Blindspot Recap – Bethany Framed: Season 1 Episode 21 “Of Whose Uneasy Route”

Blindspot Recap - Bethany Framed: Season 1 Episode 21 "Of Whose Uneasy Route"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday May 9, season 1 episode 21 called, “Of Whose Uneasy Route,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a lockdown is ordered at the FBI office because hackers have accessed the building.

On the last episode, the case of a mysterious girl arrives at the FBI courtesy of Borden, but this girl brings danger to the team because of her links to terrorism. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “a lockdown is ordered at the FBI office because hackers have accessed the building, and the confinement finds the team unable to ignore long-brewing personal conflicts.”

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#Blindspot starts with Bethany at the hotel crime scene where her date was murdered. She’s upset. Next day, she goes into work and finds a CSU unit in her office taking all of her gear. Matthew Weitz from the US Attorney’s office says he’s in charge of this case.

Weitz says he’s there to protect her. The team wonders why they’re boxing her office and if she’s a suspect. Tasha says she has to go and heads out. Tasha speaks to Weitz then walks away. Bethany sees them speaking.

Kurt and Sarah have to sign papers about their dad’s medical care and end of life decisions. They both sign unhappily. Jane works out in the gym like a fury. Patterson is with her and she says doesn’t the staring drive you crazy and Jane says she’s used to it.

Patterson says she can get them removed since they’re all archived by now. Jane reminds her of the invisible ink and Patterson says as a friend, it’s her body, she should do what she wants with it. Kurt goes for a session with Dr Borden.

They are talking sports, not mental health though and then Borden reminds him they can talk about real things in his life. Kurt asks another sports question and they laugh. Bethany approaches Tasha and asks how she knows Weitz.

She says they met at a cop bar and she says he hit on her and she blew him off. Reade sees Sarah at the office and asks how she’s been. The elevator stops and there’s an announcement that says it’s a lockdown drill. The woman with them freaks out and says she doesn’t do enclosed spaces well.

Jane and Patterson are stuck in the gym and all the doors are locked and there are steel barriers everywhere. Tasha asks why Bethany didn’t know about the drill ahead of time. They notice that there is no cell reception which is not a normal part of the drill.

Patterson shows Jane that she’s locked out and she gets a strange message that’s not proper English and they decide they’re being hacked. Jane asks who’s hacking them and Patterson says he needs to get back to her lab. They look at the ventilation paths.

Kurt tells Borden he hopes that Sarah made it out of the building. Borden mentions his dad’s illness and the stress on his sister. Kurt says he’s worried about Sawyer since he’s just 10. Borden reminds him that kids these days know a lot about death.

Borden says Sawyer is the age Kurt was when Taylor disappears. Then he asks how he felt when he found out his dad was innocent of kidnapping her. The cent pops open and Jane and Patterson hop down into the room. They fill them in.

Reade tells Sarah sorry and she says it’s fine then says let’s just wait this out. The woman with them asks for Xanax or Valium. Kristen is freaking and Reade tries to calm her down. Sarah asks her to calm down and then Kristen finds some drugs in her purse and is excited.

Patterson and Kurt try to hotwire the door by arcing the circuits. Tasha tells Bethany she’s sorry her friend was killed and Bethany says someone is trying to send her a message but doesn’t know who. Patterson and gang make it through one door then Kurt breaks a window and they climb into the lab.

Jane asks Kurt about meeting with Borden and he says FBI policy requires the session then she admits she overheard a little of it. Patterson says someone has root access and is controlling all the servers. She says she can see what they’re doing but can’t stop them.

Patterson says they’re downloading undercover agent profiles. Kurt says they’re trying to bring down the FBI. She says they’ll be done stealing the info in just an hour. We see the two hackers talking about how they’ll never have to work another day in their lives – it’s a Hispanic couple.

Patterson and Kurt talk about disrupting the signal by taking down the analog lines. Patterson hands them each an old school shortwave radio. She tells them where it’s at and says there are too many barriers and wonders if she can override it.

She says if they trigger a real emergency, the doors would open for an evacuation. She says they need to start a giant fire. Kristen is still freaking because her meds haven’t kicked in yet. Reade asks Sarah how Sawyer’s football practice is going and she says can we not act like everything is okay. She says he broke her heart and can’t be her friend.

Kristen says this is just like that movie with the girl and the guy and the face and the hands. She says they are stuck in here because they need to get them back together. She’s really feeling the meds now and starts giggling and saying hard, hard, hard.

Tasha says this is too long for a drill and Bethany says one lasted two hours a few years ago. Bethany asks what is her goal here. She asks where she sees herself in 10 years. She says she wants to run a division one day like Bethany.

Bethany tells her early in her career, someone powerful asked her to help with something morally ambiguous and she went along and said it was for the greater god but she knew it was a lie. Bethany says that things went bad and she wished she had trusted her gut.

Bethany tells her whatever you’re doing with Weitz, make sure you can sleep at night. Jane and Kurt get a metal trashcan and start a mammoth fire. Patterson says it’s only temporary when the floor resets and says they’ll be trapped wherever they are. She says move fast.

Kurt tells Jane when she was a kid, she was a pyro. He says she set fire to everything when they went camping once. He tells her to light it up and she does. The fire blazes and they get ready to move. Borden asks Patterson is she’s sure this will work and she says no.

