered at the FBI office because hackers had accessed the building, and the confinement found the team unable to ignore long-brewing personal conflicts. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “an abandoned baby is found, and it has a tattoo matching one of Jane’s, so the team try to identify the baby and save other infants in the process. Meanwhile, an enraged Jane confronts Oscar about the consequences of his mysterious missions.”

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#Blindspot starts with Jane telling Oscar that he used her and she’s done with all his missions. She says he used her to frame Bethany for murder. Oscar says Bethany has done bad things and deserves this. Jane says this is not right.

Sophia is there and says she fell for Bethany and says they worked outside the law on Daylight and only can we set things right by working outside the law now. Sophia says she saved her and Oscar says this was just phase one.

Sophia says Bethany had to be removed from power and she refused to walk away twice. Oscar says none of this is done lightly but has to be done this way. Two weeks later. A man runs down the street. He’s in scrubs carrying a bag.

He sets it below a marble bench and then a cry comes from it. A custodian comes over, retrieves the bag, unzips and sees a baby in the bag. Kurt comes to check on his dad and he teases his son about the suit. Jane shows up for a visit.

Bill tells her to tell him a happy story from when they were kids. Kurt reminds her about camping in a fort when they were kids. He basically tells it then he gets a text and says he has to go. Kurt asks Jane to stay until the nurse gets back.

Tasha tells Reade he heard Bethany is getting out today. Tasha thinks about Weitz and says she needs to tell Reade some things he might not like. He says he has things to tell her too. Bethany is at home when Kurt comes to see her.

He hands over her mail and sees her ankle monitor. She thanks him for watching her dog Felix. He says he wanted to visit her and she says she didn’t want him to see her like that. She says the Director told her to take a plea and no one believes Sophia is alive.

He says he believes her but can’t find evidence. He says he needs her to fill in some blanks and she says she can’t vindicate herself at the cost of guilty men walking free. She says they have to leave Daylight alone and he doesn’t like it.

Tasha tells Reade all about Weitz. Reade says if Bethany took out Carter, she wouldn’t have asked him to look into it. He says the bad guys threatened Sarah and Sawyer’s lives. They wonder who this is plotting against them and agree they don’t know who they can trust.

Director Pellington greets Kurt and asks how the Interim Director position is treating him. He says he’s interviewing permanent replacements but Kurt doesn’t like that and says Bethany is innocent. Pellington says she’s not and he needs to make peace with it.

Pellington says the Jane Doe project is being shut down effective immediately and says it cost too much time and resources. Bethany looks at a FedEx envelope with a note from Marcus that his Denmark connection came through.

Oscar was driving the car in the photo but she doesn’t know who he is. Kurt catches Patterson up on Bethany and Reade and Tasha are there. Patterson tells them about the baby in the bag and it’s less than a day old and the baby has the same bar code on her arm that matches one of Jane’s tats.

Kurt tells the team they need to keep eyes off of this. Bethany talks the case through to Felix the dog about Carter, Alex, Sophia being alive and the mystery guy. She says she was threatened like Reade and wonders how Sophia knows the guy driving the car.

The guy was who was hassling Alex in the bar is one of them. Bethany realizes the guy arguing with Alex set her up. She opens the safe and pulls out keys and cash. She hacks her ankle monitor and puts it on her dog. She calls and says it just started going off.

It stops as she gets it latched onto the dog. They tell her they will come check it out tomorrow. Kurt intercepts Jane and moves her into another room with the team he has tucked away. Tasha says the baby has a lot in common with Jane.

Jane says she came out of a bag just like the baby. Reade says they’re doing DNA now. Edward Donella was the guy who dropped off the baby. Patterson gets into his email and tells them that the guy is meeting a lawyer and tells them where.

The team heads out. The lawyer shows and Patterson says the baby is a match for Bryce Warren. His father was a presidential candidate in the last election and a billionaire. Edward shows up to meet his lawyer and they surround them.

Edward says they had to be stopped and he’s gunned down by a sniper. Reade and Tasha go and try to nail the sniper. The insignia on the guy’s scrubs matches the tattoo.

Tasha says the shooters got away clean. Edward said he tried to convince himself they were helping but “they” had to be stopped. Patterson says she can’t find any birth records and Kurt wonders why the family hasn’t reported her missing.

Jane and Kurt tell him that he has a baby that was found and his wife Tracy is angry. He says he never had an affair. He says they have one child and they take them upstairs. The child is in a hospital bed and looks to have cancer of some sort.

Bethany comes to the guy’s place who was arguing with Alex. He says he works for Alex (aka Donna Halloran) sometimes. He says he drove Donna to meet Sophia once when Bethany shows her a photo. But he didn’t recognize the guy driving the car, Oscar.

The man says that he hasn’t seen Donna and she owes him money. Bryce tells them he never had an affair and then Warren’s dad is there and calls to complain to the Director about the investigation. Pennington goes off on them and says the Jane Doe project and all cases are suspended.

Tasha says they were in the field already when Kurt tried to call them off. Kurt says he never told them and says no matter how they got into it, the case can’t be dropped. Pennington says leave Peter Warren alone and kicks Jane off the team.

Jane says he can’t do it but he says he just did it. Jane walks out and Kurt follows. Kurt says he can’t do anything about it right now and he needs time to fix it. He says she’s important to the team but she has to go. Patterson calls Kurt into her lab.

