Elementary Recap 1/7/16: Season 4 Episode 7 Winter Premiere “Miss Taken”

Elementary Recap 1/7/16: Season 4 Episode 7 Winter Premiere "Miss Taken"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with an all new Thursday January 7, season 4 winter premiere called, “Miss Taken,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Watson (Lucy Liu) is enraged when her stepfather writes a crime novel based on her work with Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) without her knowledge.

Elementary is an American crime drama created by Robert Doherty and loosely based on Sherlock Holmes and other characters appearing in the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The series stars Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn and Jon Michael Hill.

On the last episode, Morland offered to act as one of his son’s “Irregular” consultants so that he could lend Sherlock and Joan had considerable resources to help them solve a case. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Watson is enraged when her stepfather writes a crime novel based on her work with Holmes without her knowledge. Meanwhile, Sherlock and Joan investigate a retired FBI agent’s murder and learn the man’s death is linked to an unsolved case from the victim’s career.”

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#Elementary starts with Joan coming to talk to Gregson. He asks her to come in and sit. He tells her that his sister is a big reader and says she’s been bugging him to read The Heart Bled Blue – he says it’s about two detectives, an Asian woman and a British guy.

He says the names are different and says the author Grover Ogden knows a lot about her. At a construction site outside the city, Vince tells his boss the chipper is jammed. He says the repair guy is on the way but the boss won’t wait.

He reaches in his hand to clear the jam and tosses the item at them. Vince says shut it down and shows him he pulled out a bloody badge. Inside the hopper is blood and gore – a human shredded.

At the lab, there are bags of bloody goo and Gregson tells Marcus and Sherlock this was an FBI agent named Robert Underhill according to the badge. He was retired so it’s their case. Sherlock says Joan will join them later.

He had a 34 year career and was well-liked and is married to a woman named Sheila. Sherlock says he would have been dead before he went into the chipper. Marcus says they found a chainsaw with a bit of blood on it.

Sherlock sniffs one bag and says pepper spray is in one bag and may be the face. Sherlock theorized he drove there. He says they need to talk to the wife and see if she can operate a chain saw. He says there’s no wedding ring and signs of a condom in his pocket.

They bring in Sheila who says Bob wasn’t cheating and says the moved to Hawaii then moved back because he missed work. Sherlock tells her about the condoms and she says they split six months ago and it was amicable.

Sheila says she was at her daughter’s last night and spent the night since she had half a bottle of wine. She says she came back this morning on the train. Marcus asks who would want to hurt Bob. She says he was working on some of his old cold cases.

She says he told her he was closing in on someone from one of them. She says he didn’t talk shop with her but there may be files at his apartment. Joan goes to see her dad and asks if he’s Grover Ogden. She chews him out.

He says the book honors her and she asks why he didn’t ask her permission. He asks if she likes the book and she says it’s ridiculous since she and Sherlock don’t sleep together or fight perps with kung fu. He asks how she figured out it was him.

She says they lived on Ogden Street and their dog’s name was Grover. She says that’s how you make a porn name not a writer’s pseudonym. He says he had writer’s block and then her mom told her about one of Joan’s cases and he wrote it.

Joan tells him she spent $4k buying up all the copies and wants him to terminate the other orders. He says he wants Sherlock’s opinion. She says she doesn’t want him to find out about his and says he will freak. She demands he call his publisher and kill the book. She storms out.

Joan comes home and finds the brownstone covered in papers, floor, walls and all. She asks what it is and he says Bob’s case files. He says there were three cases he was working on. He has the cases color coordinated.

One is a hate crime that’s a church burning. He says it’s not that one. Sherlock says the guilty guy died in 82. The next is a bank robber and the two perps are still in jail. Last is a serial poisoner and the brother is in the Navy and was in the Arabian Sea.

Joan asks how he solved these cases so fast and Sherlock says one of the cases was the issue and shows her on his computer the case of Mina Davenport. She says she remembers it and the girl was kept in a basement for years.

He says Bob requested the files but they weren’t in his apartment and he thinks the killer may have taken them out of the apartment. He says Mina’s abductor may have killed Bob. They go see Mina’s parents and they tell them how strange it was to lose a daughter and get her back 10 years later.

Marcus asks if they’ve noticed anything out of the ordinary. They ask to see Mina and her dad says he doesn’t want her in this. The parents are worried any stress could be a setback for her and tell them she’s studying for her GED.

