Castle Recap 2/8/15: Season 8 Episode 9 Winter Premiere “Tone Death”

Castle Recap 2/8/15: Season 8 Episode 9 Winter Premiere "Tone Death"

Tonight on ABC Castle starring Nathan Fillion continues with an all new Monday February 8, season 8 winter premiere called “Tone Death” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode a body is found in a theater where Martha (Susan Sullivan) is working, so Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic)  investigate and are surprised to learn how cutthroat a cappella singers can be.

On the last episode, an entertainer on a cruise ship was killed, and Castle and Beckett investigated while trapped on the ship with the murderer. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per ABC’s synopsis, “when a body is found in the theater of Martha’s latest show, Castle and Beckett’s investigation leads them into the unexpectedly dangerous world of competitive a capella.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in to CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us how excited you are for season 8 episode 9. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#Castle starts with Martha at the theater talking to singers. She takes the mic and talks about the charity event. She introduces a song and then the backstage guy who is ready to cue a snow fall. He yanks it and snow comes down but do does blood.

They tell him more snow and he yanks hard and blood coats them Carrie-style. Martha screams as they see a hand. Castle and Kate are in bed and they talk about secret dating and how hot it is. She says she has a meeting with Gates and will loop him in soon.

He wants to help take LokSat down and she promises they will do that together later. She says she’s sneaking out of the building next door to maintain the cover. She kisses him and goes as Martha calls. Ryan is there working the scene when Castle shows up.

Alexis is there too and his mom says Robyn, The victim, was sweet and she only met her yesterday. She says she was lovely and makes him promise to personally handle this case. Alexis takes her grandma home.

Ryan says Robyn is the theatre’s night janitor and Lanie says she died last night between 9 and 11 pm and says blunt force trauma killed her – she was hit in the head then shoved in the box and lifted to the rafters.

Javi brings over Chris Jackson, the theatre manager. He says Robyn was an ex con but her parole officer said she was trustworthy. He says a woman showed up and called Robyn and they argued and Robyn threatened to call the cops – he says it was her mom.

Ryan says Robyn’s mom died when she was five and says she goes Spanish Harlem several nights a week and stays two hours. Castle takes a call from Kate and asks about Martha. Kate says she can’t agree to let him work the case publicly.

She says she has to yell at him. She gets off the elevator and lights into him. She says you can’t waltz into my precinct and he mocks her as captain. Javi says he found that Olivia “Mama” Toussant is a drug dealer and Robyn used to sell for her.

Castle says Mama must have wanted her back in the fold so she killed her. They bring her in – OMG it’s Sonya Eddy (Epiphany from General Hospital)!! Castle asks her about her mama nickname then they ask her about Robyn.

Mama says she just went to check on Robyn but she hurt her feelings. She says Robyn dumped her for a new family and says she didn’t kill her. She says she spoke her piece then left. They ask about her new crew and she says all she knows is Robyn met them in prison.

Kate asks about Mama and Castle says she alibied out and Robyn had a new crew. Castle and Kate whisper then she slaps his face before Ryan and Javi come in. Castle says she hits hard and she storms out. The guys tell him to leave and they’ll call if anything comes up.

Roby’s phone chimes with a text that’s a series of emojis. He snaps a photo of the screen then leaves. Alexis and Martha sit blowing bubbles when Castle comes in and says Robyn may have been back in crime but Martha says no.

They are at his PI offices. He shows them the emojis and says he can’t translate it. Alexis looks at the emojis and they start trying to translate. They figure it out and Castle says let’s go. Alexis and Martha want to call the cops since it’s a bad neighborhood.

He refuses but then Alexis texts them while she and her dad are on the way. She and her dad see a rat and shudder then head deeper into the building. They hear laughter. Castle texts 911 to Javi. Alexis points out a sheet and they head inside.

They find an underground a cappella showdown going on. Castle and Alexis are stunned. We get a nice a cappella version of the opening theme song too. Castle and Alexis come down and they spot a group with bracelets like Robyn had.

Alexis asks if they’re looking for Robyn. They introduce themselves then Ryan and Javi show up with guns out and everyone runs off. Castle says this is Robyn’s new family and it turns out they are part of the a cappella group set up Acca Cons and says she keeps them clean.

She says Agnes was kicked out of the Cons a few weeks ago. She says Agnes doesn’t want to change so they kicked her out and she says they voted but Robyn broke the news to her and she was mad. Javi shows Agnes Molina’s file and says her print matched one at the theatre.

They tell Kate that Agnes has run off. The couple that started the organization is there – they are lawyers who started it. Kate asks them about Agnes but Michael says she’s a sweet kid. He says her parents shut her out after her last arrest.

They tell Kate that the other singers were the only ones that were her friends. The woman tells Kate she had an ex BF. His name is Dexter Grimes and Castle, Javi and Ryan go to his place. The guys quiz Castle on why Kate is so mad at him and they think he’s cheating.

He finally says Svetlana is her name. Dexter opens the door and they slam Castle against the wall and go in and ask him about Agnes. He says not in years. They tell him they know he saw her in prison. He says they’re done and Castle spots lipstick on a mug – he says it’s his mom.

Castle picks up a bra and asks if that’s his mom’s too. There’s a pic of his mom and she’s heavy so Castle says fat chance. He pokes around the place looking for her. He makes an idiot of himself and then Javi and Ryan point to the sofa and she’s crouching behind it.

Castle hands her the bra since she’s shirtless. The bring Agnes in and tell her she found their fingerprints. They ask her about being out of the group and she says Robyn asked her to meet her there to be her bodyguard to keep her safe. She says she offered her $500.

