Code Black Recap 11/13/16: Season 1 Episode 12 Winter Premiere “The Fog of War”

Code Black Recap 11/13/16: Season 1 Episode 12 Winter Premiere "The Fog of War"

Tonight on CBS Code Black airs with an all new Wednesday January 13, season 1 winter premiere called, “The Fog of War.” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, a love triangle begins to develop between Mario, (Benjamin Hollingsworth) Angus and Heather, (Jillian Murray) while the doctors treat patients from a chaotic multi-vehicle accident.

Code Black centers on the fictional Angels Memorial Hospital, where four first-year residents and their colleagues must tend to patients in an understaffed, busy emergency room that lacks sufficient resources.

On the last episode, Leanne became rattled at the thought of losing Jesse, as he fought for his life after suffering a massive heart attack. Meanwhile, Mario asked the residents to cover for him so he can search the city for a patient’s son, which went against Neal’s direct order not to leave the hospital. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “as the doctors treat patients from the chaotic multi-vehicle accident, a love triangle begins to build between Mario, Angus and Heather. Also, when Malaya learns that Carla is at the hospital, she goes against Carla’s wishes and stays by her side during the delivery of her baby”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss.While you wait sound off in the comments down below and let us know how excited you are for Code Black! Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the season 1 episode 12 of Code Black.

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#CodeBlack starts at the site of a crash. Neal looks around as an ambulance leaves the scene. Lily says the stars are beautiful and Christa agrees as she keeps giving oxygen to her mom. She tells Lily something to do.

Mario works on a woman but can’t save her. Her husband is angry. Heather says she’s barely alive and the man says – keep working. Leanne and Malaya work on a crash victim. Rollie helps and they check her pupils. Leanne says she thinks it’s hypoxic and that’s why the coma.

Malaya says she has to do the tube alone and Gina asks to talk to Leanne ASAP. Neal asks the EMTs if they saw his doctors. They tell him no and leave. Lily flashes the headlights in SOS. Her mom tells Christa she’s a Girl Scout.

Rollie goes to check on Carla and says Malaya’s back. He asks to tell her she’s there. Carla says no. She say she was done with her after she refused treatment. Rollie tries to talk sense to her. She says she’s staying strong for the baby and he says he’s there for her. She thanks him.

Neal looks down the hill with his flashlight then sees the car lights and calls down. Christa yells back and says she has two red tags and one green. He says they’re coming for her. Leanne goes to see Gina who asks what happened.

She says she got a call from disaster response and says Miles called them. She says they’re starting an investigation into her and asks about why she spent time on a black tag and let Malaya do a tube. She says Jocelyn could wake up brain damaged.

Leanne says she stands by her decision and Gina say she’s trying to help. Leanne says no thanks and walks out. Lily asks Christa when they’ll come and she says soon. They hear a helicopter then see it’s lights wash over them.

Gary threatens Mario when he quits CPR and tells him that his wife is gone. The guy holds the gun on him then puts the gun to his own head. Mario and Heather tell him now. Mario grabs for the gun – it goes off but we can’t see what happened.

Angus and Rollie greet the ambulance with Gary who shot himself in the head. Mario takes him inside and Mario says it didn’t penetrate – the problem is the blood. They roll Gary and check his head. They don’t see an exit wound and work to stop the bleeding.

Jesse tells Leanne he’s on her side and Neal’s. She says they did their job. Elizabeth, the mom, is brought in and Christa tells Lily she saved them and she’s going to park her at the nurse’s station. Neal says hell of a night and they work on the guy with the trach.

They put in a new tube and see his sats are dropping. Mario sees his hand is bleeding and Rollie says step away now. He steps back and Angus takes over. He tells Heather to go talk to him. Neal tells Risa they need to get to surgery but the guy starts choking, bleeding around the tube.

She says call Cole Guthrie but Risa says he didn’t come in. Heather stitches up Mario’s hand and he says he could have stopped Gary. She says it could have been worse. He says they left him with his dying wife. Heather says they did all they could.

Mario says they could have done better. He says he’s sorry and she says they followed protocol. He scoots closer to her and she kisses him. He kisses back and then the door opens and they scoot away. Neal and Leanne talks and she did the right thing and says everything is a judgment call.

He says he’s glad they saved one but they may not have been right. Malaya goes chasing Rollie and asks about Carla. He says he couldn’t break confidentiality but tells her where to find her. Angus asks Heather if she’s okay and she says she told Mario to leave the woman.

She says she told him to black tag her and let her die. Angus says it’s not her fault. He hugs her and she hangs on tight. He says he’s sorry and she calls herself a hot mess. Leanne sees that a patient is putting out too much blood. The chest tube punctured the liver.

Jocelyn’s sister is there and freaks. Malaya says it’s both their fault – hers and Leanne’s. Neal is in surgery with Christa and she talks about how scared she was. He says she did a great job and says fear is always a factor.

Leanne goes to Cole’s office and finds Rollie there. He says he always leaves like he did in San Francisco. He says Cole comes on strong like he can’t be rattled then rattles himself. He says sorry and he shouldn’t have vouched for him. She says he’s lucky to have a dad like Rollie.

Angus asks Mario about his hand and he says she was really upset. He says he’s going to ask Heather out and says they’re connecting last night and now. Angus says the hug lasted a long time, body to body. Mario says that’s awesome and walks off.

