General Hospital Spoilers: Julexis Final Reconciliation – Will Alexis Save Her Great Love or Abandon Julian Forever?

General Hospital Spoilers: Julexis Final Reconciliation - Will Alexis Save Her Great Love or Abandon Julian Forever?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers ask if there is any possible future reconciliation for Julexis or are Julian and Alexis done for good? Is there any going back for Alexis (Nancy Grahn) and Julian Jerome (William deVry) after attempted murder and months of betrayal and lies?

After all Julian is Sam Morgan’s (Kelly Monaco) father and one of only two known bone marrow donors that could help Sam’s son, Danny Morgan (Corbin and Caden Rothwitherson) should his leukemia return – the other being of course Jason Morgan (Billy Miller). Franco (Roger Howarth) matches Danny’s bone marrow but is disqualified due to having had a brain tumor.

General Hospital fans know that Alexis and Julian found their way back to each other and Julian finally promised and did quit the mob. For awhile… Between his sister, cold-blooded murderer Ava (Maura West), and his past, Julian couldn’t escape it – from Duke’s (Ian Buchanan) murder that he ordered and tried to call off, to Carlos’ (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) murder, and more.

Bottom line – Julian was ready to kill Alexis on the docks either believing or not that she’s pregnant. Sonny Maurice Benard) showed up and Alexis stabbed Julian – anyone see the analogy here of Julian stabbing people in the back and now it’s his turn?

Julian survived and looks like he is going to jail FINALLY. Carlos is haunting him and he is talking to ghosts. Alexis says she can’t wait to put him away, yet she still comes to General Hospital to visit him and overhears him expressing his love and devotion to her to Carlos’s ghost.

Or is he? Is his outpouring of emotion true or no? Is there any way for them to come back from all of this – the lies, deceit, and everything else something that can be forgiven and overlooked? By the law and by Alexis? What about her girls? Alexis is so conflicted. She thought he had changed and wanted things to be different and they were happy. But it was all a lie. Could it have all been a lie?

General Hospital spoilers ask is Alexis hell bent on sending Julian to prison for the rest of his life or will she try to save him? The man was born into the mob so there is so much that he inherited that perhaps isn’t his fault, or at least very difficult for him to control.

Alexis is a woman of her word and has always been true to herself, shown integrity and honor. Julian forced her to compromise this over and over again. GH spoilers see that Alexis faces a grave conflict over what she wants and what she needs – what will it be?

Will she rescue him and excuse everything? Or will she put him away for life? And what will Sam say when she returns to Port Charles? Who’s side will she be on? Her mother’s? Or her father’s? Lucas (Ryan Carnes) has already written him off. So has Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) and taking baby Leo with her. Is there any going back for Julian?

Tell us, GH fans, do you see a positive future for Julexis? Let us know what you think in the comments below and come back to CDL for all your General Hospital spoilers, news and updates!