Feed The Beast Recap 6/7/16: Season 1 Episode 2 “Father of the Year”


Feed The Beast AMC’s new series airs tonight with an all new Tuesday, June 7, season 1 episode 2 called “Father of the Year,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Tommy (David Schwimmer) and Dion (Jim Sturgess) court an unlikely investor, Tommy’s estranged father.

On the last episode, in the series premiere, faced with a serious debt to the mob, Dion tries to convince his best friend Tommy to rekindle their dream of opening a restaurant in The Bronx. Did you watch the last episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Tommy and Dion court an unlikely investor, Tommy’s estranged father. Meanwhile, TJ’s troubles at school lead to a dangerous misunderstanding at home.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 1 premiere right here for you at 10pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Feed The Beast.

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#FeedTheBeast starts with a flashback of TJ talking to his mom Rie while she makes espresso and he talks about a robot that serves food. Now, he looks at the machine that’s unused. Tommy calls for his son and Dion comes downstairs.

Dion reminds Tommy to talk to his dad about investing in the restaurant. Tommy drops his son off at school and goes on his sales rounds. Tommy is sleeping because of his drinking habit. He backs up into some traffic cones then drives off.

Dion sees Patrick’s van out front and goes to knock on the door. Patrick asks about the restaurant and Dion says he just lined up an investor and they’ll have a signed contract in a week. Patrick says he wants to see the contract in 48 hours.

Patrick reminds him he has nine fingers left he can take plus all his pretty teeth. Tommy takes a call from Pilar from the grief group. She says they need wine for the restaurant. She asks if he can recommend some wines.

He says he can come up with some ideas and bring them to the next meeting. She offers to stop by his place and he tells her he’s at the old Cramer Piano Factory and it’s a mess. He says he has to go when his boss calls.

TJ is at school and deals with bullies. He freaks and runs into the girls room to hide. He goes into a stall where a girl is drawing a big mural on a wall. She asks if he’s the kid who doesn’t talk and then asks his name. He writes it on the wall.

He helps her color on her graffiti mural. The bell rings and she says he can keep his marker. Tommy goes to see Frank, his boss. He tells Tommy he has a great nose for wine but is crap at selling. Tommy says he has bad territory.

Frank says he’s sloppy and messing up and he has to fire him if this keeps up. Tommy says he’s had enough of this and quits his job even though Frank tells him no take backs and mocks his idea to open a restaurant in the Bronx.

Tommy comes home and Dion freaks out on him about not talking to his dad. Dion snatches his car keys and says he can’t wait for him to grow a pair and says he needs to jump in. He tells Tommy he’ll come as back up and cranks the car.

Tommy is annoyed and walks over but Dion pulls away and makes him keep coming. Patrick goes to jail to see his dad Ziggy who talks about their enemies. We see a flashback of Patrick pulling teeth. Ziggy asks about the guy who burned the restaurant and he says to kill him.

Patrick says he owes them $600k and you can’t get money from a dead man. Ziggy says that message means something and hangs up the phone and walks off. Dion and Tommy are at Aidan’s office waiting on his dad. His nurse wheels him in.

Aidan tells Tommy he hasn’t aged well and then asks what he wants since he’s got a busy day. Tommy stammers over their plan to open the restaurant. Dion takes over the ad hoc presentation. Dion asks him to come by tonight for a tasting and Aidan agrees and says 6 pm.

Tommy and Dion debate the menu then Pilar shows up out of the blue. Tommy introduces Pilar who asks about the wine ideas. He says he has to go get his son from school but Dion insists on going to get TJ. He tosses him the keys and takes off smiling.

Pilar thinks it’s cool he’s starting a restaurant. Dion picks up TJ and then the counselor runs out and tries to stop him from picking him up. He says he’s TJ’s support person. He says he’s trying to help him through all this and says he’ll be tutoring him.

TJ nods and then she says she’s glad he got him some help. The bully kid comes up to the car and Dion glares at the kid then tells TJ they need to make a few stops. TJ winces when he goes to put on his seat belt and Dion sees the bruise.

Dion asks if that kid did this. Dion goes to get out of the car but TJ stops him. Dion asks if he’s sure and TJ looks away. Dion and TJ go see Stavros who freaks out and says the Tooth Fairy is upstairs. Tasha, a hooker, takes TJ to get a snack.

Stavros runs up with a bat to threaten a guy who roughed up one of his girls. Patrick is there with his pliers out and Stavros says get out. Patrick hands him some more money and says that’s extra for future dental work. They leave.