The wife says when she first got away she wouldn’t let any of them touch her and will now let her hug her and hold her hand. Joan asks if they heard from Bob lately and the dad says he wishes they had.

He says he can hardly function after all this. He says he was late picking up Mina the day she was abducted. He says Bob was a great comfort to them. Sherlock asks about the sketch of the captor and the name Keith.

He asks if she’s remembered anything else. Mina comes downstairs and asks what it is. Her parents make excuses and she leaves. Sherlock says that man in the sketch is not a criminal and says she made it all up and says that girl is not Mina, but an imposter.

Sherlock shows Gregson that her ears prove it. He shows them the difference in her ears. He says those are two different people. Joan agrees and Gregson says she grew. Joan says ears don’t change shape. She says there’s no way it’s the same girl.

Sherlock says the thinks Bob knew Mina was an imposter. He says two weeks after the rescued Mina came back, Bob requested the records and Sherlock says he probably knew that Mina was a fake.

Gregson says she passed the DNA test. Sherlock says the toothbrush that was used went missing and Joan says someone in the lab was her accomplice since it was a private lab. Gregson says he’s a parent and says you know your kid no matter what.

Sherlock says these parents can’t be blamed for falling for a scam since they’ve been hoping for good news for a decade. Joan says they need to bring the parents in and retest the DNA. Sherlock says the Davenports need to know if they have a killer under their roof.

Marcus thanks the Davenports for coming in – they’re surprised they brought Mina. He says Mina was asking questions about why they’re there. He introduces Mina to them and Marcus says they need to talk to her parents alone but she says she can hear it.

She says she knows how much Agent Underhill did for her parents. Mina talks to them about her kidnapper Keith. She says Keith was only nice to her on her birthday which he celebrated on the night he took her.

The Davenports are with Marcus and Joan while Mina is with Sherlock. She says he kept her in the back of his truck when he was on road trips then in the basement of his house. Sherlock asks her some questions and she goes on with her stories.

Mina says Keith told her it was time to think about having a family. She says she was upset and says they were on the road and she went into his bag after he fell asleep. She says she got the straight razor he kept and was going to kill him but then ran instead.

Sherlock says she was in Lander, Pennsylvania then cut off her hair in the bathroom. She says Keith made her dye her hair blonde and the therapist says she did it to reclaim her old self but she says she doesn’t know why she did it.

Sherlock says she did it to look as pathetic as possible and calls her one of the most accomplished liars he’s ever met. Her father bursts in and her parents take her out. The dad tells Sherlock to stay the hell away from my family.

Joan tells Sherlock something smells and he says it’s elephant dung coffee that’s very good. Joan says no thanks, she had poop for lunch. She talks about how the Davenports refused to do the DNA test. Sherlock wonders if fake Mina killed Bob.

Sherlock tells Joan he knows she lied about seeing her mom and saw her step-dad instead then asks if it’s about the book. He says he’s been aware of it for months. He says he read it. She asks if he’s mad and he asks if he should be.

He says it’s not the first time he’s inspired a writer. He says he fascinates and it can’t be helped and even she wrote about him. He says at least her step-father changed their names and then brings up one of the sex scenes in the book.

He says she’s angry and asks why. The doorbell rings. It’s Mina. She says she got his address off the card he left. She says her parents thinks he’s at her tutors and he says there’s no wood chipper in her. She says she just wants to talk. He lets her in.

She says he’s wrong about some things. She says she didn’t kill Bob and says she can tell them who did. She says Richard and Nancy killed him. Sherlock asks why they would. She says he was about to figure out their secret. She says no one took Mina, her parents killed her.

Fake Mina tells them her real name is Cassie. She declines to give her last name. She says Mina turns 21 in a couple of weeks and she gets access to a $5 million trust. She says if they keep the secret for two weeks, she’ll give them all the info they need.

She says she found an article on Mina’s disappearance and saw an aged up photo of her so she decided to try and run a con. She says she’d never tried a con this big before. Cassie says she wasn’t worried about fooling the cops, just Mina’s parents.

She says they treated her like their daughter from the start then she realized why they did. She says she woke up in the middle of the night and Richard was by the bed and touched her arm. He says he and Mina used to do this and said – you are my little girl, aren’t you?

She says Richard was abusing her and killed her. She says Nancy worked hard to teach her about Mina’s old life so that’s why she thinks Nancy was involved. She says Bob came to the house and argued with Richard and Nancy in the driveway.