It doesn’t work and Patterson says bigger so they pour more accelerant on it. It works, the doors open and they run for it. They make it and Patterson says just cut all the cables and they do. They cut them and she says it’s still downloading.

Patterson says maybe they’re in the building. We see they are down in the server room and he says they know we’re here – we have to do something. The hackers set off the CO2 system to try and get them out of the room and Patterson tells Borden that leaves a minute of air.

Patterson talks Kurt through hotwiring the door. She says stop talking because it wastes air. She and Borden panic but then hear them coughing – they talk about how to get to the hackers who already have a list of buyers.

Patterson says she’d be in the server room and Jane says they need weapons. Patterson says they have no time. They are under the evidence room and they climb up to get to it. Tasha finally tells Bethany she lied about Weitz and says he approached her about a corruption case.

She says he thinks Bethany is dirty. Tasha says she hasn’t heard evidence that he’s wrong. Bethany says she doesn’t have to prove to her she’s not a criminal but Tasha says she’s been secretive since Jane arrived and mentions the case file number she didn’t reveal to them.

Tasha then brings up secret meetings with Carter. Tasha says people around her end up dead according to Weitz. Tasha says Weitz will find out what’s up even if Tasha doesn’t help him. Bethany says she can’t keep her on the team if she doesn’t trust her.

Kristen conks out. Sarah says Reade is just like her brother and thanks him for ending it before she let him meet her son. They take weapons from the evidence room. He grabs something to help them get through the doors. Tasha and Bethany spot them coming through.

He gets Tasha and Bethany and tells them to come on because they got hacked. They weapon up and head down. The hackers got the goods and are ready to go. The team is in the server room and they creep up on them. The guy has a gun.

He shoots at them. The hackers agree to split up and meet. They both have guns and fire at the team. Kurt drops the girl and confirms she’s dead. Now it’s just the guy who has the tablet. They realize they took out Morales and the guy got away.

Kurt shows Patterson the ID of the woman and she’s a janitor. They find the guy Carlos in the system. Carlos gets on the PA and says release the woman or I drop the elevators. Patterson checks the cameras and they see that Sarah is in it. The hacker raises all the elevators up to bring them to the top to drop them down and kill everyone.

Sarah starts to panic as the elevator goes up. Reade promises to protect her. Patterson says she can engage the brakes on all of them except for the one that Reade and his sister are in. Patterson says she can find the guy.

Bethany tells her to open the stairwell so she and Tasha can go for the hacker and sends Jane and Kurt n another mission. Patterson tells them he’s in the East wing. Reade tells Sarah to be calm. He unscrews a bracket and uses it to push up a light panel.

He looks up to see if they’re close to a floor – they’re not. Jane and Kurt run up the stairs. Patterson tells Bethany and Tasha where to find the hacker. Kurt opens the floor doors on the elevator to help them get out. Bethany and Tasha go after the guy.

They find him and tell him to get on his knees. He says the elevators are on a timer and says if you kill me, everyone dies. He says he’s the one with the leverage. Kurt drops the fire hose down and says one at a time fast. They put Kirsten up first.

He and Jane pull her up. He drops it back down and says they are running out of time. Reade loops it around her. He says she’s set. She goes up and then they run out of time. Tasha speaks to him in Spanish then he says she’s dead. He fires and they have to shoot him.

They have 12 seconds and get the line back down to Reade. They pull him then the elevator drops out from under him. He’s okay and asks them to pull him up. They all struggle to get him since he’s not tied on and is just hanging onto it.

Kurt checks on Sarah who says she’s okay. Reade asks to talk to her alone. She tells him she’s moving to Portland to be closer to her ex so Sawyer can get to know his dad. She says she has to do what’s right for her son and it isn’t about them.

Jane tells Kurt good work and he says same to her. Kurt tells her the same hackers did the same to the Mexican secret service last year. Jane says she totally beat him up the stairs and he says fine. She says he owes her two drinks. He says they can go now.

Weitz and his team are back and they arrest Bethany for Alex’s murder. Kurt says what’s going on and then says put her in interrogation. He lets the team listen. He says Alex’s name was really Donna Halloran and she was a disgraced PI. He says she also killed Carter.

He says she and Carter had an off-book project with Guerrera so she and Carter have him killed then she had to kill him too. Bethany scoffs and he says she needed help with the body dump and Donna helped them blackmailed her so she killed her too.

Reade and Kurt don’t believe it. She says she met Donna last week after Carter went missing. He says Donna’s file was deleted. Jane wonders if that’s what the flash drive did. Then she thinks about the GPS tracker they had her install.

Wietz says he found Carter’s body and shows her a photo. Jane is stunned since she knows Oscar killed him. Bethany says she was never at that place and he says her electronic system on her vehicle is wrong for that to be true.

Then he shows her numbers and she says it looks like inmate ID numbers. It was in Carter’s pocket. She says she never saw the note before but they matched it to a pen in her office – it’s the one Oscar gave Jane to plant there.

It’s looking bad. Weitz says they found the $48k she took from her bank account and her prints are on the bills. That’s money she gave Sofia. Weitz says life without parole is the best she can get.