TJ draws more birds. Patrick sees Dion and taps his watch to remind him of his time limit. Stavros brings Dion some cash and says be careful, you’re all I’ve got. Dion thanks him and they head to the market. He buys food for dinner plus some drugs.

Back at the factory, they start cooking. TJ helps in the kitchen and Dion gives him a cooking lesson. Upstairs, Tommy is getting dressed and is drinking and nervous. He puts on his sommelier pin and we see a flashback of him studying for the certification.

Tommy comes down to see the cooking lesson still going on. Aidan shows up and gets snippy. He asks how he has to screw to get a meal. Dion curses because he’s early. Tommy introduces TJ to his grandfather. TJ serves a plate and Tommy talks about the wine but Aidan says just pour it.

He digs into the food. Aidan says abalone and Dion says scallop and Aidan says same thing. They serve the next course with Pinot Noir. He asks if it’s pigeon and Dion snaps and says it’s quail. He says it could be an attic bird. Tommy calms Dion and says next course.

They serve him lamb. His dad drops ice in the wine and Tommy is annoyed. Aidan drops his fork and TJ picks it up but then panics when he sees a gun on his grandfather’s ankle. The dessert is served. He gives a bite to his companion.

Dion asks what he thinks. Aidan says he doesn’t like candy ass crap. Tommy says he has no clue what an incredible meal he just had. Aidan says he knows it’s going to gentrify soon and they may as well eat at their fancy restaurant that he will own half of.

He says he also wants to see his grandson every week. Tommy says no and Dion drags him out. Dion says that’s his grandfather and Tommy says he’s a racist prick. TJ nods at his father. Tommy says TJ doesn’t understand. Dion says maybe his old man has changed.

Dion says they’ll send over a contract but Aidan brought one along. Tommy grabs it and reads it. Aidan leaves. Dion says they’ll send a signed copy tomorrow and thanks him. Dion is thrilled. Tommy says they need a lawyer to look it over and Dion says he’s got someone.

Dion comes to see the lawyer who asks why he’s there and says she has company. He says he needs to talk to her about something. He says he needs legal advice and asks if she can look at the contract for him and let him know if it looks okay.

She says he’s broke and just out of prison and says no then shuts the door. Turns out Marisa’s dad is the cop who was busting Dion’s balls about Patrick. Back at his place, Dion tells Tommy to try and get Pilar to look at the contract since she owns a restaurant too.

He tells her he got a contract and say they are clueless. He asks if she could look it over for them. Pilar says yes. Tommy says he can email it to her. Tommy drops TJ off at Aidan’s place and TJ shushes his dad when he tries to protest.

TJ goes inside with his dad’s nurse and Tommy leaves unhappily. Pilar gives the contract to her sister to look at. She tells Pilar that there are some things that will bite his ass and she wouldn’t sign it. Tommy goes to Rie’s grave and tells her about seeing his dad.

Aidan sits with his grandson who doesn’t talk. He asks if TJ plays chess and he shakes his head no. TJ twitches and his granddad points out the bathroom. Pilar shows to see Tommy but finds Dion instead. She says it doesn’t say the name or location of the restaurant.

She says Tommy should know it’s not a good contract and they shouldn’t sign it. Dion asks if she likes Tommy. Dion says this is good for Tommy since he lost his wife and his kid is mute and he’s circling the drain.

TJ looks at the guns in his granddad’s gun cabinet then a smaller case with handguns and an Uzi. His granddad yells at him and says get out of here and says his housekeeper made him a sandwich. Pilar goes to grief group late. Tommy is already there.

The leader asks Tommy to share and he says he’s feeling good about the restaurant thing. Tommy asks Pilar about the contract. Tommy comes home and finds Dion snorting coke. Tommy says Pilar told him it’s a good contract. He signs it.

Dion runs out with it to take it to Patrick but the cop picks him up. Tommy hassles Aidan for dropping his son off late and Aidan says the kid is a free thinker and needs to learn some rules. Aidan says he’s a free thinker like his mother and Tommy says don’t say anything about my wife.

Tommy sees a bruise on TJ’s stomach and lifts his shirt. He asks where he got the bruises. He asks if it happened today. He tells him to get in bed and do his homework. He leaves angry and goes to his dad and curses him and accuses him of hitting his kid.

Aidan says if I did what would you do about it. Tommy threatens him but his dad kicks his ass from his wheelchair and then pulls his gun on him. He says he’d blow his brains out but this is an expensive rug. Turns out Tommy was abused as a kid.

Tommy calls Dion and curses and says they’re not doing business with his dad no matter what. He’s with Patrick showing him the contract. Dion lies and tells Patrick everything is all good.