Bones Recap 4/28/16: Season 11 Episode 13 “The Monster in the Closet”

Bones Recap 4/28/16: Season 11 Episode 13 "The Monster in the Closet"

Tonight on FOX Bones airs with an all new Thursday April 28, season 11 episode 13 called, “The Monster in the Closet” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode a social worker’s remains are found, but evidence suggests the victim had been dead for months before the body was dumped in a park, and the case gets even more twisted when it’s linked to a serial killer known for desecrating corpses.

On the last episode, a body found in a car crash was identified as a leader of an organization that promotes men’s rights, but the investigation lead to an intense clash between Brennan and the deceased’s co-founder. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed mid-season finale recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “a social worker’s remains are found, but evidence suggests the victim had been dead for months before the body was dumped in a park, and the case gets even more twisted when it’s linked to a serial killer known for desecrating corpses. Meanwhile, Booth and Aubrey hope a behavioral analyst can provide some clues about the murderer; and Cam tries to sort out her romantic life.”

Tune in at 8PM EST on FOX to watch Season 11 Episode 13 of BONES. We’ll also be updating fans right here as the show airs so be sure to check back in with us. Brennan and Booth have had a long television run. Do you like that their characters mix up business with home life? Hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about their tangled relationship!

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#Bones starts with Christine calling to her parents during a storm. She’s crying because of the storm and thinks something scary is in her closet. Christine says a monster came out of her closet. Bones says monsters aren’t real.

Christina is upset and says it was there. She asks to sleep with them and Booth carries her to their bed. Next day, Booth tells Aubrey that Christine is having nightmares and waking him up. Aubrey advises him to have her confront the monster.

Aubrey shows Booth a pick of a body found in a park and it looks all dried up and strange. Bones and the team check out the body and they discuss that the outfit on the body looks out of date and Bones chews out Hodgins for making snide remarks.

Cam and Bones tell him to stop it and he rolls away angry. Angela apologizes and Cam offers to send him home. Angela says facial reconstruction will be hard then says Hodgins is better at work even though he’s bad.

Cam says the tissue is odd and Hodgins calls them over to look at artifacts. There’s vintage stuff in her purse and a bible with pages bent down. Then Hodgins shows them lipstick that’s odd. Bones comes to Booth’s office and says this case is strange.

She says the flesh is desiccated because the killer removed the skin, soaked it, removed the fat and put it back on. The body was taxidermied. Bones says there is wire there and the killer was repositioning her and says the guy lived with the body for at least six months.

Bones also finds post-mortem injuries to the skull and they wonder why. Booth wonders if he saw the body as alive for a long time and then killed her again. Booth plays the mix tape found with the body and Buffalo Gals is the first song.

Aubrey comes in to talk to him and Booth says no prints and no trace. There’s a desiccated skin cell on the lipstick which was used on the body post-mortem. Booth talks to him about the Bible passages and says they’re all about punishment for the wicked.

Booth says he’s sending it all to build a profile of the victim and killer. Hodgins finds Cam in her lab and startles her. He snarks and she says that’s not fair. He says don’t tell the paraplegic what’s fair. Angela asks him to give her a moment on the reconstruction.

She shows him that she can use half the face and mirror it to get a whole face. Hodgins is being a real jerk to her as she runs a missing persons match. They get a hit and it’s Allison Monroe, a 42 year old woman. She was reported missing by her husband six months ago right before their 10th anniversary.

Booth and Bones go to the Monroe house and talk to the husband. Bones says he’s not acting like someone who’s shocked by finding out his wife is murdered. He says he assumed she was dead after she first went missing.

Turns out Allison was a social worker. They ask him about the mix tape and bible. He says Allison wasn’t religious and she would not have had a mix tape. Her hubby recommends they talk to Allison’s boss Neal Hogan about her cases.

The husband says sometimes she got threats related to the troubled kids she worked with including angry parents and potential foster parents. Cam finds Arastoo in the lab and stunned. Arastoo says he knows of a similar body.

They have evidence that the killer spoon fed the bodies. Arastoo says the other body was found in Chapman State Park and he was never identified. Hodgins says this guy is a serial murderer. Arastoo tells Bones that the victims have nothing in common.

One is a white female and one is a black male with a decade in age between them. Bones wants tests that Arastoo ran while she and Booth had quit their jobs. The profiler Karen Delfs meets with Aubrey and Bones and says the killer is cray cray.

She says it may have been a surrogate mother since he didn’t sexually assault the woman’s body. She says the bible tells them that he deserves to be punished. Aubrey says she’s cray cray. Booth asks her about the unidentified male.

Karen thinks it would be a strong male role model like a pillar of a community. Booth tells Aubrey to go interview Allison’s boss and Karen says the killer didn’t hate Allison but thought she would be an ideal mother.

Aubrey meets with Neal Hogan, her boss, who brings in a lot of files and tells him about Paul Reyes who locked his kid up in an attic and came to their office with a gun. Hogan seems disturbed when Aubrey asks about Allison’s admirers.

Then Aubrey says he knows form co-workers that he liked her and called her a lot more than seems normal. Neal says you can have my computer and says there are inappropriate emails there but he never would have hurt her.

