Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Recap 3/23/16: Season 1 Episode 2 “Harvested”

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders Recap 3/23/16: Season 1 Episode 2 "Harvested"

Tonight on CBS Criminal Minds continues with an all new Wednesday March 23, season 11 episode 2 called “Harvested,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, an American attending a festival in Mumbai wakes up missing a kidney and his friend gone.

On the last episode, the International Division of the FBI investigated cases involving Americans abroad. In the opener, three American volunteers in Thailand disappeared during a trip to Bangkok.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “an American attending a festival in Mumbai wakes up missing a kidney and his friend gone. The investigation leads Garrett and his team to suspect the UnSub is up to more than just trading organs on the Black Market.”

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It seems that two Americans were targeted in Mumbai by black market organ trade on tonight’s episode of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Border” yet no one knew why only one of them was eventually found.

Apparently Will Duncan and Tommy Moses had traveled to Mumbai for the Holi Festival which they had taken to believe was going to be a fun time. Yet, the two eventually wanted a break from one of the raves and had gone outside for fresh air when they had run into two young women. So Tommy had then convinced his friend that maybe they should stay outside for a bit, but their conversation ended up being the last thing that Will could remember.

Will later woke up an alley by the next morning and there had been no sign of Tommy. Although Will, himself, had a scar on his side and he was in such a state that he had to bee taken to the hospital. And so it was the doctors that realized someone had harvested Will’s kidney, but they hadn’t taken care of him afterwards.

So Will had actually been fighting an infection and his condition had already been deemed critical by time the IRT landed in the country. However, Will and Tommy’s case hadn’t made sense to the them. For it seems that they were the only ones that had wondered why the black market for organ trade would target Americans knowing that it would bring unwanted publicity. And so Will’s untimely death did allow them to perform an autopsy.

And according to Mae, there was simply no doctor that would have butchered Will like that much less for a kidney.

If they were just going to take the kidney, then would have wanted the surgery to look as undetectable as possible and if they wanted to harvest the rest of Will’s organs which would explain why they hadn’t cared about whether he lived or died then it wouldn’t have made sense to toss him after just taking the kidney. Though there had been every sign that pointed to the organ trade. For someone had taken been removed the kidney and Will had been abandoned in an area that’s been known as Kidneyville. Especially to the natives that are looking to make a quick buck.

And therefore, everything that the IRT found had simply been a ploy. The UnSub had only wanted to look as if Will had been targeted by the organ trade, but the real purpose all along had been to hurt and possible kill him. Albeit for no apparent reason other than him being a foreigner.

Tommy however was eventually found and it turns out he had never been in danger. He had just been a pretty bad friend. Tommy later told the IRT that he had split up with Will because he had wanted to return to the party and Will hadn’t. So he had left Will to make it back to the hotel on his own and the reason he hasn’t been in touch in the past day was because someone had stolen his wallet and cell phone.

Although, Tommy being found alive did put a different spin on the UnSub. The UnSub had only targeted Will once he realized Will was alone so even if they had any doubts about organized crime being possibly involved then that one fact means that the UnSub was acting alone. And yet they had made the mistake of believing that the UnSub was merely targeting his victims for the single purpose of wanting to disrupt the festival.

And that just wasn’t the case. A second victim had later been found and he had been missing his eyes though he hadn’t been an American. So the UnSub didn’t just have it in for the Americans and there did appear to be hatred if not complete disregard for all foreigners. Will had had kidney taken and the second victim had been found without his eyes.

Yet, Garrett and Clara did come to see that if the UnSub had wanted to make a statement about foreigners who come into the country for the festival then he would have left them at least close to the festival rather than in Kidneyville. Thus they began to piece together the real reason the UnSub was cherry picking his victims. And their theory panned out when a third foreigner who happens to be an aid worker in the area had been reported missing.

The UnSub wasn’t just hurting people; he was picking out their organs for a loved one. He had chosen Will’s because Will had decided to leave the party earlier therefore it was a good chance that he hadn’t been drinking to excess like everyone else. But he had chosen the second victim’s eyes because they had been blue which in India would automatically mean a higher caste. So the UnSub had been a grieving son that had lost his father after someone at the hospital decided to take advantage of the sick man and kill him in order to attain his organs.

And in India, there is a strong superstition that if someone is buried without their organs then they would have passed on to their next life incomplete.

So the UnSub was giving every organ he took to his father and he was about to give the corpse the aid worker’s charitable heart when Garrett and his people found them. Garrett had tried to talk the young man down, but there had been no turning back for him and he knew it. And so he set his home on fire while still inside.

But Garrett was able to get the aid worker out in time.