She says Bob must have figured her out so Richard killed him. She says she just needs two weeks. She says she’ll help them get justice for Mina. Sherlock says deal. He gives her two bugs to plant in the house.

She takes them after he tells her how to place them. Cassie says she knows she did something terrible but Richard and Nancy did something worse. She tells them they won’t regret it. She leaves and Joan says he’s as good a liar as the girl.

He says only one of them is a bug and the other is a flash bang. He says the neighbors will call the cops and they can go in without a warrant and collect any DNA they want. He still thinks Mina may have killed Bob.

The flash bang goes off as Sherlock intended and he and Joan show up. Richard says he doesn’t want them there. Gregson says when a bomb goes off on your property, you can’t choose who investigates.

The Davenports can’t do anything about it. He goes to whisper to Mina who glares at Sherlock. Marcus tells Gregson there’s no signs that someone broke in and planted the device. Joan says now they can look for proof she killed Bob.

Marcus says her room and drains are clean. Sherlock says there are still 10 more rooms to go – he’s poking in the trash bin. Joan tells Sherlock she was mad at her stepdad for cheating on her mom. She says it was a woman from a book signing.

Joan says nothing was the same after that. She says she kept him at arm’s length then he selfishly wrote the book. Sherlock points out that one car has the seat pulled way up for a short person like fake Mina. They spot blood on the brake pedal.

Joan finds her dad at the door later and he says he has something for her. She lets him in. He says he talked to his publisher and it will take some doing, but it’s dead. He gives her a sequel that he wrote. He says he told his editor he can’t have it and says it’s hers.

He says she was just finishing it when she came by. He says do with it what you want and says he wrote about her because he misses her. He says since the affair, he knew he screwed up and says he hates that he screwed up their relationship too.

He says the book let him be close to her again. Her phone rings and she asks him to wait. It’s Sherlock who says the blood on the brake pedal matched Bob. He says Richard came in to confess to killing Bob.

Sherlock wonders what sob story Cassie told Richard. Joan says he still blames himself. Gregson says they have to book the dad or find a way to prove Cassie guilty. He says book Richard so they can take his DNA and show him the results of the comparison.

The DNA was a match. It’s familial to Richard – that girl is his daughter. He asks why not a cheek swab. Marcus says she’s still Richard’s daughter just not Mina. Joan says that would explain a lot. Sherlock says it’s a bad theory.

He says what happened to the real Mina. He says it explains the DNA test. Sherlock says he has an alternate theory. Nancy comes in when they call and she brings an attorney. Sherlock says Mina passed a DNA test for her husband.

She says the hair didn’t come from Mina’s head. She says they were suspicious because the toothbrush went missing. Nancy says this makes no sense when they tell her the hair was Mina’s. Sherlock takes her into a room and they show her a girl.

Joan says they found a report where one young woman attacked and shaved the head of another young girl. He says Cassie located Mina and took her hair then scattered it around with the razor. She says the victim gave a fake name.

He says the man who had her lived near Mina’s route to school. Joan says that girl is really Mina. Sherlock says they went to Ott’s home today and found Mina. Joan says the man told people she was his daughter or his wife.

She was allowed to leave the house occasionally and that’s how the imposter got her. Sherlock says Mina has been asking for her. Nancy is in tears. Joan takes her to the girl. Sherlock watches the reunion. She hugs her daughter and cries.

Joan goes to see her dad and says she over reacted about the book. She says he can go ahead and publish. She says she read the sequel and it’s better than the first. She hands it back to him and he sees she marked it up with edits. She says they can go over it together.

Sherlock goes to talk to Cassie in her holding cell. He says he’s sorry he missed her arrest and says he’s surprised her prints aren’t in AFIS. She says she’s never committed a crime and she says she’s never been caught. He asks how old she is.

She says 15 then 25 or some other number. He says Mina told them she’s never seen her before. Then Sherlock says Norman Ott also said he never met her and he believed him. He asks her to tell him if she spent time in Sturbridge.

She says she’s been in lots of places and he says her time of wandering is over. She says he has no murder weapon and she has plenty of defenses. He says tell me one. Cassie says she hopes he comes to the trial and says it should be fun.

He asks if she thinks she can lie her way out and she says she can. Then she asks him if she’s lying. She smiles then rolls her eyes as he walks out. She seems serene as she lays back on her bunk in her cell.