George Gibbins is a man they think is likely as Allison’s killer – he’s a rejected foster parent with a criminal record. They think he was obsessed with Allison. They pull up to his farm which is way away from neighbors and Bones says would be a perfect place for a serial killer.

Bones sniffs at the windows and says something is rotten in there. Booth says it’s probable cause and they go inside. There are cats all over the place and Booth is icked out. Bones says the smell is coming from there and points.

They go over and find more cats in the kitchen and cat stuff. Bones notices a necklace of Allison’s and a notebook that she picks up. It’s got crazy scrawling in it. They hear a noise and Booth goes to check it out. He creeps upstairs.

Booth checks the upstairs rooms while she waits in the kitchen. The guy grabs Booth and puts a knife to his neck. OMG – Gibbins is played by Jim Beaver who was hunter Bobby Singer on Supernatural!! Cool cameo.

Booth tries to calm Gibbins down and says he’s FBI and the guy says give me your gun. Booth says no. Bones creeps up and cocks a gun and he drops the knife. Turns out Bones has an app that sounds like a gun cocking.

Angela talks to Cam about her jerk husband and they also talk about Arastoo. The team is at Gibbins’ house and they notice the rare cat is missing that was a hair they found on a body.

They also find a very expensive watch that doesn’t belong to Gibbins. Angela calls them over and shows them a video camera she found hidden behind a curtain. Cam wonders if someone was watching Gibbins. Gibbins has a lawyer and they meet with Booth and Karen.

Karen wants to talk about his journal and the lawyer says Gibbins wants to confess to Allison’s murder. Karen says he didn’t use the knife on Booth. Karen says he didn’t do it and she can prove it. She pulls out a knife and says he can’t stand the site of it.

Karen pulls out a Swiss Army knife and cuts her hand. Gibbins passes out cold at the sight of blood. Cam, Arastoo and Aubrey go through the missing person’sfiles. Angela finds initials on the watch – GHS. Aubrey says that doesn’t match a person and Aubrey says Douglas Burkhardt.

He was a teacher at a high school with those initials. Aubrey and Karen talk about when Douglas went missing and the spacing between the two killings. Karen says the killer is smart and chose Gibbins as an accomplice who would confess rather than reveal him.

Angela tells Cam the cameras were broadcasting and the killer may have seen them all. The bring in Douglas’ wife and break the news that her husband is dead. She suspected he may have run off with a student. Booth asks about Allison but the wife doesn’t know her.

Then he asks about George Gibbins and she says no to that too. He asks her about enemies or trouble at school and the wife has no idea. She begs Booth to let her find a way to help. Bones says she doesn’t know Douglas’ cause of death and Arastoo says he agrees.

Arastoo looks at the drill holes and they wonder if she died of shock but then Cam comes in with tox screens. Propofol was one of the drugs. Looks like he tortured Allison then gave her a peaceful death. Aubrey and Karen talk to George and ask him to reveal the killer.

George says the guy took Charlie, his cat, and said he’d kill him if he talks. He says he took Charlie last time when he messed up and says he told him to find him a mom that didn’t lead back to him but then he messed up when he picked Allison.

Booth says he’ll help get Charlie back but George says the guy is smarter than anyone and he’ll know. He’s clearly terrified. Bones keeps working with Allison’s body. Booth shows up and asks why she’s not taking his calls – she says she got busy.

Bones says she sees similarities between herself and the killer in that they both see bones as living people. She redressed the killer to look at the body like him. Bones says the guy is probably out there looking for another victim now.

Bones feels guilty and says maybe Allison would be alive if we didn’t quit our jobs. He comforts her. Bones says she needs time then shows him a sign of the bones being moved post-mortem. He says maybe the drilling wasn’t torture.

Booth looks at it and says hold on – he says she doesn’t have the right screw. He tells her to try a fisheye screw and says he knows what the guy is ding. They get some of those and some twine. Booth threads the twine while Bones puts the screws into the body.

Then he loops the twine over a ceiling rod and pulls the body up. He’s made her a human marionette. Cam comes in and sees it and says that’s what the holes are for. Bones is stunned and so is Cam. Aubrey tells Karen that Gibbins hanged himself in his cell.

Arastoo comes to Cam looking for Bones. She says she went home and says the thought of her empty house creeps her out right now. She asks if he might drive her home and he agrees and says he can stay as long as she likes or until Sebastian can join her.

Cam says she’s not seeing Sebastian anymore. Arastoo offers her his hand and she takes it. At home, Bones looks at the case files as the storm rages. Booth says Christina is sleeping heavy and he took Aubrey’s advice.

He says he told her to tell the monster to stop or my mom will put a cap in your butt. Bones turns on the mix tape and listens to the song. She looks at the pics of Gibbins, Allison and Douglas. Christine wakes and gets out of bed.

She looks at her closet and goes over to it. She opens it slowly and then Bones and Booth hear a crashing sound. They go to Christine’s room and find her out of the bed and her hiding in a pile of stuffed animals in the closet.

She says she was trying to do what her daddy said and Bones says it’s okay. Christine says there are no monsters and her mom is right. Bones tells her she’s always right. We see a workshop that looks creepy and a guy looking at video of Bones at Gibbins’ house.