Jesse asks Leanne about Cole. She says they lost a good doctor and won’t talk about anything more personal. She says still no change with Jocelyn and says Malaya is mad. She says she needs the patient to wake up. He goes to check on her.

Jesse tells Malaya they did the best they could. He says they’re the heroes. She asks about Carla and he says they love each other and that’s all they need to know. He tells her she can’t do anything for Jocelyn and says go to Carla.

Mario talks to Gary and tests his cognitive skills. Heather says he’s a lucky man. Mario asks what year it is and Gary says no – he also doesn’t know his name. Mario says he only has immediate recall. They tell him he tried to kill himself.

Heather asks if he remembers his wife. He cries and says what’s happening to me. Malaya comes into Carla’s room and tells her she looks good. Carla says don’t lie. Malaya steps closer and Carla says she misses her. Malaya holds her and says she won’t go anywhere.

Carla asks how she could get a brain tumor on top of the rest of it. She asks about them inducing labor and Carla says she’s not dying today and every day she has the baby inside her is a good day. Malaya says it can’t wait and says she’s trying to protect her child.

She says her son will be fine. Carla cries and says his name is Phillip. She asks Malaya to promise her she can hold him before she dies. She cries and Malaya holds her. They tell Lily that her brother should be fine and Elizabeth thanks them for all they did.

Neal checks Elizabeth’s sensations and she says she can feel it. But then he touches the bed instead and she still say yes. She was lying to protect her daughter from worry. Neal and Christa share a look. Leanne comes in and finds Jocelyn in distress.

Her sister says they did this to her and need to save her. Leanne tells Neal he has to repair Jocelyn’s liver and he says he needs a team of surgeons. Then Leanne says get her a balloon catheter and says she can buy time. Gina is there and butts in and says no.

Leanne says it will buy time. Gina says it’s not an approved procedure. She sighs then says she’s closing her eyes and they need to get gone. They wheel Jocelyn over to where they can do the procedure. Leanne explains how to use the balloon. Mario is assisting.

Jesse shoots x-rays as they go and it’s all hands on deck. Neal goes in and Leanne says it’s the femoral artery since it’s bright red blood. Neal dilates the tract to make room for the balloon. She starts to crash and they prepare to do CPR.

They have the x-ray ready to go. They move the balloon a bit more. Jesse shoots again and they inflate the balloon. Jesse shoots again and Leanne says it’s perfect. They watch as her BP picks up. Leanne says let’s get her up to an OR.

Mario looks at Gary who’s sipping water. He asks Heather if she’d want to remember and she says she wouldn’t want to forget. He says they can’t do that again – and says a kiss. She asks why and he says it doesn’t feel right. She asks why.

Carla is in labor screaming and she says it’s going so fast. Malaya holds her hand and they tell her one more push. The baby is out and they clean him up. His apgar is low and Malays says it’s good. Carla starts to crash and Malaya says she’s unresponsive. She can’t find a pulse.

She shakes her head and says she needs to meet the baby. The OB says she’s not bleeding down here. They can’t figure out what happened. Malaya says it’s her tumor and it’s edema. She tries to revive her and Malaya says she needs her to be stubborn and hang on.

The atropine didn’t work and Malaya tries something else. Carla squeezes her hand and Malaya sighs. They tell her they’ll move her to ICU but Malaya says no she doesn’t want more care – just bring her son. Elizabeth talks to Christa about her kids.

Christa says she’s being brave and she knows she can’t feel her legs. She says she still might regain movement but shouldn’t lie to her kids. Lily wheels her brother in and says she loves that he can’t talk. She asks Christa when her mom can stand. She doesn’t answer.

Elizabeth calls her kids over. Neal asks if Christa is going home and she says she’s going to bed then asks if he wants to come. He says some people want to talk to her. He says there’s a picture of her being hoisted from the ravine and it went viral.

There’s press there. He says go tell them what happened and says she deserves the credit. She asks how she looks and he says beautiful. She thanks him for everything. She steps into the camera lights. Leanne grabs Neal and shows him that Jocelyn is awake and talking.

He says that’s the best news of the day. She asks if he thinks they made a bad call and he says all’s well that ends well. Malaya sits holding Carla’s hand. Leanne peeks in. Malaya steps out to talk to her. She tells her the baby’s name is Phillip.

Leanne says it’s a strong name. Malaya says Carla is alive for now. They talk about Jocelyn and both are glad she didn’t die. She tells Malaya to go be with Carla and says time is precious. She brings Phillip to see Carla. She lays him on her chest. The baby is tiny but doing well.

Carla smiles and holds him. Angus tells Rollie he’s sorry about his son and Rollie says we do the best we can. Angus asks for fatherly advice about Heather. He asks what to do about it then says she’s out of his league. Rollie says no such thing.

He tells him feel the fear and do it anyway. Heather comes into the dressing room while Mario is changing. She asks why he’s dissing her and he says he’s trying to do the right thing. She says he’s not a right thing kind of guy.

She steps closer and he kisses her hard. They undress hungrily. Malaya sits outside later – Jesse finds her and says he just heard. He says he’s sorry. She says the baby will never know how special she was. Jesse says she can tell him. He holds her while she cries.