Chicago Med Recap 5/3/16: Season 1 Episode 16 “Disorder”

Chicago Med Recap 5/3/16: Season 1 Episode 16 "Disorder"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama Chicago Med returns with an all new Tuesday May 3, season 1 episode 16 called, “Disorder,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode Dr. Rhodes (Colin Donnell) and Dr. Downey (Gregg Henry) clash over how to treat a patient with various health and heart issues.

On the last episode, a teen patient with abdominal pain firmly refused any drugs. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “a teen patient with abdominal pain firmly refuses any drugs. Meanwhile, Dr. Halstead reconnects with his past when treating a patient; a pregnant woman does everything in her power not to deliver the child; and Dr. Rhodes tries to avoid family issues.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 16 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you.

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Tonight’s episode of Chicago Med kicks off with Goodwin briefing April and the other nurses about the Joint Commission – they are apparently doing a surprise survey at the hospital to make sure they are following protocol. April and the nurses put their badges on – Goodwin tells them all to lead with a smile.

Mr. Clay is rushed in to the emergency room by EMT’s, they say he was just hit by a car. Apparently, Clay was walking down the street with his wife and started assaulting her and screaming at her. A couple of witnesses tried to interfere and Clay ran in to oncoming traffic and was hit by a car. His wife Laura rushes in a few minutes later, apparently she is also a doctor. She explains to Connor that her husband has Lewy Body Dementia – meanwhile he is flailing on the stretcher and shouting at the doctors.

Once Mr. Clay is calmed down and taken care of, Dr. Charles takes over the case. Clay cries when he realizes that he hurt his wife again, he says this isn’t the life that Laura deserves. Then, he stares off in to space and Dr. Charles can’t get his attention.

Natalie and Reese are catering to a woman who was bit by her dog while she was playing with him. She complains that Boomer loves her, she doesn’t understand why he attacked her. Reese gives her a tetanus shot in her arm just in case, but the dog bite victim insists that her dog has had all of his shots.

Dr. Choi is doing a ride along with the EMT’s today. He gets paired up with Sylvie and Desmond. Their first call is to a man in distress – the call is vague. When they arrive, his neighbor says that she called 911 because her neighbor Paul was hurt. Choi kicks in Paul’s door and his house stinks – and they can’t even walk through it, Paul is a hoarder. Sylvie tells Desmond to call for back-up, they are going to need a fire truck to help them dig Paul out.

Charles catches up with Laura, she says that she is a neurologist and she diagnosed him husband with Lewy Body Dementia. Laura says that he has had it for four years. Dr Charles is surprised by how lucid her husband Nathan is, she says that she has been doing cognitive therapy with him. She doesn’t want to put her husband in a home yet, she can tell that he is fighting the disease and he is still in there somewhere.

Choi and Sylvie are still digging through Paul’s house – and they haven’t found him yet. Choi is crawling through the garbage in the house and he cuts his arm on a tin can. He uses his supplies in his EMT bag to clean up his wound. Choi isn’t in good shape. He radios Sylvie and swears he hears another person in the house, Sylvie thinks he is hearing things because the neighbors said Paul was the only one home.

Will is running around the hospital and making sure that everything is up to par. He lectures Maggie and April about a pair of Latex gloves in the wrong trash bin. Maggie snaps at him that even though Joint Commission is there, patient care is their top priority, not gloves.

Laura is sitting in Nathan’s room and doing a crossword puzzle with him and all of a sudden he passes out and his monitors start going off. Connor and April rush in and get to work on him. Connor does a quick exam and realizes that he is bleeding internally from getting hit by a car earlier. Later, Connor meets with Laura to discuss Nathan’s condition. He explains that his heart is not strong enough to undergo surgery, he has an aneurism, and when it ruptures Nathan will be dead. They tell Laura that all they can do for Nathan now is just make him comfortable.

Natalie and Reese check in on their dog bite victim – she is itching and has a fever. Natalie tells her that she is just having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that they gave her, she’s going to have a doctor check in on her in a few minutes.

Meanwhile at the hoarder’s house – Choi is having a full-blown episode. Some of the garbage has caved in on him and his PTSD has kicked in. Choi is trying to dig through the garbage and having war flashbacks. Sylvie hears him struggling but she can’t get to him.

Dr. Charles still is having a tough time accepting the fact that Nathan has Lew Body Dementia. He runs a secret scan on Nathan’s brain – and sure enough he was right, Nathan doesn’t have dementia. Laura is devastated when Charles explains to her that he doesn’t have dementia, just a benign tumor on his thyroid gland which is causing him to act like he has dementia. Laura realizes that if she had figured out the problem sooner and gotten it taken care of then he wouldn’t have run in to traffic, and he wouldn’t be dying.

Choi finally finds Paul he is lying on the couch. He tripped and burnt his leg with boiling water, two days ago, and now it is infected. Paul cries that he didn’t call 911 sooner because he didn’t want any one to see how he lived. Choi is relieved when he sees that Paul has a parrot, and those were the voices that he heard – he wasn’t losing his mind. Sylvie and the rest of the EMT’s still can’t get to Paul and he is losing circulation in his foot. Choi decides to do emergency surgery right there on Paul’s couch and he cuts his leg open so that the pressure would be taken off the burn and the blood circulate.

Even though the odds of Nathan surviving surgery to remove the aneurism are slim to none, but Laura convinces Connor to do the surgery now that she knows her husband’s dementia is curable. Connor scrubs in for surgery even though the chief of surgery wans him that it is a horrible idea and he will most likely lose Nathan on the operating table.

The dog bite victim has in infection – Natalie tells Reese to run a strep test. While they are doing that, her sister shows up at the emergency room with her dog Boomer. She says she can’t watch Boomer any longer and has to go to work – then leaves the dog in the emergency room and leaves. Reese convinces the security guard Early to take Boomer for a walk before the inspectors see the dog in the hospital.

Sylvie and Desmond finally get through Paul’s house – they are able to load him up and get him in to the ambulance. Before he leaves, he thanks Choi for saving his life.

Natalie has a hunch – she remembers that some dogs can sense cancer when she sees Boomer barking at a cancer patient. Sure enough, their dog bite victim has Lymphoma. Natalie and Reese break the news to her, but they caught it early, thanks to her dog tipping them off, she can get ahead of the disease.

Connor’s surgery on Nathan is successful – they were able to remove the anheurism. Once he recovers from the surgery, they will remove the rumor on his thyroid gland and he will be back to normal. Dr. Charles sits down with his wife Laura. She feels horrible that she misdiagnosed her husband and he spent the last 4 years suffering for no reason. He gives her a pep talk and tells her that she needs to start by forgiving herself.

Tonight’s episode ends with Will cleaning up a mess in the waiting room himself – he goes against protocol and does it himself in stead of waiting for environmental services.

Tonight’s episode ends with Goodwin calling a staff meeting – she has been dealing with the Joint Committee all day and she is not happy. Her team broke rules all night, cleaned up improperly, ordered tests on the sly, and had a dog in the emergency room. The Committee didn’t catch them and they passed the test – but she wants them to know that they didn’t get past her