She says Tracy is the baby’s biological mother too. They wonder if it was a secret surrogate or what. Kurt says he doesn’t think they knew about it. Patterson says their other son has acute AML, a type of leukemia. She says he needs a bone marrow transplant from a genetic match.

Jane goes to Child Protective Services but needs a badge to get in. She looks at security people then sees a woman push her way in without a pass. The security guard goes chasing her and Jane takes advantage to go in as well. She notices men with guns on the elevator with her.

They fight and she takes them down. One is still fighting with her when the doors open. Jane sees the woman from before start shooting people at CPS. She takes the guy down and sees the woman stealing the baby. Jane runs after the woman. She loses her in the crowded lobby.

Bethany stakes out the tobacco shop where Sophia buys her rare French cigarettes. She goes inside and the guy says he doesn’t stock them anymore and says he special orders them. She shows a pic of Sophia then offers a bribe and he hands over a number Sophia left.

Patterson says the assailants cut the security feeds and then stole the baby and a tattooed woman tried to stop them. The woman killed two then got away with the child. Tracy Warren shows up and asks how she can help the team.

Bethany calls Reade and asks a favor. She asks if he trusts her then asks him to trace a number for her. He asks for the number without hesitation. He says he’ll look into it. She says she’ll wait for his call back. Tasha says they can trace the number that Bethany left and bring her back in.

She says she’s worried and Reade says she needs her help. Tracy says their son is dying and needs bone marrow transplants. She says a sibling would have been helpful but she didn’t want to bring a child into the world since the disease runs in the family.

She says Peter told them about a research project that could print genetically coded materials. She says she and Bryce gave them a lot of genetic samples. She says Peter told her some of the projects will take years to get FDA approval.

She says Peter convinced them to do the first transplant tomorrow off the books. Kurt says they’re not growing tissue, they’re growing children with surrogates. Kurt says that’s her baby they have and asks again for the address.

Jane has one of the guys she beat up that she took captive and they’re at the facility. He tells her how to get in and she knocks him out. Jane heads for the door. Bethany takes a call from Tasha who says the cell is new and they have an address.

Tasha says she can trust her too. She asks Bethany not to give up on her. Tasha gives her the address. Bethany thanks her and Tasha says be careful. Jane lets herself into the facility and finds lots of babies there – all are crying.

Jane looks at her tattoo and goes into the room to look for a match on the babies. Someone comes in and she hides. Peter Warren is there and chews out the nurse. The team makes it to the facility and security opens fire on them with automatic weapons.

Peter says they have to move the children. Jane takes on the lady assassin while Peter runs out with one of the babies. Jane defibrillates the woman who finally goes still. Kurt and the team run inside and Kurt finds Jane there knocked out. He checks her pulse and starts CPR.

Looks like the jolt hit her too. He revives her and she looks around nervously. He tells her the baby was recovered. Cops swarm and Kurt says there are going to be a lot of surprised new parents when they get babies. Jane asks what now.

Pennington goes off on Kurt for not suspending Jane. Kurt says those cases save a lot of lives and those trails need to be followed. Kurt says he trusts his gut and sense of right and wrong and he won’t stop now. Pennington says that’s why he’s the new Director of NYO.

He says none of the candidates match his ability or integrity. Pennington says take the promotion or leave the FBI. He says the Jane Doe project is finished after today no matter what. He congratulates Kurt on his promotion then walks out.

Jane tells Kurt she turned in her access badge and signed a ton of non-disclosure agreements. She says sorry for all this and asks what she’s supposed to do now. She says she had a purpose since she came out of the bag and helps save the world.

Jane says what do I do tomorrow when I wake up, Kurt says whatever she wants. Kurt says since they don’t work together anymore he can do this – he kisses her. Jane kisses back. Patterson texts him and he asks her to come along for a drink.

But then he gets a call from the home nurse and the nurse says his dad won’t take any pain meds until he talks to him. He says this is and tells Kurt to call Sarah. Kurt rushes out and says he’s on the way. Jane sees Patterson, Reade and Tasha laughing.

Jane smiles but then leaves without joining them. Jane goes to meet Oscar to tell him it’s over but it’s Bethany who’s there instead. Jane says she had no idea what they were doing. Bethany says we took you in and trusted you.

Jane says sorry. Bethany holds a gun on her. Jane begs her not to do this. There’s a gunshot and Bethany goes down. Oscar shot her in the back. Jane asks what he did and he says this is not how they wanted this to happen. Jane screams at Oscar to get out.

Bethany says she won’t let her hurt the team and tries to shoot Jane as Jane tries to help her. Jane says she didn’t know and begs her not to die. Bethany says she can’t wait to be there when Kurt finds out what she really is.

Bethany is gone and Jane literally and figuratively has her blood on her hands. Jane sobs. Bill calls out for Sarah as Kurt comes in to talk to his dad. Kurt asks where did Sarah go and Kurt says she’ll be there soon. Bill says it wasn’t her.

Bill asks if she’s still there under the fort. He says he tried his best, the best he could do then says sorry. He says she’s under the fort and Kurt asks who. Bill says it was an accident, he didn’t mean to do it. His dad says Taylor’s body is there.

Kurt starts crying and Bill says I killed her son. He says, I killed Taylor Shaw. He says, tell Sarah I did my best. Then his dad says under the fort, once again, then he dies. Kurt is bawling. Be sure to tune in to CDL next Monday for a LIVE recap of the season finale of Blindspot.