Castle Recap – ‘And Justice for All’: Season 8 Episode 13

Castle Recap - 'And Justice for All': Season 8 Episode 13

Tonight on ABC Castle starring Nathan Fillion continues with an all new Monday February 29, season 8 episode 13 called “And Justice for All” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode a student learning to speak English is killed and his classmates keep mum when questioned by police.

On the last episode, Castle gets abducted and had to solve puzzles and mind games with a group of strangers. Meanwhile, Beckett and her colleagues raced against the clock to find Castle and captured a killer. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per ABC’s synopsis, “a student learning to speak English is killed and his classmates keep mum when questioned by police, so Castle goes undercover to gain info on the victim by enrolling in the class as a French Canadian immigrant.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in to CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us how excited you are for season 8 episode 13. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Tonight’s episode of Castle kicks off with a security guard at the zoo making his rounds – he says goodnight to the animals as he is turning off all of the lights. In the reptile room, he finds one of the lizards has escaped – he puts him back in his cage. While he is tending to the lizard – someone sneaks up behind him and beats him over the head with a hook.

The next morning, Beckett finds Castle in his office having a meltdown and struggling with writers’ block. Beckett finds Castle has been reading through “fan Mail” from when he went on Good Morning America and offered a reward for information on what happened to him while he was missing for 8 weeks. Castle insists that he is just reading through them for inspiration – he whines that he needs his muse back, pretending that they aren’t together until she solves LockSat is hurting his writing.

Beckett receives a phone call and rushes to the zoo when Ryan Esposito are waiting for her. When the zoo manager arrived in the morning he found the security guard had been beaten to death with the snake hook. The manager thinks that the victi is Eddie Ramirez – an El Salvador native, but they aren’t 100% sure because the killer tossed his body in to a pit full of deadly snakes, and they haven’t been able to get it out yet.

Castle heads to the PI office – Haley and Alexis says that business is good and they are working on three cases. Castle whines that the insurance investigations they are doing are boring. He complains that he started the firm because he wanted excitement. He sees Eddie Ramirez’s murder on the news and says that “is a case worth investigating.”

Meanwhile at work, Perlmutter is in the morgue and trying to get Beckett to date his twin brother Edgar – since she and Castle broke up. Castle arrives while Perlmutter is confirming that the victim is Eddie Ramirez. Beckett kicks the doc out of the room so that she can talk to Castle. She tells him if he wants to see the snakes, he needs to go to the zoo – this is her case. While Castle is there she finds Eddie’s cell phone in his personal affects. The victim received a text message right before his death, written in very poor English that states “You owes huge, I got ways for to get you dead.” The number is blocked, but Castle offers to help her solve the “linguistic mystery.” Beckett turns him down – and tells him to go home.

Ryan and Esposito searched Eddie’s house – and they found $10,000 hidden under his bed. They trace the cell phone number and learn that it came from a English As A Second Language School.” Esposito and Ryan head to the English class – they explain to the teacher that Eddie was murdered. He insists that everybody liked Eddie and he was a “sweet man and a gentle soul.” They show the teacher the text message, but he has no idea who sent it. They question all of the students, and none of them are willing to cooperate – they’re all afraid of the police. Beckett tells Ryan and Esposito to dig in to the students – one of them obviously has beef with Eddie.

Beckett has a plan, she recruits Castle to go undercover at the school as a French man to befriend some of the students – since they have such a problem with cops, he isn’t a cop and hopes they will open up to him. He steals some of the students’ assignments from the teacher’s desk and finds a suspect – Alistair Ducoyne, he can tell by the way he writes that he is the one who wrote the text.

Ryan and Esposito bring Alistair in for questioning, but he is from Newcastle and they can’t understand anything that he is saying. They bring Haley in to interpret – Alistair says that he loaned Eddie his gypsy cab for the night, but when he got it back it was full of bullet holes. Eddie promised to pay for the damages, but then he dodged Alistair so he sent him the threatening text message. Alistair has an alibi for Eddie’s time of death – he can’t be his killer.

Meanwhile, Esposito finally gets a hold of Eddie’s next of kin in El Salvador – it turns out that Eddie was a cop back home, and a very corrupt one. He used to shake down criminals for payoffs to look the other way on their illegal activities. They track the GPS on the car that he borrowed and learn that Eddie used it to go to the Saldana Club – which is run by Jose and Frankie Saldana, low level organized crime players and known drug dealers.

Beckett and her team pay Frankie and Jose a visit at the club –which has been trashed, it looks like there was a rumble there the night before and Frankie and Jose look like they have been beaten to a pulp. The bartender says that Eddie Ramirez was there, and he is the one that beat up the Saldana brothers, and he took $10,000 from them and said that they owed his friend Aida the money. The Saldana brothers also have allibies – they were in the hospital when Eddie was killed.