Agnes says she doesn’t know who it was but it was someone from the a cappella competition. She says she was two hours late and Robyn wasn’t there then says she must have already been dead. They also have an alibi for Agnes.

Kate acts unhappy to see Castle and Javi and Ryan tell Kate that he told them about Svetlana and offer to throw him down some stairs. They shove him as they walk by and then Kate looks at him and says Svetlana then walks off. He explains.

Castle says they accused him of cheating so he made up a Russian model. Kate says she must be hot. They head into the a cappella competition. Dr Larson is the head judge and greets them. He says Robyn wasn’t his kind of people.

Castle asks about her death and he says they aren’t acca material and says they are a civilized organization and their kind should not be involved. He says he was there last night getting ready and says talk to his assistant Troy with more questions.

Ryan and Kate walk off and she leaves Javi with Castle. They talk to the Trebel Boyz. They sing their answers. Javi sings his question and does an impressive falsetto. Castle is stunned. The others finally stop singing and help.

Kate and Ryan go to Robyn’s dressing room with Troy. He says she was upset last night and the stage manager saw her getting into a cab. They poke around after he leaves. Ryan asks Kate if she’s okay and she says she is.

He says he was crushed when he heard about Svetlana. Kate says it’s for the best then says she’s dating a Dr Livingstone. They hear singing and spot Javi in the sing off with the others. Castle is thrilled and tries to beat box but spits.

Kate asks if that’s him and asks what he’s doing. They realize they can hear from the dressing rooms. They wonder if she overheard something. That group says they weren’t there and then they spot one guy who runs. They chase.

Kate clotheslines the kid and holds him at gunpoint. The guy says that Robyn overheard them talking about how they can’t beat the Acca Cons since they have such a good back story. He says he bribed Dr Larson since he hated the Acca Cons.

He says Robyn burst in on them and threatened to tell the National Committee. The guy says Larson left with Robyn. They take him to the station and tell him Hunter confessed to bribing him. He says it’s a lie and Hunter probably killed her.

Javi says Hunter has an alibi. Javi asks when he killed her. Larson says they worked out a deal and says she was going to report him then the Acca Con video came up on the monitors and she watched it and changed her mind. He says it was peculiar.

He says she wanted a copy of the video then said she wouldn’t rat him out if he didn’t take the bribe. They watch the video about a guy who saved Robyn then she says she got clean in prison and acca saved her life.

Ryan comes in and says the cab took her to a townhouse where the kid lives who saved her. They bring him in and Kate asks him about it. He says she wanted to thank him since she was unconscious and says they never met.

He says he was just in the right place at the right time. They ask about the scarf he used to tie her tourniquet. Kate says Robyn’s outfit was worth $50 and the scarf was Hermes worth $2k. Kate asks why he’s lying to her.

He says he got there and Robyn was already safe when he got there and the scarf was on her leg already. She asks why he lied and he says – duh – to be a hero. He says Robyn wanted the truth so he told her.

Castle paces and wonders how Robyn knows that she stole that car and says someone else may have been driving and she took the fall for the crime. The scarf is the answer. Ryan comes in and says he found the woman who threw the party – Chloe Jarvis.

Ryan says she’s the Paris Hilton of Long Island. The account is locked and then they say they can’t get a warrant but Castle says the NYPD may not have a warrant but he can hack it. They nod their heads but tell him not to do it.

He leaves and Kate comes over and they tell her she gets them in the divorce. Kate says the evidence box is missing from Robyn’s case and says Dan O’Grady is the arresting cop and he just retired to Manhattan which looks shady on a retired cop salary.

Kate brings him in and asks what he did with the scarf and why the evidence is missing. Kate says he deposited cash in his account and she’s about to call IA on him. He sits and says he was four months away from retirement and he was desperate.

He says some woman called him and offered him $50k for all the evidence from the case including the scarf. Alexis hacks the account and they look for the party pics. They find a batch of photos and look around. They see Robyn and Martha points her out.

They look for the scarf then spot it on someone’s waist. It’s the woman who started the rehab program that Robyn joined in prison. They bring in Linda to talk to her and she says Robyn was one of their first prison participants but then Kate shows her the party pic.

Kate points out the scarf and says it was nice to use it to save Robyn’s life then says she crashed the car. Linda lies and says she gave her the scarf at the party. Kate says she knows she was scared and let Robyn take the fall for the wreck.

Linda says she can’t prove it but Kate traced the call and the paper trail of cash between her and the cop. Linda cries and says she panicked and felt so guilty when Robyn went to jail and says she started the charity to help Robyn.

Linda insists she didn’t kill Robyn and says she never knew that Robyn found out. Kate asks who else knew about the crash and Linda asks for her lawyer. At the a capella competition, we see Linda’s husband trying to call Linda.

Scott says he agreed to meet Robyn and they accuse him of killing Robyn. He says he just wanted to make her see if the truth came out, it would ruin everything. He says it was an accident. He says he pushed her and she hit her head. Martha slaps him hard then they arrest him.

Martha tells them that she loved Robyn and says if she can help them at all. They agree to her help. Martha says she will help them and says this is hard but they can rise above their sorrow and win this for Robyn. She coaches them. Castle smiles.

Later, Castle thanks the guys for letting him work the case. They tell him they still like Martha and would do anything for him. He asks if they can’t be friends since he and Kate were separated. He says he has to get ready for his hot date with Svetlana and walks off.

Kate comes over and Javi asks if she needs to vent. She says she has a hot date with the doctor. She leaves too. The guys agrees this is wrong. Kate shows up to Castle’s place and says it’s Svetlana, his sexy Russian lover. He has a stethoscope and says he’s her doctor. They kiss.