They bring Aida in for questioning. She says that she used to work at the Saldana brothers’ club – but they were taking half of her paychecks because she didn’t have a greencard. When Aida demanded more money – they fired her. Eddie went there to get the money that they owed Aida. Aida says that she was supposed to meet up with Eddie and get the money but then he didn’t come to class that day. She has no idea where he was, all she knows is that he was helping another student in the English class with one of their problems – but Eddie never told her the student’s name.

Castle, Esposito, and Ryan get to work looking in to the other students and trying to figure out who else needed Eddie’s help – and whether or not it got them killed. Castle heads back to class that night, and he notices one of the students acting strangely and asking Aida about the police investigation. While he is chasing after Achmed, Castle has a flashback to when he was missing for 8 weeks, it happened when he ate a bite of oriental food.

Castle finds Achmed outside. Achmed confesses that Eddie was helping him too. His neighbor Anito Rodriguez disappeared, and Achmed was worried about her. Eddie promised him he would look in to it – and the night before Eddie was killed he told Achmed that Anita’s disappearance was much more complicated than they thought, and he had discovered a conspiracy.

Beckett says Ryan and Esposito to Anita’s apartment – sure enough she is missing. They dust the apartment for prints and find one belonging to an organized crime member named Marco Sutter – he had already done time for money laundering, racketeering, and assault. Ryan and Esposito head out to bring Sutter in for questioning, they find him in an alley – and a shoot out ensues. They manage to bring him in without anyone getting hurt.

Back at the police station, Marco lawyers up and refuses to answer any of Beckett’s questions. But, they find a key in Marco’s pocket to a safety deposit box. They head to location to check out the contents of the box – and are arrested by FBI agents. After Esposito and Ryan clear up the confusion and explain that they are police officers – the FBI orders them to steer clear of his investigation. Beckett warns her team to “tread lightly” until she figures out what the FBI wants with Sutter and if it has anything to do with Eddie’s murder and Anita’s disappearance.

Beckett heads home and finds the house full of $400 worth of Korean takeout – Castle is trying to jog more of his memories. He shows her a picture of a temple that he found on the internet and says that he remembers going there. He wants Beckett to fly to Korea with him that night – she manages to convince him to hold off on the trip.

At the precinct the next day, they have a break in the case. They found Anita Rodriguez and she is alive – she is sitting in a deportation center in Texas, apparently her deportation papers were signed by Judge Caldwell. There is security footage from the court house that shows Eddie Ramirez and Judge Caldwell getting in to a shoving match right before he was killed. They have a working theory that Marco was shaking down immigrants for payoffs, and when they quit paying him – he would hand them over to Judge Caldwell who would deport them, and get huge kickbacks from a private prison in Texas for every immigrant he sent there. Eddie figures out what they were doing and he was murdered to keep him quiet.

Beckett realizes that the FBI is already on to Judge Caldwell and Marco’s conspiracy – and she can’t bring Caldwell in for questioning because she is under strict orders not to get in the way of Agent Napier’s investigation. The NYPD can’t interfere with the FBI investigation, but they never said anything about Castle’s private investigation firm getting involved.

Castle recruits the help of his entire English class to foil the FBI’s investigation and get Judge Caldwell away from the FBI agents that have been following him. In the court house, Castle gets Caldwell alone in a service elevator. Haley goes undercover and pretends to be Eddie’s wife and confronts Caldwell in the service elevator and accuses him of murdering her husband. The judge realizes he is being set up and won’t confess to Eddie’ murder – he says that he didn’t have to kill Eddie, because “the enemies of my enemy are my friends.”

Back at the precinct FBI Agent Napier shows up and is furious – he accuses Beckett of botching his investigation. He knows that all of the immigrants helped Castle get Caldwell alone and he threatens to kill deport them all. Castle is able to talk some sense in to Napier and convince him to work with them on the case – they are both after Caldwell.

Napier has a hunch he knows who killed Eddie Ramirez. The judge approved a visa for a man named Alonzo from El Salvador right before Eddie was killed – and Alonzo had beef with Eddie, apparently Eddie killed Alonzo’s brother many years ago. They are able to track down Alonzo before he leaves for El Salvador and bring him in to custody. Alonzo says that he came to America to kill Eddie – but then he changed his mind because he talked to Eddie and realized that he wasn’t his brother Mario’s killer, he learned that Mario and Eddie were actually working together. And, Alonzo has an alibi too. If Alonzo didn’t kill the judge and Caldwell didn’t either – then who did?

Castle and Beckett are racking their brains trying to figure out who else had motive to kill Eddie. Castle has an epiphany and says that he knows who killed Eddie Ramirez. He heads to the English class and tells the teacher – Mr. Emerson – that he needs to talk to him in private, out in the hallway Ryan and Esposito tell Emerson that he is under arrest. They checked his student records – and he has been funneling immigrants to Judge Caldwell for years – he killed Eddie himself to keep him quiet. The murder case is closed, and Anita is allowed to return home. Castle has the entire class over for a dinner party to taste some American food – and his daughter Alexis announces that she is going to be their new English teacher since Emerson is in prison.


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